Nikon at the 2014 NAB show

Nikon is taking part in the 2014 NAB show (booth #C8825) that is currently ongoing in Las Vegas. Here is full schedule of events for the next two days (can also be downloaded here):


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  • kin notwell


  • vFunct

    They really need to introduce a professional video camera real soon, perhaps by next NAB.

    At this point, still photography cameras is a matured market, there is very little incremental advancements left.

    Most professional photographers end up shooting video, too.

    We really need some pro video cameras from Nikon, lots of them, in various formats and price points.

    The Nikon sensors are the best in the industry, and they can really own the professional video market if they choose to.

    • John

      I agree.

      The Canon EOS Cinema cameras are very nice. I would love a Nikon version!

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      As a company, I’m not sure Nikon is big enough to be able to field an entire line-up of dedicated video cameras. And I’m not sure if that is what they actually want to do..
      IF they had wanted to launch a single, high-end video DSLR, they could have done so. But they haven’t yet. Maybe they’re just not interested in dipping a toe in a very quickly developing market where even m4/3 can do 4k these days. Maybe they see it as too big an investment risk until the market matures and stabilizes a bit more.

      • vFunct

        Companies far smaller than Nikon have introduced high-end video cameras, like Red, BlackMagic, and now AJA.

        And they were the first to introduce dSLR video with the D90, so they definitely have an interest.

        I think it was 5 years ago that Nikon were asking around to see what kind of features people want in future cameras, perhaps something modular like Red.

        It is now time for them to take ownership of the market.

        • fjfjjj

          Look at how long Nikon took to do AF-S and FX and you can get an idea of when the Nikon cinema cam is coming.

        • stoooopid

          I don’t think video is a core strength for Nikon. I think Nikon thinks it’s target audience is wildlife photogs, wedding, sports. All high end stuff. But a small market compared to Panny/Oly/Sony marketing tiny, high IQ bodies to soccer parents. The Nikon video implementation in my D7000 sucks compared to any mirrorless implementation.

      • I think this could be an advantage for Nikon. They don’t have a high end professional video camera division, so they can put amazing video features in lower end products without fear of cannibalizing their own high end sales, stealing a good chunk of market share from Canon and Sony for the lower end professional video market.

        • Andreas Ursin Hellebust

          exactly! And they’re the only company who are able to do so without mentioned cannibalizing. Sony, Canon, Panasonic – all have high-end cameras, so they choke their lower-end models. A Nikon D600 sensor with XLR sound, SDI video for multicam broadcast, high bitrates and metal housing, taking lenses from 1958 till now. W.O.W that would be something.

      • Carlos

        I agree.
        There’s no comparison to niche companies as Nikon is much bigger thus risking so much more than some bolex or black design people. No way, they’re jumping into a fire, where Sony and Canon have the upper hand.
        Shooting aggressively at the Nikon 1 Level that would come easy and beneficial to Nikon, but again, Nikon is too big to avoid the many Nay-sayers that kill promising internal projects, so that Nikon again fails by presenting moderate levels of innovation, only, waiting for Sony to take on. 🙁

        or Panasonic.

    • Spy Black

      The real video action at NAB came from Sony, Black Magic, and AJA. Canon and Nikon are either secretly really brewing something up, or the weight of their legacies are really bogging them down.

      • Eric Calabros

        you guess how many people would buy that AJA-like Nikon Cinema Camera? 1000 per month? 100 per month? 10 per month? and that does worth making a new line and spend your damn limited R&D resources on it? Nikon is a Volume company, “we also can do it” strategy cant help them survive.

        • Spy Black

          Nobody buys a Canon 1D to make 4k cat videos (at least, not yet). Sony is a volume company too, and they’re in the thick of it. Canon and Nikon are either up to something that will hopefully bring them up to speed, or they’re going to be left by the wayside. Neither Canon nor Nikon have any excuse for their lack of useable and/or affordable professional video cameras, other than complacency.

      • Here are some of the new cameras announced an NAB:

        • Spy Black

          Well at least Canon threw something into the fray, although it looks like possibly APS-C sized sensor, but non-interchangeable lens. For 4 grand, money would be better spent on the Sony/Atmos combo.

      • waterengineer

        Nikos best play in the video market is to once again become a major player in the lens market. There was once a time when Nikkor lenses were used much more than today, in the movie industry.

        • Ken Elliott

          Agreed. The real danger is the loss of the F-mount lens as a viable video lens. Canon’s EF mount and the Micro 4/3 mount are taking the video world by storm. Sony is battling back with the E and EF mount. Tired of waiting for Nikon, I’ve added a Sony e-mount video camera. It is a shoulder mount, XLR audio inputs, etc. – all the stuff you’d expect on a real video camera. A Metabones adapter lets me use my existing Nikon glass. I’d prefer to say in the Nikon family, but I’m starting to add Sony stuff out of necessity.

          Frankly, all Nikon need do is feed a Atomos recorder. Give me a box with a 4K 10-bit output via SDI and I can make the rest work with third-party recorders. The D800 doesn’t really cut it. I own two and ended up buying the Sony for the form factor and XLRs.

          • Tom

            Unless I’m wrong only Canon lenses work with ‘smart’ adapters. I think it would be good if Nikon worked with companies like Metabones to allow them to produce an adapter that actually let the e-mount cameras use the IS, autofocus and aperture on Nikon glass. It would open up a new market for Nikon. Right now people with e-mounts tend to go for Canon because of the smart Metabones adapter.

    • waterengineer

      You mean Sony sensors are the best………

    • Don Hogfan

      Nikon doesn’t need a professional video camera.
      The need to improve video on their already existing cameras and move away from the mentality that “pure” photography means getting rid of the video.
      They are in a unique position to create a camera with top video features, since they don’t have any video professional products to protect, unlike other camera makers.
      Full sensor readout, 4:2:2 10bit with a proper codec, focus peaking are the few things they can improve.
      I am afraid that is too late for them. At least for me since I will be getting an A7s this summer.

      • vFunct

        They don’t need to improve the video on their existing cameras, as their existing cameras aren’t competitive with professional cameras – unstable grip points, no SDI, timecode, genlock, LANC, XLR audio, etc.. Those things all affect the body.

        dSLR cameras are in general complete junk compared to video cameras and just don’t belong in any professional environment. They’re hacks for smalltime amateurs to use before they figure out they’re junk and decide to buy real video cameras.

        • Mardock

          Yeah, that’s why Hollywood incorporates DSLRs into their shooting workflow.

          Got any more words of wisdom, genius?

          • vFunct

            Yah, that Arri cameras aren’t dSLRs.

            Sorry that you’re so poor.

  • Thylmuc

    Remember the time when Nikon produced large format lenses, enlarger lenses, underwater cameras, more than 90 different types of Nikkors, and an amazing range of accessories? How much they had to sacrifice to simply survive the fierce competition in digi cams, is unbelievable. I would not be surprised if in fact, the don’t want to spend so much Money on a dedicated video or Cinema camera. They will need to stay focused on some defined core markets.

  • Danonino

    They better release a Nikon D4000 fullframe camera in the size of the D3300 soon, or else Im switching brand.

    • AM I Am

      You’re already wasting time. Pack up and ship out, and please come back when you can’t stay as long.

  • Wally in Austin

    I just don’t see Nikon moving into pro Video other than what they do as part of the DSLR market. Profit is probably a limiting factor in this. Vision is another issue too. I get the impression Nikon has creative myopia and happy ears.

  • waterengineer

    Several interesting topics on the list. I can only hope they are making video that will be posted to vimeo, etc. in the near future.

  • mike

    Nikon is slow – and so far, not very competent or competitive – at adding video to their DSLRs. Antediluvian photographers loath video for their own reasons – they own that.

    But the rest of world lives now. Nikon has really screwed up with flawed products, marketing guffaws, consumer confidence, and even deception.

    As a 50-year Nikon shooter, I doubt I’ll live to see the company claw their way out unless they merge their way out.

    Making a good DSLR can’t be that hard. Canon has been doing since the D90, The Panasonic GH1 and GH2 M 4/3s are great.

    Nikon can likely do it they really tried.

    Even older shoppers, shop around.

  • Alex

    D610s, D500, D400, whatever they want to call it – with a Sony A7s sensor and internal 4K recording. Please!

  • Mardock

    Nikon needs to do 3 things in my opinion:

    1. Massively consolidate the number of DSLR options they currently offer (particularly the APS-C versions which don’t have enough DX lenses), while filling the obvious gaps in the lineup: D300 successor, better video capability, a handful of more useful DX lenses, etc.

    2. Get rid of the ridiculous 1-Series cameras and introduce a proper mirrorless system based around a state-of-the art APS-C sensor. Do what they have to do to make it massively appealing, either through disruptive technology and/or retro appeal, etc.

    3. Come out with a new modular, all-terrain, all-weather camera system that competes with the Go-Pro cameras, but at a slightly higher level and with better spec. Introduce it as the rebirth of the Nikonos brand.

    • whisky

      “either through disruptive technology and/or retro appeal, etc.”

      spoken in a manner as if these were easy things to predict. introducing tech which disrupted the status quo eventually killed kodak. however, following someone else’s lead with something better — but at the right time, like Nikon did, can make one successful. if these things were easy to predict, there would not be so many carcasses for the latest trailblazers to step over.

      retro-appeal is trendy, but not a long term solution to a saturated marketplace. JMO.

  • Sonikon

    Nikon does have issues now that Sony went and launched the A7S.

    I have a feeling that Nikon was probably waiting longer before going into more video. They feel that D800 and Atomos or D5300 + Atomos is good enough for their target market.

    Sony is launching innovative products because they need to fill a different niche.

    Nikon and Canon could do it but they choose to milk their brand first. Until they are in serious trouble financially don’t expect much other than the status quo.

    They could easily make a 4K camera using the Aptina sensor in their V1 2 and 3. The sensor is tiny so they can do full sensor read out. Throw in 4 expeed4 processors and a shit load of memory for the buffer. And you have a video camera.

    Nikon can do it they just don’t want to. I mean just look at the DF it selling well even though its also one of the camera’s that gets made fun of.

    At least Nikon finally got hacked for 64mb video just shows again that Nikon could but they just didn’t just to smite us all.

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