Breaking: Nikon D9300 DSLR camera on the horizon

A very significant news for everyone that is waiting for D300s replacement: Nikon is preparing to launch a new D9300 camera. This is all I got for now - just a model name. The body will most likely be DX and will obviously be placed above the D7xxx line (Nikon has probably decided to keep the Dxxx line for full frame cameras and Dxxxx for DX bodies). Why D9300 and not just D9000? I guess to match the version of the D3300 and D5300. This could well be the D400 many readers have been waiting for a long time. This is the first time I have heard something reliable on a high-end DX body.

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  • Spy Black

    Actually, all you had to do was roll back the firmware on the camera if you updated it. Problem solved.

  • Brent Busch

    “Why D9300 and not just D9000? I guess to match the version of the D3300 and D5300.”

    Where’s the D7300? 😉

  • One More Thought

    Judging from the number of comments on this thread, and with the thread on the rumored D800s, these 2 cameras should sell very well for Nikon.

  • OMG

    OMG… are we expecting to reach a total of 9,300 comments here?
    Admin, please change topic 😛

  • Clubber Lang

    This will be perfect for tree slothing . I had to give up birding due to a bad chickadee pecking I took in my back yard and have since switched to slower tree mammals.

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      Have you considered switching careers to International Lettuce photography? I have found it professionaly challenging and creatively rewarding. There’s just so much visual depth in lettuce, so much to explore, capture. Of course you can practice at home, safely, with a tripod and controlled lighting. But nothing compares to the thrill you get the first time you encounter wild lettuce.
      This D9300 may just give you the blisteringly fast AF and the required burst buffer-size to capturer the savage spectacle of wild lettuce in action. The DX crop factor will give you that all-important safe distance from your subject.

      • FredBear

        After mastering lettuce one could then move on to even more challenging pursuits like making broccoli look good.

        • TheInconvenientRuth

          One does not simply master lettuce. You can tame a Tiger, hand-rear it, call it a pet… But inside still fercotiy, wildness, rage and anger continues to simmer until it boils over. Nature always finds a way. If you dare think Broccoli is harmless just because it has been harvested and stir-fried, you’ll have a very short career, Sir.

          • Will Speak

            With the new D9300 lettuce photography will be just the tip of the iceburg.

            • Mardock

              I think it’s time to turn over a whole new leaf with this lettuce.

            • TheInconvenientRuth

              I’m starting to regret what I started here…

            • FredBear

              Then lettuce leave this topic.

          • FredBear

            Lettuce? Phhhhhhhh.
            Vegetables are so passée. Fruit is where it’s at.

            Take Bananas for instance. They’re a real handful and always hang around in menacing bunches just waiting to attack you at any time. Dangerous spiders are known to hide in them for the protection they provide.
            Safest way to photograph them in the wild is to use an 800mm lens attached to a 2X crop sensor camera from a Ferrari so one can escape quickly should the need arise.

      • Doc Martin

        Go easy on those pills, Ruthie.

        • TheInconvenientRuth

          Hey Doc, your prescription said:
          Take 4, 4 times a day, with lettuce…

          • AM I Am

            Maybe that weed that looks like lettuce is not really lettuce.

      • Clubber Lang

        Ahaaa…you just gave me a great idea….Tree sloths eating lettuce. I can make a calender with the images and call it, “12 months of Sloths eating Lettuce”. I will sell them on etsy…cha ching…big money coming my way.

        • Clubber Lang

          Now that I think about it. This camera should be called, Tree Sloth thousand.
          NIKON, I AM SLOTH

          • TheInconvenientRuth

            I am Wild Lettuce

  • AlphaTed

    I really don’t care what it’s called. They can call it WTF. LOL. If it’s truly the D300 replacement, I’m in to pre-order.

  • Nikon User

    Wide range of budget DX prime lenses please!

    • Another Paul

      And a nice f2.8 zoom in the range of 16-50 or 16-70!

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        Never heard of the AF-S 2.8/17-55G ED DX?

        • Another Paul

          I know all of them…. Nikon has no VR and is bad on 24MP and it’s to heavy for a DX body! Sigma has better sharpness but its a lottery to get a good one…

          • David Portass

            The Nikkor 17-55 DX AF-S 2.8 even though it is 10 years old (possibly) is still a beautiful crisp lens with solid pro weighty build and I got mine used for £600, bargain!

            The only thing I think that could make it better is nano crystal coating on the front element (sure VR would be nice but not really needed with high ISO performing cameras now).

            On DX body with battery grip is still nicely balanced (on my D7000 and my D300s)

          • AM I Am

            Oh yes, we forgot. Your photography sucks and you blame the lack of VR on your lenses.
            Complaining about weight? What makes you think that VR will make it lighter? It will add weight by the way.

          • Bob Q

            The reason pro lenses are heavy is because they are more durable and accurate. They need to be heavy to take the abuse of daily usage and still give you great pix.

      • Nikon User

        I got the Sigma 17-50 f2.8 but not sure if Nikon will break its support soon.

      • Guest

        The Nikkor 17-55 DX AF-S 2.8 even though it is 10 years old (possibly) is still a beautiful crisp lens with pro weighty build. The only thing I think that could make it better is nano crystal coating on the front element (sure VR would be nice but not really needed with high ISO performing cameras now)

    • FredBear

      Why would one put budget DX primes on a DX flagship camera?

  • ivan

    i have my d7100 I love owning a flagship camera T.T

    • Glug

      D7100 flagship?
      It’s holed below the waterline.

  • Any info on the price of this thing?

    I’m curious to see if Nikon will have it overpriced by $800, or by just $400.

    • AM I Am

      The give-me-the-D300s-replacement crowd has waited so long that Nikon expects they have saved enough all these years. So, this will be priced between the D610 and the D800.

  • SimenO1

    Pentax K-3 already replaced the D300s. Should be interesting to se how a D9300 would compete with that.

    • sandy

      Except for limited long lens and an AF thats not even up to the D7000 level much less a Nikon Pro level.

      • Joe

        Have you ever used a K3? I moved from D7000 to K5iis with no regret.

  • Jonas from Sweden

    If it is a D300 replacement, I hope it qualifies as NPS/NPU camera body.

  • zeissomaniac

    I wonder if it will have 4K video. If yes, we can all hope that the forthcoming D800S will also have it.

    • Eno

      Nikon is to stupid to put 4K in any camera soon. They will wait until the right moment, and that is when the others already have 6K or 8K LOL

      • Dover


      • zeissomaniac

        That is too bad. Frankly, I just want spend $3K and get the complete package – FX, 48MP, 4K so I can put my 21mm Zeiss lens on it and not worry about upgrading for another 10 years.

  • AlphaTed

    Group area AF please. This will really help on airshows and BIF.

  • Maybe Just Maybe

    OK, let’s change direction here.
    If the D9300 becomes real…………
    ………..what will Nikon screw up?
    What will be the OSFs?

    • FredBear

      It’s possible that Nikon will screw up by not screwing up 😉

  • cgw

    Built-in sensor pressure washer? Detergent not included.

  • digitalweddings

    I think they might give us this time what we want…..but at a price. Look at the prices of all their latest releases like the D610, 80-400VR, Df etc.

    • RMJ

      Yeah, D610 for under 1400 euros… horrifying ! Damn you Nikon, how dare you !

  • joakim

    Although I’m using a D700 and pro lens, I’ve just buy a sony nex-6. OMG, this is what nikon should have done, not the crappy nikon 1 whatever. How can they waste ressources and money in this system ?! this little sony gem with old manual lens is a joy to use, not to mention very good video stuff.

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      You’ll never catch wild lettuce with that thing…

      • anon

        He has D700 for that purpose.

  • CheWyn

    can i ask you some question?
    When is D9300 or D400 come to shop ? Can i waitting for it? I want to buy D7100 but i saw this new. i don’t have to much money for FF or change body late. So pls tell me. Wait or buy D7100 ?

    • Adnan

      Would be much better to wait few months for the new D7200 and then decide.

  • stormwatch

    It better be a 4k camera.

    • AlphaTed

      Sorry, that will be for the D9500.

    • mikeswitz


      • stormwatch

        Because it becomes A STANDARD.

  • It’ll probably be too late for motocross season. I guess I’ll be dusting off my D7000 once more. Or shoot my D800 in DX mode – same difference really.

  • NikonFanBoy

    Thanks…exciting times ahead…i seriously doubt it will support 4K, I wish they do but without offering it on the higher end ff dslrs i don’t think D9300 will be a start…thanks for an update anyhow…

  • Anonimm

    Nikon knew a D300 replacement was not vital, it wouldn’t sell well, and they put out the D7000 instead. With users going towards lightness and practicality, from the hardcore gearhead or the early 2000’s and all the FF models available, a D300 replacement did not make much sense.

    If you want a proof for this, look no further than nikonrumors. A short while back you had people “still waiting for my D400”, now you have users saying “a day late and a dollar short”. Just like with the 70-200 f4 VR.

  • Nikon Feedback

    LMAO…really couldn’t belief how many April fools falls for this rumor.
    Would Nikon release a pro product under a Dxxxx model number?
    Within Nikon there is no pro DX since the days of D2x.

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      Here. have a cookie. Now go to bed.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Hey Peter, can’t get e-mail to you (frak you, china unicom!), keeps bouncing. Can you confirm or deny that the kit lens with this would be the AF-S 16-85/4.0G ED DX?
    That’s what I just got whispered to me….

    (Edit) New source, no idea about reliability…

    • I have not heard anything about the lens. You can find my email (or email me directly) here:

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        I know, but for some reason I can’t acces certain parts of NR without a VPN recently…
        Disqus was blocked for about a month but is ok for me now

        • Salad Bowl

          Oh, just a Disqus problem. We assumed you were abducted and those aliens were probing you for lettuce secrets.

          • TheInconvenientRuth

            You do know thos aliens arrive in a flying disqus, right?

            • Ranch Dressing

              Lettuce hope you make a full and speedy recovery.

    • That’s also an interesting rumor¨

  • onelonesapper

    I think that I am just about done with Nikon. It would be nice if, instead of upgrading the bodys every few months, they would create a camera that was…..good. The D600 is a horrible joke with the punchline of Nikon being sued. I love my D7100 but it has issues as well, and I probably would have gone with Canon if I hadn’t invested so much in Nikon glass. I hope that this new D9300 is worth the hype, but I doubt that it will be.

    • mikeswitz


      • onelonesapper

        Truly an intelligent and insightful argument on why this new body will be a success. Thank you for your input and taking the time to reply.

        • mikeswitz

          Yeah, your right my reply was kind of glib because I didn’t realize you were the first to whine about the D600 and D7100 and how they are done with Nikon. My reply was exactly as original as your comment.

          • onelonesapper

            You’re right. I am not the first to voice displeasure with the current quality of Nikons products. Or to consider a move to a different system if things don’t improve. And evidently to you that means that I don’t have the freedom to question the quality of this upcoming camera. No, I can’t even give you that much credit. You don’t seem capable of making an arguement that there is hope for this new system, you just seem to be trolling. So please, continue if that is what makes you feel better about yourself, instead of offering something constructive to the discussion. And perhaps in your next post you can make a joke about the Titanic, or perhaps the Kaiser. Since you seem to be hitting the comedy fads at the peak of their popularity. Anyway, unless you have a legitimate arguement or viewpoint to make I am done with you.

            • mikeswitz

              Oh god, the last refuge of the unimaginative whiner. “You think I don’t have a right to my opinions, taking away my freedoms.” Really–please switch and everyone will be happier.

              Hey did you hear the one about the titanic going down? Its a knee slapper!

  • mikeswitz

    Only 690 comments? Where are all the D400 whiners? This NR post is deserves at least 1000 comments. Come on all 400’s (and even 700s) keep it going… Nikon you really really mean it!

    • Where’s my D400?

      All we have to go on is a supposed model name for a suposed future DX body which is assumed to be the D300s replacement.
      It’s amazing how high so many folk have been building their houses of cards on such shaky foundations!!!!!!

  • Carlos

    I have not really changed me because I have many lenses and a large investment in Nikon. I know many who have switched to Canon 70d anyway. This time we expect a little more respect for customers and finally come to market with a good camera and a DX-free oil and etc, sensor no need to be replaced in three months by nikon´s industries errors.


  • Carlos

    I am very grateful to my Nikon d300, but I need something DX, with more levels and more MP and more image quality and to handle high ISOs … d300 is an old girl and I feel I’m stuck technically

  • Josh

    My guesses at specs. 24MP, Expeed 4, 10FPS, 50 frame buffer, no AA filter, 1080p@120fps, 4k@30fps, 51p AF, full weather seal, internal GPS/WiFi. $2700USD

  • medvedev

    OH MY GOD! It must be a dream!

  • Phonton

    So there will not be a D400 afterall, LoL.

    • Z

      A rose by any other name …

  • Roberto

    probably also have a wonderful D9700 with d 12 or 16 megapix sensor

  • Guy With-camera

    Good LORD Sony is about to release a 4k full frame 120 fps 720p mirror less that shoots in the dark. NIKON this better be good step your game up the competition isn’t playing!

    • sandy

      Uhm, 5 fps, I don’t need 4k, who does?

      • Especially since there is little to view those images on.

    • zeissomaniac

      Ummm, is it 4K or 720? Please make up your mind!!! Well, if Sony is coming up with that then Nikon better whip the design team to produce a DSLR that also does 4K.

  • endoftheQ

    I’ll be first in the queue for a couple of bodies. 90% of my work is for online, rarely used over 1024 x 768 px. so > 12MP, 8fps, rugged. I already have $$$$ in DX glass gathering dust….

    • If that’s the case, then get a D300s. What you describe is 95% of my clientele and I’m doing just fine for them with that camera. I would, though, like to have cleaner high ISO files…thus my desire for a D9300/D400.

  • some one

    “I always heard people keep screaming for a new D400 here.”

    I’d settle for a old D400 😉

  • Just me.

    I still think this is a 1 day late April Fool’s joke…

  • Jared Hovan

    Grabbed the D7100 and love it. I hope Nikon brings the “pro” in prosumer. I expect most negative comments are from people that haven’t realized that glass beats out MP every time unless your printing massive prints.

  • Wake Up

    This whole thread is utter garbage.
    IT’S A HOAX!
    (Since when have hoaxes been confined to 1 April?)
    The claimed model name is ridiculous.
    How do you even say it?
    Dee nine thousand three hundred?
    Dee nine three zero zero?
    Dee nine three hundred?
    Just trips off the tongue doesn’t it?

  • FPS

    It’s a Hoax.
    All the more effective for not being posted on April 1.

  • Any news? My sports season is starting soon.

  • Prevedovich

    I have waited for D400 too long and bought EM1. Thank you, Nikon. You have opened my eyes.

  • Edownes

    I really hope this isn’t a high end DX camera. I’d rather have something like a D3200 with an FX sensor around the $1200 price point. It would be the most popular camera on market and improve sales on Nikon’s new series of cheap-ish AF-S FX lenses.

  • DougB

    Hey, anything new to report ??? Hurry up Nikon, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  • Paul O’Toole

    That will be a nice upgrade for birding with the 80-400VR from my current D50 body 🙂

  • Arturo Mieussens

    Where are the lenses?. Nikon hasn’t made a pro DX lens since 2003. What sense does it make to launch a pro body without pro lenses?.

    If this camera is true the best lenses for it would be from sigma and tokina. What’s the point of that?

    • RBR

      The point, from Nikon’s perspective, is that it will sell, notwithstanding your point about the lack of “pro” DX lenses. Many of the people who say they want it desire a pro quality body with large buffer (have you tried using a D7000 or D7100 and run into buffer overrun?) The additional “reach” is also a frequently cited reason.and then there is the matter of price. Not everyone has budgeted for or needs a D4s.

  • Lee Xiong Nancyloveslee

    i dont believe nikon will replace the d300s.. if they do… it better not be another d600 fiasco..

    • Lee Xiong Nancyloveslee

      2 months after the d9300 release later for the nikon to say opps we short changed/we got lazy here is the d9310

  • Graham

    I am not alone in intending to jump ship, probably next year once Fuji manages a FF, or when Sony comes up with a quiet shutter. To survive amongst the competition, Nikon has only a very few months left to announce a Lightweight (500 gms minus) FF/FX camera with an EVF (which they must be able to achieve already considering the current quality of LiveView). Customers are crying out for light weight, along with the ability to keep existing lenses,
    but maintaining VR. Is anyone listening, Nikon?

  • Not only to late for this camera, but getting to be to late for Nikon. Sony is killing the full frame and Fuji image quality is taking over the APS-C. Nikon may as well drop most of its cameras except for the D4s and the D800, but even they are getting to be a hard sell for their cost

  • RBR

    Here’s another thought. Canon have been as slow as Nikon in coming out with a replacement for their 7D. Rumors accompanying it are about as heatedly discussed as those of the D400. Just what is holding up both of these supposed competitors? One or the other of them “surely” should have delivered a blow, perhaps a knockout blow, to the competition in this segment by now if they could. Are both companies spent (exhausted)? Interesting though some of the Sony offerings may be, they are not direct competitors. Indeed, Sony are generally moving in other directions with their electronic viewfinders. So just why are supposed competitors Canon and Nikon stopped in their development?

  • Erik Spaan

    Any new information on an upcoming replacement ? Still looking forward to it and shooting away happily with the D300 in the meantime.

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