Nikon D4s officially announced

Nikon D4s DSLR camera 2
Nikon D4s DSLR camera 7 Nikon D4s DSLR camera 6 Nikon D4s DSLR camera 5
Nikon D4s DSLR camera 4 Nikon D4s DSLR camera 1Nikon D4s DSLR camera 3
The Nikon D4s is now officially announced: 16MP sensor, ISO 409,600, RAW S (small) and a price tag of $6,500 ($500 more than the D4; see D4s vs. D4 specs comparison).

Nikon D4s highlights:

  • 16.2MP FX-Format CMOS Sensor
  • EXPEED 4 Image Processor
  • 3.2" LCD Monitor
  • Full HD 1080p Video Recording at 60 fps
  • Multi-CAM 3500FX 51-Point AF Sensor
  • Native ISO 25600, Extended to ISO 409600
  • 11 fps Shooting for 200 Shots with AE/AF
  • 91k-Pixel RGB Sensor and Group Area AF
  • 14-Bit RAW Files and 12-Bit RAW S Format
  • 1000 Base-T Gigabit Wired LAN Support

Nikon D4s pre-order links:

Shipping will start on March 6th. Official sample images are available here.

Nikon also announced a new Capture NX-D software and two Quick-Draw straps.

Additional Nikon D4s details:

Nikon D4s details

Rethink the limits of speed, precision, efficiency and versatility in the field. With remarkable enhancements throughout the entire workflow, thrilling new levels of speed, performance and ISO sensitivity and the superior image quality of a Nikon flagship HD-SLR, D4S frees professionals to perform at their peak in whatever conditions their assignments demand. Capture full resolution stills at 11 fps for approx. 200 shots with full AE and AF functionality, noise-free photos and videos up to ISO 25,600 (expandable to a mind-boggling ISO 409,600 equivalent at Hi4) and 1080p Full HD videos with high-fidelity stereo audio. Transfer files 10x faster with new 1000 Base-T (Gigabit) wired LAN, and increase that speed further by shooting a smaller RAW SIZE S format. Think and shoot in ways you may not have believed possible.

Nikon D4s camera
The evolution of a masterpiece.

The course of modern imaging has been forged by the talent and ingenuity of working professionals, but also by the introduction of a few cameras so innovative and forward-thinking, they redefined what's possible. The Nikon D4 has been such a camera. And now D4S proves that a great thing really can get better, with remarkable enhancements throughout the entire workflow, dazzling new levels of speed, performance, ISO sensitivity and, of course, the superior image quality of a Nikon camera.

Nikon D4s performance

Speed and performance

How do you make a revolutionary camera better? Improve its speed, precision and efficiency without sacrificing the features that make it exceptional. D4S builds on the success of D4 with 30% faster image processing and substantial energy savings—capture up to 3,020* stills on a single charge—an extended standard ISO range (100-25,600) with enhanced noise reduction, and improved tonal range and smoother gradations. Shoot 11 fps for approx. 200 shots at full resolution with AE and AF functionality. For faster initial subject capture, use five AF sensors as a single focus point with the new Group Area AF setting. Transfer files 10x faster than the D4 with new 1000 Base-T (Gigabit) wired LAN, and increase that speed further by shooting a new smaller RAW SIZE S format. Perform at your peak—D4S will keep up.

*Based on CIPA Guidelines

Nikon D4s-Quality
Nikon image quality

Like its predecessor, the D4, the D4S delivers a level of image quality that elevates the power of any story. An improved 16.2MP FX-format CMOS image sensor is paired with Nikon's spectacular new image-processing engine, EXPEED 4, for truly phenomenal speed and performance in the field. The combination achieves outstanding ISO sensitivity, faithful, vibrant color, natural depth, subtle nuanced tones from pitch black to snow white and smoother gradations in both stills and videos. Nikon's proven 51-point AF system and 3D Color Matrix metering III with a 91,000-pixel RGB sensor provide fast, accurate autofocus and metering. Enhanced Picture Control tone curves deliver more depth and clearer color rendition in "Standard" mode. For viewfinder shooting, a new custom setting lets you toggle Face Detection on and off as the situation requires for improved exposure bias around your subjects. You can even measure White Balance against any point in the frame.

Nikon D4s ISO performance
Nikon flagship ISO performance - Noise-free shooting from ISO 100 to 25,600

Photographers go where their assignments take them, and this often means working in the high-contrast glare of the midday sun, the low-light at dawn or the poorly illuminated interiors of a sporting venue. Nikon flagship D-SLRs have long been recognized by professionals for their clean performance at high ISO settings, and D4S takes that performance to the next level. With a specially designed 16.2MP FX-format CMOS image sensor engineered to collect more light and render higher image quality plus the power of EXPEED 4, you can shoot sharp photos from ISO 100 all the way up to 25,600. The ISO range can be extended to a mind-boggling ISO 409,600 equivalent at Hi 4 for overcoming the most challenging lighting conditions. Enjoy great flexibility in your approach to fulfilling challenging assignments.

Nikon D4s with flash
A camera that works as hard as you do

D4S is designed to keep you shooting wherever the story brings you, even after others have packed their bags for the day. Its increased ISO range means you'll be able to capture brilliant photos and videos in whatever light is available. Enjoy improved ergonomics and operability as well as flagship levels of durability and reliability—key for those who spend all day with a camera around their neck. Select from five image area modes while shooting stills in Live View: FX, DX, 1.5x, 5:4 and 1.2x. A new RAW SIZE S setting allows for shooting 12-bit uncompressed Nikon NEF files that are smaller and more easily manageable—speeding up the entire workflow. When you're racing a deadline at a major event, D4S can transfer images up to 10x faster than previously possible with its 1000 Base-T Ethernet. D4S is the camera for today's working pro.

Nikon D4s video rig
Professional video and audio capabilities

Today's stories are being told through stills, video, audio and exciting combinations of each. D4S is a multimedia powerhouse, allowing you to capture stunning and smooth 1080/60p video. Shoot scenes with tremendous depth and sharpness as well as with shallow depth of field or bokeh—and even capture 2MP stills simultaneously while recording video. For video, 2.7x Crop Mode extends the reach of lenses and produces outstanding video quality and detail. D4S adds real-time audio adjustments during recording, selectable sound ranges like Wide Range and Voice Range and improved wind noise reduction on the internal mic. Adjust color settings on the camera's LCD to better match an external monitor. Capture smoother Time Lapse sequences with reduced flicker and improved interval control (up to 9,999 shots), and even simultaneously record to internal CF or the latest high speed XQD cards and an external recording device. Create stories that move us.

Supplied Nikon D4s accessories:

  • EN-EL18a Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • MH-26a Battery Charger
  • UF-2 Connector cover for stereo mini plug cable
  • UC-E15 USB Cable
  • AN-DC11 Strap
  • BF-1B Body Cap
  • BS-2 Shoe Cover
  • BL-6 Battery Chamber Cover
  • ViewNX 2

Press release:

Dominate the Decisive Moment, Again: The Nikon D4S HD-SLR is the Formidable Fusion of Speed and Accuracy

Nikon’s Flagship D-SLR is the Evolution of a Masterpiece, Reinforcing Nikon as the Choice of Pro Photographers and Multimedia Creators

MELVILLE, NY – Announced today, the new Nikon D4S establishes itself as the premier HD-SLR available to professionals; unrivaled with its combination of incredible speed, accuracy, low-light performance and exceptional image fidelity. Designed for the most demanding photographers and multimedia professionals in the world, the Nikon D4S improves upon the revered D4 to give users enhanced image and video quality, improved autofocus (AF), faster performance during and after capture in addition to an astonishing ISO range.

Nikon’s D series of flagship cameras continues to push the boundaries of professional image quality, speed and features. The newly developed 16.2-megapixel FX-format sensor works in conjunction with the new EXPEED 4 image processing engine to deliver new levels of still and HD video quality and performance. A new Group AF function and overall improvements build upon Nikon’s proven 51-point AF system, while the camera breaks convention with an ISO range that goes to an incredible 409,600 ISO (Hi-4) for maximum versatility in nearly any lighting condition. Overall speed and response is also enhanced, capturing full resolution at an astounding 11 frames-per-second (fps) with auto focus and auto exposure (AE), while benefiting from an overall 30% increase in processing power.

“By announcing the development of the new Nikon D4S earlier this year, Nikon has been able to work openly with professional photographers in the field to hone the cameras’ core capabilities into an unparalleled tool that makes otherwise impossible images a reality,” said Masahiro Horie, Director of Marketing and Planning, Nikon Inc. “The challenges of today’s professional multimedia photographer go beyond simply capturing amazing content. After the shutter clicks, the workflow enhancements that the D4S provides will give Nikon users an obvious edge in the stands, the studio, on the sidelines or in the field.” 

Extreme Speed and Accuracy Give the Edge in the Field

Whether shooting extreme action sports or elusive wildlife, the Nikon D4S has been engineered to be the ultimate combination of speed and accuracy, giving photographers the power to capture even the fastest moving, unpredictable subjects with confidence and control. The proven Multi-CAM 3500 FX AF sensor module’s thoroughly recalibrated AF algorithms quickly zero in on its intended target— no matter how near, far, or abruptly a subject appears in the frame. Additionally, the D4S includes a new innovative Group AF mode. When selected, this mode utilizes five AF points to provide increased stability while tracking subjects, and enhanced accuracy by reducing instances of background focus. In situations where the background is bright with strong contrasting colors, photographers can now feel more confident, knowing that small, distant and fast-moving objects can be rendered sharper, faster and more frequently. Nikon’s AF Lock-on technology is also upgraded, shortening time in reverting from focus interruptions, such as a referee running into the frame.

Hundredths of a second can make the difference when capturing the decisive shot that graces the front page, the double-truck spread, or the client’s mantel. With this in mind, the Nikon D4S also improves tracking on high-speed continuous shooting at a blazing fast 11 fps, with continuous AF/AE. Because missing the shot is just not an option, Nikon’s EXPEED 4 plays an integral role in the D4S’ seemingly instantaneous response and swift performance, while enhancing energy efficiency. The camera now features a processing time that is a full 30% faster, in addition to a 200-shot buffer (JPEG) at full resolution at the maximum continuous mode.

As a proven flagship for the world’s most demanding photographers, the D4S retains the features that made its predecessor the professional’s choice in the first place. The Nikon D4S HD-SLR aligns 15 cross-type sensors in the center to detect contrast data in both vertical and horizontal planes. In addition to detecting each AF-NIKKOR lens with an aperture of f/5.6 or lower, the camera also utilizes nine cross-type sensors that are fully functional when using compatible NIKKOR lenses and a teleconverter with a combined aperture value up to f/8, a great advantage to those photographing sports and wildlife from extreme distances.

The Advantage of Superior Image Quality

At the core of the Nikon D4S is a newly developed 16.2-megapixel FX-format CMOS Sensor (36 x 23.9mm), engineered to deliver an immersive dynamic range, with exceptionally low noise. This newly developed image sensor works in tandem with the latest generation of Nikon’s powerful image processing engine, dubbed EXPEED 4, to bolster image quality, color and sharpness in both stills and video. The benefits of EXPEED 4 go well beyond high-speed image processing to provide evolved real time noise reduction, along with depth and clarity gradation rendering. The resulting images exhibit a wide tonal range, with true and faithful colors.

Thanks in part to the new EXPEED 4 processing engine, the Nikon D4S now shatters the perception of what’s possible with available light photography, giving users a native ISO range from 100-25,600 expandable from 50 ISO (Lo-1) to a staggering 409,600 ISO (Hi-4). This amazing ISO range rewrites the rulebook for available-light shooting, and is especially useful for professional sports shooters, photojournalists, as well as military and law enforcement agencies. The powerful EXPEED 4 image-processing engine incorporates an entirely new algorithm for even higher ISO noise reduction and color fidelity, resulting in an enhanced overall sharpness and clarity without sacrificing subtle textures and luminous details. The enhanced ISO is also a major advantage for other professionals including wedding and portrait photographers, who can now confidently capture the darkest reception, a candlelit ceremony, or create crisp studio portraits with flawless fidelity.

Other advanced Nikon technologies also contribute to the superior image quality of the Nikon D4S, including a new enhanced standard Picture Control tone curve that gives greater depth and clearer color rendition, especially on skin tones. For additional versatility, users have the ability to toggle Face Detect AF on or off while shooting through the viewfinder, and white balance calculation has been further refined for accuracy, while spot white balance is employed for easier presetting with more options.

Nikon’s exclusive 91,000-pixel RGB 3D Color Matrix Metering III system returns on the D4S to help capture true-to-life colors while solving the most challenging exposures, from sun-lit snow to stadium lighting. The system works by meticulously analyzing the variables within each scene and recognizing factors such as color and brightness values with unprecedented exactness. This data is then interpreted and compared against the camera’s on-board database to implement various settings, resulting in vibrant images with faithful color reproduction and balanced exposure.

Faster Workflow During and After Capture

While shooting speed and response matter in the moment, workflow speed has become increasingly important in a more competitive landscape. The D4S delivers upon the need for that speed with features that are engineered for today’s professional:

New RAW SIZE S files: In addition to shooting JPEG, full size RAW (NEF) and TIFF files, the Nikon D4S also has a new file setting to enhance workflow, RAW SIZE S. This setting allows for shooting 12-bit uncompressed Nikon NEF files that are approximately half the size (2464 x 1640) of standard uncompressed RAW files and are more easily manageable—speeding up the entire workflow process.

Faster transfer rate: When connected via LAN, users can now transmit files using Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Base-T LAN). This significant decrease in transfer times means more time to shoot, and less time transmitting files. 

Improved battery life:  Despite its processing power, the D4S is remarkably power-efficient. With the addition of a new EN-EL18a Lithium-Ion battery, the D4S can easily outlast the action with up 3,020 (CIPA rating) shots in single mode and 5,960 shots (Nikon testing) in continuous mode.

Dual card slots: The D4S uses both CF cards as well as the super-fast XQD card format to achieve the fastest possible transfer and write times.

Video Features Fit for the Modern Production Environment

With an increase in potent processing power, the D4S ups the ante when it comes to multimedia workflow and content capture. A versatile tool on location or on set, the D4S offers enhanced video quality and video-friendly features, in a compact and lightweight HD-SLR form factor. In addition to the innovative video attributes from the D4, the D4S offers the following new features:

Full HD video in variable frame rates: Users have the choice of various resolutions and frame rates, including a new 1080/60p option for increased flexibility in post. Users can also shoot at 1080 30p or a cinematic 24p, as well as various other NTSC and PAL frame rates and resolutions. By utilizing the B-Frame data compression method, users can record H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC format video with unmatched integrity for up to 29:59 minutes per clip.

Selectable image area: Users now have the ability to select an image area in Live View mode to match the glass or shooting style. To best suit the scene, FX, DX (1.5x) and 2.7x cropping is available.

Expanded ISO range for video and auto ISO control: D4S’ FX-format image sensor and EXPEED 4 work hand-in-hand to render a natural transition between bright and dark scenes, all while delivering rich tones, sharp edges and minimized noise, even at high ISOs. The D-Movie mode has a wide standard ISO range — from 200 to 25,600 to shoot in nearly any lighting. Furthermore, the ISO can be pushed up to an ISO 409,600 (Hi-4) equivalent. Additionally, D4S lets you maintain manual exposure for controlled shutter speeds and aperture settings while the camera automatically dictates the ISO maximum sensitivity from 400 to Hi-4. For assignments with dramatic shifts in lighting, this can be a remarkably useful tool.

Uncompressed 1080 60p: For the purest video quality, the D4S allows direct output of uncompressed files via HDMI. Output can be recorded to an optional outboard digital video recorder, making for an efficient editing workflow. 

Manual control: Like the D4 HD-SLR, D4S offers full manual control when shooting video for maximum creative versatility.

Simultaneous recording: When recording to an external digital recorder via HDMI, the D4S can now simultaneously write to the CF or XQD card. This function is ideal for creating backups and recording while live-streaming content. 

Improved sound: The range of audio frequency is now selectable, with options such as Wide Range and Voice Range. Wind noise reduction and audio levels can be changed during recording.

Smoother exposure transition during time-lapse and interval-time shooting: Creating breathtaking time-lapse movies is even easier with the D4S. The camera renders exposure transitions with unprecedented smoothness. Such scenes have been difficult to capture in manual or auto exposure mode, but now users can apply an auto exposure to achieve professional-grade time-lapse and interval-time shooting. 

NIKKOR lens compatibility: The highest caliber optics are vital to creating HD images and Nikon is the world leader in optics manufacturing with a legacy spanning more than 80 years. Nikon has a vast NIKKOR lens system, with more than 80 lenses including 65 FX-format lenses with a variety of focal lengths and features, including VR vibration reduction.

Pro Grade Construction and Controls

As a flagship camera for professionals, the D4S is engineered to excel in the world’s toughest environments, while giving pros the features needed to get the shot. The shutter has been tested to 400,000 cycles, and the camera chassis is constructed of lightweight and durable magnesium alloy. Additionally, the camera is sealed and gasketed from moisture, dust and electromagnetic interference to resist the elements.

While shooting, users will appreciate a slightly modified control layout and ergonomics for faster and more comfortable shooting. Subtle changes increase grip and comfort, making the camera easier to hold for a wider range of hand sizes and more comfortable during prolonged use. Photographers will also benefit from composing through a bright viewfinder with 100% coverage. The D4S also features a newly designed mirror-moving mechanism, which uniformly and effectively absorbs mirror slap to minimize viewfinder blackout time. Even at 11 fps, this innovation makes it easier to track a fast subject through the optical viewfinder.

The wide and bright high-resolution 921k dot, 3.2-inch LCD screen of the Nikon D4S lets users easily change menu settings, compose and review images. Photographers have the ability to customize the color of the LCD monitor to better match studio monitors or personal preference. Additionally, the LCD monitor retains its auto-brightness function that automatically adjusts the brightness of the monitor to increase visibility and conserve battery life.

Price and Availability

The Nikon D4S HD-SLR will be available March 6, 2014 for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $6499.95.

Nikon D4s presentation in French:

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    • I guess this is what Nikon was waiting for, not sure why.

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        But the FIFA World Cup, the world’s biggest sporting event is still some time away. Looks like Nikon is aiming for a larger number of sales at this event.

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          you think the world cup is bigger worldwide then the olympics? think again…

          the olympics opening of Londen 2012 had just as many viewers as the latest world finals. And thats according to the FIFA ratings, which are exaggerated.

          The olymipcs draw in a total of 4.3 bilion people. Which makes a lot of sense.

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          So no, i don’t understand why they waited till after the olympics

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            And how many people in China and India can actually afford these kind of camera’s?

            These countries might be BIG in the number of people living there, but the average income of all those people together is just a 1000 dollars a year per capita.

            I think they have more need for bread then they have for an electronic toy.

            Although only 32 countries participate in the Fifa Worldcup, most of these countries are pretty much developed and most of the people in these countries that participate do have money to spend.

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              Also just to clean up your other facts. China and India are really freaking wealthy countries! I was in Paris recently and it seems mandatory for every expensive shop to have a couple of sales assistants that speak Mandarin to keep up with the crazy amount of rich Chinese that are visiting the city. No idea what relevance they have to this conversation, but that did bother me.

              Also, 15 of the countries playing in the World Cup represent developing countries.

            • There’s an old story about Apple back in the days before the Mac was developed (it led to the Mac having very good internationalization support). A guy goes to Apple’s board and says, who’s your target market? College-educated, such-and-such disposable income, etc. they reply. Which country has the most people in this demographic right now? The US of course they reply.

              No, the answer was: India.

              And today it’s China. (Not that India’s middle class has shrunk since then.)

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              WikiMedia you sound like an ignorant idiot living in the west who is cocooned in your own shell. I live and work in the US and I was in Safari in India carrying a D300S and a 300mm f2.8+ TC and mine was the cheapest gear on the safari. There were 3 people on the safari vehicle that carried D3/D3s’. This was two years ago. When you have no idea about what is happening outside of your cocoon, you might want to just STFU.

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            You do know tap0 is talking about the Winter Games, not London 2012. It is still a big sporting event, but nothing compared to the World Cup. The last World Cup was viewed by 3.2 Billion people.

            Also an estimated 500,000 people will attend the World Cup this year, while only 50,000 travelled to Sochi.

            Sure Nikon still made the D4s available to pros at the Sochi Games anyway. Maybe they didn’t have enough stock and couldn’t have guaranteed to fulfil orders before the games.

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        Timing seems good to me…firmware get finalized based on pro input and camera is released.

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        Is it possible that base Iso has been increased to 200 ISO and thus the good light performance affected a bit? Winter Olympics don’t really need higher Iso than what was available till now… With football and ball speed things are a bit different.

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        Because they were told to by the Japanese foreign ministry. Nikon is an important national brand for Japan. Launching a flagship body at the olympics could be seen as support for Putin. Worse, it could damage Nikon if the games are seen as his version of Berlin ’36.

        There is a lot of ugly going on in Russia and it could end really badly.

        • They could have announced it in Japan for CP+.

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    So I am assuming it took all this time to write this spruced up press release from the initial “announcement.” Disappointed they don’t really go into detail about the AF improvements — sort of, but not really — is it the same AF system? Same # of crosstype points? Did they just add software enhancements (Group AF, face-detection visualization)

    Unless it is a D3S type of noise-reduction, might be hard to justify an upgrade for most current owners, but not surprising. What is more surprising is how they are trying to compete with the 1D X camp, especially with the $500 increase…

    • Cloke

      Since can’t edit but wanted to add more, I think the updates are minor but if their image enhancements are really as nice as this press release makes them out to be then I am interested. But we will have to wait for comparisons to figure that out.

      Sadly I don’t see any mention of auto white balance specifically. Hoping that they had improved this as well of course, especially artificial light AWB.

      • Cloke

        Nevermind it does mention AWB. Long read. Missed a bunch on the first look.

        • DMT

          It’s a huge upgrade.

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            Huge? Are you kidding? It’s nothing but fixed D4!

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              There were three issues that were fixed on top of the huge advancements in AF and image quality.

              Can you name all three?

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      They’re saying the sensor is a brand new design.. that usually means the noise floor goes down and/or the dynamic range goes up.

      Looking forward to the results.

      • fn1

        Of course they say that the sensor is a brand new design – otherwise people would start whining that the D4 could be upgraded to the same standard via a firmware update.

        Which is probably just possible…

        • vFunct

          Different sensor designs means it’s not possible to upgrade via just the firmware.

          You actually have to change the sensor, since it is a different design.

          • outkasted

            Time will tell. somone will do a tear down and comparison. Right?

            • vFunct

              Photon shot noise from raw image files from both sensors will instantly tell you if the sensors are different or not.

              Don’t need to tear down the cameras to do that!

            • MyrddinWilt

              No, its impossible to tell because it is a custom sensor and the changes are probably not to every mask in the set. If there is a change it is likely in the microlenses.

              But most likely it is the exact same sensor as before but production improvements mean they can push it better.

            • outkasted

              I guess the D4s are for people who may have skipped buying the D4 and already had a D3/D700. The jump from D3-D3s was a significant step up based on photographers feedback. It seems worth the jump. From D3s to D4 it did not seem so. Especially during the ISO comparisons. I’v waited with my D700 for a new camera that will be on par or better. The D4s hopefully will be that camera.

            • DMT

              D3S to D4 was a huge jump, but not in ISO quality. The D4 is much better in low light due to better AF and increased resolution

            • DMT I still find the D3s images in low light up to 10-12,800 iso or so cleaner than the D4. I do prefer the D4 as a whole, but D3s was still the lord of low light. Also the image doesn’t look as crisp on the D4 as on the D3s, D4 as well as the D800 got some of that “soft’ look that Canon files have

            • DMT

              I agree that the D3S files had a special, crisp “pop” to them. It jumped out at me right away the first time I shot the camera and spun up to ISO 8000. But the D4S is so much better in low light, for AF if nothing else.

              D4S –> D4 as D3S –> D3. But with a much bigger AF upgrade.

            • DMT

              Not seeing any softness on the D800E, but hardly ever use it for stills and then not above ISO 800.

              ISO 8000+ with the D4 almost daily.

            • Yeah, but we don’t know that yet DMT, unless you were one of the lucky shooters at Sochi that got to play with the D4s. There are no sample shots of high iso from the D4s that I could find out there apart from the pictures taken by clubSnap and the files form the D4s were all soft. I agree that the jump from the D3 to D3s was huge but will have to wait and see if this is just as big. Because I for one, don’t believe Nikon anymore. I had one of the first d800 bodies in L.A. and it sucked with focusing problems up the wazoo and every time I sent it back to Nikon apparently was ‘within specs’

            • DMT

              I meant the D4 lol and edited my post…gawd forbid someone accuse me of actually shooting the D4S. ;0)

              BUT…I have friends that shot the D4S at Sochi, and I’ve been messaging with them now that the NDA is lifted. The terms used include “mind-blowing”, “no comparison” (to the D4 at high ISO) and “game-changer” (with regards to AF).

              It’s at least as big an upgrade as the D3 to D3S, and probably more so based on what I am hearing about the low light AF.

              So funny the people bitching about the D4S not being 24 MP or whatever: virtually NONE of them are the target market and almost none of them actually own a D4, let alone would be in a position to buy a D4S.

              As someone that shoots at ISO 8000 almost every day for client work, this new camera could not be more ideal. Well, unless it was 16-bit.


            • No, it’s cool. Hey, more power to you, if you did! I was not accusing you of anything, I am actually really, really happy to hear that, as I said I will be the first in line if this camera is what it’s hyped up to be. I’m currently shooting a D3s and a D4, and 70% or more of my work is in very dim reception halls, where I prefer to shoot low light as much as possible, so really awesome to hear that! The D4 autofocus in low light was already a step up, so hearing that the D4s is that much better is great.

            • DMT

              LOL…so refreshing reading posts from someone like yourself here. I was kinda regretting signing up and chiming in yesterday…it seemed my efforts to share some insight on the D4S were only being appreciated by the site admin (after I showed how to definitely prove the D4S resolution from the EXIF in the image files from the Olympics). If you scan this thread and a couple others you’ll see I’ve been consistent in my message about the D4S. After this though you probably won’t hear from me until the day the D5 is announced LOL…

              But I’ll leave you with this (based on what I’ve been hearing from people I know and trust): any D4 shooters that upgrade to the D4S won’t be disappointed.

              And certainly, that’s exactly what I am doing.


            • Semprasectum

              Don’t mind him DMT, outlasted doesn’t know much about this profession. …he has his point and shoot and a computer and thinks he’s Ansel Adams. . . .LMFAO. ….

    • John-F

      Just did a side-by-side feature comparaison. There seems to be a few new improvements in the AF:

      While the D4 included Phase Detect, Multi-Area, Selective single-point, Tracking, Single, Continuous, and Live View, the new D4s has added Contrast Detect, Center, and a new “Face Detection” mode …

      IMHO, the real changes will be the EXPEED 4 engine (brand new Milbeaut architecture developed with Fujitsu, with considerably more parameters and algorithms upgradable by firmware update), the new (and improved!) 16Mp CMOS sensor, and a new (again) battery with claims of improved life.

      I think Nikon has raised the bar considerably with the D4s – watch out Canon !

      • “Center” should have been possible with the older “single point”. And contrast detect and “face detection” are all for live view… not really the sorts of shooting scenarios someone sensible would get a 1-digit series camera for but guess it appeals to a wider audience 😀

        As for the “new and improved” sensor part… I’d not take it literally… not that the old one was bad for stills or anything.

      • Dickel

        It’s raised the bar to just below the 1DX.
        …but hey, enjoy your new battery.

    • MyrddinWilt

      This isn’t an upgrade for people who have a D4. The improvement is probably less than a stop. What it is coming from is sorting the sensors and putting the best ones in the D4s and the lower performing ones in the Df. That is why they came out with the Df, its to sell off the lower spec D4s sensors.

      The s versions are never aimed at owners of the original. The idea is that a large number of people either don’t have the money to buy at launch or like me they like to wait 6-9 months to see if there are production issues before buying a camera they will be keeping for the next 5-6 years or so. Some of hose people wait a little longer and need a bit of a push. Coming out with an s model often prompts those people to buy.

      So the D4s is mostly aimed at is mostly D3, D3s and D700 owners. Some pro photographers will buy one as a backup for their D4 but very few people will be selling a D4 to buy a D4s.

      Looks like a very solid improvement but nothing startling. They could probably support 4K video with this sensor and CPU but cooling the sensor is likely a concern and battery drain would probably kill it.

      The Nikon V1 has a 4K mode, but only for a few seconds. The sensor can cope, in fact it is designed as an almost-4K sensor. Smaller sensor area is an advantage there. The CPU and buffer can’t keep up though.

      So I think that 4K video is a very likely feature for the D5 but most likely to appear on the CX based models first because of the cooling and power issues.

  • Christopher Calubaquib


  • Jon Ingram

    Admin, you are right again! Thanks for bringing us the best info.

  • outkasted

    single focus point with the new Group Area AF setting! YESSS!

  • jvm156

    I really can’t understand why a camera body can cost $6500. It sure as shit can’t process more than a high end iMac so why is it more than double the price

    • preston

      Doesn’t really do any good to compare why dissimilar products cost different amounts. The parts in a iMac are made in bulk by the hundreds of thousands and sold to every computer manufacturer. The autofocus system (to isolate just one of many things in a flagship camera) is designed and made by Nikon and used in this singular product.

      • notsrep

        If Nikon wants to survive it would be good for them to become an OEM supplier for others.

        If they close their markets for their own goods only, it will be hard for Nikon to stay in business.

        Nikon earns money in the lower end of the market. The D4s is just a niche product.

        • neversink

          If Nikon wants to survive, they will not become an OEM supplier and cannibalize their professional sales.

    • Mike

      Literally apples and oranges my friend. Let’s see how your iMac does shooting sporting events. Or take a little bit of rain.

      • BluePlanet

        That’s not literally 😉

        • Scoop

          …unless the D4s comes in orange

        • Mike

          Lol. Sorry. Literally Apples to Nikon.

        • orpickaname

          One does not simply eat literal apples and oranges literally.

          • Global

            Actually, that’s exactly what people do — simply eat oranges and apples. Literally.

            • Local

              I think he’s just abusing the meme. Literally 😉

    • vFunct

      For the same reason a Broncolor Para umbrella (no electronics!) can cost $11,000 – low volume, specialized parts.

      • Don McPhee

        & Paras are worth every penny

      • Don McPhee

        & Paras are worth every penny

        • DMT


    • ddomdom

      You can’t only compare the processing power…
      The iMac can’t take photos in 11fps, iso25600..
      And without good quality images from cameras, it’s meaningless to process images on the iMac anyway. Or you can try to process an image from a consumer DC and make it look like a photos taken by a D4s… Good luck with that

    • stormwatch

      Same as I can’t understand how can a shitty Iphone be sold for about 800 Euro and it’s completely made from the OEM parts and superbly underpaid Chinese workers who practically live in prison while making it. Moreover I also can’t understand people who use Imacs for their work, maybe it was a cool fetish in the 80’s because of DTP and Photoshop alpha, but cleverly configured 700 Euro PC kicks 2-3 times more expensive Imacs ass, and still costs less than an Iphone.

      • neversink

        You are in outer space – What does this have to do with the D4s????
        iPhones aren’t “shitty” as you state. They are computers disguised as a phone with a 64-bit A7 processor. Name me another phone that is as powerful as an iPhone? You can’t!!!! You just come here and show your ignorance and stupid hatred of a product. If you care so much about
        Chinese workers (whose lot has improved since Apple investigated the allegations at some of the plants) then buy from some of the other made-in-China brands.
        Your comparison of a Mac to a PC is ridiculous. Care to tell me how many viruses you can get in your PC. Personally, I am thrilled that Apple has upped the bar for other computer makers. But their MacPro outshines all other computers and their performance, upgrades, included software, and customer service is the best. is Apple perfect. Absolutely not.
        But what in the world does this have to do with the D4s

        • stormwatch

          No, aks the original poster what Nikon D4s has to have with Apple? If your A7 64 bit CPU is so fast why can’t you comfortably edit RAW files and edit 4K videos like with the proper PC machines for the same money…it costs 800 Euro and for that money it has to make magic. On the other end, such a stupidities about viruses on PC… I know that you never seen a PC nor worked on it in your life when speaking like that. First, PCs are multiplatform, so they can use various operating systems, INCLUDING the MacOS, and secondly Windows is the most used OS in the world, so it’s completely normal that it has more viruses than MacOS. On the other end it also sports far far greater choice of applications.

    • neversink

      An Apple computer is not a camera unless it is an iPhone, but then that limits you to only certain types of photos.

      • Mansgame

        Many macs have cameras.

    • umeshrw

      I really can’t understand why a high end iMac can cost double that of a pc. It sure as shit can’t process more than a high end pc which cost half of it so why is it more than double the price ?
      BTW before anyone says anything, yes very dissimilar comparisons but what the heck…….

      • A mac computer is not an assembled Pc made out of the cheapest components you can find. Apple chooses and match the hardware as well that the software. In the US company i used to work with, a PC Laptop was given to salesmen every 4 years, sometimes 3- nobody cared for seeing the old one back, it was a useless wreck- but I motivated an ROI purchase of Ibook for my division since a Apple Laptop works forever – Literally 🙂 my wife has a 1998 Apple laptop which still do works and I am typing this on an iMac from 2007, on which I still do some PP now and then.

        • umeshrw

          Exactly. Use the same logic about your earlier post.

  • Mansgame

    Too bad for the Nikon Df users. Up till now they kept saying “sure the camera is big, clunky, and yet somehow not ergonomic, and sure the controls make little sense, there is only one SD card slot, and no video…and sure the camera cost almost $3000 even though it’s crippled in many ways, BUT AT LEAST IT HAS THE FLAGSHIP SENSOR! THE FLAGSHIP SENSOR!”.

    That’s a shame.

    • manhattanboy

      It actually makes great sense on Nikon’s perspective. They can discontinue the D4 production but keep the sensor in production for D4 parts and for the Df.

      • Eiffeltowergirl

        Would be cheaper for Nikon to mass produce one sensor then to keep two production lines open for very small volumes.

        The Df is a crippled product that costs more then the D800E in Europe. Living in Europe, buying a Df doesn’t make any sense at all. Unless you fall for its looks.

    • DMT


      So true.

    • AM

      You forgot about the retro hype.
      Now, the sensor is retro as well.

  • Don Hogfan

    Finally we can start the D4X rumors again.

    • DMT


  • Steven Solidarios

    Hmm. Would it be more worth it to get a D4 now?

  • blp

    the iso goes all the way up to 400k LOL that’s insane!

  • aarif

    High ISO comparison between the D4&D4s
    will be very interesting to see, mainly concerned with 3200-25,000

    • DMT

      The key area will be 6400-12,800.

      It’s going to be mind-blowing.

      • aarif

        are you saying you have seen them side by side

        • DMT

          Not directly myself. But I have friends that were shooting it at the Olympics. One quote that I can safely share from someone I trust is quite simply “no comparison”.

  • vFunct

    Nice. Finally, 1000BaseT Ethernet.

    I guess that means I can shoot directly tethered to my Macbook Pro at full frame rates bursts, without having to edit shots out?

    • DMT

      Hell yes.

  • Truth

    Needed the RAW SIZE S option in the D800…

    • Rudi

      Then buy a D610!

      • Aldo

        sometimes even the d610 files are big raw wise… idk.. sometimes when I’m shooting a wedding there is really no need for the full 24mp… especially the shots in which im capturing a moment or action. I wish I could cut the mp count in half… however for most of the event I really enjoy full res.

        • peterortphoto

          In a lot of low light events I have to use the center focus point only (for AF accuracy) and don’t have time to recompose so I like the 24mp to crop as needed.

        • Egan

          If you want lower effective MP count why not shoot Fine Medium (or Raw Medium)? Takes my D800 down to 5520×3680 (~20.3MP, jpeg of course). Unless you are looking for native processing speed I’ve always wondered why people complain about high MP counts when they can lower their effective pixel count with Qual in camera for smaller file sizes. I do it all the time for minor events when I don’t want or need full D800 resolution.

          • Aldo

            You have a good point there… I used to shoot 20mp all the time with the d800.. But sometimes when shooting raw with the d610 I wish I could get 12 mp without using crop mode… although I love dx mode in some situations.

    • umeshrw

      Is it different than the current 12 bit raw option in 800 ?

    • It would be perfect with that

  • Michael Ko

    I feel sorry for everyone who pays $6500 for a software upgrade… this is insane!

    • Jeremy

      I wish they would update the firmware on the D4 to include some of these features like audio adjustments, switching modes in live view etc. you don’t need a expeed 4 IMO for these upgrades.

    • DMT

      No, it’s not.

      Your lack of understanding does not reduce the appeal of this camera for others.

      • Michael Ko

        Well, I am not saying that the camera is rubbish. I am just saying that the stuff Nikon did with the “s” upgrade is just software upgrade and it can be done for free. Nikon makes great cameras but people that make those big decisions are brainless.

        “Oh, there are thousands of complaints about oily sensors, green screens, bad AF… lets ignore all of the complaints and introduce a new camera with solved issues for more money. So if they want to have those issues solved, they have to buy a new one.”

        It was almost the same story with Nikon D610, Nikon SB-910 and now it is the D4s. I mean, what is Nikon expecting customers to do, when they are treated like this? Yes of course, a lot will be switching to Canon, Sony or whatever, and that means lower sales and many unhappy customers. I was dealing with Nikon customer service for 6 fucking months, and the result? I am now happy with my Canon.

        • DMT

          I was actually one of the pros leading the wave of discontent with the green D4 LCD display by corresponding directly with NPS. Nikon responded in a timely fashion and fixed the problem with a firmware update, and have further addressed it with a customizable display on the new body announced today.

          Enjoy your Canon system…I have no doubt it suits you.

          • Michael Ko

            You don’t get it, do you? I don’t really care what camera I am using, because apart from Nikon/Canon/Sony or whatever fanboys, there can be also the type of unbranded camera fanboys. I would be happy with Nikon (if it solved its management and customer service), at the moment I am happy with Canon because it has got what I like (apart from wideangles which are utter crap) and I would be happy with Sony or whatever as well. I can say that I am not happy with this or that, and I am not happy with the fact that the expression of opinion is rewarded by an insult, not by a discussion.

            Have a nice day mate 😉

            • neversink

              It sounds like you are not so happy with your Canon. Actually DMT did not insult you, you appeared to insult DMT. Take a chill pill. Go out with your Nikon that you are not so satisfied with and take some satisfactory pics. Ciao mate!!!!

            • Michael Ko

              Well… I cannot see the part where I was supposed to insult anyone 😀 if my behavior insulted anyone in this chat, please accept my apologies.

              But anyway, its the same as choosing and living with a dog… there are those great breeds and there are those not-so-great as well. But you choose the one you like and you dont really care if it eats your shoes, shits on the carpet… you just love it because its your dog and you walk him proudly every day 🙂 look man, use whatever you want, take a great pics and be cool.

              People will remember you by your photos, not by the branded tatoo on your forehead 🙂 cheers

            • neversink

              Cheers!!! ;–}

            • D4suck

              Nikon users are so touchy. I can imagine why…stuck with cameras and lenses from a company that WAS the best, but that presently fails and fails again.

            • outkasted

              Aww c’mon man

            • DMT

              If my response about Canon suiting you seems snarky then I apologize.

              But your original comment is not an accurate assessment of the new camera with its new sensor, Michael. Since I have friends who have already used it (and can talk about it now that the NDA is lifted) I can assure you that this is *much, much* more than a “software upgrade”.

              Since you have owned neither a D4 nor will you be shooting a D4S, I’d submit that others may be in a better position to characterize the performance of the new camera.

              “Game changer” is one of the things being said about the D4S, for example.

              Have a wonderful week!


        • bossa

          Even my lowly K-5 has LCD color Tuning and a whole bunch of interesting things that My D800E’s don’t have.

          Nikon need to show a little more goodwill if they want to keep their current customers. I can’t believe they thought they could replace the D600 with the D610 and get away with it.

        • neversink

          I agree with you about customer service and Nikon not being honest or transparent about problems inherent in their D600, SB900 (I never had the overheating problems), and D800 left-focus issue (never had that problem either.)
          However, what I don’t understand is why you are even posting here if you have switched to Canon. Enjoy your Canon. I am happy with my Nikon equipment. Been using them since I purchased my first Ftn many, many moons ago. Enjoy your new system, but stop complaining here about your old system. it makes no sense.

          • Michael Ko

            I am not complaining about my old system… I loved my Nikon equipment and many of my friends will agree with that and I would be still using it today if Nikon wouldnt have kept some of my equipment for several months and then returned it broken again 4 times. That was the only reason I switched 🙂 I am just unhappy with Nikons recent marketing and as I said, I am not a brand fanboy, I am a camera fanboy and checking is my daily routine 😉

        • Me

          The dynamic range and noise improvements are done in the analogue circuitry of the ADC, not software.


          The faster you pull the image from the sensor the more noise you add to it. Improvements here come by messing about with really, really tiny amounts of electricity. Nothing digital about it.

        • Me

          Dumbass, the Expeed processor is different, the conversion board between the sensor and the camera is different, the I/O board is different.

          How do you plan on updating all of that through software?

      • D4suck

        This corrected D4 is a disappointment at best. Nikon is showing some some serious limitations in what they can do. It’s becoming embarrasing.

    • nick

      You have to own a D4 first to make a software upgrade.

    • Maji

      Expeed 4 is hardware. Upgrading to it from 3 couldn’t be done by software upgrades.

    • sam

      Bulls…., if You could read, than you would know, that there is a new, modified sensor in the camera. That is impossible with software update.

  • Aldo

    I’m excited to see RAW “S” file sizes in a future d800 =]

  • Gene Forsythe

    Still waiting for the D400, guess I will have to settle for a D7200 this fall, some 7.5 years after the fact. Guess I will finally replace my D700 with a D800E for wildlife and dog shows. Somehow I feel let down and left out as Nikon (again) grabs the high ground for about 5,000 big gun pro shooters world-wide and leaves the 5.5 million of us in the “prosumer” world and less than atmospheric budgets wandering around with not-so-hot gear.

    • Truth

      Search up “camera rental”.

      • manhattanboy

        The “atmospheric budget” part the OP mentioned prevents this most of the time. Your CC has to be able to charge to full amount while out on rental at least where I live. Add a D4S and a 200-400 and you are getting up there pretty quickly.

        • Scott M.


        • Truth

          You send the bill to the client.

          Otherwise you have to realize it’s one of those expensive hobbies.

    • Boulderghost

      The D400 never happened. Move on. Seriously….Move on. Isn’t the overlap between the 7100 and the D610 enough to close you D300 owners. And given the time you’ve all been waiting, couldn’t you have saved up enough for both or either a D7100/D610, and lenses??? Just Sayin.

      • RMJ

        What does it matter if D7100 and D610 overlaps ? They are basically the same camera ! Just with different sensor…

        D300s and the upcoming D400 is whole another beast. They does not overlap with anything (other than D700).

        • manhattanboy

          Not really. I would love to have the quiet continuous mode of the 610 on the 7100, and the better AF and continuous shooting rates of the 7100 on the 610. Neither of them has a decent buffer, which might quiet most of the complainers.

          • peterortphoto

            I have the D610, and the buffer isn’t great but I find it plenty good enough for live concerts.

        • neversink


          • IamSpeechless

            yawning twice at neversink.

        • John

          I don’t think most on this forum understand an actual full magnesium alloy body vs D7100, D610, Df which have a plastic mirror box designed so the entire subsection moves together instead of actual strong build so it doesn’t move to begin with. The D300s had that strong build with full alloy body. That is why there will always be a desire for D400, along with high FPS and reasonable MP.

      • Cuculain

        No it´s not 😉 And we will go on mentioning it like Cato…and finally Carthago fell 🙂

        (Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delenda)

    • Frank

      Have you considered the D7100?

      For Pete’s sake! It’s a full metal body camera, weather sealed, 6fps, 24 MP, takes all lenses, no AA filter, 14.2 stops of dynamic range, 51 point auto focus system, incredible video…the D7100 really IS the mythical D400 that everyone keeps whining about! I think it’s hilarious that people complain that Nikon left them standing on the side of the road, meanwhile..they keep turning out awesome camera after awesome camera. The D7000 is STILL an amazing camera and the D7100 is awesom-er.

      If you’re still shooting with a D700 because “nothing better” has come along…you don’t need Nikon…you need a shrink.

      • Sleeper

        Listen to the Nikon fanboy. They have the nikon PR covered even when they have nfi wtf they on about.

      • John

        Not a full metal body. The lens mounts to a plastic mirror box so the sensor can move with the lens mount. Not even remotely the same as D700. Or D800/D4.

    • neversink

      Buy a D4 and paint to zeroes after the ‘4″ and you will have your D400.

      • IamSpeechless

        Hi neverstink! I do not think that is a good idea.

  • T-bow

    I’ve never seen other speculative sites- You’ll all Know thE oNe WELL so fast!

  • Ray Justice

    I’m ready to order…where’s the link Peter…

    • Come back in 2-3 hours, I will have the links ready.

      • Mike

        I’ve looked here and elsewhere. No word on availability…

        • Pre-orders will be live at 3 am EST, I will post them online when available. Shipping starts on March 6th.

          • DMT

            Just enough time to get my “nipples” fixed at NPS before dumping all my D4 bodies.


            • IamSpeechless

              Are you sure you have more than one D4 body?

            • DMT

              Three (3).

  • joe

    Why not do like Canon and have small, medium and large RAW settings? Come on Nikon….

    • lord eels

      would be nice on my d800e, but d4/s are mainly for JPEG shooters anyways. I don’t shoot raw on my d4 ever.

      • orpickaname

        Now that should make a great headline for a blog article: “D4/D4s Are Mainly For JPEG Shooters Anyways.”


        • Well at least he didn’t call them “11fps spray-and-pray shooters”.

      • Aldo

        now you have a d800e? lmao… go sell your single d4 on ebay before it falls under 4k 😛

      • neversink

        I guess you haven’t been with me on my photo shoots. I shoot RAW and so do a lot of other D4 owners. how can you even make a statement that the Dr is “mainly for JPEG shooters anyways.” Poor English on your part, by the way.

        • mwei

          what he means is that photojournalists shoot jpeg. that’s what i have seen in my country

        • mikeswitz

          He’s a troll, don’t tink he’s really a photographer, just a rich kid who enjoys being obnoxious. Don’t feed the troll it just makes him happier.

          • neversink

            Gotcha!!! Feeding time is over!!!!!

        • IamSpeechless

          Hi neversink! But you actually *sink again with your arrogant statements. Please never-sink and act your age. Thank you

    • Cloke

      How will they get you to buy the D5? Enhanced RAW resize features!

    • Don McPhee

      Ive been wanting RAW in a lesser format. Jeeez give it a chance and see what it does before asking for another feature when we have not taken it thru its paces…

  • Demigod

    Sony introduced today cellphone with 4k video recording for $650. Nikon for $6500 still without it…. Time switching to Canon.

    • Mike

      Why? 1Dx doesn’t have 4k video. What you said makes no sense. It’s a phone. With a 6mm lens. What are you going to play your 4k goodness on? Your phone? Ok then.

      • Jake

        It’s a phone with 4k video. Why didn’t Nikon just disable video feature? It’s a still camera goddammit.

      • The 1D C, which is virtually the same camera as the 1D X has 4K video… at a different price point, etc. of course. Just saying.

        • Mike

          True, and I knew that. But I think it’s an 8mp still sensor. The D4s at 11 fps has the GoPro’s 4k at 15fps. Think of the D4s as 8k, @11fps. :-).

    • Craigie

      Same thing i was thinking. If nikon wants to get ahead in the video department they should have at least put in 4k video capability; however that would have probable driven up the cost more, but im really disappointing with nikon in this respect. I read an article earlier this year about “Camera manufacturers loosing the war against smartphones, but canon and nikon are weathering the storm”. It is stuff like video and other factors that are causing this but its all about relevance. Right now if im ready to step up from my d600 and go fully pro i would either go with d4 or just add the canon 1dx to my tools, for product photography go for a d800 or go straight medium format but for video id go for black magic or canon c300; im not a brand specific person, just started out with nikon; still love nikon but just want nikon to watch the trends. On the photo side of things the only other thing that i wished nikon had improved was the frame rate, its still the same as the d4; 11 frames, while the canon 1dx can shoot faster at around 14 frames only time will tell when the reviews start come about the iso. Not being too much of a complainer but isnt it time that nikon start changing its form factor; nikon flagship camera body, has always looked the same since a long time.

      • neversink

        I don’t think you are ready to go pro if you don’t know what camera you want and you still think the D800 can only be used for product photography. In fact, go get a film camera and learn about light and composition and pre-visualization and then you will see how silly your post sounds. Good luck on going pro, and welcome to the club!!! ;-}

    • Spy Black

      Just get the Sony phone…

    • neversink

      Huh? What 4K video on Canon, but go ahead and switch. Or buy that silly Sony phone. But remember, you will need a 4K monitor to truly view your 4K video. And guess what, they start at about $4,000 or 4K per monitor.

  • lord eels

    it’s official, full frame sensors have peaked. this is a very small update, and I expect them to be even smaller in the future. this is just like the galaxy s5…

    • blp

      dont compare it to a galaxy s5 LOL the phone is such a joke

      • That’s exactly his point.

        • blp

          d4s isnt really that bad … the iso is pretty amazing but i kinda wish that the frame rates could be faster by a bit

          • DMT

            Right. Because mashing the shutter is more important than AF acquisition or high-ISO image quality…

    • silversurfer

      Hey lord eels, I noticed all of your comments on another website have been deleted. Did you delete them or was it the site owner? Either way they were immature and provocative and deserved to be taken down. At least your comments here are more reasonable

      • mikeswitz

        Oh no, his comments are more often than not deleted here as well.

        • silversurfer

          ha ha really. He has the most ridiculous comments I have ever seen on another site, I was surprised to see his name here. I actually don’t think he is that stupid more he just likes to provoke. Hence his comments must always get removed because they are so mis informed!!

          • Aldo

            he is trying to redeem himself here…a fresh start

    • Aldo

      I said something similar sometime ago… are you going over my previous posts? I’m flattered =] … anyway, it will be a while… basic physics…limited surface area being hit by light…. There is currently no need to go smaller.

    • D3 Owner

      Buddy, S upgrades from Nikon are always minor. It was announced as an S upgrade from the beginning. Those who were expecting the dawn of a new era clearly for a mid-life S upgrade clearly have no knowledge of Nikon’s product line.

      This is enough of an upgrade for me to make me say goodbye to my D3.

      • lord eels

        it’s a firmware update. but yeah you need a new camera BAD. welcome to this decade, cheapskate!

  • Paddy

    “HIGH-RESOLUTION 921k dot, 3.2-inch LCD screen,…” lol! After all these years, that’s all they’re willing to throw in, with the same cruddy sub-pixel level sampling for magnified live view focusing. They must still have a sh*t load of those screens to get rid of.

    • lord eels

      again, more of an issue for d800. d4/s screens are for histos and locking images, not magnifying MF. fewer pixels means faster performance.

      • DMT


  • Bob L

    $7,149.95 in Canada – a bigger ouch!!! Budget for that INCLUCING taxes … more saving to do!!

    • Mike

      Well in NS it going to cost me or any other photographer $8222. When you factor in the exchange rate and HST.

      • Kynikos

        Thanks Darrell Dexter…

    • Steve Griffin

      Just think of the amazing telescope you could buy with that cash….

  • Bob L

    There was one shot taken at the Olympics at ISO 10,000 that looked awesome. The improvement in the ISO alone is worth it,

    • lord eels

      if you are still using a d3.

      • Bob L

        Currently have the D300 … Was saving for the D4

        • lord eels

          well, welcome to this decade then.

  • KT

    I guess if you have $6500 burning a hole in your pocket, this could be one way to unload them. I was hoping for a last minute surprise, kind of Steve Jobs “one last thing” kind of surprise feature that no one saw coming to justify the long wait and $500 price hike but it wasn’t to be, not this time at least.

    • DMT

      Non-pros don’t understand the tax ramifications that make buying this body advantageous on top of it’s SIGNIFICANT feature improvements.

      • LogicIsTheAnswer

        feature improvements are not “significant” they are an iteration of a processor that has been out for some time. The tax aspect though is nice.

        • DMT

          Be prepared to be hugely surprised (if in fact you are actually getting one or more).

        • DMT

          The have been very significant to those already using the camera…

  • Mike

    Well I can tell you this much there is not much difference between D4-D4s, other then improve focusing, Iso and Processor speed. The main problems price and resolution. If you are going to improve on camera you should included more megapixels. I could have live with the price if you added more megapixels to the camera.

    No stop the BS and bring on D300s replacement.

    • lord eels

      nah. if anything 16mp is overkill.

    • Don McPhee

      So you have a shot with the D4S correct?

    • DMT

      No clue from a non-D4 shooter.

    • umeshrw

      “there is not much difference between D4-D4s, other then improve focusing, Iso and Processor speed.” What else is left? Do you think D4/s owners care about price much? Most of the pros using D4/s are concerned of speed of offloading and workflow so shoot jpegs. Maybe smaller jpegs . What do they care about MPs. Wait for D4x (hopefully) for more MPs.

  • Scott M.

    They needed to shoot the Olympics to have great shots for the brochure.
    I wanted 24mp but the xspeed4 and other autofocus improvements make this quite a piece of machinery. I may get one anyway.

    • Brian

      What are the autofocus improvements? I didn’t notice anything. in specs.

  • Guest

    Video features of note being 60p and ability to record to cards internally while recording the uncompressed HDMI feed are welcomed. But really should of been in the D4. It remains to be seen how the full frame and dx crop video compares to the pixel to pixel cx crop for sharpness, given that was an oft criticised limitation of its predecessors video. All in all video is improved, though still far from a significant feature.
    Obviously no 4k as predicted. But instead of that what Nikon could of done but has not is give an option for higher bit rate recording, having XQD in there gives them considerable scope to offer higher bit rates so its disappointing they chose not to do this.

    • DMT

      The D800/D800E still smoke the D4S for video, yes.

      • grant torres

        You’ve compared video output of both. I believe you!

      • neversink

        So you have already tested the D4s against the D800 for video.

    • neversink

      As a D4 owner I will not “upgrade” for the video. For less money than the D4s I can get a great Sony Video camera made for just that purpose. Video!!!!!!

      • Guest

        If I were you I wouldn’t upgrade to a D4s from your D4 for stills either. This is an upgrade aimed primarily at D3s shooters.
        But your argument is completely sound. Nikon should just not have video in their camera’s in the first place because other manufacturers make other products that do have video, making the video feature redundant.
        Still, there are people out there who have an expectation that Nikon should keep pace with the rest of the pack,for the sake of appearance and to aid in marketing campaigns if nothing else.

  • Scott M.

    Is my math bad or is “s” raw 4 mps?

    • Cloke

      It’s somewhere around there. It’s stupid small. I like the idea but at that is too small. My clients would want at least 3000px… I don’t see why they made it that small.

      • RMJ

        It’s obviously meant for the upcoming D810. Tho, I think Nikon should have introduced RAW M(edium) for D4S that would half the file size.

    • Cloke

      It’s somewhere around there. It’s stupid small. I like the idea but at that is too small. My clients would want at least 3000px… I don’t see why they made it that small.

  • shao
    • Scott M.

      Thanks, last one of rugby players shows an affordable lens, 70-200vr2 and looks superb at size. (Not an 800mm-3002.8, etc)
      Like to play with a full 14bit raw file.

    • Thanks for the link.

      Strange that the marquee feature, at least for me, is better ISO 12800+ performance, and the highest sample ISO is 1000!

      Nikon needs to do better, especially with the price increase …

  • Gavin Lister

    Maybe now that an ‘s’ model flagship is out Nikon will look at a true D700 replacement. Something along the lines of a D800 body and internals with the old D4 sensor. My D800 drives me crazy editing bulk photos and the Nikon Df is not for me.

    • That’s what I’m hoping for as well. There’s nothing to compete with the 5Dm3.

      • Scott M.

        a friend of mine who owns the 5D M3 is looking to buy a Nikon D800 for better focus and resolution

        • Gavin Lister

          It isn’t about which brand, more simply revisiting an old argument and I definitely don’t wanna buy a whole load of new lenses. But yes we need something like the 5Diii. Its more a case of not wanting massive files. I can understand not using this sensor when the old D4 was the flagship but now it isn’t why not give us a modern body with that sensor.

          • Scott M.

            Apparently, Nikon now charges plenty for fps. That wasn’t really the case back in the D3-700-300 days. D7000 was the last deal on fps and buffer. Now 6.5 on a D610 is it. D4/S is all about speed, ISO and rugged. D800 is fantastic but you have to live with 4fps. Solution? Buy D800 and D4s.
            Massive files are not a problem at all for me. Most who say that never tried a D800.

            • Gavin Lister

              I completely agree with you the D800 is a great machine and I love it. My solution has been to buy a Sony A7r, that’ll be my high quality and travel camera. What I would love is a machine to do those repetitive 1000+ pic days that never get enlarged. I’m considering selling the D800 now and buying a pair of D610’s but don’t really like to set up. I would love a D4 but it is complete over kill with those speeds, I don’t need a Ferrari to go shopping in 🙂

            • neversink

              Exactly what I use…. A D4 and a D800 – And I use them both for all sorts of photography. The D800 is as versatile as the D4, just not as fast, but 4fps is still fast my friends. We all bought motor drives in the film era to shoot at that speed.

    • Mr. Mamiya

      How many images do you take on a typical day? My 4 years old Laptop still has descent processing power to edit an average wedding with 2000+ images with ease. Any current Mac or PC should do.

      • Gavin Lister

        I have plenty of processing power and my computer is a brand new maxed out macbook pro. I find it quite slow in LR and when converting tiffs and extensive editing in PS it starts to become a real grind and often have to refresh the RAM (16GB) Sure you can do it, but grinding through all those huge tiffs (200mb +) is a waste of energy for me. It would be so much nicer to have smaller files. Like I said I can deal with it but give me a D800 with the D4 sensor and I would be a very happy man. I know I’m not alone in this way of thinking and it is an old argument but I am always hoping for a rumour that this’ll happen 🙂

        • neversink

          I don’t have any problems. LR can sometimes just slow down. it is not as fast as Aperture but has more bells and whistles and important features lacking in Aperture.

        • Joe

          You’re working with Tiff files? Yes, they can be huge, but their size and resolution is completely in your hands! That problem is your own creation, resize them to 16 mp, keep the RAWs as high-res backup, and you’re done.

          • Gavin Lister

            Thanks Joe

            probably not the place to be sorting this stuff out but do u do that when exporting a file from LR to PS? Do u re size it once it opens in PS then do the editing then re import it back to LR? I’d never thought of doing that!!

        • Me

          Try creating a smaller or new Lightroom catalogue. In theory LR can handle one million photos, in practical terms, the SQL Lite 3 database it uses will start slowing down the more history states it needs to remember. Try for example, one catalogue per year.

          • Gavin Lister

            Thanks Me 🙂

            I actually do a new catalogue for every major shoot I do requiring 1000+ pics. LR by itself isn’t too bad, I think tho it is comparative. When editing files from a D700 it is lightning quick. Overall it is just slower and considering that it is unwanted resolution I would be better with a smaller file size. By the end of a large shoot the extra time in editing all adds up quite a bit….yes I am slow and inefficient 😉

            • D3 Owner

              Lightroom has a think about history states. The more history states you have, the more complex the DB records. Basically, these are what we call uncommitted and are a bit like listening to a story from a woman – these require a lot more effort to keep the database functioning because of the cross references. Try zeroing the history of your complex edits of you don’t need them.

        • LogicIsTheAnswer

          I have a 2011 MB Pro and don’t have those issues… How many things do you have open at once?

  • Meh! My good ole Nikon D200 is plenty enough for me.

  • Hey guys not to point at the elephant in the room but where are the image samples?

  • Georgi_Anastasov

    Great! Nothing stops me from switching to Canon any more!

    • Gavin

      Have you got any good nikon glass? Always love it when someone sells all their gear to change brands 🙂

      • nikonman

        I have 17-35mm 2.8 still for sale…
        105mm 2.8 macro
        50mm 1.4G
        80-200mm 2.8
        GP-1 GPS UNIT
        and more if somebody wants buy anything from nikon

        • Gavin Lister

          Thanks Nikonman. Actually nothing of interest there for me. I would love to get an 85mm 1.4g 2nd hand or the new 58mm 1.4g. Haven’t seen many for sale 2nd hand tho

          • dclivejazz

            Try buying used from the camera rental places. I got a great 85 mm 1.4 from lensrental.

        • Matador

          Sadly, all that glass and not a clue how to use it.

    • Don McPhee

      Me too I am looking for a 600 f4

    • nikonman

      I dont this last week. Now I wait for 5D MKIII.
      After 8 years with nikon I can say.
      Nikon keep more data in histogram in shadows, Canon keep it more data in highlights ( it,s mean canon never overburn skeen tones on people 😉 ).
      I tried last sunday with 5d mk2 and skintones and colours loook amazing… compare to my D3s which I sold last friday….
      Is bad autofocus in 5dmk2 and not to good camera build quality… but final effect is better from canon…

      • Pablo Ricasso

        How about investing some of that wasted money on a few basic English language lessons instead, you troll?

        • Marcia Gray

          Well said, Pablito.

        • e32323e4123

          du dummer public school spasti… was sprichst du für sprachen ausser deine muttersprache?

          • Ron Callisto

            Get off those drugs, they’re not doing you any good.

        • AM

          I believe his English is basic already. Why would he need more lessons anyway?
          He made a valid point some days ago, this is a photography site, not a language site.

          • Carlo S

            I wouldn’t call that a “valid point”.

      • neversink

        Bye!!! Have fun with your Canon…. Now go away.

        • NIKONMAN

          One click in camera
          One click in camera raw
          Colours right 😉 !

        • NIKONMAN

          Still I have nikon lenses , still have 3 TB nikon raw files on hard drive 🙂
          To be honest picture quality is better from NIkon for me but photos from Canon have it different dimension looks more 3D becasue Nikon try keep detail in shadows , canon keep the deatail in Highlights.
          You can see this straid from the camera… canon raw files are ready in 95% to use. In nikon you must do it “shaman dance around bonefire” with camera camera raw to get final result.

    • MUMPOL

      thsi camera can not even beat the 3 year old 1D X… nikon this is a joke.

    • neversink


  • RMJ

    Ken just changed his D4S page to “16MP” 🙂

    • DMT

      Who cares.

      • 412341241

        exactly what i think when i read your moronic brabblings.
        who cares what an idi*t like you writes?
        so why don´t you just stop and crawl back into your trailer park home?

    • callibrator

      Lady you should steer away from those kind of websites…

      • JakeB

        LOL, can’t you see she’s all excited 🙂

    • neversink

      Don’t worry… he’ll change it again!!!!!! He always does…. It will be his favorite camera until he hates it…. Blah blah blah… Now please send in a monthly donation to support my over-saturated kids…..

  • Don McPhee

    I’ve never needed more than 12,800 ISO so my question is, is 6400 10,000 and 12,560 ISO… At least 1 stop cleaner than the D4 or D3S ?

    • DMT

      Yes. It will be. That’s of keen interest to me as well.

      • LO1

        no it will not. it´s JPG noise reduction that claims 1 stop better ISO. becaue of the better CPU.

        • DMT

          It’s a new sensor…

  • Pre-orders will be live at 3 am EST, I will post them online when available.

  • Sad

    $6,500 and still no built-in Wi-Fi capabilities!! come on Nikon my mums $250 Panasonic has wi-fi…

    • DMT

      What’s it like in mum’s basement?


      • 323442342

        whats it like to be a retarded moron like you DMT?
        tell us?

  • Paul whitehead

    Its quite a good improvement list for those with a need for speed. As a generalist its not worth me really looking at, as I can achieve what I need at a much lower price. Pity about H.264 though.

  • Ted

    It is an interesting camera. It has a few tweaks that would be very nice if they work as they are described. More frames, and better ISO always sound good. I think, however, that I will wait at least one more cycle before I am enticed to trade in my D4.

  • Mark

    A few questions. I shoot Olympus and have no intention of switching but I don’t see why Nikon can’t build a camera with mobile broadband, or satellite capabilities. Then I could use my iridium account to transfer my photos efficiently. GPS should also be standard. I want to plug it in to the usb port of my jeep. Set the camera on the dash and have it drive me to Vegas.

    Sorry everybody, always wanted to see what the life a troll would be like.

    Enjoy the D4s

    • iamlucky13

      I got a laugh out of the idea of transferring 20 MB RAW files at Iridium speeds. Should be about 4 hours per photo.

  • ohnocanon

    Dear Nikon…I am a Nikon User…but I think a Firmware Update for the D4 would save your buyers 6,500 dollars…And Dear Nikon…You look rather silly…trying to sell the D3X for 8 Grand.

    • DMT

      D3X was a great camera and paid for itself quickly. Dumped it for the D4, of course…much better camera.

    • Andy

      Sorry but the ISO and noise floor changes come from changes to the analog to digital converter between the sensor and the camera. Basically this involves changes it microvolts and microamps and really, teeny tiny resisters. Nothing software about it.

  • Bora1

    And now it would be normal to implement new features via
    firmware upgrade also for D800, D610 such as Live View spot WB, Small Raw, New picture control profiles……BUT NOOOOOOOOO…..IT’S TOO HARD….IT’S NOT COST EFFECTIVE AND REDUCES DEMAND FOR THE NEW MODELS……that’s why Fuji is kicking their ass and yet will kick when they enter FF arena!!!

  • malchick743

    Anyone knows if the previous 1000+x CF/XQD card conflict has been addressed on this one?

    • The issue was fixed – just make sure you buy from a new batch CF cards. I will post this online in the next few days.

  • Aztecphotos

    Thx for posting all the info. Since I primarily shoot basketball and night football, I’m really waiting to see if I can gain a stop over my D3S’s! That’s the go/no go for me. The rest of the changes are nice to have. Whenever you can find some high ISO comparisons between the D3S and the D4S, I’d REALLY appreciate it!

  • Terry Hansen

    Just placed my pre-order with B&H! Woo-hoo!

    • Pablo Ricasso

      “Just placed my pre-order with B&H! Woo-hoo!…”

      Just like that, eh!?

      • neversink

        Enjoy Pablo… Im sticking with the D4 but will be interested in what you think of the “s” —

        • Pablo Ricasso

          You mis-read my sarcasm, mate.

          • neversink

            Arrrrghhhh. I hate it when I misread sarcasm, since I have been accused here of being just that ;–} I didn’t see the post above that you were replying too. Now I see your sarcasm and it is very sacrosanct. “Woo Hoo.”

            • Terry Hansen

              I’ve read and re-read this entire mini-thread, and I guess I DON’T see the sarcasm. Sorry if y’all find my excitement a curiosity, but I’ve been waiting for years for a proper upgrade to my beloved D3s.

              My number one need is clean high ISO. The D4 was a slight step down from the D3s and for that reason was a non-contender for me, but, at least based on these early specs, it would seem the D4s should regain the title “low light champ”, surpassing even the venerable D3s and with tons of other improvements.

              Woo-hoo for me! And, uh, facepalms for you two.

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