Nikon D4s vs. D4 specifications comparison

Here is a quick Nikon D4s vs. D4 specifications comparison:

The price of the Nikon D4s is $6,500 which is $500 ore than the previous D4 model.

See also this D4s vs. D4 specs comparison.

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  • jake

    And people said it would be the same.

    Seems to have allot of upgrades to me. Expecially in the video, af, and processing department.

  • n11

    Hmm, too bad no 720/120p, unless its not listed?
    If I had to pick between the two I’d go for D4S for sure, but my lil old D800 is all I can afford.
    Overall a decent upgrade and worthy of the “S” suffix.

    • n12

      It’s a shame you find your self comparing which of the two you would like to have. It’s not about that. It’s about what you shoot. If you are at the stage for forking out so much money for cameras then you should be good enough to know what you prefer to shoot and own the right camera for that. Otherwise you’re just wasting money that could go towards helping other people in the world

      • Verty

        Help yourself first. Needless comment and comparison. It’s not even an issue of what you shoot rather what you like and can afford. Nothing wrong with wanting the best. This D4s is super alluring. I can’t wait to upgrade from the D800 that I never truly loved no not like my D700. Green color cast unrealistic LCD color display. Overlarge picture files to name a few things I hate. I hear is corrected with the D4s. Damn I am already drooling and dreaming….forgive me though

  • Seb

    Nearly all of that new specs is result of software update 🙁 but is called ”S”

    • Exactly. Maybe in the next lifetime Nikon will actually add value to current bodies thru real firmware upgrades like Fuji does. I especially hate how Nikon cripples firmware, like the one-press instant 100% zoom missing from prosumer bodies.

      • Naval Gunfire

        I’d prefer if companies designed their cameras properly in the first place rather than rushing to market a half finished camera and then adding features it should have had from day 1 via firmware. A lot of the things Fuji add should have been included right out of the box but aren’t, I’m not sure that is much of a positive in all honesty.

        • N12

          LOL. Welcome to the real world. The same is done with computer hardware, software, architecture, bank services,
          The world isn’t about quality (unfortunately) its about quantity. Who can snap up the major market the fastest, and in the world where we have all become impatient, their marketing is strategy is spot on.

    • Andi

      Or more likely a result of Xpeed4?

    • Jeremy Allen

      I think that the advanced processing chip qualifies as more than just firmware updates.

    • UnknownTransit

      Yes, but it’s not possible without a faster processor. You can’t just expect the D610 to crunch 24MP photos at 10fps, it can’t happen.

    • N12

      Maybe, just maybe some of that software upgrade wasn’t possible without certain new bits of hardware.
      Stop your whining and sad face. Don’t like it don’t get it, Simples!

  • Bill

    An improvement over the previous flagship, but not the kind of revolutionary change that would necessitate an upgrade to existing D4 shooters, especially if over time you find that it’s the stills capability that matter most to your work.

  • Tim

    Hope this means S-RAW is coming to a future D800 update!

    • I think it is. I believe Nikon will update the D800 the same way they did with the D4s by the end of the year.

      • Eric Duminil

        How come the RAWs is 8MP, and not 4MP?

      • jr456

        If this means that the D800 will be able to shoot smaller megapixel photos thus meaning a faster fps due to the buffer not being filled as quick they might just get me to buy one.

        • Arkasai

          It won’t actually capture smaller MP images, the sensor always takes the full 36MP if I’m understanding CMOS sensors correctly. Post capture, the processor crunches that 36MP RAW file down to whatever output you select: JPEG, DX crops, or lower resolution RAWs. Smaller RAWs will likely just improve the buffer depth, allowing more processed images to sit in the buffer waiting to be written.

          • jr456

            That’s fine. But this means that essentially you could hot-rod a D800 into a D700 if you needed FPS over Megapixels with just a setting change. I find that hugely valuable as D800 has as good of an AF as the D700 just not the fps. On the other hand it would be nice on occasion to have more MP.

            • Arkasai

              I don’t think you understood my post completely, think of small RAWs like JPEGs. Shooting JPEGs won’t get you more FPS, it just allows for a deeper buffer. Same frames per second just longer bursts.

            • jr456

              I understand what you’re saying and I agree with you, however, do you think that Nikon “throttles” the D800 at 4 fps due to this?

              I feel that the shutter is capable of going faster, it just may be deliberately “throttled” by Nikon due to the lack of buffer depth compared to the image size.

            • Arkasai

              It’s a hardware limitation, I don’t think the buffer or bus connecting the buffer to the image processor are being throttled. The only way around it is a lower resolution CMOS or a much larger buffer combined with a wider bus. If you could strap 4GB of GDDR5 to the camera’s main board and double the bus width you could probably burst 20-30 RAW files at 8FPS on the D800 before the image processor starts bottlenecking.

          • N12

            That’s wrong. It does mean reduced pixel count if you shoot in s-raw.


            • Arkasai

              You need to read my post again.

    • Eric Duminil

      Sadly, it won’t come as a firmware update…
      But I think it’s great news for Nikon users would don’t care much about megapixels. a D800 with sRAW would be the best camera ever.

      • Tim

        Yeah, updating the existing D800 to be able to shoot S-RAW would be killer. Everyone assumes it would only take a firmware update to allow it so if the feature is only made available on a new body (D800s or something), I think many of us will see it as a bit of a slap in the face.

  • Beso

    NR called it correctly …. again! I think I’ll wait and see what the “x” version holds. Nice job NR!

    • There may not be a D4x. Instead Nikon may upgrade the D800.

      • fineartlol

        And what else do you expect for such an update of the d800? How realistic is a higher fps rate at full resolution like 6fps?

        • Don’t expect major upgrades, I doubt 6fps will happen.

      • M!

        possibly. with the expeed 4 processor of 30% improvement that could mean better FPS everyone wants on a D800.

      • Rafa R

        That´s too bad, I still have a D3x and a D800, and certainly the D800 is not a pro studio photographers camera in my opinion, I think Nikon doesn’t embrace us Studio Photographers as well as Sports and other types of photographers.

  • camaman

    Wow. This is a pretty amazing upgrade.
    30% faster cpu really buys you a lot in camera world.

  • bertbopper

    Awesome, Gigabit ethernet! 50m wired shooting on the cheap.

  • Rafa R

    Raw size S, sounds fantastic except that the D4 produces small raw files already, anychance it can be introduced in a firmware update, for the D800/D800 E ?

  • Happy happy

    At last, I can fine tine the LCD colour. Yay!

  • seaimager

    what is S-RAW?
    thanks for an answer

    • Paul Ferrer

      Just a smaller version of RAW. You can shoot at the full 16mp RAW or go to the sRAW which would be 8mp or whatever…

  • Sleeper

    OH YES $6500 firmware upgrade.

    I can’t fking wait. I’M LITERALLY SHITTING MY PANTS.

    • desmo

      it’s not the same sensor,only the same Mp count(16), see the higher native iso, you can also expect to see improvements in low noise throughout the iso range, probably slighrtly better image quality as well. The body itself has upgrades (expeed 4 etc).

      The same was the case with D3 to D3s and D300 to D300s,
      same mp count but new improved version of chip with better low noise hi iso performance and slight improvement.

  • Jase1125

    Canon firmware updates are free. However, looks like a pretty fantastic body.

    • desmo

      All of my Nikon firmware updates have been free.

  • mike

    so when will we get raw size “s” to the d800… pls pls pls pls

  • MarineCorps

    …according to Nikon’s comparison chart it seems that Nikon D4 was garbage… 🙂

  • fourtis

    What a show for just a slight improvment over the D4 !
    I fear Nikon is now led by the Finance Department leaders and external “consultants” and no longer by real camera makers.
    A pity for this and for the Capture NX2 replacement.

    • Naval Gunfire

      Nikon has been doing this since at least the 80s (append an s to the model number for a minor revision), this isn’t a new thing at all.

  • Ray

    Lol it’s so much fun at these days a new Nikon flagship camera in the market 😀 .
    Honestly as the photographer between d3s and d4s i see only one improvement you
    can set your iso to 50, and also you have extra stop to 25,600. New image
    processor e… not really important for me I take less pictures, and I think
    more before I press shutter button and hold all game … sorry guys but this
    camera don’t forces me to do a upgrade and spend $6000 for a one stops of iso up and down ….

  • KnightPhoto

    Well clearly this is going to be the world’s best low light camera, taking that crown away from the D4 (and Df).

    And yes a D800 with EXPEED4 and sRAW would be a great thing also, making that camera even more versatile. The sRAW was unexpected, but great use of additional processing power and long called for, at least on the D800. D4S looks like a very balanced camera (as was the D4 before it).

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