Weekly Nikon news flash #247

→ First Nikon D4 price drop? DigitalRev currently sells the Nikon D4 for $5,399 (no US warranty). For a limited time they also have the Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8 lens for $1,659 (again, no US warranty).

→ The new Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art lens should be crazy good (Zeiss Otus good).

→ Starting March 14, you will be able to engrave your Nikon Df camera in Japan for ¥4,200 (around $40).

→ Will Tamron start producing lenses for Nikon1? They recently filed a patent for a 10-100 mm f/3.5-5.6 lens designed for 1" sensor.

BBC is shooting Sherlock with an array of Nikon cameras.

→ Nikon USA re-launched its website with new design and features (see press release):

“The relaunch of nikonusa.com will ensure that Nikon remains relevant in customers lives today and in the future. The importance of building meaningful connections and interactions with our customers online is an integral part of Nikon’s growth and this site fully supports that goal. This platform will enable Nikon to not only sell, educate, and service our clients online, it will also be a foundation to support future product and service growth,” said David Dentry, Sr. General Manager; Customer Experience.

Nikon to focus on DSLR cameras in the Gulf region:

"Nikon will stick to Digital Single-Lens-Reflex (DSLR) in the Middle East rather than going for the latest technology that makes cameras light and compact, Takashi Yoshida, managing director of Nikon Middle East and Africa, told Gulf News."

→ The Nikkor 58mm f/1.4G lens ($1,696.95) reviewed by Kai:

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  • Maji

    Wow… that array of cameras used by the BBC just looks crazy!!

    • Global

      Geez, they probably have about $100,000 in 25+ Nikon bodies and attached lenses alone…They really couldn’t do it with just 5 bodies?? Lack of confidence? Or gear lust..?? haha

      • It’s a rig for frozen pans. (Most people first saw this in The Matrix but it was used in quite a few ads before that.) You fire the cameras simultaneously for a completely frozen pan, or at intervals for a rapid motion pan.

    • knows it

      Engrave, and it will not sell on Craig’s list…. pure becomes impure.

      • n11

        I don’t think people are going to buy the camera just to sell it on CL a few days later…

    • jk

      they should have used the Red Dragon.

  • DB


  • IslandNature

    Somehow I don’t think that the engraving thing will catch on in North America – could be wrong on that…. some potential to get “creative.”

    • Global

      Oh, you never know! People who love Dfs are contradictions, though. They paid $1000 for less features than the D610 has — so just think how much they’d pay for getting something. Engravings are just “old timey” enough for it to be irresistible to that lot of “Pure Photographers.” If engravings had been an option on the order form at BH/Adorama, I’m pretty sure they’d have shelled out $2000 more than the D610 for the Df, easily and call it “Pure Security.”

      • Spy Black

        Actually, you really want to put something more along the lines of “Theft will result in your soul being sucked out of you”, spiraling down towards the center of the dial in smaller and smaller type.

        Just think of the resale value…

    • Mindless

      I imagine that our colonial friends will be getting them engraved with “USA USA USA”?

      • UMEAN

        OoH ES AY ?……….

  • Chimphappyhour

    $40 extra for engraving…. and how much extra of a hit will resale take after that too?


    I’ll engrave it with the word “MINE” in case I resell it.

    • How about engraving “D400” on it? Then you can exchange it for a golden unicorn.

  • Truth

    Sigma gear heads just got an orgasm.

  • TheLoneWolf

    This is taken from the Gulfnews site with regards to the DSLR market in the Middle east :
    “In the Middle East, people never appreciate the small size. They like to have a bigger size. They think bigger is better….. ”

    Thats just wrong in soo many ways if not read in context!! LOL!

    • I was just quoting 🙂

    • neversink

      If you have ever been to a Saudi prince’s domicile, you can get lost in them. They are like museums. What goes on inside of some of them is not always so nice. Go ask some African domestic workers from Ethiopia.

  • koenshaku

    That sigma lens looks very interesting. I wasn’t impressed with Matt Granger’s review of the 35mm 1.4 Sigma at all that people have been raving about. Hopefully this 50mm 1.4 can back up some of its hype.

    • umeshrw

      I read several of 24-105 f4 reviews in hopes of maybe buying it. I was very disappointed by the performance. Sharpness cannot be the only criteria for lens performance. I also saw it in an exhibition. Superb build quality and huge size for an f4 lens. But if the IQ does not match up with that, it is a failure. At least for me.

      • KnightPhoto

        Where did you see 24-105 Sigma reviews?

        • umeshrw

          Online . Google searched and read whatever came up. Some are lens tip, ephotozine etc. For me distortion and vignetting levels made it a sure no no. I couldn’t check it on camera in the exhibition as it was not available in nikon mount. Or I could have confirmed the findings.

  • Thank goodness tamron is stepping in to fill the need for 10-100mm 1-series zooms.

  • Spy Black

    Man, that Sigma looks more exciting every day. Let’s hope it delivers, and is priced to sell.

    • jk

      I read somewhere it will cost about US1499 or so.

      • Spy Black

        That’s a bit steep. $1000-1200 and I think it will sell well.

    • Sergio Aragones

      Funny how people are already thinking of selling before buying and using it.

      • I assume you’re misunderstanding the idiom. He means priced low enough that people will want to buy it.

  • jk

    I cannot imagine any one actually use that name engraving service.
    When I buy a camera , I always think about resell value and how I can sell it without losing too much money.

    • Can’t Believe It

      That is because you are not true Nikon fan. If you truly love NIkon you keep every one, preferably in original packaging.

      • KnightPhoto

        LOL and place them on a glass shelf. Actually did you see that one guys collection recently, pretty damn impressive.

        Personally I have sold every one of my cameras in favour of new ones…

        • neversink

          I still have my old Nikon Ftn, F2, F3 bodies along with other cameras that I used years ago, including my first camera – the Exacta vxiia with a left hand shutter and a gorgeous Zeiss 50 f/2 lens that took incredible photos. The Nikons are just too beat up to sell and I like looking at their battered bodies with dents and brass showing through… I would say their resale value is nil, although the Ftn isn’t in bad shape…. The F2 bodies I have are really banged up though… Don’t even know what they would go for on eBay. Not much I am sure, even though none of them are engraved!!!!!

  • 9fag here :'(

  • Can’t Believe It

    I would have mine engraved with the word SMILE!

    And don’t forget if you’re a certain kind of shooter, Nikon Df is the last camera you ever need to buy. I mean, I know a guy who just recently switched from an F2 to an F3 and he still felt like he was being hasty.

    • Gr8fan

      Some people may be slower than the average Joe…
      Maybe he is still driving a model T…

      • neversink

        F3 was a great camera, with a light meter that wasn’t quite as finicky as the meters in the F2, although it used up batteries faster than the F2 light meter.

  • zoetmb

    The Nikon USA website looks exactly the same to me as it before. Maybe there are some subtle changes, but it’s certainly no “relaunch”. Much ado about nothing.

    • broxibear

      Are you talking about the website zoetmb or the D4s, lol ?

  • broxibear

    Here’s the Sherlock scene shot using all those Nikon bodies, 0:18…


    • KnightPhoto

      Thanks, cool effect (the multi-cam pano)

    • neversink

      Beautifully done…. No Arri Alexa’s used in those scenes? Having worked in the film industry I am stunned… Is the complete series being shot on Nikons?????

  • Craig John

    Is DigitalRev.com a reputable camera reseller?

    • yes

      • Yair

        But this seems to be a mistake. It is now listed as 6,640.77$

      • craig john

        Just did more digging and asking around in group with a bunch of former DWFers, and it sounds like they’re a reputable camera reseller, though they sell “grey market” gear for the “too good to be true” pricing. If that’s true, I wouldn’t buy a camera body from them, but I’d certainly buy a Nikon AFD or AIS lens from them.

  • Neopulse

    Nice price drop on the D4 😀 I do hope this year will be the year of the 300m f/4 VR III + DX

  • Fried Toast

    >Starting March 14, you will be able to engrave your Nikon Df camera in Japan for ¥4,200 (around $40)
    I believe this is wrong. I think it’s supposed to mean, “Until March 14th…”. Google Translate isn’t the most reliable tool for translation, unfortunately. I put in my order recently when I was last at Nikon Sendai and they mentioned that the promotion (which was set to end in late January, IIRC) had been extended.

    • KnightPhoto

      Question: can you actually go to Sendai? Is there a public counter for service or something? Can you get a tour?

      • Fried Toast

        There are two “Sendai”s now. The manufacturing plant (actually in Natori, just south of Sendai) where all our fun toys are made and now also Sendai Plaza near Sendai JR station (29f of the AER building).

        They have a gallery, have a few cameras on display and you can drop off your equipment to be serviced there (which is sent to Yokohama- no change there).

        As for tours of the Natori plant, I’d been planning on trying that for the longest time and then once the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear accident hit, it completely slipped my mind. I’ve seen photos of a tour online years ago, so it at least used to be possible. I have to go to Sendai Plaza soon, so will try to ask there and see what they say.

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