The first Nikon Df focusing screens are now available online

The first focusing screen for the Nikon Df camera are now available in limited quantities from (more information on the different models can be found here). As far as I know, those are the only Df focusing screens available today (post a comment to this post if you have any other information).

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  • Dpablo unfiltered

    That will make a difference. What a sexy doll.

  • Jo

    Awesome! Anyone know if these screens will work in a D800?? I desperately want a screen for my D800E with microsprism focusing.

    • TR_T-Rex

      As far as I remember similar screens, even with more varities, are available from other companies for D800. However they indicate that when installed their products would dim the viewfinder. If my memory serves correct they recommend their products if one uses lenses with max. aperture bigger than f/2.8. Even with such lens, say a 1.4 prime, they recommend using it within the aperture range of 1.4 and 2.8.

      • Joseph

        Please share where, because I’ve never seen them!

        • Kevin Purcell

          Focusingscreencom sells them … you did visit the web site?

          • Joseph

            Never seen that place before. Any reviews or customer comments? The screens seem to be economical. I might pick up one of the F6-J screens for my D800 and see.

            • Joseph

              Never mind. Found a NOS BrightScreen so someone else will have to be the guinea pig for these guys.

    • Marijn

      Look @ Katzeye, that have loads of different screens 😉

      • Joseph

        KatzEye does NOT have a single focus screen on their site for the D800, nor have they ever in my experience. I’ve heard this repeated ad infinitum but they just DON’T have it. At least look before you suggest someone.

        And BrightScreen went down the tubes.

        Please enlighten me otherwise, but other than some really cheap and bad Chinese ones on eBay, I don’t believe ANYONE makes a D800 aftermarket screen.

        • Spy Black

          I’ve contacted KatzEye and they have no plans to make screens for the new FF Nikons at this time:

          “Unfortunately, we are not able to support the Nikon D600 at this time. This is certainly a model we would like to support, but technical
          limitations are preventing us from making screens for these cameras. We are working diligently on a solution, and remain hopeful that we can support the D600, although I cannot offer any assurances or a release date yet.”

          This reply was back on November 26. This is unfortunate, as they manufacture the best manual focusing screens I have seen. Hopefully the release of the Df might tip the scales and they may finally start releasing screens for the modern FF Nikons.

        • Ludwig Gerhardt

          Brightscreen is down due to the fact that the owner past away. Sorry for that, he was a huge guy.

  • Henri De Vreese

    Admin, this site sells focusing screens for camera’s that don’t have interchangeable focusing screens… THIS might be a very big SCAM!

    • Olaf Hoyer

      OK, I don’t know how the focusing screen in a Df is mounted/fixed, but normally it is changeable by dismounting it (usually hold by a spring) and replacing with a new screen.

      Cameras with interchangeble screens are designed to do that, so you have better access to that screen and the screens themselves are in a kind of frame, so that the delicate portion of the screen doesn’t easily get scratched.

    • whisky

      it’s a lot like sensor cleaning. all you need is a little guts.


    • Spy Black

      Focusing screens are interchangeable on any DSLR. You just need a screen to replace it with. That’s the trick.

  • Ale Cecco

    It is not a scam. I bought a couple for the D800 from them. They work ok they are very dark. The screens are adapted from the Canon. On some lens they work better than other. But in the end I went back to the regular screen.

    • Burnzzzzz

      But the DF does not allow you to change the screen, so these are pointless to buy as you cannot use them.

      • NikOly

        There are installation instruction on the site.

      • amaas

        That’s incorrect. While Nikon does not support screen swaps, all the current Nikon FX bodies in fact have removable focus screens. The same goes for the D7x00 bodies.

        • Burnzzzzz

          Does it void the warranty?

          • amaas

            Only if you’re silly enough not to reverse the swap before sending in for repair. The D800/D600/Df use the same spring clip retention system as the D700 and most earlier Nikon bodies.

        • vFunct

          i thought the issue for Nikon not supporting swappable focusing screens was lack of metering because the screens are too dark or something? Not actual installation problems.

        • umeshrw

          That is not true. I have read a nikon official article on a nikon website which talks(how to) about interchangeable screens for their current Dslr lineup. They don’t have any recommended company though. I don’t remember the exact article too if you wish to read it yourself. Sorry.

      • Spy Black

        You can change the screen on any DSLR. Nikon merely doesn’t offer any optional screens.

      • Ale Cecco

        you can always!! change the focussing screen. It might not be esay but they are not! glued. Just have to know how to do it

    • Anónimo

      There must be a reason for Katzeye not offering screens for the D800/800E yet,

      • Spy Black

        I think KatzEye is going the way of BriteScreens, and will shut down when their stock is exhausted. My gut feeling. Very unfortunate if I’m correct, for they made the best MF screens out there.

        • Ludwig Gerhardt

          their site is down, no reponse on it anymore. Brightscreen has shut down due to the fact the owner past away. Sorry for that.

      • Hmm

        Back in 2007/2008 I had talked to Rachael @ Katzeye about sending in my D3 to see if FF was something they could handle. The body had just come out and they had not had the opportunity to study one. I made a deal with her to get a free screen for my D300 and send her my D3 so they could study it and see if they could pull it off. After spending a long day studying my D3 they came to the conclusion that the size of the screen was a problem for them and a couple of the optical properties were also not a good match for the materials they have available. She was seriously disappointed at the findings. I think after that the only FF camera they ever made a screen for was the D700. Not sure what makes the D700 different from the other FF cameras that they were able to pull it off in that body. I’ll ask her.

  • joey jo jo

    lets complain about the DF again

  • subvortex

    I have a Nikon DF and the focus screen is held in place with a wire spring clip just like my D700. Easy to remove.

  • Neopulse

    Need to see a video to see the comparison between each one. Never thought of ever switching a focus screen. The prices luckily don’t look bad at all.

    • Kevin Purcell

      Or you could visit the web site. Does no one surf anymore? 🙂

      Despite the silly URL name (privacy? WTF!) they have pictures of in and out of focus images for all of their screens. It’s educational even if you’re not going to buy one e.g. I’d not seen a “cross type” split prism focuser.

      Note that they use both Canon and Nikon screen (or screen designs?) for all the cameras.

      • Neopulse

        Will do when I’m not on a slow-ass Android phone :-/ what screen would you recommed for a Zeiss AIs lens on a DF?

  • I never understood why people kept screaming the Df didn’t have interchangeable screens. Even from the press shots I saw the the same clip retention system as on my D3. Which makes it easy to switch screens.

    Anyways while people are complaining about the Df and it’s various “short-comings” I’m over here enjoying the crap out of mine.

    I’ll admit probably not the greatest standalone camera but as a companion to my D3, perfect.

  • Jack S

    Third party screens as expected. I mean it’s not like Nikon would make screens themselves for a camera they claim is so in the interest of those that long for the old era.

  • subvortex

    Think of it in ROI terms. Then number of people who would actually buy a different focus screen for their Df is probably small. The investment to develop, make, distribute, stock and sell a set of focus screens probably does not make business sense. Why not let 3rd party vendors absorb that cost (you know they knew someone would make focus screens for the camera)

    • Aeroengineer

      Alas that is not NIkon’s approach – they don’t seem to want a Nikon “ecosystem” in partnership with third parties. Beyond that, the screens are not intended to be changed by users, and the cameras are not designed with the idea of multiple screens for multiple purposes. Oh, the joys of swapping out the screen in my F. Really nice. Then again, I sure ended up with a lot of crap in there.

  • Spy Black

    Because this is a Japanese site, the English translation is rather nebulous. I don’t understand what they’re referring to when they say that X screen is “Canon Made” or Nikon Made” Here they are selling several screens for the Df that are “Canon Made”.

    These are the same screens they are selling for the D800 and D600/610. They’ve been selling these for a while now. Has anyone had any experience with them, especially on a D600/610? Optically the Df viewfinder appears to be the same as the D600/610, and possibly even the D800 being as they’re selling the same models for all of them.

    It’s very confusing to me however all this “Canon Made” and Nikon Made” business.

    • Conpain

      I use a “Canon S Type” screen in my Nikon D700, bought it from The call it “Canon Made” or “Nikon Made” because they use the original screens und just cut them out.

      The only problem with the D600/D800 and DF are the 100% screen sizes. Even the big Canon focus screens are a little bit to small in size for Nikon 100%.

      There is only one focussing screen with >f/2.8 features and thats the Canon S Type one, which doesn’t even change your metering because it got noe splitprism at all.

      And don’t forget, with a focusing screen you have to adjust the “SHIMPS” to get perfekt or even good manual focus. Focusingscreen at least provides 2 extra plastic shimps.

      • FredBear

        Unfortunately modern cameras are designed for autofocus only so they don’t give a rat’s about manual focusing.

      • Spy Black

        Hmm. Well that doesn’t bode too well for these screens. That’s what’s great about the KatzEye screens, they’re direct drop-in designs. Too bad it looks like they’re going out of business.

  • Dino Brusco

    the only screen really missing is the most useful one: K3 type

    • conpain

      KatzEye = K3 screen
      I got a KatzEye for my D700 (prism only) and had before the KatzEye for my D300 (prism+colar) and I don’t really see how a small splitscreen is the most useful one…

      The Canon S-Type with super precision matte is at least usable with big apertures like f/1.4 or f/1.2.

      • Dino Brusco

        k3 on my fm3a means 3 different focusing methods in the same screen and i don’t have any superfast lenses so it’s fine for me

      • Dino Brusco

        btw i have never understood which screen should be good for what. aside a very few exceptions you read almost everywhere:” good for any kind of photography” or “all purpose screen” while i’d like to find something “good for wider lenses” or “good for tele”, if anyone has hints pls let me know

        • conpain

          I think it depends at most on your subject position, composition and texture. I try to avoid with ~58mm@FX subjects in the center frame and I see really no benefits from a slitprism, because recompose after focusing makes no sense with apertures above f/2.8.

          Only the Canon S is made for large apertures (~f/1.4) so there is not really a choice for fast lenses.

          Wider lenses with small apertures don’t really need very precise focussing. The DoF is big and the hyperfocal distance is very close.
          => D800 + 14mm @f/16 = 0.42m hyperfocal distance

          • Dino Brusco

            I beg to differ, I have a d600 and stepping up from D700 I realized immrdiately how accurate focusing is a must more than ever and agree with diglloyd who also proved how different focusing might impact even the 15/2.8 despite the theoretical dof. We have to understand that film was forgiving up to a certain extent. Abundance of Mp conversely shows the least image defect without any mercy. While in focus images may pop even more unless you go to a pixel level, mistakes even little are no longer forgiven despite the theoretical depth of field.

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