CES 2014: Nikon captures 3D model of a person and inserts it into a video game

Nikon-3D-model-with-64-cameras Nikon-3D-model
The 2014 CES  is now over. On the show's floor Nikon had a 64 cameras setup for creating detailed 3D model of a person that was later inserted into a video game. The clips you are seeing are not post processed and are not displayed at full resolution. The total image size from the 64 cameras is 15.4 gigapixel. Read the whole story at Gizmodo.

Here are few other Nikon related videos from CES:

Nikon D3300 at CES:

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  • Georff

    What about the new prime 18mm AF-S lens

  • nikondom

    Imagine when 3D enters the pornoland. They have to install wipers on computer monitors!

    • Johnny Dough

      ‘Tis already there.
      Or so someone once told me….

  • stoooopid

    I didn’t read much beyond the headline, but I fail to see how Nikon spending money and programming power making 3D video game characters is part of their core business. Meanwhile m4/3 has a nice selection of wide angle primes and a fairly serious, modern large aperture zoom – Nikon – well they have a 3D video game character! Come on Nikon – stop playing video games and make with the serious DX lenses.

    • Mike

      Nikon has the Sigma 18-35 f/1.8. Voted lens of year and new product of the year. Nikon users have options. That says more to Nikon than the masses crying for a certain product.

      • Johnny Dough

        That’s fine until Nikon put out a firmware that stops it from working 😉

      • stoooopid

        So Nikon is leaning on 3rd party to fill out their DX lens lineup? I would not own the Sigma lens. Zoom range is too limited to pay the penalty in size and wieght over a prime lens (or two). But there is no DX prime I can mount to my DX body in the 16-24mm range. And no, I don’t want to pay over a grand for a full frame prime. I hate to say it, but I don’t think I will be buying another DX body. I think I will do what most people are already resigned to doing that don’t want to go full frame. Probably buy into m4/3 or Pentax or Sony. I like the raw files I get from my DX body, but Nikon’s path forward is pretty clear – huge bodies for full stick pros, or tiny CX bodies for everyone else.

        • Mike

          No. Nikon isn’t leaning on 3rd party lens makers. Rather, 3rd party lens makers are seeing gaps in the 1st party lens line up.
          Don’t be do quick to judge Sigma’s new lens approach I.e good. Don’t think of the 18-35 has heavy (it’s not). Think of one lens replacing five 1.8 DX primes…. 18, 20, 24, 28, 35. That’s pretty exciting. But your consideration to 4/3 sad a lot of what is important to you. May I suggest looking at Nikon’s AF-D primes. They have 20, 24, 28 f2.8 primes. They are small and on a DX body their older optics will still be superior to 4/3 optics and sensor size. It sounds like you’ve given up on DX cameras and lanes anyways so perhaps you’ve already sold yourself on moving to a 4/3 or Pentax or Sony system. You won’t be buying $1000+ full frame lenses. Instead, you’ll be buying $800 APS-C or 4/3 lenses.

          • stoooopid

            “No. Nikon isn’t leaning on 3rd party lens makers. Rather, 3rd party lens makers are seeing gaps in the 1st party lens line up.” – what’s the difference?

            I haven’t given up on DX. In fact, it will probably be a while before I drop another pile of cash on my photography habits. So when I do get a new body, there will be a whole new landscape of bodies available. So who knows who will get my money next. I was just saying that if I did it today, and since I am not hugely invested in Nikon glass, I would have to strongly consider other bodies from other manufacturers – and consider their lens systems as well.

    • delayedflight

      They’re probably not going to make any more large aperture ‘pro’ DX lenses, after the D3 was released that was the final nail in the coffin for DX as a professional format with Nikon focusing their attention to FX lenses. If you haven’t been paying attention Canon has done that with their own crop format cameras for ages.

      Second it’s called product diversification you can’t just focus your business on one thing they probably invested a comparatively small sum into the startup but will most likely get a nice return on it if it flies.

      • stoooopid

        I am aware of product diversification. I used to work for a company that thought it was smart to diversify and diversified so much that in the end the resulting company was unmanageable and the customers that were their core business were running away. So yes, I have seen diversification first hand.

        But I agree, Nikon has not been serious about DX since the D3 came out. I think this is unfortunate as not everyone want a full frame camera. I think Nikon makes nice DX bodies, but they have stopped supporting
        DX with nice, high quality lenses.

    • zoetmb

      Nikon isn’t doing this themselves – they’re working with another company who is doing this. All commercial uses of photography are for a specific purpose. Nikon promoting this is no different than a Nikon ad that shows Nikons being used in sports photography or wedding photography or making movies or whatever. It’s a use for the camera. Nothing wrong with it. And if anyone chooses to create such a setup for themselves and they associate Nikon with it, Nikon sells a lot of cameras and lenses.

      Nikon doing this has absolutely nothing to do with whether or not Nikon gets their act together with DX lenses.

  • photoroto

    That whole-body digitizing demonstrator is positively passe, many years behind professional systems long in use that can produce more refined results in a short time. But hey, it sells cameras by the dozen!

  • whisky

    if you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with 3-D. 🙂

  • KT

    Looks kind of child-play, the whole animation has an amateur-like quality to it, That stuff might have been interesting circa 1994-1998. In the era of Pixar animation, it’s hard to imagine anyone beyond junior-high getting excited about this.

    • Ronan

      What’s even more amazing is how someone doesn’t realize the potential of this.

      Simply amazing!

    • ninja

      I second what Ronan said. Althought the technology has been around for a while 3d printing is a hot thing right now. I know companies are using these procedures to create 3d object. It’s simple, I’ve been doing it with one camera for a while, and modifying them using zbrush or 3dsmax. There are endless possibilities and anyone can do it. which is a big plus.

  • LuciFurr666

    No one cares about crappy 3d

  • Hamlet
  • Spy Black

    D5200s and D5300s FTW LOL!

    There’s a program called iClone which has done this kind of stuff for a while, although I think it was at first only importing head shots, but now I believe it accepts full bodies as well.

  • 3D

    That´s nice,
    but too expensive 🙂 This is cheaper, faster and more precise:

  • stormwatch

    Hahaahaha, of course it’s a superb system. But what about Nikon’s decision not to use “pure photography” Df, but the D5300’s instead???

  • Chris Carson

    Motion Capture, my lord this will revolutionize …. dissolves into laughter.

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