Nikon View NX 2.8.3 released

Today Nikon released View NX 2.8.3. Here is the list of modifications:

Windows version

  • Compatibility with Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 Pro, and Windows 8.1 Enterprise has been added.

Macintosh version

  • Compatibility with Macintosh OS X version 10.9 has been added.
  • Support for Mac OS X version 10.6 has been eliminated.
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  • Am I the only one who would rather be shot through the scrotum than use ANY camera manufacturer’s software?

    • Nikonist

      Yes! 🙂

      • chris

        Canon ddp software lens optimiser software is incredible, acting to remove the AA filter effect digitally, making the RAW images far sharper and more detailed. Time consuming but I find it hugely rewarding, as the difference is night and day for me

    • tertius_decimus

      Your feel of disgust is easy to understand but for NEF files there are no better software packs than Capture NX. It crashes often, eats operating memory like a mad but still you can’t get better results using any other program.

      • cookie

        My CNX2 used to crash many times but using the 64 Bit version now it works fine. I do like the U-point technology and the noise reduction feature “Better Quality 2013” In my opinion this Nikon noise reduction feature works better than DXO 9 prime.

      • sell_him

        NEF really?
        DNG all the way. It’s not long until 2014 and you’re still processing like it’s 1998.

    • RakSiam

      I find View NX2 useful when going through a bunch of NEFs to decide which one are keepers, then edit in CNX2.

      And actually Olympus Viewer 3 works very well with my E-M1. The noise reduction is very good and color rendition better than other raw converters for Oly files.

    • FDF

      That would be rather impossible. This thing is actually supposed to be the best for processing NEF files, but I can’t make myself use it.

    • Can’t Believe It

      Ouch! Yes. You ARE the only one.

    • Aldo

      Although the interface is a joke… no other software renders nikon files like the NX2 and the capture. If my work wasn’t based on hundreds of files… I wouldn’t think twice about running them through NX2 as a first step.

      • groucher

        The interface takes a bit of getting used to but is no worse than e.g. the layer properties tool in Photo$hop. The real strength of NX2 is the Selection Tool – very powerful, particularly when used with the NIK plugins. No other software package has anything like the Selection Tool to my knowledge. D-lighting is pretty good too.

    • 103David

      Wow , buddy. A tempting offer if I ever heard one. I’ve heard similar offers involving cars, motorcycles, and one concerning a rattlesnake if only the offerer could find someone to hold its head…but never as flamboyant as over a piece of software.
      Makes me wonder if it’s a regular part of your presentation how often does anyone take you up on it. And if so, how’s that working out for you?

    • JR

      Getting shot through the scrotum is a pain in the ass and then letting out your gaseous anomalies will be difficult for you if wounded in the rear.
      I’ve never had a single problem ever with View NX2 or Capture NX2…..none. They work great!
      If other software works for you then that’s great too. Why complain about stuff you don’t even use.
      Please +1 if you want to keep Nikon Rumors free of whiners and complainers.

      • Have used it.

        It not even close to good.

  • Can’t Believe It

    The better I get at eliminating foreground and background distractions, nailing the exposure, and generally tidying up my frames, the more attractive this kind of software looks. It won’t give me the Dave Hill look but I think it’s good for my evolution to try to shoot so that all I have to do is run my pix through something like this and then print.
    If only people weren’t so vain I’d be golden, although I have started to use a Tiffen Soft-FX1 to see how much Photoshop plastic surgery I can cut out. So far the FX1 does a great job on people up to about the age of 45, after that, I still need to retouch.

  • Can’t Believe It

    And don’t forget this is great software to download and use when you’re staying at a friend or relative’s house and need to process some shots but don’t have your computer.

  • Geoff

    View NX2 is great. I use it to import GPS info to all my image files and also for the initial checking of each file.

  • Neopulse

    Will test the NX2 when I get the chance. It didn’t come with my D800 at the time and was already familiarizing myself with LR. Once I find out how good the Df’s viewfinder is, am gonna get NX2.

  • Focuspuller

    Isn’t Nikon supposed to be testing CNX2 for Mavericks compatibility? And for that matter, is CNX2 doomed? Now that NIK has been bought by Google, who is going to keep updating and, more to the point, upgrading, CNX2?

    • MB

      Nikon took over CNX2 development years ago.

      • Focuspuller

        Which hasn’t done much in those years to improve CNX2, if they even have the resources to do it. How do they deal with UPoint without NIK?

        • MB

          Nikon bought complete software source UPoint technology included, whats there to deal with except fixing the bugs if any?
          And they made it much more stable and faster with couple of enhancements over time.
          The problem is that they didn’t do much in updating it (especially interface) so it seams a bit dated now, but it actually works really good.

  • Todd

    hasn’t this version been out for forever? I’m not going to use program this old- give it a big refresh and I’ll consider it.

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