Price of the new Tamron SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di VC USD lens: $1069 *UPDATED*

Today Tamron announced the price and availability of their new SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di VC USD (model A011) lens. The price in Japan will be  ¥140,000 (around $1,350). The Canon version will start shipping on December 19th, the Nikon version will follow at a later date. Few pictures of the lens can be found here. Sample images taken with the lens can be found here and here.

Update #1: the US press release is now up and the release date is listed as January 17, 2014.

Update #2: the US price will be $1069.


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  • SteveHood

    US release announced for January 14th. US Pricing must be coming soon.

    • Thanks, will update the post.

      • Robert Daniels

        This will shake the photography world. Tamron just made a great chess move. With todays great digital cameras and software. You can squeeze some great images from this puppy. I mean nearly a 600-f5.6 is going to really boost wildlife photography!

        • It’s a f/6.3 at 600mm. Useful in good light but not otherwise from what I can see.

        • VikingAesir

          It’s very interesting and great to see the competition, but it’s not earthshaking. This lens just has a little more range than the $969 Sigma 150-500mm. Image quality remains to be seen, you generally get what you pay for, the Tamron will probably be similar to the Sigma.

  • SteveHood

    The US press release will be updated shortly with a $1069 price.

  • porkbarrel

    Does this lens barrel extend when you zoom or does it stay fixed size?

    • FDF

      “Ingenious optical design features minimize the movement of lens groups within the lens when zooming. This reduces the amount of barrel extension needed to cover the complete focusing range, making the entire lens more compact.” – so yes it does, but apparently not by much. Seriously tempted, especially at that price.

  • Taggart

    Wow, I was guessing much higher than $1069. I mean, sure, it’s a Tamron lens, but still, 150mm-600mm is no simple task.

    • Dpablo unfiltered

      This is going to be a big seller. That’s a break through price for a lens needing a 95 mm filter in front of the front element and also for the said level of quality.

      • VikingAesir

        It will be a big seller at that price and that range, the question is what corners did Tamron cut to get it down to that price?

        • Dpablo unfiltered

          From the chart, it doesn’t look like they cut much. Maybe they just assumed a larger scale of operations that could be easily amortized by selling a lot of lenses.

          • desmo

            the link to sample pics above shows quality is equivalent to price
            especially the really bad BOKEH in the one shot

            oh well
            no free lunch

      • Global

        I wish they would offer combos that INCLUDE various filters for 20 dollars more but optimized for their optic formula. Just a wish, not a strange demand.

        Its the thoughtful things that make a company. They should know that almost no one will have one.

        • Dpablo unfiltered

          It shares a filter with the 200-400 and some old Nikon telephotos and with the newer Bigma, among other things, but this is a kind of lens that you likely have one or the other and not several. It should really have a filter drawer taking a 52 filter. But damn, what a price.
          You might have guessed that I don’t like to use filters much anyway.

    • Dpablo unfiltered

      This is going to be a big seller. That’s a break through price for a lens needing a 95 mm filter in front of the front element and also for the said level of quality.

  • Milen

    This on D7100 with crop mode on …

    • Spy Black

      Nah, turn the crop mode off on that D7100…

      • Milen

        It will have some reach I think…

        • Joven

          why not just crop in post? Crop mode is so stupid to me.

          • KnightPhoto

            The beauty of the 51-point AF and 1.3 crop-mode on the D7100 is that you are then LIVING THE DREAM of having frame filling PDAF points 😉

            How long have we talked about having more frame filling PDAF-points, and now with the D7100 Nikon-shooters have it.

          • outkasted

            Dude you stupid. I use crop mode all the time on my D700 when needed. All I do is set my program button to Button + dial turn to quickly switch without taking eye from camera. The 99.9% of the images I capture are all being used on the web. who wants to post crop a whole lotta images?

            • Joven

              Aww, did I hurt the little guy’s feelings? I guess we just have different workflows. 99.9% of my images end up on the web, too, that’s why I RAW re-size the the JPEGs to 1000px along the long edge when exporting.

              However, if it works for YOU, then fine, but I still feel that it’s a silly feature.

            • outkasted

              Actually i’m a Big Guy 6’2, 365 lbs.

        • Shams

          If not reach, you get 6fps at 14-bit Raw and 7fps at 12-bit Raw and that makes some sense.

  • Remedy

    Great price!!! YAY!

  • n11

    Not bad, but I’ll wait for the F/1.4 version.

    • george

      F/1.8 would be more than enough for me though 🙂

    • Which will be $8,000.

      • Eric Duminil

        I’m not even sure it’s optically possible. But I suppose it would cost many millions.

        • Cyrille Berger

          Of course it is optically possible, but it would require a 430mm front element, so you might not be able to handle it 😉

    • Global

      You can wait for the Sigma version — but it wont be f/1.4.

      It will be as good as their 50-500 or 150-500, though, which is to say — very good. The problem with Tamron is that they have a history of low quality in this range.

      If Tamron turns that around at an affordable price, then they could rob some sales from Sigma. I think, like Sigma, Tamron needs new branding. Some kind of “Art” category for them. Right now, its hard for users to distinguish their completely dogs from their winners.

      We have yet to see what this lens will be.

      • Remedy

        Well seems like everything that Tamron released in recent years is rather really good: 60mm macro and 90mm macro, 70-300 VC, 24-70 VC. Their 70-200 f/2.8 isn’t a bad lens either. Seems like they found the right formula just like Sigma. Fingers crossed!

    • Jon Ingram

      Everyone seems to have missed your sarcasm, lol

  • steve3911

    If it’s sharp (and tests seem to indicate it is), that’s one heck of a deal for anyone looking for a budget wildlife setup. I don’t even need one but for the price I am REALLY tempted.

  • Shooter McGavin

    Might finally be time to upgrade my trusty old Bigma. Does anyone know what kind of housing this uses? Mag alloy or some other sort of coated metal or is this thing plastic? Hard to tell from the pics and no mention on the press release that I could find. Weather sealing? If it’s plastic I’ll have to pass. My Bigma is total tank, but I’d like the extra reach this tamron offers …without a tc.

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      I don’t think Tamron makes anything with a mag body. Even if they did, not at this price. Definitely plastic.

      • OopsFootinMouth

        I think you will be surprised, J.DT.

      • Remedy

        Plastic is the new metal today. Canon ditched metal and uses plastic instead in version II of their 24-70. Same with Nikon. Try to not club a seal with it and You should be just fine.

  • Long Tom

    If the sample images that are floating around the ‘net were really made with this lens then it’s very tempting @ the price. Even though it’s a heavy breather

    • Oh S##t.

      600mm becomes 375mm @ MFD.
      Can’t have everything at that price.

  • Jon Ingram

    Sample images look sharp. This is an exciting lens for sure. If the reviews are generally positive I will pick this up without a doubt. I will wait for several good reviews first, can never be too careful.

  • King of Swaziland

    Holy Astigmatism, Batman!

  • Kynikos

    Wow. If those MTF charts are legit, look out.

  • LarryC

    Wow. The images floating around the web look better than what came out of my old 80-400. If they are real, and there are no major sample variation problems or other QC issues in the first few months, I’ll buy one.

    • Arkasai

      Where are you seeing these sample images? Link?

  • whisky

    sounds like a good value for a 4:1 zoom lens. i wonder if it’ll work with a TC14EII?

    • desmo

      f6.3 🙁

      be happy if you get good pics at 600mm

  • Robert Daniels


  • Adnan

    Very tempting range and price ,though i’ve been a strong opposer of 3rd party lenses but I’ll make my mind only after seeing samples at 600mm at ISO 1600 but kudos to Tamron anyway 🙂

    • Remedy

      Is there any logical reason to be a strong opposer of 3rd party lenses? Better warranty (Sigma and Tamron give You 5 years!), better service (again Tamron and Sigma offer 3 day repair time), often better or waaaaaaay better optics, often better build quality (every Zeiss, Voigtländer), and most of the time better price and what’s even more important lots of unique designs like Sigma 8-16mm (APS-C), Sigma 12-24mm (FF!!!!), Sigma 200-500 f/2.8 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!), Sigma 300-800 f/5.6 (!!!!!!!!), Sigma 50-500mm, Voigtländer’s and SLR Magic’s f/0.95 lenses etc.. It’s hard to get why people are so narrow minded.

  • Neopulse

    Again the U.S. getting a better price on stuff. I see this though on an APS-C sized sensor more than on a FF in my opinion.

  • Photobug

    I just got back from a Camera Expo..Nikon, Canon, Sony, and Tamron. Talked to the Tamron representative and he told me about the National sales meeting where this lens was discussed and the new price was $1,100 and Nikon mounts would ship 1/17/2014 with Canon shipping this month. The sales representatives were surprised with the price, they had expected $1,300 to $1,400. As he said, this lens is going to sell at a fast pace, The current 200-500 Tamron was being outsold by the Sigma 150-500. Also told me that all Tamron owners would get an email today with the specifics on the new 150-600mm.

  • Global

    Jackpot!! I’m getting one.

    Make it sharp Tamron! It will only be a matter of time before Sigma comes out with a “Sport” version that’s going to be very sharp — count on it!

  • Mansgame

    That is damn good for that range. If the image quality is even somewhat good, this is a great catch.

  • Lubos

    does DF have buid in flash commander???
    even without build in flash itself?

    • No.

      Only if you put a flash (or commander) in the hotshoe.

  • Saffron Blaze

    If it is that sharp (MTF) wide open what will it be like stopped down a step or two?

    • J. Dennis Thomas

      Too slow to use.

      • Saffron Blaze

        90% of my outdoor images taken at 300mm or longer are taken at F8.

    • Remedy

      It’s astonishing how very limited is people’s knowledge about various applications in photography. Ever heard of photographing planes in flight? You might wanna check what the aperture is for 95% of the shots.

      • Remedy

        The above post was meant for J. Dennis Thomas, not You Saffron Blaze, sorry for my goof.

  • Genkakuzai

    Looking forward to see reviews of this lens. Tamron really aren’t bad when it comes to tele.

  • anon

    Being that my wife’s bread and butter work has nothing to do with super telephoto ranges, i’ve always had issue spending the multiple thousands on a large tele and feeling OK with it. This lens completely changes that feeling and would cover probably the only super tele work we’d ever need to do. Crazy price at 1069, unless they know it’s completely unreliable and not optically very good. The future will tell. Whether realistic or not, this lens really makes nikon look they are ridiculously overpricing the new-ish 80-400 Af-s.

    • VikingAesir

      This lens changes your feelings but virtually the same lenses from Sigma that have been around for years doesn’t? The Sigma 150-500mm OS is less than $1,000.

  • Nice bokeh and sharp!

    • desmo

      all the well defined circles in the backlit buffalo sample?

  • Bruce

    There are some very good sample images in this thread. Some look pretty sharp, even at 600mm. OK, so it’s not 600/4 prime, but at that price, it will have a much wider market to aim for and also it’s zoom versitility will offer more photographic opportunities. Yes, looks great for wildlife, but think about those avitaion guys too!

  • jmills74

    ¥107,800 for this at mapcamera in Japan..

    • jmills74

      So $1044 at today’s yen rate

  • alexander

    anybody know when the tamron 150-600 will be available in Nikon fit ?

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