The last D3100, D3200, D5100, D5200 and P7700 firmware update killed third party battery compatibility

Several readers emailed me with reports that their third party EN-EL14 batteries no longer work after the last firmware update for the D3100, D3200, D5100, D5200 and P7700 cameras. It also makes it impossible to use Nikon batteries in third party battery grips. Of course Nikon did not mention anything about that in the change log. I am not aware of any way to revert a firmware update and Nikon does not provide download links on the their website for old firmware updates.

Update #1: some third party batteries work even after the firmware update.

Update #2: few readers have successfully downgraded the camera firmware to the previous version without any issues. Older firmware updates can be found on Nikon USA support website. For direct links, check the posts under the firmware tag on NikonRumors. Please not that you can brick your camera by downgrading the firmware.

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  • Dick Behan

    Workaround for D3200, Phottix grip, Nikon batteries.
    Apparently the camera “reads” the battery information only once. I inserted a Nikon battery into the camera and it worked find, as you’d expect. Then I inserted the Phottix grip and did NOT get the error message about wrong batteries. The camera still “thinks” it is running on just on in-camera Nikon battery. GOTCHA, NIKON: SCREW YOU.

  • 4cc3ss

    D5100 Fw 1.02 & 3rd party batteries no problem, i must stress this is work in progress.

  • Walt Maken

    As a long-time Nikon owner, and presently using two of the D5200 cameras, after reading the negative comments about the latest firmware update affecting the ability to use 3rd party batteries and battery grips, I was anticipating the worst while waiting for one of my D5200’s to be returned from warranty repair by Nikon. The camera arrived back today, 12-9-2013. I checked the firmware update specs, and the camera is showing C 1.01 and L 1.009. My other D5200, without the firmware update is showing firmware specs of C 1.00 and L 1.006. I installed my 3rd party grip, ( ) and inserted my genuine Nikon EN-EL14 battery and the camera works fine. I removed the Nikon battery, and inserted my Vivitar VIV-NB-EL14 battery into the above linked 3rd party grip and the camera works fine. So based on my personal experience, I definitely do not share the negative opinions concerning Nikon’s alleged defacto policies as speculated on in the negative comments regarding the firmware update. Rather I continue to appreciate the excellent Nikon quality in both their cameras and lenses that I’ve come to expect.

  • Frank

    Covert moves like this just supports the idea of third-party firmware such as those produced by Magic Lantern for Canon users. If an iPhone can be hacked (or unlocked) why can’t someone do the same with a DSLR?

    • Josh It’s already being done 🙂 Most of their work is for the D5100 and D7000 right now but they have some patches that help with non-Nikon batteries.

  • sbhf

    I just bought a spare battery yesterday, the price difference between the Nikon and after market was only about 8 dollars, so I went with Nikon. Probably the best decision I made in a while…

  • Guest

    On the one hand, we want Nikon to keep making innovative cameras and lenses, and it needs to be profitable in order to do so. On the other hand, I believe the hypothetical $40 lens cap does not prompt innovation – on the contrary it causes complacency.

    What is in our best interest? What is in Nikon’s and other makers’ best interest? What does the future hold? I have not enough characters left to express that here, but I just did on my O2 blog – see

  • Karasev Studio

    On the one hand, we’d all like Nikon to keep making innovative cameras and lenses, and it needs to be profitable in order to do so. On the other hand, I think the proverbial “$40 lens cap” doesn’t prompt innovation – on the contrary it causes complacency.

    So what is in our best interest? What is in Nikon’s (and SONY’s, Canon’s and other makers’) best interest? What does the future hold? I have not enough characters left to express that here, but I just did on my O2 blog – see

  • Daniel Ekerot

    A big reason not to choose Nikon!

  • Davis5

    D5100 does NOT have an original battery grip… is not a money problem… is totally NOT available… but meike work fine…

  • I have Pearstone batteries in my D5100 and they’re still working perfectly after I updated.

  • Joe Zilch

    Companies like Nikon don’t make most of their money on just cameras or lenses but on accessories as well. When you buy a Nikon camera and then get all after-market accessories you aren’t helping Nikon and Nikon has no reason to be loyal to you just because you happened to choose that Costco Special 5300 over the T5i. Nikon needs to be mindful of their bottom line and reputation. If they think, in the long run, that users will benefit from not putting Chinese knockoffs into their cameras than so be it.

    Don’t mistake me, it could be Nikon being stupid like when they claimed you couldn’t buy parts because you needed technical know-how before installing them and yet manuals and battery doors were classified as parts.

  • Fenris

    You’re missing the point. This has nothing to do with one company over another. And about the motivations of Nikon. What I want is a customer friendly company and all round compatibility (certainly for third party lenses, batteries or any accessory). As an old timer I remember the time when 24x36mm camera lenses and flashlights fitted on any DSLR, with or without adapter ring. And nobody was unhappy with that.
    Moreover I have never heard of a 3dr party lens or battery damaging a camera…

  • RM

    Ok…no more Nikon for me then. There are enough other camera’s.

  • 4cc3ss

    To anyone who’s interested, i’ve made it possible to use all 3rd party batteries with the latest D5100 firmware 1.02..D3100, D3200 & D5200 latest firmware will follow shortly.

  • Dennis de Jong

    strange thing is, I have a d5200 and didn’t do the battery update but I still got the error screen today after using the 3rd party battery for months without a problem.

  • Matti Auer

    I have D5200 and newest (october 2013) v.1.01W firmware. A cheap Chinese battery grip and two chinese batteries working fine! – no problemos. If these rumos are right, its better to leave updates. Camera is not better after update anyway.

  • Walt Maken

    I have two D5200’s. Firmware updates are C 1.01 & 1.02, with L 1.009 for both. Besides the EN-EL14 batteries that came with the cameras, I use Vivitar VIV-NB-EL14 batteries in Mieke Battery Grips MK-D5200 with absolutely no compatibility problems.

  • Al Joevid Mirasol

    I purchased my 3rd party 3 months ago for my 1 year old Nikon D3100. At first the battery worked fine, then last month the camera wont accept the battery. And to think I did not update the firmware…

  • nrkey69

    Hi I updated my Nikon D5200 with both 1.01 and 1.02 firmware updates and had the same problem. Just screw on the battery grip and remove all batteries, then turn on camera and turn off camera. Then insert the two El14 and/or 3rd party batteries and turn on the camera and voila everything works. Rule of thumb, NEVER REMOVE BATTERY GRIP AGAIN and all works.

  • David Hensley

    The Vivitar 3rd party grip works after the firmware update, along with 3rd party batteries. The remaining battery indicator in the viewfinder does not work, but works fine on the LCD screen.

  • Brett A. Wheeler

    Just like the greedy bastards that make free apps and then hit you with a deluge of ads after their update, but of course hide the truth from you. I understand it’s a business, but I’ve worked in sales and rule #1 is don’t alienate the customer.

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