Nikon released new firmware updates for the D3100, D3200, D5100, D5200 and P7700 cameras

Nikon D800 firmware update
Nikon released new firmware updates for the D3100, D3200, D5100, D5200 and P7700 cameras. The only fix included in the update is the accurate detection of the remaining battery charge for the rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL14a. The battery performance/life is also maximized so that more images can be captured on one charge. Firmware download links:

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  • Maji

    it is good that Nikon is doing this to keep the older models more useable.

    • Actually, Nikon doesn’t do anything to make older models more _usable_. Unlike Canon, Nikon has zero after-sales support in terms of adding new features to older cameras.

      I own Nikon gear (d800, d7000, 4 lenses, 3 flashes) and I love them, but this is one of my pet peeves with Nikon – atrocious support. I would love to have d800 style auto-iso in my d7000. Never going to happen. Canon did the 2.0 firmware to the 7d adding tons of features and improvements. Or it added clean hdmi out to the 5d mark iii, listening to user request. Fuji is another good example for a company that listens to its users and adds/improves features of cameras. Nikon? Forget it. Even bugfixes come really slowly, and they are few and far between 🙁

      • Zeke

        I wouldn’t say Nikon “have zero after-sales suport in terms of adding new features to older cameras.” It’s more like nearly-zero.

        The D3 picked up a few features through firmware updates, and they offered to increase the memory buffer capacity for a fee. That last one seemed very un-Nikon.

      • NoMeJodas

        Nikon does not do this because they don’t want their dslr customers to be 100% happy and satisfied with any camera they buy from them IMO. They want their customers to always be missing something in the stuff they buy so they upgrade in few monthes the stuff they just bought today. Want one button 100% magnification for your d600? Upgrade to the D800. want to change iso in your d800 in M mode without taking your eye of the VF? Sorry but you have to buy a D4 for that..and so on…

        Actually you can’t completely blame Nikon for that. We consumers are mainly to blame because we always seem to want D4 performance with d800 sensor and body for d3x00 price. This just can’t work!

        That’s why leica for example have to charge soooo much money for their equipment. They build it to last for a whole life!

        • Eric Duminil

          You’re right about Nikon philosophy, and that’s really sad.
          A D4 sensor in a D800 body would sell very well, even at D800 price or slightly above.
          I’d have been happy to pay $$$ for the Df if they didn’t botch it with D600 features.

          I agree with your Leica statement.
          On the other hand, Fuji X series aren’t so expensive, and I’m sure I’ll be happy to shoot my X100s ten years from now.
          I just wish Nikon would learn from Fuji :
          * great support
          * new firmware for the discontinued X100, which makes it more like X100s
          * free repair and acknoledgment of common problems (e.g. sticky aperture blade)
          * lens roadmap

          • NoMeJodas

            Yes you are right about Fuji’s X-system value for the money and I’m more than happy with my X-E1. But you have to remember that Nikon’s F-mount and Leica’s M-mount are tens of years old and have HUGE history and loyal customer base. Fuji’s X-mount on the other hand is, what, 2-3 years old and a solid customer base has to be built for it yet? Fuji, to their record, are doing great job in that!

            • Eric Duminil

              Exactly. There’s no XF lens I wouldn’t like to have.
              Those all look pretty sweet. 😀

          • They do that because they are the ‘david’ in this scenario. Nikon and canon are the incumbents so they can and are resting on their laurels… Still, look what happened to IBM in the PC space, or docomo here in japan.

            • Andrew

              IBM was outmaneuvered and undercut by Microsoft in the PC space. IBM was working with Microsoft on OS/2 while Microsoft was secretly developing Windows. So make sure you can trust your partner! But IBM did mess up when they came out with PC Jr and its laughable keyboard.

      • Steve

        You want me to change to Canon before getting in pro world.

      • ragamofyn

        Untrue. The D70, for example, had a complete UI overhaul between the 1.0 and 2.0 versions of the firmware. I know the D70 is a decade old camera, but your statement that “Nikon doesn’t do anything to make older models more _usable_” is simply incorrect.

        • Okey, I stand corrected: Nikon doesn’t do it anymore. Forget about any feature (even as simple as zooming into the focus point when pressing the OK button) trickling down to older cameras these days.

          This sucks, no matter how we look at it. The only way to make Nikon change this policy is to voice our opinions.

          I am a Nikon shooter, you can check my website (linked from my profile) – the EXIF data are intact. But due to Nikon’s hostility towards its customers, I don’t have any brand loyalty. I’m set for the next 3-4 years with the equipment I have, but for backup system I’m already considering another brand to replace my aging d7000 (probably Fuji). Abysmal after-sales support is one of the reasons. Just check their service track record at lensrentals:

          Nikon’s average turnaround time and service costs: 26 days & $376.
          Canon’s average turnaround time and service costs: 6 days & $305. This is just one metric, check out the rest:

      • Mr. Mamiya

        The Nikon 1 series got continuous AF-C with the FT-1 adapter and Nikon-F lenses through a firmware update.

      • Actually, they do. My d70 was upgraded practically to d70s (except that firmware can’t address LCD size 😉 Revamped the menu system, improved focussing and other ergonomic updates. It kind of set the scene for disappointment when no further cameras received such glowing attention.

        They could at least add a couple of minor functions just to pay lip service to after sales care, but I understand why they don’t.

        • That was a long time ago 😉 I meant the last few years.

          I recall just a few years ago there were often comments here on Nikonrumors asking Nikon to add this feature or that, usually very small things. Nowadays, you won’t see any. Now it seems that we have accepted that Nikon doesn’t do that anymore! It’s a shame.

          • > It kind of set the scene for disappointment when no further cameras received such glowing attention.

    • Mansgame

      yeah right. In order to make the D600 usable, they came out with the D610.

    • Allen Wicks

      Nonsense. My older model D5100 works fine on the old firmware. My guess is the primary “more usable” will be to brick my third-party batteries (for economy I use half Nikon, half third-party).

      I have been a Nikon user for 40 years but Nikon _totally_ fails to grasp the term “customer service.” Nikon thinks it means “hmm, how can we serve up a screwing to our long-term customers?”

  • Kyle Farris

    D800 photo for the story?

  • Joe

    Maybe important for some people: Does it break the compatibility of third party EN-EL14a clones?

    • Marty

      YES it will. That’s probably why you are receiving this ‘care’ from Nikon in the first place. I do not see how energy consumption of the camera can be reduced other than by shortening time out intervals for say screens and meter.

      • jec6613

        It could also be powering off parts of the Expeed processor between shots, and other idle state enhancements.

      • jec6613

        Also, if you read the publication, it increases batter life when using the EN-EL14a only, not the EN-EL14. They run on slightly different voltages.

      • ragamofyn

        Do you have a reference to support the statement that the update breaks EN-EL14a clone compatibility? Thanks.

        • jec6613

          There are currently no EN-EL14a clones, only EN-EL14 clones. I haven’t seen or heard anything yet, but the firmware update just came out, and if it was going to be broken at any firmware update, this would be the one.

        • Marty

          Past history is the best predictor: D3100 third party batteries did no longer work after I updated the firmware for this camera. Nikon doesn’t tell but there’s a lot more communicating going on between battery and camera than they admit. There are undisclosed handshaking protocols between camera and battery that can be copied/simulated by third party battery manufacturers for the current camera firmware but not future versions. Go to one of the battery manufacturers’ sites and read about their warranty when new camera firmware disables use of their batteries: (German only I think).

        • Shube

          I have a P7700. I have tried a third party 2600mah EN-el14 clone with the new update (V1.3). It did not work. I thought I had bricked the camera. A 1500 mah clone battery also did not work. I put a real Nikon battery in and it worked. I changed the firmware back to V1.2 and the camera now plays nicely with the clone batteries.

          • ragamofyn

            Confirmed, then. 🙁 Nikon firmware update kills third-party battery compatibility. Ugh.

  • Steve G

    Since it messes with battery detection I’m worried that it might not play nice with my aftermarket battery grip although I do have 2 original Nikon batteries in it. I’ll probably wait to hear about others’ experience.

    • Marty

      Smart move Steve, Nikon will definitely try to render your third party stuff unserviceable. They do so with batteries. But do not offer new firmware that stops my V1 from ageing the batteries prematurely, rendering them unusable when they reach age ‘4’ and stop working in a V1. Fuji does things better IMO.

      • Marty

        I should have added that those are genuine Nikon EN-EL15s that are being ruined by the V1. That’s why I expect more support.

    • I have two Rowa Japan third party batteries and no complaints about the battery life, so I think I’ll skip this one.

  • GLLM

    @Csaba : So true, otherwise we would have already have the 100% zoom on the OK button in preview, instead of that nonsense retouch button 🙂

  • rokkiN

    And why am I seeing a D800, then?

    • Aldo

      as guess the cameras aren’t as exiting as to bother looking for the correct picture…

  • jk

    nothing for my D800E?
    I want to get 60p video and some better way of audio level control in my D800E.

    • Johnny Dough

      That is coming… on the D810E haha

      • umeshrw

        I upvoted for name 810E but then realized that nikon wouldn’t miss milking us for such important upgrades . So 900E.

        • R!


    • French Fries

      If video is so important to you then its better to opt for Canon.
      They are 100% into making movies with DSLR’s.

  • DL

    isn’t that a D800?

  • French Fries

    Any news on a firmware update for the D800/D800E?
    There is still a lot to be enhanced in software compared to the options of the Canon 5D MKIII – Star rating to images is something that could come in very handy for example.

    • ragamofyn

      Chimp less, shoot more?

  • someguyfromtexas

    So where is the lens distortion control data update for the 18-140 on the D7100 already?

    • Celtic

      Wonder the same thing.

    • ragamofyn

      Does your post-processing software not have profiles for the lens and camera in question? Doesn’t the lens distortion control data only apply to JPEGs, since the RAW image is direct from-sensor an thus corrected in post-processing?

      in other words: why are you shooting JPEGs with a D7100? 🙂

      • For the majority of my prep work on interior shooting, JPG is adequate. I reserve raw processing for final runs. Lens correction data saves me one more step when taking JPG pre-proofs, with just a little exposure/color tweak before submitting to photos. I think it’s a valid point. The D7100 can do raw when needed. At other times, file size, processing time and additional management are just a drag to actually getting work done.

        • someguyfromtexas

          Perfectly stated.

  • Pablo

    Best update ever! It turns your D3000 into a D800!!!!!

    • David Wintle

      What do you mean by that?

      • He means that this firmware update FINALLY unlocks the 12 megapixels (in the 3200’s case) which where heretofore hidden from the consumer for marketing reasons. Duh…

      • cppguy16

        He meant that after the update, you get a huge circular viewfinder, dedicated AE/AF-ON buttons, front dial, etc. 😉

      • lucid

        Cannabis is legal in his town!

    • JstAnotherAnimal

      I’m holding out for the firmware update that turns my D5100 into a D4………crickets…….

  • Pablo

    D3200…. You know what I meant…

  • scott800

    Are the D5200 US and UK/Ireland updates the same? The link above is to the UK/Ireland update, and the DOWNLOAD button on the ‘Americas’ Support page downloads the D5100 instead of the D5200? Any Ideas?

    • ragamofyn

      It’s the same. The hardware & firmware is international.

  • stormwatch

    Completely useless…

  • Mayor Ford

    Fuji f/w update added peaking long time back, Olympus includes it, Sony includes it, Pentax has it, so yup Big Firmware Deal unless you only shoot with one battery.

  • Guest

    They should learn from Apple, my 3 generation old iPhone 4 is still getting new firmware with new features.

    I feel that the company cares about the users because there’s a relationship between me and the company. It’s not like once I buy something from them and that’s it, I’m on my own.

    That’s one of the reason Apple’s customer loyalty is among, if not, the highest.

    • Marijn

      That is so NOT true! You find 3 generations old? If they would still be doing older models THAT would be great. Yours is just gonna end up getting no updates as well, simply because the hardware can’t take on the software at a certain level. That’s how it works with camera’s too.

      • I think he’s talking about why some cameras can’t do HDR or 7 frame bracketing or timelapse. That’s not a hardware limitation. There are marketing reasons behind Nikon’s decisions, which sometimes become a little too visible.

      • Nikon doesn’t stop updating firmware because the hardware can’t take it any more. They just don’t do squat besides fixing egregious bugs. Consider the V1’s incredibly annoying review behavior which cannot be switched off. That’s not fixable in firmware? Compare it to Canon’s refresh of the 7D (firmware 2.0). Apple only tends to stop supporting hardware when that hardware is simply incapable of handling the update (and even then, they will go back and patch older versions of their OSes and applications when necessary).

    • JstAnotherAnimal

      Hope LG reads this post. I love my LG 55″ LV5500 but am left out of Adobe Flash updates. Seems Nikon is going the same way. “We have you in our grasp and you only get upgrades that WE sell to you.” Such a sad tactic for such a great product, but Nikon is completely within its rights to wreck its customer relations and alienate its market share.

  • Steven Solidarios

    I like this

  • Mansgame

    No firmware update for the D600 to let you change the aperture while in video mode?

    What about the dust?

    • Kev Dav

      Aperture in live view is a mechanical driven thing (ie a motor). No fixing that with firmware.

      • Zeke

        None of us know the architectural limitations or specific reasons why the D600 might have this limitation, but the aperture linkage motor is almost certainly under firmware control.

        • Look. Read up on it. it is covered. The D800 has two actuators that can be used simultaneously, but the d7x00 and the d600 and indeed all others only have one actuator so cannot focus and adjust aperture simultaneously.

          • Mansgame

            Again, if that were true, you couldn’t change the aperture in photomode either, but you can.

            • Kev Dav

              Well if you do not think it is true, and still hold out hope for a firmware update to fix it, then I suggest grabbing some beer, condiments, and a comfortable rocking chair, as you will be waiting a long long time heh.

            • In photo mode, the situation is different. Aperture is not continuously controlled, but set and the camera flicks to the preset aperture value on shutter release using a physical “stop”. Live view would require gradual and continuous control of aperture, which would require a motor to wind the actuator. That motor is not present, thus you fix the aperture beforehand and work at that aperture.

          • Mansgame

            What about AF-S lenses? that’s all electrical.

            • KnightPhoto

              OK Mansgame, you’ve got a few issues mixed up. AF-S lenses do not have electronic apertures. “E” lenses have electric apertures and there are only 4 of them in the entire Nikon lens lineup – the 3 PC-E lenses and the 800mm E.

              Ever other Nikon lens aperture is controlled mechanically. The lower bodies mechanically control of aperture is tied up with the shutter/ mirror mechanism. The D800 and D4 have two actuators as Graxxor already described. So there’s no point in getting upset at Nikon for withholding a firmware update that is going to fix any lessor body 😉

              If you want to be upset at Nikon, be upset that they haven’t converted the entire lens lineup to E lenses. That is the better long term solution and for some reason unbeknownst to me, Nikon is taking their sweet time about it. It WOULD be interesting knowing why.

              I’m going to dig around about your photography mode LiveView question to confirm, but I believe that is just the camera increasing gain so that you can see the image in the LCD. I don’t think it’s opening the aperture (i.e. how could it – it has no mechanism to do this).

            • Thanks for the reply, and you raise a good point, however I believe you are mistaking AF with aperture. While AF-S lenses are indeed internally focused with a ultrasonic motor, the 85mm PC-E macro lens is the only lens I’m aware of which has an electronic aperture. Although the aperture ring on G models is gone, the mechanical lever and coupling is still present.

          • Mansgame

            What about AF-S lenses? that’s all electrical.

      • Mansgame

        Then how come it works in liveview for photography?

    • LOL. And no firmware to improve in camera vibration reduction with my long reflex lenses either. Poor show, Nikon. Poor show. 😉

    • Yoshi Spendiff

      Not sure if serious…

      • Mansgame

        Just pissed that my camera has spent as much time being cleaned as being used.

    • ragamofyn

      Why doesn’t Nikon just make a D600 firmware update that renames everything to D610 and also send out free “D610” name plates to all D600 owners? *facepalm*

  • David G.

    Cool! Thanks NR! 🙂

  • R!

    It will be a nice escuse comming from nikon to add the full pixel 1080p HD with no downscalling option that the D800 has!!!!!!!!

    • Do. Not. Want.

      • R!

        No Video is a real problem,today in the 21 st century!

        • mikeswitz

          everyone is waiting with unrepressed excitement for your video productions! I’m thinking solo 21st century!

    • Buy a d800 if you need video. Job done.

      • R!

        I’m planing on buying a Canon 70D for Video actually.
        Nikon is just not there!

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      Hush. Eat your vegetables, watch Sesame Street and calm down.

      • R!

        Sesame street is so cool!

    • R!

      I meant D4 has the D800 does not have it!!!!!

  • Andrew

    Every time Nikon comes out with something good she is reminded of her sins. But at least people are venting and Nikon is listening (hopefully). Maybe we need to have a survey presenting three ideal full frame cameras and two DX cameras to select the top FX and DX cameras for Nikon to build. I wonder if we will be able to reach a consensus.

  • Weapons Grade Fox

    d800 with tiny screen

  • Bob Hsiang

    I just upgraded my P7700 firmware to 1.3 – can’t use my clone battery. Where can I find ver. 1.2? Not happy about this at all. Nikon is not offering ver. 1.2 for P7700

    • Ha, so this is what the update was about – to brick your non- Nikon batteries.

      • Bob Hsiang

        sad but true. just ordered a genuine Nikon EN-El 14 from Amazon. totally ridiculous.

  • I Think the firmware updates enables me to take more awesome pic on my nikon D5200.

  • Anoop Mishra

    I have updated my Nikon D5200 with latest Frimware, its working fine with better battery life.
    Subscribe me at

  • Ivano Ambrosi

    Hi! have anyone tried the adapted wireless wu-1b on D3100?which functions work? is it any advantages make the firmware upgrade on d3100?

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