Nikon quietly announced two new rain covers *UPDATED*

Few weeks ago Nikon quietly announced two new lens rain covers. No other details are available except those product listings at Adorama:

  • Medium size for 200mm, 300mm and 200-400mm f/4 lenses (price: $124.95)
  • Large size for 400mm, 500mm, 600mm and 800mm lenses (price: $129.95)

Update: here are some pictures of the new Nikon rain covers:

My guess is that the rain covers will look something like that:


I assume that since those rain covers are specifically designed for Nikon lenses, there will be a better fit compared to the alternative products from third parties like Think Tank Photo.

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  • Chimphappyhour

    Meh. I’ll stick with the plastic cheapies I get from the local store. They actually last a surprisingly long time.

    • D!

      Totally agree!!
      …to me the best rain cover is 2 tansparent plastic bags and an elasticrubber around the lens,that make a completly sealed and direct access by viewing on all commands,a lot better and cheaper for sure,that rain cover should be a free gift!!
      …and a plastic bag will still be needed for complette sealing of the lens.
      The more intelligent cover they should come up with is a camouflage one ,reversible one side for green forest and other side for sand /desert or savane yellow type of environement,and why not add a white kind for snow and winter like environment .
      But for sure we don’t need this big Nikon on It ,exept If you’re paid to wear It at a sport event…
      Yeah this should be Free!!!!

  • Delmar Mineard Jr

    I am interested but expect the price to be big $$$. For the pro or advanced amateur with too much money to spend. There are so many nice alternatives for under $20.

  • Richard_LA

    I can certainly see Nikon’s way of getting to high profit margin

  • banzaii

    A large garbage bag. It can cover the body, a very large lens, and you. For less than a dollar!

    • Ratatoskr

      Wrong !
      You try using a garbage bag in freezing cold for days, or in storm-like weather, or even worse, in thorny bushes or walking around in very dense forests. That garbage bag won’t last a minute.
      Before you give advice you should learn about the conditions in which some of us do photography. Not all of us stand in the rain out on our yard or in the city, easy conditions compared to where this product is intended to be used.
      You have a much too easy photography life if you don’t understand this.

      • istreetshooter

        While I don’t agree with the tone of the post, I do agree with the facts. Sometimes a plastic bag will do, but not what’s happening outside my window.

        • Ratatoskr

          Wow, tone. Please explain what part of the message that made u feel there was any tone.
          Why do facts have to make people so sensitive?
          Why do we have to walk on glass when replying to a stupid post?

          • Correction

            Tone? How about the fact your post starts with

            “Wrong !” Don’t be an idiot.

            • Ratatoskr

              Please use that tiny brain of yours, or ask someone to help you.
              So the word “Wrong” is a tone issue. That IS being sensitive like a baby. When something is wrong then call it wrong, don’t beat about the bush. Wrong is a word, that is all, and his post is wrong. Nowhere in his post did it say that it was enough for HIM. His comment was directed toward the news post of Nikon having released a rain cover, it’s not a forum on what works for you in the rain.

              But, reading the comments around here it’s easy to deduce what level of intelligence there is around here.
              Calling ME and idiot gives the eloquent poster 12 likes. Rest my case.

            • Tim

              Now things are going beyond a simple tone and into assuming the mass of a random person’s brain. Simple fact, your totally right in your call out, but you’re not very smooth with your vocabulary or writing style. You’ve brought a very valid point of view concerning the idea of these bags being created for rough weather use, you’re just not very caring with your words.

          • fred

            Ah!,…yes, walk on rice-paper, grasshopper.

          • Degsy

            Wow,toys thrown out of the pram.Banzaii’s suggestion works for him. no biggie really.

      • orpickaname

        But my garbage bags are made from Kevlar.

      • D!

        I agree some times you can add a wool blancket so your hands get warm,did I helped you!?

      • Mike D

        I do agree that in some cases, heavy duty protection is required but I’ve found a light weight shower cap perfectly usable in 10 degree weather in Yellowstone in February and 30 degree weather in Yosemite in March on many occasions.

  • Ronan

    People think it’s expensive BUT:
    D4/D800 + 70-200 + need to take that shot for work = $150 official licensed product that will keep your gear safe from water…

    That’s an easy calculation. Especially if said photographer is getting a couple hundred (or thousands) to do that shoot in the rain.

    • Squidward

      I bet you bought the MB-D12 when it was $600 too huh? It’s people like you that Nikon prey on.

      A piece of nylon sown up in China for $3 each, screen print ‘Nikon’ on it and some sap will pay $130 for it because its ‘Official?’


      • Ronan

        Who said i had a D800? I use a D3s and a D7000 (which replaced the D300).

        You clearly have NO IDEA how professionals spend their money on gear that they must rely on to everyday. Same reason why they don’t pay $50 for some Chinese copy MB-Grip that could potentially fail in the middle of a shoot and lock the camera (seen it at a wedding, it wasn’t pretty).

        Now when your pretty D800 has water issue because you were too cheap to spend $150 to protect a $2000+ investment (without counting the lens)… will you be coming on to here and cry your heart out?

        • Squidward

          Looks like I hit a nerve!

          I bought an MB-D12 , but I didn’t pay $600 for it. And i use Opteka rainsleeves. 2 for $5.

          I guess i’m not professional enough 🙁

        • Chad Hsieh

          It’s not so much the price of the item, but more to do with the fact that something else that costs a fraction of it can do the same job

  • Bayou Bill

    As recommended by a veteran photojournalist friend, I keep a couple of FotoSharp covers in my bag 24/7. They are quite effective, durable, and reasonably priced (a LOT less expensive than those Nikon covers). Online at (and no, I have no ties to this vendor nor do I receive a commission if you click on the link).

    • Squidward

      I use Opteka rainsleeves. They fit a D800, grip, and 70-200 f2.8, and you get two in a packet for $5. I have one that is over a year old.

      One hand gets wet, one hand can stay dry if you wish (I just operate through the plastic and get them wet)

      I’ll blow the $125 I saved on beer. Nikon will never see it!

    • Shoot123

      I also use a FotoSharp cover (both the white and the Camo, but I use the Camo the most). Very durable and easy to use.

  • Bert B

    You get exited by raincovers…….how low has the Nikon ship sank, I hope as a corporate they can be salvaged but I have my doubts

    • guest

      ooooo, Nikon wet wipes. I could have used a box of those in Peru once…

  • peteee363

    why use Nikon branded anything? thieves are dumb, and just look for brand names. I never use Nikon neck straps, or name brand camera bags. the cheaper the strap looks, or bag, the better. from a distance a thief looks for brand names, and Nikon pasted all over my equipment just makes me a better target.

    • Kynikos

      Exactly. The type might as well read: “Steal Me”.

      • peteee363

        but I only give this advice to Nikon owners, not canon owners. once they steal their canon, they might go out and buy a real camera.

        • Dencheg

          Real Man’s Dusty (at least inside) Camera 🙂
          just kidding

        • groucher

          Ha ha, but to be fair, I’ve just watched a programme on NHK World in which a Canon engineer takes a 5D Mk2 apart with a screwdriver and a pair of tweezers. It took the engineer 8 hours to disassemble the camera. That camera and it’s innards are a work of art, a spectacular triumph of engineering and software design, as are our Nikons.

      • Stanley77

        I am 67 years old and have never gone out fearing someone will steal my equipment. Who gets your mail? Oh no, I am being nasty, now I am in the Ratatoskr club. lol

    • guest

      If you are carrying a camera *and* a bag of any type that bag screams MORE STUFF. The only solution is to never carry more than you can keep an eye on all the time, never take your camera off your neck (if your neck aches, start doing some strengthening exercises softie), be wary of suddenly changing events around you; it could be a smokescreen, and be prepared to resist the grab-and-dash. If someone holds a knife to your throat well, you have about one choice. That’s why there’s insurance. ALL cameras are mass-produced objects, there is no legitimate reason to get hurt over any one of them.

      • istreetshooter

        I insure the things I expect have the greatest chance of getting stolen. It does offer some piece of mind and moderate coverage.

      • desmo

        better than around your neck,
        wrap the strap around your forearm several times and grip the camera securely as you would to shoot it.
        This not ony provides security from theft, the camera is ready to shoot a pictures present themselves.
        Also thieves look for sloppy unaware people, by being prepared,
        the strap prevents someone from grabbing the camera and run as your firm grip on camera prevents the grab the strap and run technique.
        Thieves see this and look for an easier target

  • Tair

    They should have made a video for this

    • Spy Black

      Pure Dry Photography…

  • Randyjk

    My garbage bag works fine.

  • Thom Hogan

    Of course, they could have just waterproofed their cameras and lenses instead ;~). I don’t expect to see Olympus selling such things for their OM-D E-M1…

    • whisky

      Olympus Has Fallen. i’ve seen the movie. 🙂

    • I thought they were weather sealed?

      • Tony Anastasi

        oh geez mate.. That’s just Thom’s way of saying that he would of ‘loved’ Nikon to make pro bodies fully weather sealed like Olympus has done with their pro bodied OM-D E-M1..

      • Thom Hogan

        Well, it’s trickier than that. There are ratings for “waterproofness” that vary from things like light mist to how deep you can submerge it. The Olympus is not submergible, for sure, but it appears to be level 3 or 4 capable. Thing is, Olympus isn’t going to publish that number, because essentially it becomes an implied warranty, and there’s no way to tell whether the customer did indeed encounter rainfall or something worse. In other words: pretty well protected, but no guarantee that it is.

        The covers that Nikon is selling likely aren’t more than level 5, and they may be lower, thus my comment.

        As for what I do, I tend to use a cover as a secondary weather protection when using my gear in continuous wet situations. But anyone who’s been at one of my workshops near water know that I take more risks than most people do, and, knock wood, haven’t had problems yet.

  • whisky

    lenscoat sells a line of raincoats to fit your lens/camera combo in multiple flavors of camouflage — and for le$$. they’re snug, easy to fit in a downpour, fold into a compact pouch, and don’t take much room in your bag. but if your strap says nikon, you may want the matching rain cover.

  • Shaun V

    I’m still waiting for the post, “Nikon quietly announces new lens instant rebates.”

  • MB

    Well to be fair if they are the same quality and as functional and sturdy as Think Tank the price is very good actually.

    • MB

      If this is really it I take it back.
      This is 5$ worth rag with DK-19 … you have to really stretch it to justify something around 20$, but 130$ is just an insult for intelligence of Nikon customers …

  • Braddy

    Pretty expensive. I use the plastic band and the rubber band trick, but have been thinking of upgrading. Kata make some pretty good rain covers that are half the price of these nikon ones.

  • Drazen B

    “Nikon quietly announced two new rain covers”

    I’m sorry, but what kind of announcement or fanfare on new camera rain-covers should we be expecting from Nikon, really?

    • The rain covers are not listed on Nikon’s website. I am sorry but I expect new products to be at least listed on the manufacturer’s website. Who said anything about fanfare anyway?

      • callibrator

        What’s with the ‘quietly announced’…it’s not exactly an Earth shattering news in the photography World that should be announced on a loudspeaker, no?

    • Jorge

      Five short videos ala DF of some guy lost in the woods.

  • Ratatoskr

    This is probably just custom made to Nikon, cheaper version of ThinkTank’s Hydrophobia. They are just about identical, Hydrophobia being more advanced though.

  • groucher

    Anyone know whether this cover will fit my Hasselblad Loony.

  • Matthew Fleisher

    I have something that looks pretty similar…cost me $15…saved $110 on logo printing.

  • French Fries

    One plastic bag will do as fine.

  • French Fries

    Too bad we missed the teaser with a man walking in Scotland using this raincoat for his new Df shooting castles, and a salmon fisher.

  • stormwatch


  • Ineluki

    Recently my camera, a lens and me got wet during a long lasting heavy rain. The camera, the lens and me could continue to take photos without a rain coat. The camera was the one you see covered above.

  • Ola

    This is why I always laugh when people claim having a weather sealed camera is more than marketing talk.

  • itsmyname

    Thanks for the photo,s I am of to buy some Neoprene and Velcro.
    That,s and easy one to make.

  • jtan163

    Ii think this bodes well for the D400. I just bet one of these will fit it. 😉 j/k

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