Nikon Df demand not as strong as the D800


Dream combo: Nikon Df with Nikkor 58mm f/1.4G lens

I received some unofficial information from different retailers and based on the number of pre-orders, it seems that the demand for the Df is not even close to the demand for the Nikon D800 when it was officially announced. The Df is currently not even in the top 20 best selling DSLRs on Amazon (D610 is on #14).

I am still questioning Nikon's strategy since they first cut their forecast three months ago because of poor mirrorless sales in US and Europe. At that time Nikon said that they will concentrate on new entry level DSLR cameras. Three months later Nikon introduces the high-end $3,000 Df camera, which was perceived as a great but overprices product. Few days after the Df announcement, Nikon cut their sales forecast for high-end cameras...

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  • ArthurWellesley

    For me the deal breaker was a $2746.95 camera with NO video. Whether I like it or not, it seems more and more I expected to shoot some video too.

  • michelle guilmet-buck

    Good. Maybe they’ll drop the price then. I WANTS one!

  • geb

    The Df is not for everyone. It is for us oldsters who shot film with our Nikon Fs and are nostalgic for those days and those cameras. I doubt if many other than Ken Rockwell will look at it as their primary camera. However, I know someone who has both a D800E and a D4, and he often prefers to use the D4, despite the lower pixel count, due to the better noise characteristics of the larger pixels. The D4 is a monster in size. I’m not sure I need a Df or will get one, but I would like one.

  • Captain_Swing666

    I have to say I beg to differ – my FM2 had 6 controls and a d.o.f. preview button. That’s approximately 20 less than this thing.

    It appears you need to play the thing like a church organ.

  • Fed Up with weirdos like you

    it’s an incredibly stupid camera for a Zillion Reasons…who did they “talk to” before they made this pariah ?

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