First Nikon retro camera teaser: “it’s in my hands again”

Nikon just released the first video teaser for their upcoming retro-styled DSLR FX camera called "Nikon - Pure Photography #1" (update - see also this post):

I definitely like this clicking sound! Now who can get us some good screenshots of the new camera? The lens is definitely a new 50mm f/1.8G lens as previously reported:

You can also see the flash hot shoe on this screen grab:


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  • WQ

    The thing that interests me the most is the AF system and there have been no leaks about the AF system. I have a feeling the AF system might be the same or worse than D610 and that would, unfortunately, kill the camera for me no matter how cool it is.

    • TheInConvenientRuth

      Quite frankly I’d be extremely happy with just manual focus and a Nion F3 type H2 matte screen….

      • outkasted

        to slow down again…

    • That’s my greatest concern too. Well, that and the battery.
      I suppose there are some compromises to be made for a small film-like body.

  • Those clicks sound like an old Holga. Maybe Nikon and Photo-jojo are joining forces to make an all plastic toy camera. That would most certainly put Nikon back on top 😉

  • wooliemonster

    Is it a new lens? The 50mm f/1.8 G AF-S was only released 1 year ago! Why would they bother showing the front of a particular lens if it’s just an already existing, and not particularly high end, lens? Now, I’m going to tell myself it’s because it’s AF-SM, for mirrorless, until I see otherwise 🙂

  • Mo

    Hot shoe is the new cleavage

  • Charles

    Tried to wonk, but that felt weird…

  • DW
    • DW

      can’t see what is in his hands clearly

      • Lee

        so…. this confirm it will be low MP camera? 😀

      • Iustin P.

        No, but you can see that it’s a small camera. Which is good!

      • Onbana

        I wish this shot was captured by D800. LoL.

    • Spy Black

      Not much to go on, I’m afraid…

      • Spy Black

        So is that a silver F-stop ring? It’s supposedly a G-lens tho.

        • RMJ

          Maybe both. Manual override just like there is for AF.

        • Ken Elliott

          Chrome grip ring. Just like the F2 days.

          • That makes sense. But what’s that thing between his shutter finger and forehead?

          • Spy Black

            The G-lens thing throws me off tho.

  • Scott M.

    wow, good catch. Can’t really see enough. They are cruel.

  • ek

    F3D better….

  • creep

    he sounds like Dexter Morgan

  • stormwatch

    It doesn’t seem like a very small camera, and I really hope that this video was actually recorded with it!!!!!

  • visionaer

    admin, thank you for your work here. i was close to buy a D610 as a second body, but now i wait for this one 🙂

    • what_the_fox_says

      same here, cancelled my pre-order for the d610

  • DW

    from facebook

    • Spy Black

      No shutter speed dial, unless that’s it on the side of the prism. Too weird if so.

      • TheInConvenientRuth

        no that’s the metering mode selector…
        Geez, it’s a F6 film camera…

        FILM CAMERA.

        • Spy Black

          I stopped paying attention to Nikon Fs after the F2. I never needed anything else after that until the digital age.

          • Read the FAQ

            fwiw, the F6 is the best film camera ever if you’re into using AF and any current AF-S G lenses. Incredible sounding shutter and superb build quality. I’ve always been tempted but have remained faithful to my F3 instead.

            • Spy Black

              Yeah, I photographically grew up in a world where you didn’t need batteries to run your camera (big problem with digital LOL). Never paid attention to Fs again after the F2.

            • Jeff Hunter

              Batteries were necessary to operate the light meter.

            • neversink

              Yes, you needed batteries to operate the meter i the camera, but if you had an old Weston light meter, you didn’t need batteries. Ever.

            • Spy Black

              Not if you were the light meter. 🙂

          • neversink

            I agree. I went as far as the F3. The F2 was a workhorse. I still have three F2s in different models and in different shape back in boxes in the states. Loved that camera. They are all beat up, but they never failed me. And Marty Forscher on 47th Street used to maintain them for me. Ahhhh , the good old days!!!!

    • Read the FAQ

      That’s the F6 film body. Still being made…..
      I don’t get it. What’s this have to do with anything?

      • Scott M.

        They are still in serious tease mode here.

      • Interesting how they post the Pure Photography teaser immediately after this. It’s kind of like.. hey, just imagine this camera as digital.

        • FlightlessKakapo

          I hope we’re right about it being a F6, because I will be very disappointed if Nikon’s idea of a retro camera turned out to be a digital F6 instead of a digital FM3a.

      • I think so too. This is a red herring.
        It’s obviously an F6.

    • Scott M.

      is that IT?

  • Discontinued

    Not only a new camera but a retro-styled (?) lens too …

    “Its in my hands again.”

    Lens with aperture ring again? I would like that.

    • Kim

      But most AF-D lenses also have aperture ring, don’t they?

  • Matthew

    Nikon creates teaser like this only for their flagship camera like D4, D800.

    Therefore I feel that this camera will be positioned above D610. It may be around $2000 – $2500.

    • FredBear

      or more 🙁

  • Lee

    I think i heard aperture ring rotate sound. So aperture control on the lens. 🙂

  • Read the FAQ

    Sounds like the firm aperture clicks of a 28mm 2.0 CRC AIS Nikkor. And the solid shutter dial rotation of a Leica M4. And the sweet shutter release sound of a Contax RTS II.

  • Narretz

    I wonder who Nikon wants to sell this camera to. At the moment, it looks like a camera for long-standing Nikon users. It doesn’t seem to be made to make people switch from other systems. Maybe make people switch back to Nikon, that have switched to the retro / compact / mirrorless offerings from Fuji, Sony, maybe even m43; and to keep people from switching to Sony FF mirrorless. Nikon makes a small FF camera, with attitude, lots of manual controls.
    Although there seems to be missing something to entice people who never owned a Nikon. High price, no video (?), other compromises to keep it compact. not a bad thing necessarily, just an observation.

    • Maybe for someone that just genuinely loves photography.

    • FredBear

      “Although there seems to be missing something to entice people who never owned a Nikon”

  • MisterF

    It’s me or it sounded like adjusting a diaphragm ring (it’s in my hands again) and a classic speed dial?
    I can remember those clicks!

    • That could be too, but it just made me think shutter knob when I heard it. On the other hand, I haven’t shot many lenses with an aperture ring in a long time – well ever, really.

      • MisterF

        After watching the teaser video I took my old FE2 to shoot a couple of rolls… I love the feeling of those clicks.

    • Scott

      This old FM2 and Pre AI 50mm f1.4 I have sitting in front of me make VERY similar sounds 😉

      Not the shutter though, this shutter rings a bit longer after it’s fired.

  • Donsantos


    If the weight includes the lens I would cancel my a7 pre-order and sell my d600 and buy this baby. For sure.

    I want it “in my hands”

  • fergz

    looking at nikon japan it appears as though there might be a total of 5 teasers…

  • Scott M.

    look at the very end of this whole post
    there is a photo of the camera from singapore facebook

    • donsantos


    • Read the FAQ

      Apparently you’ve never seen an F6 before…… 🙂

      • Scott M.

        No I haven’t. F5 yes F6 no.

        • Read the FAQ

          It’s the F6.

          • Scott M.

            I know, I get it already.

            • Read the FAQ

              Good. 🙂

            • MisterF


    • The film F6 body?

  • Santos

    I work in film industry. This teaser doesn’t make any sense. This guy should have carried a camera bag and tripod.

    • Read the FAQ

      That’s right. No one can expose a frame without a camera bag and a tripod. And nobody can photograph a landscape without an 8×10 view camera and a 90mm WA lens.

      Sure, okay….. 😉

    • He will probably go back to his car to grab his bag in the next teaser.

      • Crackity Jones

        “It’s in my bag again.”

        • outkasted


    • stormwatch

      Hipsters carry a Camera as a bag and tripod.

      • Dover

        ….to Starbucks.

        • stormwatch

          I can bet that over the hill I saw a Starbucks coffe fumes…

    • Mike

      I’m at photographer. Sometimes I don’t.

  • DM

    “it’s in my hands again”…. taking landscape shots without a tripod??

    • Spy Black


      • DM

        some new tech?

        • Read the FAQ


      • Santos

        That guy should have a tripod with him. It’s pure photography.

        • Read the FAQ

          Please. Give me a break. (and this is coming from someone who still uses 4×5 sheet film.)

        • FredBear

          Thought he was using it to stoke the camp fire?
          Or checking to see if his ‘unbreakable’ carbon fibre tripod is flame proof?

    • stormwatch

      I’m not really sure what he was shooting….

    • Drazen B

      He doesn’t come across as a pixel-peeper type…

  • Jeff Hunter

    I’m still in love with my D800, and my recently purchased “Holy Trinity” of Nikon zooms. Although, I still have all the Nikon bodies and manual lenses I’ve ever owned going back to my first Nikkormat FTN from 1969 (that’s one heavy camera), followed by one FM, one FM2, one FE and one FA and my first DSLR D90 back in 2010. Wow! That’s seven bodies, and I was pretty much inactive, photographically speaking, from 1992 to 2010.
    I am curious what they’ve got up their sleeve.

    At any rate, I hope Nikon’s new product is something we can all admire, even if all of us don’t plan to purchase one right away.

  • smac

    Well, I live in Scotland but I never saw him.

    Another unfortunate turn of phrase; if you know the old joke.
    Punch line goes something like ( but not quite)…..”You better get my coat, It’s in my hands again”

  • JM

    You guys are dreamers! It’s probably a prop/dummy camera and the sounds produced/modified in a sound studio!

    • what_the_fox_says


      • JM

        Nup . . . John M.

        • The other JM

          I was JM in a previous thread! I’ll have to change my name to something like “Penniless”!

          • JM

            Hehe! Don’t worry about a name change — I very rarely come on here.

            • what_the_fox_says

              reveal yourself Jean-Marc

            • The other JM

              I’m a John M too!
              I’ll probably be changing my name soon though, because of all the debt this new camera will land me in!

    • Read the FAQ

      Hey, don’t spoil the fantasy…..

      • JM


  • Murli Munna Jha

    Nikon Going Fujifilm’s way

    • Pete

      Nope…actually Fujifilm follows Nikon/Canon’s way.

      • JF69

        If you take Pete’s “follows” as meaning “leads” hen his comment makes sense; the Fuji x100 came way before this one.

  • Joel Coulson

    Could it be the Nikon D400?

    Hah! Just trolling..

    • FlightlessKakapo

      D4’s sensor in a compact body. Clearly D700’s direct replacement – a D710 😀

  • Guasch

    im guessing it has a specialy ring to manipulate aperture of G lenses. much like the nikkormat shutterspeed but for aperture.

    • what_the_fox_says

      my first thought too, either that or Nikon will bring back the good old aperture ring on their lenses

      • TheInConvenientRuth

        I doubt that, unless they release a limited series of primes to go with this camera. Omitting the aperture ring saves them tons of money on manyfacturing costs. They’re not going to bring those back.

        • what_the_fox_says

          interesting, I thought it would probably be cheaper to have the aperture controlled manually, seems only a ring that turns and arrests itself at f/16 or f/22 to be controlled electronically

  • ronin

    Ads like this are designed to make you feel inadequate, with their message being:

    That $4000 you just ‘invested’ in other systems makes no difference. You are no longer hip. To be hip, you must spend a lot of money to buy this mass produced consumer product. We realize your buying this is not a personal accomplishment, since anybody can buy it, but it will feel like one as you post on dpr “I got mine!!” as though after hard training you achieved some unique goal, and you announce the fact to your fake anonymous friends.

    Just do it, that will relieve the anxiety we are inducing in you and make you feel adequate again, for now.

    Implications being, the D800 and D5100 and P7800 and V2 are not about pure photography, and cause you to despair. They are impure.

    Chase photographic purity. Buy our stuff. Will your pictures be better? Who knows, what’s that got to do with anything?

    • Read the FAQ

      It’s no different than any other product advertising. It’s basic Advertising 101.

    • Mike

      The Calvin Klein underwear ads make me regret my Fruit-of-the-Loom underwear purchase. I totally get what you’re saying. I’m angry too.

    • Clubber Lang

      They should make a more realistic ad with a fat guy with his ass crack hanging out in his backyard taking pictures of a day lily or his mutt.

      • Jorge

        LOL Holy Sh*T batman I’m laughing out loud in an office meeting as I read these comments. Second time now I’ve been stared at by the mindless drones I work with.

  • Looks semi plausible


    • Ken Elliott

      I hope it is a chrome grip ring, just like we had on the old Ai-s Lenses. Boy I miss that rIng on current lenses.

  • ??
    • Danonino

      Looks extremely big and clunky.. sizewise it looks about the same size as the D600. EPIC FAIL if that is the case.

      • TheInConvenientRuth

        OMG… Do you guys even READ?
        it actually says FAKE in the video title…
        EPIC FAIL Danonino…

    • Jeff Curtner

      Bad PS job with Sony a7 top nobs.

    • MisterF

      Fake, poor photoshop

  • Tom

    Well at least one thing is for sure…It has a viewfinder and sounds beautiful..lets just hope it looks and works like it sounds, C’mon Nikon we are finally all routing for you to blow us away!

  • Jeff Curtner

    Nikon China’s website displays a picture that’s not shown in their Japan site.

    • That’s a great tip.

    • XT

      the Chinese means: Pure, Concentrated

    • Calimero

      if he’s got the real camera in hands I think it won’t be really small

    • MJr

      It looks like a screen capture from a second teaser video. As the site mentiones:

      “Nikon presents a series of short movies depicting a photographer roaming through Scotland with a camera as his only companion. Discover how he reunites with his creative self during this uniquely ambitious trip.”

      • bjrichus

        You can clearly see the camera and lens in at lest one shot on that link (hanks for it by the way), but not in enough detail…

        • MJr

          Enhance !

    • FlightlessKakapo

      I can’t believe they put a toy telescope next to the fire. It may be a prop, but it still looks retarded. Either leave it out of the frame or put it into the fire.
      If this new camera is going to cost $3k each, at least have the courtesy to find a prop with proper optics, like a Nikon Fieldscope, or do it properly and use a pair of Astrolux or 20x120III
      … I’m such a nerd.

  • Terry


  • Sly

    I do not know if the sounds are the real ones, but clearly Nikon insisted on the sounds before the shutter, where is setting the camera (without looking at view finder), an exposure ring and an aperture ring ….
    I can’t wait to see it. I wanted for a while to switch to Fujy x-serie but I have so many good Nikon lenses …. Hope we will not be disappointed…

    • Iustin P.

      I can’t wait to see it either. I tried an X100 (soon after its launch), but it was soo “not-Nikon” (much worse menus) and “not-DSLR” (not fast, controls slow, etc.) that I couldn’t stand it.

      If this new camera really exists and comes out… I’ll be a happy camper!

  • DADA


    • Jeff Hunter

      I already have one. 1969 called and wants it’s camera back 😉

  • torwag

    I am the only one who simply assumes that a teaser like this could be made entirely without the new camera? Discussion about frames and click sounds are more then useless.
    This guy could even hold a Canon just for the fun of it. Who knows? Could be a brick with a flash-shoe too 😉
    Ohhh… wait everything they show in ads is real…. we know this very well from McDonalds and Co.

    I had more fun to think off that this video might be made with a Nikon DSLR promoting a camera without video 😉 After all the scenario and light conditions seems not so much perfect for a still image but the wind makes a nice video setting.

    Hehehehe, whatever Nikon does it will never get it right for half of the “customers”

  • Robert K.

    It has a shutter sound?
    Damn, I need a quiet camera.

  • J S

    A prayer ….
    Dear God please make Nikon listen
    D4 sensor
    D4 or D800 meter
    D4 battery preferable 🙂
    No video
    Left dial for ISO
    front left button for BKT
    front left tiny button near prism for -1 flash
    left side of LCD menus like D800 or D600/610
    No top right LCD
    top right EV -/+3 with 1/3 increments
    tiny nob dial near right of VF for metering
    -3 – +2 VF adj.
    M A S P and U1 U2 U3 U4 memory position dial
    std. screwin shutter (AR3) with ML-L3
    DOF preview and fn buttons customisable with dial wheels
    1:1 , 5:4 ,1.2x and DX crop modes
    3 to 5 fps (don’t care about faster fps as it is NOT an action cam)
    All metal body with standard F mount and AI-S lens support in menu memory.
    price 3000 to 4000 USD (very important) as I can have it early.

    and I’m going to sell all bodies except FM3a 😉

    • aarif

      How exactly do you want a D4 battery
      performance in a small body I will be over the moon if we get the
      D800/D600 battery and if you’re praying pray for the best D3s battery 4200 shots, 3-5 fps for a 3-4 thousand dollar camera with only 16 mp just does not make sense, if you don’t need fps you can always
      select the the slower fps leave the faster fps for those guys who
      need it. It’s not just made for you.

      • FlightlessKakapo

        Basically he wants a cheap D4.
        but this is a retro camera, they probably chose a tiny battery to enhance the retro feel. i.e. you will need to change battery every 36 shots. 🙂

        • J S

          Just for ppl like you I restrained myself to 3K -4K otherwise if it’s 8K (Amen!) at least you won’t be getting it and I’ll be front in line 😉
          I KNOW it’s a “retro” that’s why you don’t need it 😉

          • FlightlessKakapo

            Just kidding. But this new camera is essentially a full frame D3200 in a retro body so we will be looking at a sub 1K shot count, probably around 500 shots. May a few more if they make you cock the hybrid mechanical shutter manually in the low power mode.

      • J S

        D4 battery preferable but it will be most likely a D7000/7100/600/610/800 battery.
        D3s is obsolete but yes if they decide to put any battery that”s good for 2K+ shots,i’ll be happy and one spare in pocket is all I need.
        I’m even OK with a D3S sensor as long as there is no stinking video.
        it’s my wish list and you can create your own.

        • aarif

          I meant how can you fit that huge battery in a small body not that I don’t want 2000 shots per charge I would love that and those battery increase AF speed too, I know it’s your wish list but if you dream dream big so it will include us all 🙂

  • Arthur

    Wow, Nikon gets burned to the ground every day here, and then they post this teaser and everyone is like hallelujah! It’s a marketing ad..

  • miklosrabi

    It will be a manual focus camera. For sure.

    • J S

      Amen to that too! 🙂

      looks like he is manually focusing

    • I don’t know, the screen grab shows that the *lens* is an AF-S lens.

      • FlightlessKakapo

        Probably both. It will probably have electrical contacts for AF-S but no internal motors for AF-D, just like entry level DX cameras.
        Nikon can argue, since FE/FM/FA did not have AF, they won’t need AF-D support for this retro camera. If that’s the case, I hope it comes with an option to take split prism focus screen.

  • Artur Strak

    gone me shivers when I hear the beautiful sound the shutter

  • R!

    Nikon likes to play with our nreves this is pathetic!

  • Dayton

    My goodness. Talk a look at Nikon’s site. They created a new line called “Pure photograhy” and, shockingly, rank this product above D4. It’s gonna be pricy definitely !

    • Wow, a totally new category.

      • MJr

        Actually the category is “Digital SLR Cameras”. Proving that it has indeed a Single Lens Reflex. 🙂

    • Bobby

      Speechless !

    • OMG im excited !!

      OMFG…… Still buying it…. maybe its an ultra-premium line after all !

    • Sebastian

      well where else are they going to put this black box? The idea is to promote a product. I sure wouldn’t hide it somewhere in the middle of the page.
      Now that I look at it, that page really drives home the point that Thom Hogan keeps making, how many out-of-date models Nikon is still selling, presumably because they still have inventory. D90! wow.

  • ForgetMeNot
  • Duncan Dimanche

    This video bette have been shot with that new nikon camera (at 60p 1080 )

    • BroncoBro

      Sorry dude, but (thankfully) I don’t think it will sport video.

  • ek
  • OMG Im excited !!

    I need tissues NOW !!!!

    • orpickaname

      I know, for your TEARS right?

  • rhlpetrus

    The clicking sound is definitely not of mirror slapping, reminds me of my old Leica M3.

    • Bobby

      That’s what I’m thinking too. It’s not like mirror-based machanic at all.

    • Mike

      There are 3 distinctive actions he’s doing. Selecting aperture, selecting shutter speed (by looking down at a shutter dial of old), then a D4 sound shutter. The shutter definitely sounds different than the D800 or D3s.

      • rhlpetrus

        I haven’t used a D4, so it sounds like that? Very nice and short for a mirror box. I can live with that 😉

      • nick

        Exactly. I also noticed that. It’s a D4 sound.

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