Update: the new full frame retro Nikon camera will have F-mount and pentaprism

Nikon classical F cameras
Some additional specifications of the upcoming full frame retro styled Nikon digital camera:

  • Standard F-mount
  • Pentaprism viewfinder (meaning the camera will not be mirrorless)
  • The camera will meter even with non-AI lenses down to full aperture
  • The camera will ship with a new special edition Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G lens to match the look/design of the body
  • The camera will have physical controls and excellent build quality (which explains the 765g weight)
  • Expeed 3 processor
  • Same sensor as in the Nikon D4
  • Nikon calls it a "hybrid" camera - not sure what exactly they mean with that
  • The announcement most likely will take place in the next 1-3 weeks


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  • EnPassant

    Size is more like a F2 with photomic finder (152.5 x 65 x 110mm) than a FM2 (142.5 x 60 x 90mm). Design can of course still be more similar to FM2 as that is what people have been asking for!


    Use of the small EN-EL14 battery can mean there is not enough space for a bigger battery. Why? Maybe because the main body is as slim as on the old film cameras with the mirrorbox protruding in front of the body as much as the finder on Nikon F2?


    Same sensor as in D4 is a sign we will see a D4s next year. Propably with 24MP for 10-12 fps with EXPEED 4.


    Hybrid can mean digital information is overlayed in the optical finder.

    • Mardock

      “Hybrid can mean digital information is overlayed in the optical finder.”


  • Nikon calls it a “hybrid” camera – not sure what exactly they mean with that

    it could just mean “mu” for taking pictures (and video?) – using the LCD

    • Maji

      maybe a digital and film camera in one… hybrid?

      • Mardock

        There’s no percentage in going through the engineering complications of offering film + digital in one camera. None whatsoever.

        Rest assured hybrid doesn’t mean that. It’s likely a new mirror + EVF hybrid that we haven’t seen before.

  • stoooopid

    If it is shipping with a brand new 50mm f/1.8 – doesn’t that mean lower cost. I mean if it was a high cost affair it would ship with some new zoom right? They are packaging it with a new 50mm f/1.8 prime (traditionally a low cost lens in most systems). To me it seems like this will be something between the D7100 and D610 (I hope). Still this is a really cool idea that many people have wanted for a long time. Especially with the really good 16mp sensor. This should be awesome. Should take the life away from the Sony A7 announcement.

  • tektrader

    This could be the D700 replacement you have all been waiting for, but with different clothes…………….

    • foukographer

      Of course it is. I just bought a D800 out of spite. Like…24 hours before Nikon rumours announced this. 🙂

      • Aldo

        oh you are soooo screwed… you are now stuck with the horrible d800.

  • Sean

    i just bought a RX1r. but fuck it im owning this biotch!!!

  • Aperture and Shutter speed dials, then maybe Exposure Compensation dials, would get my interest. If it ends up being like a D800/600/610 without battery grip, and still relies upon command dials, then they have lost me on buying this. The other thing needed would be a viewfinder that is easily usable when manually focusing.

    Hybrid suggests a hybrid viewfinder, as in the Fuji X Pro 1 camera. If it works seamlessly, then it would be a good feature. I don’t expect this camera to be low cost; probably leaning more towards the high end.

  • Drpeachfuzz

    No they diiiiiiiiidnt! About time Nikon created some excitement….

    • foukographer

      Yes, that’s very exciting indeed!

  • Jason

    I hope they make a 35mm retro lens to go with it.

  • Bobby

    This camera style must be paired with small lenses. And it will be gorgeous for f1.8 prime lens. f1.4 will be too big for the body size. Of course, using this camera with huge f2.8 zoom lens will be too ugly.

    • Alex

      Yeah who cares about what’s good for taking pics, I want what looks good!

  • Donsantos

    Interesting development. If 765g weight includes the 50mm then I’ll have to cancel my sony a7 pre-order. I hope this gets announced before the a7 is shipped so I can make up my mind.

  • Bobby

    “a new special edition Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G lens to match the look/design of the body”
    Holy cow ! Cannot wait
    I wanna see it !!

  • john

    hope the price is within Sony A7’s price range in order to compete with it. But most of the time, Nikon is making bad decisions, pricing their product not competitively.

  • Ryan

    I don’t think it will be cheap. Due to the hybrid OVF+EVF technology, pricing is probably between D610 and D800.

  • jsvfoto

    Didn’t Nikon patent some “hybrid” digital/film camera a few months ago? I wonder if that’s what’s coming…all I can say is bring it on! I’ve been waiting a long time for something like this…

  • Paul

    Was seriously craving that sony FF compact the other day. It would be nice to use all my FX glass on this instead of getting some e-mount mystery glass. Also would be cool if it works with pocket wizards and ttl

  • Parampreet Dhatt

    OMG, I just came…

  • Emerson Joseph Bautista

    If this is priced below the D610, I’d surely buy this as a replacement for my aging Canon G11. I don’t mind the extra bulk if I’ll have something that’s looking nice as this one. I’ve been waiting for ages for something like this from Canon (e.g., a digital AE-1). The 50mm would be a very good one lens walk-around solution.

    • Aldo

      I don’t think I’ll be priced bellow the d600… just from the built quality it puts it above 1.5k easily… now consider they are putting the d4 sensor.. .it will be more than 2k

      • Shangri-La

        D4 sensor is not as good as the D600/D800’s …

        • fred

          It will have the best 16 Megapixels ever made.

          • Spy Black

            The best looking, anyway. That is, as long as it looks like an FM…

        • Pete

          The same resolution as D4, but it’s not D4’s sensor. Look like it’s the enhnaced D4’s sensor version.

        • Aldo

          I agree… not better than the d800 sensor… but I think it’s more expensive to produce still.

        • Sahaja

          But perhaps D4 sensor is better for manual focus lenses.

          Also partly satisfies the calls for a D700 successor (at least sensor wise) – without affecting D4 sales.

        • Eric Duminil

          Who fucking cares? The D4 is great and much better than my photo skills.
          I don’t need 24 or 36 MPix, so this 16MPix is more than welcome.

        • Mardock

          Untrue. The D4 sensor will outperform both the D600 and D800 for noise in low light. So will the D3s, for that matter.

          it’s not all about megapixels. We reached sufficiency for most applications at the 12 megapixel mark 3 years ago.

      • Emerson Joseph Bautista

        That’s still alright as long as it’s below the D800. It’s mouth-watering.

  • Valentin LEUNG

    Hehehe… They found a way to use up the stockpiled shutter mechanism from the D600… Nobody will say anything about the dust accumulation… that’s a feature in itself on a retro camera. 😀
    Anyway, glad to see Nikon working on this concept, how many of us have been dreaming about whatever FM2, FM3, F2, F3 + a D700 sensor…

  • John

    Make that 50/1.8G a pancake lens and I’ll be in heaven.

  • Spy Black

    Man, if this thing looks like an FM, it’ll outsell every other Nikon camera. Maybe every other camera.

  • Spy Black

    Ah, the black Nikon FM. When cameras still looked wicked sexy cool. And were completely functional to boot…

  • KnightPhoto

    How can it be thinner than a film camera? Something’s not adding up here. Not sure what this is, but there is no way the flange distance can be less than on a film camera.

    • Captain Megaton

      c.f. Pentax K-01. I know, I know. Using the latest smartphone display technology, however, Nikon could probably get it down to only 5-6mm thicker flange-to-back than the FM. Or they could go “full retro” and get rid of the rear LCD altogether … perhaps replaced with a hybrid viewfinder.

  • Jayson

    I am hoping that the hybrid part, means the focusing screen contains a split-prism/course matte. If the the focus here is old lens use, then this should be a must.

    • Spy Black

      ..and a 1.0x viewfinder magnification…

  • Kwan Chaovarith

    Thank God

  • happy999

    Blech. Who wants a clunky mirror box these days?

    • Aldo

      I do

      • Me too. Because I photograph things that move, and don’t like looking at a shrunken computer monitor instead of the real world.

    • Connerg

      I do

    • GUEST

      I do amen.

    • Sahaja

      I like to look at the world through a window, not a TV set.

      • EVFSnot

        I like to enjoy the beauty of the world through my bare eyes. Sometimes through a binoculars or a telescope for extra reach. For me, a viewfinder is primarily a framing tool. EVF will do just fine.

    • RealityCheck

      Anyone serious about photography…

      • happy999

        Yes, those Leica people aren’t serious…


  • Ronan

    $2999 or $3999… it’s going to be insanely expensive and flop 🙁

    Please Nikon… make one with a DX sensor… or heck D610 sensor and price is to compete with the OMD M5/M1!!!

    • Sahaja

      A black FM3a cost 100,000 yen when it was launched – add for inflation + at least $1K for the digital innards and this will cost at least as much as a D800.

      I think it will sell at that price

  • Silvestro Crino

    Hum… if this is true I now have to decide if I should cancel my A7r pre-order…. but so many questions…. Will if be water resistant? Will in be worth the Weight (765 vs 465) and the Wait? Will it have Phase Detect and Contrast detect? Is this just FUD…to screw with Sony’s release? But I have all this Nikon mount glass…. so even if they charge $3000…I save money with the Nikon….

    GOD!! I hope they do announce in the next 3 weeks…. it would make my decision as to the A7r eaiser….

    • Eric Duminil

      Seriously. If you have so much Nikon glass, why would you want an A7r with only shitty overpriced lenses?

      • BreadBod

        Because there’s a Nikon to Sony adapter??? Plus he’s already has so much Nikon glass and Sony lenses are overpriced.

      • Silvestro Crino

        Size and Weight with equivalent IQ… after lugging my D800E kit around on trips to Maine and in Europe I’ve been looking for an interchangeable lens option with the IQ to use as my travel kit… given that its mirror-less, my intention is to buy just a couple of the Sony lenses (35mm, 24-70mm) to maintain a water resistant package for when I need it…but to mostly use my Nikon and Voigtlander and Sigma lenses with the A7r through Adapters…

        • Silvestro Crino

          …and by the way…just cause they are slow, doesn’t make them shitty… just less capable from a DF and low light perspective… if they are sharp and aberration free enough for the 36mm sensor, then they are actually pretty good…. time and testing will tell…

        • Eric Duminil

          What about Fuji X? Very good (APS-C) sensor, great lenses, great build and not so expensive.

          • Silvestro Crino

            …no weather / dust resistance…even on the “Pro”… Video sucks … And it’s still not a full frame sensor…. If I know that the Xpro2 looked like, I’d consider the X….

            • Sahaja

              If you want video and a 36mp FX sensor in a small size – the Sony may be better bet.

              Don’t plan on adapting wide angle M mount lenses without problems though.

  • Filip

    If Nikon wants to go all friendly with legacy glass, which is fantastic all to itself, it’d be great if this little gem was equipped with a focusing screen like on the FM series.

    I don’know if this is feasible with autofocus, but it would be nicer than the focus confirm blob.

    Preparing savings plan 🙂

    • Sahaja

      Canon 6D still has interchangeable screens – and they could also make the selected focus point light up when focus is achieved so you don’t have to look down at the green blob.

  • Losing the mirror is a major thing in terms of IQ.
    A smaller & lighter FX DSLR would still be very welcome though!

    • RealityCheck

      The presence/absence of a mirror has absolutely nothing to do with IQ….. O.o

      • The closer the rear element of a lens is to the sensor has a lot to do with IQ, or more accurately how well a lens will perform and in turn give you better IQ.

  • Spy Black

    Let’s hope this camera lives up to the FM retro hype. You can see by everyone’s reaction that this idea is dope! It would really suck if it’s something else.

  • Captain Megaton

    I find this difficult to believe, if only because the current technology for a full frame dSLR gives us something the size of the D600, 6D and the only way to get something significantly smaller and slimmer is to cut out the mirror box and shorten the flange-sensor distance.

    Sounds more like someone’s wish list than an upcoming release.

    • Sahaja

      The RX1 proves you wrong

      Leica digital M cameras are in the same size body as M7 film camera. – a tiny bit thicker.

      The rumoured specs say this is thicker than an FM – so there is room for a pentaprism and mirror.

      A bit taller too – maybe to allow for an AF-D screw drive?

      • Eric Duminil

        Work on your reading skills.

    • RealityCheck

      Just about every Nikon SLR film body is smaller than just about any digital SLR today, and ALL of those film bodies have a mirror box and F mount…… The main thing keeping the sizes larger today is pop-up flashes and useless 3.x inch lcd on the back – dump the flash and use a sub-2inch display and there is plenty of room to shrink a modern FF DSLR.

      • Captain Megaton

        You forget that both the sensor and LCD panels are far thicker than the film + retaining plate on SLRs. That’s most of the bulk, the rest comes with all the modern telemetry in the prism housing, the AF motor, batteries, etc…

  • user

    Auto exposure is working with non-AI lenses got me thinking this has to be some kind of OVF/EVF hybrid. I guess there is a transparent LCD under the ground glass when the mirror is down it will be an overlay display over the OVF but when the mirror is up this will be an LCD for the EVF.

  • Natthew

    Don’t understand Nikon’s strategy. Releasing this kind of thing will surely disturb the market segment of D610 or D800. This is a big mistake.

    • Leonard

      Agree. They are commtting suicide. Firstly they cannot persuade other mirrorless users. Secondly, their own market will be a mess. Sadly they should have better understood. For me, I will stay with my E-M1 and A7r. Both of these will be much superior to this bulky metal box.

    • Sahaja

      I’ve already bought a D800E – will buy this as well.
      I will use the D800E with zoom lenses and when I need the resolution, etc. – and carry this around the rest of the time with a prime lens attached.

    • zahr29

      Not at all, because they will most likely price it above D800, precisely because so many will want it.

    • stoooopid

      You gotta be kidding. Oh yeah, just let potential buyers flock to the A7 and A7r because they don’t want to disturb the D7100 or the D610? How does that make any sense? How does it make sense to lose potential customers to fuji, or sony because they don’t want to disturb their own market offerings?

    • Mars Observer

      I think they may be afraid of losing market share to Sony. One of Sony’s strength is their tech know-how and innovation. I think it’s smart of Nikon to leverage one of their big strengths, which is the Nikon history/legacy, and F-mount. Nikon needs to counter-strike now… if they keep sitting idle and letting Sony launch torpedoes… they’ll be sunk

      • Jon Ingram

        I agree that legacy lenses is a huge strength and it’s smart for Nikon to keep it.

    • patto01

      Different camera. Different market. No problem.

  • glen

    maybe how much????

    • xxx

      D4 money?

  • Global

    Not mirrorless…? Is this going to cost MORE than a D4? If so, then its only for old white guy collectors with money. If this camera is actually for the people, then its a break through. And by that, i mean cost as much as a D800, which is still only 1% of buyers and fairly elitist.

    And Nikon makes yet another 50mm….

  • Spy Black

    This is the most fun rumor in a long time.

  • Jvm156

    What’s up with expeed 3 processors in new full frame cameras when the low end 5300 has expeed 4?…

    • adol

      +1 how can it be expeed 3 which is super hold when D5300 is already expeed 4 with full HD 60fps video…

      • phil

        Full HD video will be the groundbreaking feature of the next model year.

    • aarif

      same as D4 I think it’s good enough for me

  • mastercanis

    and the price will be…. retrodesign is da shit in the cameraworld … i want a replacement for my D300s ..

    • EAJ

      I want a retro D300s with a modern sensor : )

  • Its not a RUMOR!!

    Digital + Film = HYBRID

    Just my thoughts!! 🙂

  • Zord

    The camera will cost your first born child…

    • Eric Duminil

      Deal 😀

    • Waserg

      OK ….take my money lol

  • hachem H

    Arghh, i really need the 24 megapixels sensor… hope there gonna be two version…

  • zen-tao

    How can I get revamp my old FM2 to make it digital?. A dream. I have a F-II it would be the rage.

  • Yhann Quintano

    damn it heart attack!

  • sundaram

    let’s hope there will be an option without the AA filter

    • Sahaja

      With only 16mp on a full frame sensor it probably would be best with an AA filter.

  • Marcel Speta

    Wow, FM3a in digital …. so i am still keeping my AiS lenses collection. 😀

  • Mr. Mamiya

    Is nobody concerned about which lenses to use with this camera? A retro 50mm kit lens: okay. Old Ai lenses: okay. But any modern lens design with AF-S, VR, increased zoom ranges and bigger glass elements will counter to the concept of a compact, retro FF digital. 1977: 52mm filter threads were common. 2013: 77-82 mm becomes standard even for the nifty fifty. I have a friend who carries his complete range of Ai lenses in his old pencil case from school. You can’t do that with today’s lenses. And modern build quality: no more Panzer with all that fragile electronics inside.

  • ad1452

    I’m sure all the Nikon fanboys are jacking it furiously,…. but its the weight of a DSLR, with a prism, which means its more of the same thing that Nikon and Canon keep churning out! Get the Sony until these behemoths two pull there heads out and catch up with the innovation that’s taking place in the market! Not just retro limited edition garbage!!

    • Spen

      The more I read the more I laugh. Welcome to nikon rumor my friend You don’t know anything about FF and the 50-year history of F-mount glass at all.

      • umeshrw

        Mannnnnn. Now even sony started trolling our site.

        • Sahaja

          They are upset because it takes the wind out of the sails of the launch of the A7/A7r

          • phil

            > They are upset because it takes the wind out of the sails of the launch of the A7/A7r

            Not really. I’m disappointed because:
            1. it has a mirror
            2. it has the F-mount
            3. it is basically just a dumbed down D610, but it will cost far more than that

            all in all, a typical half-baked Nikon product trying hard not to hurt DSLR sales – just like the N1 line, the Coolpix A, etc.

      • hexx

        Dropping mirror box and shortening flange allows you to use other lenses too – why limit yourself to 1 mount only?

        • Sahaja

          Nikon want to sell F-mount lenses – and let you use the lenses you have already bought from them.

          Maybe Sony need to let people adapt other lenses – because they hardly have any.

    • I’ve been quite positive about Sony (except their crap and/or overpriced lenses) but hell NO!

      This razor thin body with a huge lens in front is fad. Come on! What’s the point? Retaining F-mount compatibility is far more important than a centimetre or two more thickness, not to mention that it’s better ergonomics as well, despite everybody jumping on the bandwagon.

      • phil

        You mistake the A7 for a Nex.
        A7 has just the right weight and dimensions for a compact camera. Unlike this.

  • Nirun

    I would buy in an instant! On the other hand, glad to hear that Nikon is using D4 sensor in other bodies! Maybe a D700 replacement after this?

  • gerfa

    dont buy those crappp! buy a sony!!! we will crap you head out!!!

  • Dave

    Are we talking about a full manual camera? Adding the buttons that are inevitable for digital only? Buy!

    • Dave

      and no display of corse, just a raw machine…. ?!

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