Nikon 1 AW1: the first waterproof compact digital camera with interchangeable lenses


I found another Nikon 1 AW1 reference online:

"Nikon 1 AW1 - the first waterproof compact camera with interchangeable lenses

Nikon today introduced the world's first rugged, waterproof and shockproof compact system camera with interchangeable lenses. Compact on the market accompanied by two new waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof 1 Nikkor lenses AW. Stylish design innovations underscore offered three versions of the camera, the classic black, white and elegant silver."

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  • tifkat

    Pics or it didn’t happen!

    • Trying to find some online. If not just come back in an hour.

      • Johnny Dough

        Your comment was an hour ago, conspiracy!

    • If its not hideous or contain some fatal flaw, this will be mine!

  • MyrddinWilt

    Makes a lot of sense for Nikon to use their mirrorless line for niche products like this. There is little advantage of an SLR mechanism underwater and you are not going to get high frame rates. Resolution is probably limited by the water as much as anything.

    Would be nice to see a niche high end video body next.

  • avantra

    Actually, Nikon came out with a waterproof compact camera with interchangeable lenses back in 1963, the Nikonos.

    • I guess they wanted to say the first digital.

      • mikeswitz

        Admin, I don’t know how you can take this night after night. No matter what Nikon (or you for that matter) does, the whinning starts with the very first post. Avantra, states the obvious and you have to give him the obvious answer in return. Nicca actually says its not a true underwater interchangable lens camera because you can’t change the lens underwater!?. Really??? I won’t have to continue reading because I know someone will complain about the sensor, someone else will say who gives a shit about Nikon 1, where is their D400. Someone else will say I’m a PROFESSIONAL, I can’t work with a toy!! Like I said I don’t know you get up in the morning much less provide all of with with some really good and informative posts.
        PS, Doesn’t nikon know how few wedding are shot underwater. You would think Nikon would understand that!

  • niccaa

    Look, if you can’t change the lens underwater, then it’s not a true underwater interchangable lens camera, is it!

  • preston

    When I saw “3 versions of the camera” I was intrigued. Then they go on to saw the 3 version are classic black, white, and elegant silver. I guess it was a bit optimistic thinking that Nikon was referring to functionality :/

  • Tony Bologna

    While I’ve viewed the 1 series as a major failure (usability is awful and MSRP too high) this could totally redeem the product line!

  • Some Nikon 1 AW1 references found also here:

  • Rafa R

    small sensor under water? probably will do fine I guess, I suppose underwater photography is about getting the most you can in focus, no?


    It’s almost a “given” to say that this camera will take much better pics underwater than the AW100/110…I’m in the market for one if these and glad I waited..A dslr underwater housing for my d800e is not something I “need” or “want”.. to take great pics of kids in the pool/at theme parks…I was kinda of hoping that Nikon also releases a “pro” lens as well…:( or would that steal thunder from this??

  • Parampreet Dhatt

    After reading the word “serious”, I was hoping for at least an APS-C sensor. 😐

    • Sem


  • aiki

    No to knock off this new AW1 but it sounds to me that Nikon 1 is going to be the new Coolpix for Nikon. This makes more sense if you also consider the fact that Nikon only announced two new Coolpixes in their last round.

    Not a bad thing if you ask me. Maybe this will open the way for a more advanced APS-C mirrorless offering form Nikon.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking. It also leaves some room for a “serious” mirrorless camera. Nikon 2 maybe?

  • guest

    I think this is not going to be a great success. It doesn’t offer that much more ingress protection than the current rugged cameras. 49 feet is just not adequate to claim the mantle of the venerable Nikonos’ of yore. I would love to see a true Nikonos spec system from Nikon. I guess if you want something along the lines of an MFT for the rain this is your camera.

  • Firmware

    Fail. Another needless toy for kids. 15m depth is not suitable for real diving. Nikon, please give as some serious tool.

    • Michael Sloan

      Having dived in the Red Sea, there is plenty to see in the shallow waters where corral reefs are. Granted, 100m depth rating would have been nice, but astronomically more expensive to produce. Depending on the camera’s user interface, it may prove to be a bit more than just a kid’s toy. I think Nikon’s AW100 better fits that description.

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