Nikon announcement in the next two days: new Nikon 1 rugged camera

I received some information that Nikon will be having a world-wide announcement this Thursday, September 19th (the official press release should be out around midnight tomorrow, Wednesday EST). The new product was described to me as a "Nikon 1 rugged camera". This is most likely the previously rumored underwater camera that will be part of the Nikon 1 product line, but I am not sure yet if it will be marketed as "rugged" or "underwater" model.

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  • ninjaturtle


  • Dpablo unfiltered

    It would have to be a rugged camera. An underwater camera would probably have a different mount.

    • Mato34

      And also it would have to use different lenses than the existing ones

    • Even if it is a rugged camera, they have to release new type of lenses. The current 1 Nikkor will not do much if the body is rugged.

      • Dpablo unfiltered

        Oh, good then. A rugged underwater would make a really big splash!

  • saywhatuwill

    I was watching some Youtube videos on the Nikon 1 V2 and thought that it sounded like a good camera for me. I looked at some pictures on Flickr and they too looked pretty good. Then I checked the price of it. Uh, no thanks. Too much money. Too bad. Now we might have a waterproof one coming out, I might pay for that.

    • Chimphappyhour

      Nah, you’ll look at the price of it and say “Uh, no thanks.”

  • PeterO

    Let’s see how overpriced this one (pun) is.

    • HotDuckZ

      I want to hired you to make a low-price camera for me by only rice and vegetable, can you do it for me? Thank you.

      • Thom Hogan

        The Nikon 1 models have less than 300 parts in them. Compare that to the 3000+ parts cameras that cost the same as them. They’re made in a country where the average labor cost is lower and the currency fluctuation highly controlled.

        To use your analogy, we’re already getting rice and veggie cameras, but we’re still paying for meat.

        • Eric Calabos

          Even at $300 it will be overpriced for many. Cause there is Sony that gives you a mirrorless with much bigger sensor at exactly same price

          • Thom Hogan

            If you’re solely price conscious, you buy on price. Most people are capable of a bit more subtlety. We have them buying 4-cylinder engine cars that cost more than 6-cylinder ones and 6-cylinder ones that cost less than 4-cylinder ones, for example. There are good reasons for that. A product isn’t just specs and price, as in 16mp for US$300. If it was, then not only would the product be completely commoditized, there would be no reason to introduce anything that didn’t have a higher spec or a lower price (or both).

          • Thom Hogan

            The A3000 is US$400, not US$300, it has an unknown sensor, unknown performance, only has contrast AF, a very low end EVF, and has other potential liabilities.

            But judging a camera solely on size of sensor is like picking an auto solely on the number of cubic inches in the engine. I happen to believe that a well designed cameras is more than the sum of its parts.

        • HotDuckZ

          You = PeterO. 🙂

  • James Donahue

    Ahhh. Now I can tke pictures in the bathtub

    • BroncoBro

      TMI…! 🙂

    • JonB

      Would that be with a macro lens? Bada bing!

  • ActionJunky

    The first step in the right direction.

  • James

    I really hope they get the pricing right. My V1 is a pretty cool camera for what I paid, but a laughable proposition for the original MSRP.

    • groucher

      Very true. The excellent 30-110 VR lens has also seen a big price drop in the last few weeks,

  • Dino Brusco

    Everything coming is good. Let’s wait and see.

  • Dixie

    D400 whine whine….

  • Graham

    Very interesting! I look forward to knowing more about price, handling, and the lens (or lenses if interchangeable). If all those meet my needs, it could be a great little camera for backcountry canoe tripping or backpacking. Anything else such as built-in WiFi, built-in GPS, flash commander support, etc. would just be an unexpected bonus for me.

  • tor8472

    could be “rugged” and “waterproof” similar to some of the tough series compacts. My main question is, will the “rugged” feature help protect it from a “price drop”? 😉

  • Finally a Nikon 1 that interests me!


    I been debating getting the a100/a110 for a while..(to take pics in the pool of kids..etc).. but if this “new” offering is a better solution..I’ll be glad I waited…So I guess this means “no 300f4 or new dslr” announcement with it???

  • IslandNature

    Look out Go-Pro … actually, don’t worry about it.

  • tertius_decimus

    Take a look at the car industry. Everyone tends to fiil all possible gaps in product lineups, forgetting to focus on something they were best at. Mercedes and BMW are spitting new “free shelf space” models at the speed of machine gun fire. In real world it leaves customers less excited about new goods and so is imaging industry as well. It’s a pity Olympus ditched full frame idea in favor of 2x crop… Their film OM serie was amazing, bar none. But if they haven’t feel themselves ready to revive quality cameras with technology we have today, it’s good. Oly made clever decision to stick with what they can do better than anyone else — and they do! Nikon is great at making pro SLRs and I’m sure their marketing heads know they can’t really compete with MFT crowd in lower end segment (you’ll never hear that Polichinelle’s secret from them anyway), but they didn’t stop. Why bother, Nikon? You’ve lost the time (and point). Trying to catch it back, you’re forgetting or denying previous victories. Just…

    Coolpix failed.
    D800 QC control failed.
    D600 AF and QC control failed. Really? What’s the point of not using MultiCAM 3500 from D700? It was great. Who needs DX AF in FF camera?
    Nikon 1 is currently failing now. Even me, EVIL (or mirrorless — whatever the bloody silly name) hater, will choose Oly over anything.
    D400 is non existent.
    D700 replacement will never see the light of the day.

    • js200022

      Great post. +1

    • d800e_user

      Nikon really f’uk’ed up this time.

      Had Nikon 1 be made APS-C, it would have been a great success even with the same bodies and same lenses.

      • tertius_decimus

        Yes. Wonder why they’re scared to cannibalize sales. It’s one brand…

      • saywhatuwill

        You need to remember that before the Nikon 1 was introduced there were no mirrorless cameras. Nikon was trying to be the first to market. That meant no rules and no “standards.” Remember when the Sony rep was saying something revolutionary was going to come out?

        When Sony and then others came out before them with a mirrorless camera with larger sensors it surprised Nikon. What were they supposed to do with what they already developed? The only thing they could do was just bring out what was then the smallest sensor in mirrorless cameras and hope for the best. It was a pity that’s what happened, but that’s competition. They’ve already developed and made an entire line of lenses for that tiny sensor so they’re not going to do an about face and abandon their investment. They’ve already lost a ton of money as it is. They can only move forward.

        • tertius_decimus

          Interesting comment, thanks for posting. There’s a problem, however, which appeared long before the launch of “mirrorless hype” — bad supply. Do you remember how angry people were due to out of stock status of many important lenses? We’ve heard their cries before tsunami in Sendai, when Nikon held its leadership. Nikon was deaf to its customers. Nothing changed.

        • Rafa R

          X100 was already out, and other mirror less cameras as well, I don’t think Nikon 1 was the first mirror less system out. With all due respect.

          • saywhatuwill

            When the Nikon 1 was in development there were no mirrorless cameras out on the market. When it came time to announce it though, Nikon was caught off guard with all the other mirrorless camera offerings that beat them to the market.

            • stoooopid

              Not to be picky, but Panasonic announced the G1 in Oct 2008. J1 was released in Oct 2011, 3 years later. So even if 1 system was in development for more than 3 years, they would have had time to change paths while watching the growth of the m4/3 system and the market acceptance of those products. I think the 1″ sensor was calculated to minimize the damage to the lower end DSLR’s. And they probably calculated right. The lowest DSLR is the D3200, and it blows away any 1 system camera in IQ.

        • stoooopid

          what? Nikon 1 was not first mirrorless. It was Nikon’s first mirrorless. There are still no “standards”. Each manufacturer is free to make sensors in whatever size they want. They then go and develop lenses to that size.
          I don’t think Nikon messed up that bad with the 1″ sensor. The IQ is a little low for my tastes, but it will get better with more sensor development. The problem with mirrorless was market-wide, hit all manufacturers. Everyone is panicking over profits from the 1 system, but all mirrorless manufacturers had the same problem.

    • Rafa R

      Agree, Great Post

  • Sebastien Girard

    Is there a possibility that Nikon announce the D610 at the same time?

    • I want to say no because otherwise I should have known about it and there should have been some leaks, but the answer is yes – it is possible.

      • Thom Hogan

        I’d guess no, just like Nikon Rumors. Nikon seems to be trying to spread out their announcements in the last two years. Even things that look like they should have been announced together aren’t being done that way. So I’d guess new Nikon 1 camera(s) and another FX lens ;~). A few weeks later, a DSLR(s) and a Nikon 1 lens ;~). Seems silly, but that’s the way it’s going down these days.

        • That’s seems to be the new pattern, even Coolpix cameras are no longer announced together.

        • Cyrille Berger

          Not silly at all, pretty smart in fact, it means news outlet will pick up the story twice. For the second announcement it will be “Look Nikon release this new Nikon 1 lens that will fit very nicely on the new Nikon 1 body that they announced a couple of weeks ago”, they get twice the coverage they would otherwise get.

          • Thom Hogan

            Gee, now if we could just get customers to read news releases ;~).

            I’d argue that it’s not smart at all. By spreading out your Nikon 1 message this way, the potential user is always waiting for the next announcement because they think there might be more to the message they need to know before making a decision. Contrast Nikon’s posture to Olympus’: Olympus basically just announced we’ve gone pro not just in m4/3 cameras but we’ve got the full line of lenses that needs coming. As a potential customer, I’ll take that over Nikon’s approach any day.

            I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: a broad, clear road map would solve some of those problems. Nikon is the only camera company that currently does not publish a lens road map, for example. Thus, while postponing that Nikon 1 lens announcement nets them another news cycle, it still doesn’t answer the questions of “where are we and where are we going.”

  • Spy Black

    It may Nikon 1 guts, but would have to be completely different externally, perhaps even with a fixed lens if it’s going to be “waterproof”. This may wind up being nothing more than an amped up Coolpix AW110-style camera

    • SteveHood

      A fixed lens makes more sense for a rugged camera.

      • I was told that the new camera will be under the Nikon 1 product line.

        • Rugged 1″ sensor fixed zoom camera to take on the Sony RX100 line. Should outsell the Sony.

    • electricsheep

      Doesn’t have to be that way. People have been waiting for a digital nikonos for a while; a waterproof Nikon 1 body with matching lenses (and backwards compatibility with regular N1 glass for casual shooting) would be lovely.

  • twoomy

    This could be a breakthrough product if done right and priced nicely. There are a lot of “tough” and “waterproof” P&S cameras out there, but not one has very decent image quality (compared to dSLRs). If Nikon can evolve the Nikon 1 system for this niche, it could be very exciting.

    • Eric Calabos

      Done right and priced nicely
      Exactly two things Nikon cant perform simultaneously

  • Richard

    I’m not (really) trying to be difficult, and I know that the USA accounts for half the world’s buying power, but when is “Midnight EST”? What time zone is EST? GMT is Z (Zulu Time) the UK is currently on BST (Alpha Time) and Western Europe is on Bravo Time.

    • Eastern Standard Time (New York)

    • JonB

      EST is GMT -5. But I suspect they really mean EDT (daylight time), which is GMT -4.

      • The Nikon announcements are always early in the morning European time.

      • Richard

        Ah! I’m very much obliged. Exactly what I was asking!

    • fjfjjj
  • luxen

    could that be the first waterproofed, first raw shooting camera on the marked?

  • Yawkonamagantaypataena

    So where is the D400?

  • matt

    Ahhh, a new camera for the 1%…or .5%…or .25% of photographers.

    • RMJ

      So this will be the new SLR ?

  • MB

    Does this means a ruggedized lens too?
    If not what’s the point?
    Maybe Nikon would be better of with a new compact 1″ line.

    • They should include at least one new ruggedized lens, otherwise this doesn’t make any sense.

  • MabuyaQ

    Nikon really lost it…… I really hope they find it again and the sooner the better.

  • SteveHood

    More signs of Nikon pulling the Nikon 1 from the US. Soon most lenses can only be purchased through grey market.

  • Glen

    If this is underwater capable to at least 10 meters and reasonably priced I will definitely consider getting one. Quality housings are just to pricey to justify when they will only work for one body.

  • AnotherView

    Sadly, I can imagine the conversation in Nikon boardroom: “Hey, I know how to shut up those frustrated D400 wannabeowners…we’ll launch a Rugged Nikon 1! Yeah!

  • Sycotek

    I own a nikon V1 a D4 and a D800 – tbh if you haven’t used or given the 1 a chance, serious go and try it.

    I use it daily, love it to death most of the time the SLRS stay at home and I I’ll be adding my 5th 1 series lens shortly.

    Don’t believe everything you read – sometimes its best to try it for yourself

  • becks0079

    I have an Olympus xz1 and a OMD which I have housings for. Both of these are much larger than the old Nikonos V. The reduced bulk of a nikonos inspired mirrorless would be reason enough to buy one for me.

    If nikon make a true underwater nikon one camera I will place an order for it on the day it’s announced.

  • Martijn

    If it’s waterproof up to 5 meters, i’m selling my gear and buying this! as someone who does it for a hobby, i spend a lot of time in and around the water. And this would be perfect. Yes i could buy an underwater housing, but those are crazy expensive, especially if you add all the domes for the lenses. Since all my glass is F2.8 or lower domes are quite expensive for all the lenses

  • Barton

    I have D7000, but most of the photos I’ve taken in last two years was with Lumix TS4. Why? Because it is small, light and waterproof. When I go hiking, cycling or kayaking, D7000 with a 16-85mm lens is just too big, too heavy and not waterproof. I will definitely consider buying a waterproof Nikon 1 camera if the price is not too high.

  • Weeiiee

    🙁 i was hoping for v2 replacement with regular hot shoe

  • Steph Cizmar

    Really…was hoping for some news on D610 (if that’s even true)!!! Really tied between getting a used D700 or new D600???

  • spicynujac

    I’m excited about a good high quality small sensor rugged underwater camera. I think the future is in smaller sensors–look at the good quality available today in smart phones versus where any DSLR was 10 years ago.

    So DX / APS-C sensor size is 24x16mm versus the Nikon 1 which is 13.2 x 8.8mm or according to wikipedia about half micro4/3 and a quarter DX. The big issue is not “how big is yours” but quality. The N1 sensor is reportedly equivalent to current m4/3 and the NikonD40 DSLR era sensor, which is pretty amazing. I’ll buy one of these if it’s priced reasonably. Hopefully waterproof 5-10 meters. I like the idea that we can miniturize and get even better quality.

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