New price drops on refurbished Nikon gear

Several new price drops on refurbished Nikon products (all include a full 1 year warranty):

Refurbished product Old price New price Price drop
Nikkor 16-85mm f/3.5-5.6 G VR ED lens (refurbished) 529.00 519.00 -10.00
Nikon D3 DSLR camera body (refurbished) 2899.95 2849.95 -50.00
Nikkor PC-E 24mm f/3.5 D ED lens (refurbished) 1699.95 1599.95 -100.00
Nikkor 24-120mm f/4 G VR ED lens (refurbished) 1099.95 1089.95 -10.00
Nikon Coolpix P500 - factory (refurbished) 249.00 229.00 -20.00
Nikon 200-400mm f/4G VR II lens (refurbished) 6099.95 6049.95 -50.00
Nikon D3200 DSLR camera body (refurbished) 389.00 369.00 -20.00
Nikon WU-1a Wi-Fi mobile adapter (refurbished) 59.00 48.00 -11.00

Expected the first D600 price drop tomorrow after Nikon removed the camera from their MAP list. On a related note, new Nikon D800 is currently listed for $2,577.82 on eBay:


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  • Adrifter

    That D800 for $2,500 is a grey market import, not a new US model.

    • KT

      Does this mean you only get 33 MP vs. the 36 MP USA version???

      • Joseph Li

        No, but Nikon wont service it in the USA, like ever. I was at the Nikon’s customer service center in Los Angeles, and this customer before me brought in an European version camera purchased used off They actually told him to get the receipt from the European retailer and have them take care of it. Wouldnt believe it until I saw it myself

        • robert

          no shortage of good repair labs. but lets not be so pessimistic to be thinking well need the repair in the first place, right. better safe than sorry though

  • skaarj

    Huge discount on the 200-400,,,,NOT

    • Mike

      Exactly, it´s a no-brainer! 🙂

    • Eric

      You’re right. Adorama has refurbished 200-400’s for $5899.

  • n11

    I’m looking for a 16-35, too bad those aren’t on here.

  • Matt

    Does anyone see the D800/E getting an iteration? And if so, when? Not that it needs much, but I could envision minor things like more customizable image formatting (lower MP images), no AA filter as standard, WiFi, Expeed 4.

    Or does everything sit on hold while the engineering/production gears change to remove the mirrors from across the DSLR lineup?

    • JakeB

      I read your second paragraph twice and still unsure if that was a genuine thought or just trolling…sorry.

      • Matt

        Call it trolling or whatever you want, I certainly don’t care, but I call it a big corporate rethink. The competition (Sony) is releasing mirrorless DSLRs and they can’t be the only ones seeing the upsides of fewer parts/complexity as camera makers examine shrinking margins and market.

        Santa’s workshop is retooling. I don’t consider the D610 or D5300 to be innovative products — they’re iterative. (Go look up Piepenbrock’s Red-Blue theory.) Maybe even the same iterations for any upcoming D4X/S. But that’s expected. Where’s the next truly new body? Nearly every thread here laments the absence of a D400. It’s overdue, and yet they are still having fire sales on the massive stockpiles of long-dated products.

        Which led to my comment — everything is on hold while Nikon moves old stock and engineers rethink the Next Big Thing, which is probably DSLRs without mirrors.

        Of course, we also know that R&D innovation spending doesn’t correlate with financial performance. Lots of new products suck.

        • Mike

          I hope we don’t see EVF in DSLRs. You talk about complexity, what about when the EVF fails. Electronic $hit happens. Especially in the bump, knock and grind world of professional type use. And what you see in an EVF already happened, technically speaking. My preference is for mirrors. Better to see the actual scene vs a digitally boosted one with false colours. Sony sales aren’t exactly rocking the market with a77 & a99 mirror less DSLRs.

    • trollsruz

      Yeah let’s buy a D800 and then want less MP

      • Matt

        Yes, sorry, you’re right. I absolutely always want a 36MP image of everything, and should always be carrying multiple bodies/lenses to accomplish this task. Having a menu option to downsize file output isn’t useful at all to anybody.

        • Mike

          Matt, you’re a very angry person. In RAW you can export into LR as a DNG and stipulate the mp size. In RAW you can shoot in multi formats. 1.3, 1.5, 5:4, 1:1 crop. All with varying pixel sizes. In JPEG you can shoot Fine Medium for 15mp JPEGs plus all the format permutations in that and other JPEG compression sizes. You can shoot with two cards; one RAW, one as a small size JPEG. Keep the JPEG if its good enough, toss the RAW. But you have the freedom to massage the RAW file if you see greater potential in an image. Canon’s sRAW is not really RAW. It’s a slightly compressed TIFF file. RAW is RAW. You can shoot in different bits and compression or not. The D800 is already more flexible a camera than any other brand or Nikon body before it. Need it for family snaps? Fine small JPEGs will give you 10mp. Standing where Ansel Adams stood? Set it to 14 bit uncompressed RAW. Can only have one camera? D800 is already a good choice.

  • robert

    those discounts are pitiful..meh.

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