Nikon rumors: what to expect in the next few months

Nikon Rumors
Here is a recap of the rumored/expected Nikon products in the next few months:

Nikon D5300

I still expect Nikon to announce three major cameras by the end of the year. Some of the announcements (most likely the D5300) could be in the first week of January right before the CES show in Las Vegas.

Nikon D610

I was told that the rumored Nikon D610 DSLR camera will be on display during the Photo Plus Expo in New York at the end of October. This means that the official announcement should be any day now. I still do not have any detailed specs or exact announcement date.

Nikon D4x or similar

I think the decision to release the D610 will postpone any initial plans Nikon had for another full frame pro body. Nikon recently announced that they will concentrate on entry level models. There is still a possibility that they may announce something in early 2014 right before the Winter Olympics.

Underwater camera

The third camera still remains a mystery. There is a very good chance that it will be a new underwater camera that could be branded under the Nikon 1 product line. Not sure how they will handle the lenses - maybe they will announce a new line of ruggedized and waterproof Nikon 1 lenses.


I only have information for two new lenses: Nikkor AF-S 300mm f/4G VR lens and a new 16mm fisheye lens. There is also a very good chance for a new Nikon TC-14E III teleconverter to be announced before the Olympics.


I want to mention again that there is no Nikon D400 coming any time soon.

I have not received any tips on that, but Aptina's VP mentioned that a new compact camera with 1" sensor is expected to be announced at the beginning of next year by one of "their current customers".

If you have any information on the listed products above or on any other tips on an upcoming Nikon announcement, please contact me (no email needed to submit a tip). Reliable information has been scarce lately.

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  • Aldo

    I wanna see what they do with the d610.

    • Eric Calabos

      I dunno why Nikon is so cruel with D600 owners 🙂

      • Global

        Its not cruel. It’ll be essentially the same cam, if it does come out. D600 users should feel lucky that Nikon is developing this camera series — it shows they are invested in making the line work, ensuring you an even BETTER camera when you do upgrade in a couple years (because now that cam will have to be better than a D610, not just better than the D600, so they can’t cut corners).

        Its the D300 line of users — the pro-DX users — which have been abandoned by Nikon. And this will leave a very sour taste in the mouth for a long time. Its straight up negligent on the part of Nikon’s executives that they are directly giving market share to competitors & even allowing rivals like Sigma to produce better lenses (like the the 35mm/1.4 A).

        • Wilt

          What a load of sh1t, D600 owners feel like they have been left with the dust/grease issue and instead of Nikon doing the right thing and recalling the D600 they bring out the D610 which is essentially going to be a rectified D600, they’re telling D600 owners “screw you guys”

          • Ken Elliott

            So, would your feelings change if the D610 costs $500 more than the D600? This is a serious question.

            • patto01

              That’s not going to happen. That would put it too close to the D800. It could end up being more expensive than a refurbished D800…

            • plan3s

              Getting rid of dust issue and probably removing AA filter? I seriously doubt that. It is said that this camera won’t be much different from D600, they just cant recall it or do anything abou the issue so they are pushing new model without it.

          • Paul

            I feel like I did pretty well with the refurb’d $1600 d600 (bought about 6 months ago). I’m not annoyed by the d610 idea. If I had bought at $2,000, I would be annoyed.

            • Joven

              I bought at the $2,100 price and I don’t mind at all. The issue was a $50 fix (swabs + solution). I think the issue has been grossly overrated. While I would have appreciated an issue free camera, it wasn’t enough of an issue for me to feel like I’ve wasted a year of ownership.

              Every camera has issue upon first release. 5DIII and 1DX had to fix their AF, 5D3 had to fix issues with the top LCD light throwing off exposure readings. Seriously, I’m over it.

          • neversink

            If you bought your camera in the US, many states have an implied warranty in their laws and other statutes protecting the consumer. I would write my attorney general about Nikon’s unwillingness and inability to fairly deal with the oil issue by not recalling the cameras. Secondly, I would also contact one of the News programs where they dedicate a story to someone who has been ripped off by a company, a landlord, a utility, etc. ABC in New York has something called &”7 on your side’ (Channel 7 in NYC.) The last thing Nikon would want is bad publicity, and once embarrassed and/or contacted by an Attorney Genera’s office we will probably see recalls. Until then….. So start writing those letters, disgruntled D600owners!!!!

            • koenshaku

              Nikon is a small company they really only make cameras everyone has defects watch a youtube video on how to wipe your sensor off and stop complaining. It is what it is the same problem is in many of their crop cameras if you clean the sensor they will be just as dirty the difference is that it isn’t as pronounced because it is a smaller sensor.. The cleaning service is offered for free by Nikon if you send your camera to them.

            • neversink

              Awww – poor Nikon… Look, I don’t own the D600… I use the D800 and D4, but I don’t like how Nikon is treating their D600 users who seem to bring back their bodies multiple times and the oil problem doesn’t go away. Bad quality control and bringing out a product before it was ready for the market is uncalled for. And it worries me as I have depended upon Nikon gear for years.

          • D300x

            no one knows what D610 is yet
            who said it must be the new D600
            it could be the D400 which everyone is waiting for

        • syd

          Lucky? One doesn’t buy a lifetime subscription to a camera line, one buys a single unit.

          If I invested in a short lived model I’d be pissed as it’s resale value would drop so!

          • Dpablo Unfiltered

            Yeah, I’m still pissed about the resale value of my D50…

        • Darkness

          I personally dont know any pros using DX cameras, everyone is full frame now.

        • adam

          So true. I am a D300 (and D200 before that) guy, and I have the cash in hand, ready to go (and have been since…ummmm 2011). And now, unless there is a new camera to fill that voice being released in the next 3 weeks, I am (very regrettably) forced to move on. I hate to give up on my Nikon glass (not to mention how much I enjoy Nikon cams, period), but it seems it is time to move on…

      • IslandNature

        There goes any sort of resale value – not likely that many people will want a “defective” D600 even if it has been refurbed and the shutter replaced. I’ll be super ticked if the D610 has a body style like the D800 – not that that is likely.

    • Dpablo unfiltered

      I would guess they would give it a new shutter. Before some people complained about dust or oil the whiny folks who mostly had small sensor cameras complained endlessly that the top speed wasn’t enough. Possibly they might improve a control or two.

      Who knows? Maybe the sensor will have the auto focus points further apart…

      • PHL

        The focus point spread is the only reason I did not buy a D600, as that was the only screw up Nikon made on specifications. If all they did was keep the 39 points and spread them out like they should be, I would be happy enough to buy a D610 at the same price point.

        Other changes I hope they made (in order of preference) but would actually be ‘nice to haves’ and not required are

        A) USB3
        B) 5 bracketed images, 3 is so 2 years ago.
        C) Wireless built in (its a wireless built in world now for low end since the <APS-C cameras all seem to have it on new models released and GPS built in is not too far behind)
        D) 1/8000 second. Not really needed in a entry 35mm sensor camera, but what better way to convince everyone that the dust issue is over and not just rely on believably of marketing PR to convince us?

        • PHL

          Admin, not sure why the last part of my post got scrambled with quotes and stuff. Just tried to make a lettered bullet list of 4 or 5 items. Might be a HTML issue to look into with the blog software???

          • Can you please post it again? Maybe something triggered HTML to be displayed.

    • Spy Black

      I hear they’re going to call it the D400…

    • zoetmb

      What do you think they’re going to do? They’re going to fix the oil problem, add some minor new feature as an excuse to issue the 610 and raise the price over the 600.

  • Thomas

    Very interesting. Thank you admin!

    Anything about compact APS-C cameras, like the Coolpix A but with retro design?

    • I think the retro design rumors were referring to the underwater camera. Maybe retro Nikonos-like design?

      • Thomas

        Maybe so! Either way I think Nikon by now have realized there is money to be made in the X100s-segment. But they will need to deliver something a bit more appealing for prosumers then the Coolpix A (built-in viewfinder, faster autofocus etc).

  • jk

    I thought the D610 is coming but on 14 th of this month , not in late Oct.
    And , the D610 likely gets new AF system ,a bit improved video mode with aperture control.
    I just wish the new model will get better lowlight AF module and 60P at Full HD(of course,even better if it gets 4K , though) with full manual control.

    PS. did you hear anything about DX pro mirrorless camera from Nikon?

    • I do not know when it is coming, all I said is that the camera will be on display during the PhotoPlus show in NY at the end of October. The official announcement should happen before that.

      • jk

        thank you.

    • nobody

      September 14th is a Saturday. I don’t think Nikon will make an announcement on a weekend.

      They have often announced DSLR stuff two weeks after the latest Coolpix. The P7800 was announced on September 5th, so September 19th could be a good guess for a DSLR announcement date.

  • Squidward

    Awsome. Two more cameras I don’t want. Thanks Nikon

  • John

    What’s this about a new 16mm fisheye? Tell me more . . .
    The current 16/2.8 is very sub-par on a D700 let alone a D800 and is soundly beaten by the ancient 16/3.5 AI. If they are making a new 16 fish it had better be every bit as good as the 16/3.5 . . .

    • I do not have any other info. Somebody out there must know more. Maybe they will share some info with us.

      • John

        Was there a patent on this lens that I missed?

    • saywhatuwill

      What’s wrong with the current 16mm f/2.8? It’s not AF-S? It’s not 85mm f/1.8G sharp in the corners? It’s a frickin’ fisheye for goodness sakes. That said, the new one will most likely be a zoom, ala Canon’s offering. I’d say heavier, G model (no aperture ring) and bigger. Hope you’re willing to go that route.

      • MyrddinWilt

        A fisheye zoom that was capable of going to circular would be cool.

        I think the AF to AFS thing is simply because most people won’t buy a lens without a motor these days. I certainly won’t. It might be a long time before they dump the motor in the flagship bodies but I don’t want to be left with a lens that nobody wants to buy because it won’t fit on the cheap stuff.

        • saywhatuwill

          I actually think the Canon fisheye zoom is awesome and would love something like that. Amazingly the 16mm f/2.8 fisheye is one of my most used lenses. I guess I like mega-ultra-wide angle lenses.

          You bring up a good point, MyrddinWilt, about not being left with lenses nobody wants. The good thing is that if it has an aperture ring, there’s always someone out there with a video camera that will want a Nikon lens.

      • John

        Yes, the only thing wrong with the 16/2.8D fisheye is that it’s only sharp in the center and not very good in the edges, borders, and especially the corners. So you think that just because it’s a fisheye it doesn’t need to be sharp?
        Of course the new version will be AFS, no aperture ring, and be larger than the current D.
        If it’s not as good as the f/3.5 AI version then I’ll keep the copies I have.

  • Rameses the 2nd

    Remember those days when we had to wait at least 4 years for a new FX camera?

    • MyrddinWilt

      Yeah, the D400 is rather less overdue than the D800 was and there is a pretty good substitute.

      The problem with the D400 is that it has to outperform the D7100 while being cheaper than the D800. I can see why the birders would want one but a 24MP body is not going to be a major advance on the 16 MP full pro body already in the Nikon lineup (aka the D800).

  • Adrian G.

    I would like to see a D610 with a D4 sensor, like the D700 was to the D3, thats all i want, i don’t really need/want a camera with +20Mp, i like nice AF and stellar ISO performance.

    • FDF

      I’d call that D710.

  • sperdynamite

    They should update my D600 with firmware instead of replacing it outright. Seems like a dick move from Nikon. If I can work up the scratch I’m so switching to Canon. Now that Sigma will mount convert my 35mm 1.4 there’s nothing holding me to Nikon.

    • Conguero

      Yes a firmware to get rid of the oil problem and the crappy AF system would be great 😉

      This camera in its current state is only useful for portraits IMHO.

  • Rock Kenwell

    Why would they release a D5300 before a D3300? And wouldn’t they call the D600 update a D600s instead of a D610?

    • I am sure the D3300 is not that far away.

      • King of Swaziland

        Have Nikon even emptied the shelves of D3100s?

        What’s that? No ?

        Iterate the crap that isn’t selling, ignore the high profit margin loyalists. Pump out 4 or 5 indistinguishable mirrorless models a year…

        Is a two year old running Nikon?

    • Aldo

      If they call it d600s, then there is more hope to see performance improvements than if they call it d610.

      • Global

        A D600S would be a true D700 replacement. Especially if it focused on Low-Light. If this is a D600S, with slightly improved focusing, and a REAL focus on speed/low-light, then I am going to be all about it. The D800 can keep its sluggish megapixels, as nice as they are. I want major ISO & speed to even consider getting rid of my D700.

        • Ken Elliott

          As an owner of both D700 and D800 bodies, I’d have to disagree. I sometimes lose track of which camera I’m shooting because the controls and feel are so close. Like you, I was very apprehensive about the D800, but my fears were unfounded. It pretty much comes down to needing more pixels (landscape, etc.) or minimize the file size (extended trip, too few cards/storage) or risk (if I’m standing in salt water, I’d rather be holding 4-year-old D700 than a 1-year-old D800.

          The D600 is simply not to the level of either camera. Flash sync, magnesium body, etc. There’s too many little things missing for me.

          I do hope the “D810” comes with a “pixel bin” option – take 4 pixels and average them to one for a 9MP file. That would be nice when I’m shooting for the web, want to keep the file size down, but still want RAW.

      • Rock Kenwell

        For a D600s, they could certainly take the AF system from the D7100 as well as omit the OLPF. With the Expeed 4 chip, I’m sure they could get 6/6.5 fps out of it.

        They could sell the D600s alongside the D600, charging $300 more for the former.

  • catinhat

    Any possibility of D710, i.e. a D700 style body/specs with an updated sensor?

    • no

      • Aldo

        it could have been worse… like “NO!”

        • tertius_decimus

          And then we shall scream “NOOOO”.

      • bob2

        What about a D720 then? 🙂

  • “I want to mention again that there is no Nikon D400 coming any time soon.”

    Abandon hope all ye who enter here

    • hendrick

      by DANTE XD

  • TO

    I find this quite appalling but maybe nikon will surprise with something novel in some of these updates…

  • Andy Pandy

    I think Nikon need to up there game as should Canon, Sony will be going for it big time shortly in both APS-C and FF with lots of new cameras featuring new technology the most important being the ability to focus any make of lens thanks to a sensor which moves forward and backward, plus it will also have Olympus’s 5 axis IBIS. You just buy a Sony body and attach your existing lenses via an adaptor. Could be a game changer well if the new cameras are any good and you don’t mind EVF’s

  • camerageek

    Hmm as far as an underwater camera I would be happier if they just release an APS-C camera that uses the Nikonos mount so all the folks who had the best underwater camera ever could reuse their lenses

  • tertius_decimus

    People who are still waiting for D400 and D710 may feel themselves broken. D600 needs improvements as well. Crippled AF doesn’t seem tempting. What’s the point of avoiding Multi-CAM 3500 derived from 5-yr. old D700? 🙁

  • Michael

    I think one of the reasons there is no D400 is that the current EXPEED cannot handle high framerates at 24 MP. However, there might be a new version of EXPEED that can handle 8 fps at 24 MP: That at least opens the door for a potential D400.

    • Michael

      It is actually 12 fps at 24 MP

      • MacManX

        I’d settle for 8-9 FPS @ 24Mpix and a nice big buffer.
        Video is irrelevant.

    • SteveHood

      And still no 1080p60 for video.

      • Ufupuw

        The BIONZ Sony processor did 12 fps 24 MP (and 60p) two years ago, as shown in A77

  • Jon Ingram

    If they improved the D600 auto-focus I would by one. They won’t of course, because that would cannibalize sales. But still, if they did, I would by one.

    • Global

      They should upgrade it. That’s one reason I won’t buy one. What a dinky little toy of a system to put in a camera that is supposed to “replace” the D300. But the D7200 would have a better focusing system (relatively speaking to frame coverage).

      Shame on Nikon’s poor line up. The D800 is wonderful, but what they are doing between the Series 1, the D300 & D600 is just bizarre, while continuing to overprice their lenses even more, even as increases in defect rates are being noted and competitors rise is just wrong.

  • EnoughIsEnough

    When will they release a 23mm prime lens DX format f2 ???!! Then it would be a 35mm eq !
    I’m really thinking of switching to Fuji.
    Enough of 1 sery craps !!!

    • Dpablo unfiltered

      What is wrong with your 24mm lens?

      • itsmyname

        Nothing ,,,,,\
        Its I want…no idea what they want they just want it.

      • Conguero

        it is big and heavy, a typical Nikon FX lens.

      • EnoughIsEnough

        It’s just I want a 24mm DX format. Then I’d have a 35mm equivalent.
        I could also buy a FX 24mm, sure, but it would cost me way too much, and would be as heavy as a Kardashian.
        Fuji will release a 23mm X-lens.
        Why can’t Nikon understand people using DX format want such a lens ??!!

      • EnoughIsEnough

        It only exists in FX format, costs more than a thousand bucks, and is super heavy.
        Fuji sells a 23mm X-lens. So what is waiting Nikon for selling a 23mm DX lens ??!!

  • Phil

    How about the rumored D1000?

    • Nothing for now which is strange since Nikon and Canon announcements go hand in hand.

  • D800E_user

    The absence of a D400 does seem to suggest D7100/D610 would divide up the D400 audience. The new 51-point AF and more fps (hopefully 8fps with grip) on the D610 would sound reasonable.

    • jan

      Doesn’t divide me. No d400, I go to canons 7dll 2014 or mirrowless. No more Nikon for me if n d400

      • MacManX

        That is just so sad… 🙁

      • That’s assuming that there is a 7DmII. Canon is in the same boat. We’re stay saying “if” not “when” for pro-DX. Both companies would rather you pay more for full frame if you are going to be making a living off of your photography.

  • D700guy

    This all totally blows. No D400…that sucks, and what ever the D4x is supposed to be, it had better have RAW 14 bit video, or a 5DmkIII is in my future. D610? These guys have way too much money and way too much time on their hands (Nikon).

    • MacManX

      Hear, hear….

  • jvm156

    i don’t understand the 5300 rumor. didn’t the 5200 like just come out. what are they gonna update on that that wouldnt surpass the 7100. The 610 makes the most sense even if its only to fix the quality issues

    • The Nikon D5200 was announced on November 5, 2012: Nikon said that they will shift new products in the entry level class of DSLRs and they probably decided to release it earlier hoping to generate additional sales. Maybe they will add Wi-Fi and GPS to make the camera more attractive.

      • jvm156

        ah i didn’t think of that. Things that should have been standard years ago…

      • King of Swaziland

        Nikon has pumped the new, iterated, entry level stuff so hard, they they have containerloads of unsold inventory.

        Nikon has forgotten the mid range so hard, people are wondering if they should switch brands.

        If a clue fell from the sky and hit Nikon, they wouldn’t know what hit them, and would pretend it didn’t exist.

      • Sports

        The D5200 hardly qualifies as an entry level DSLR, eh?
        Even the D3200 makes enough space below it for a “proper” low-end model.
        But it’s so true that first-time buyers compare feature lists, and choose the one that has the GPS over the one that doesn’t.

    • FredBear

      There’s no quality issues with the D600.
      It’s the ‘entry level’ FF and thus will be updated more regularly.

      • jvm156

        then why does every site that sells it have a bunch of 5 star reviews and a bunch of 1 star reviews. All i ever see is people praising it or people livid, saying lubricant gets splashed on the sensor and ruins all their pix, which isn’t an issue I’ve ever seen on my cheap DX cameras and which is why i haven’t upgraded to FX yet

        • FredBear

          Simple, it’s because ’empty vessels make most sound’. People are 10 times more likely to complain (some of them far more than once) if they have a ‘suspect’ camera – and many ‘oil’ issues have been found to be actually just dust.
          So, as they say, do the maths’ and see what you come up with. My estimate is less than 1% had the ‘dust/oil’ issue.
          I have DX cameras too, and, yes, they have had dust issues (Didn’t realise it until the issue with the D600 came up and I checked my D90)

          Try doing a search with a manufacturer’s name and the words ‘dust, oil, sensor’. Last time I ran it I got Leica as the top # of hits followed by Canon then Nikon. Even adding ‘D600’ to the Nikon search doesn’t give any overly large result population.
          You’ll be amazed at what cameras come out ‘top’ with this ‘issue’ – and it’s not the D600.

          • Conguero

            LOL. The D600 is broken BY DESIGN. Wake up, dreamer!

            • FredBear

              I have one and it’s not broken – it’s a great camera.
              Those that haven’t owned one or used one are the biggest losers.
              You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about – which is exactly what I’m saying above. The so called ‘problems’ with the D600 are just hype and add to the internet background noise without making any valuable coherent contribution.

  • Photo-Jack

    It becomes more and more obvious that Nikon is too stubborn to any good advice. The fell on their nose with the compact revenues and now try the same method one level up. I’d say people being seriously invested in Nikon gear have to worry about the future.
    A revamped D600 doesn’t cut it and the low end DSLRs cycle seems to accelerate punishing the owners of the old model.
    In the lens line up there are certainly far more needed updates than a 16mm fisheye. But a lot of products that a lot of people would mostly buy are getting passed by month by month. Nikon sure have some good ingeneers but should fire their marketing department, if they calculate their future not only in the quarter statements but in decades!

    • Conguero

      “..but should fire their marketing department”

      and while they are at it they should fire their QC department too!

      • Photo-Jack

        The mediocre QC goes most likely also on the account of the marketing department too as the try to cut costs.
        However, I think that a lot of companies (also beyond camera makers) will find out in a few years, that they kicked their own ass by their short-term thinking and setting the quarter results above anything else (including their long term customers)
        Focussing on entry level products means focussing a target group that behaves like butterflies, flying to one blossom now and to the next in the next seconds.
        Likewise a customer with a body plus kit lens: he can switch brands from one update to the next without pain.

    • delayedflight

      Lol the majority of the market isn’t in the pro market or enthusiast market. Most dslr buyers are in the low end that’s why Nikon has been so aggressively trying to capture that market.

      If Nikon made cameras according enthusiasts they’d go broke.

      • Photo-Jack

        “If Nikon made cameras according enthusiasts they’d go broke”

        That is only when ones eyes get blured by the numbers sold per piece. If one calulate full cost then you receive another picture: R&D considering yearly update cycle, sales-price / shipping costs ratio plus the fact that this group hardly buys lenses other then the kit lens from the maker to name a few factors. Nikon hardly get broke on a D800 or D4. And don’t forget the lenses! What did Nikon get out of e.g. a 40mm DX macro compared to any given pro lens???
        And every given section (from Nikon 1 vs Fuji x or Oly over the not appearing successors of D300s and D700 to HQ lenses like a 17mm PCE and an update of the 24 PCE, a 135/1.8 and many others more Nikon miss to pick up moneys that their customers may bring to other makers now. Looks like Sigma is increasingly heading for high end, Zeiss got its customers though being still much more expensive than Nikon and even Samyang is cutting into the cake with an excellent price – IQ ration even in the special lens market of tilt-shift) provides opportunities to make money on high end demand with certainly higher margins than the low end stuff being in a strong price competition.

        • delayedflight

          The problem with ‘Oh people will buy lenses’ argument is that Nikon doesn’t make as much money on their pro stuff vs the cheap stuff.

          The main issue is manufacturing costs it will ALWAYS be more expensive to produce (using your example) a 105mm Micro f/2.8 VR against a 40mm DX Micro both in labour, time and materials (those big fluorite crystals that Canon uses in their super teles don’t just grow overnight).

          All the expensive gear, big lenses and high tech flagship bodies that Nikon makes are to show off their company’s prowess it’s marketing given form – Think of how BMW advertises its cars they advertise the 5 series like it was the coming Jesus but the reality is that they probably sell more 3 series. What they’re selling you is the dream of their top of the line car much the same as Canikon selling you the dream of a pro-body that can turn water into wine.

          A few will have the 5 series/pro-bodies expensive lenses (businessmen/women, professional photographers, rich people ect) while the vast majority will be driving around in 3 series or shooting base model DSLRs.

  • Global

    Even I want a D400 — and I’m a Full Frame user! I’m keeping my D700 and just waiting for a D400. Are they seriously going to make D700/D800 users use a D7100, instead of a D400, when adding a DX format cam?? It makes no sense.

    I would just like to tell Nikon: Its exactly because you have no D400 that I am fully looking around at M43 cameras — that may not make sense to you (because you would think if I’m going smaller, why not a D5200 or a D7100?)…. but it does make sense. Had I bought a D400 (which I would have liked to have done a year ago), I would never have started down the path of “waiting” and “comparing” other cameras. I now see that a M34 might be a good DX alternative….. when once, a year ago, I would have just assumed that I should buy a D400.

    Food for thought, Nikon. Not everything is “linear”. You abandon a large part of the market — and the market changes in ways you don’t predict: If I’m forced to get a “smaller cam” (smaller than a D700), then I may as well go M43 and double down it. *shrugs*

    • Robert Panick

      I’m in the same boat. I have a D7000 and would like more capability, particularly with sports and would like to stay with DX form factor, but I would consider FX. Right now the only camera I can buy that’s measurably better than my D7000 is the D4. While I’d like a D4 it’s not going to happen.

      I look at the OM-D E-M1, and see a camera that “might” be able to equal or surpass the quality of the D7000 images, in a lighter package with features that aren’t available in Nikon cameras. At this point jumping to Canon for the 70D even looks like a better option than waiting for Nikon to get its thumb out of its…
      Looks like I won’t be able to get the lens I want for the E-M1 until November. If Nikon hasn’t announced something promising by then I’ll probably switch if the E-M1 looks as good as the hype says it is.

      • koenshaku

        What is wrong with the D7100?

        • King of Swaziland

          Ze buffer, she TINY!

          Ze AF-ON button, she no exist.

          Ze framerate, she no up to standards D300 set.

          Ze build quality, she not there.

          Ze mode dial, what de *!#& is a mode dial doing on ze high end camera?

          Ze list, she go on and on.

          • patto01

            That was very inventive 🙂

          • koenshaku

            hehe point taken, at a much smaller price point the D7100 still isn’t that bad of a compromise though.

            • King of Swaziland

              No, there isn’t anything wrong with the D7100 for what it is, but what it isn’t is the camera many are waiting for (the replacement for a camera that sold VERY WELL for Nikon at a very nice price point).

            • no one said that d7100 is bad camera. It is superb for money, but we who want d400 need a camera capable of sports/action/birding photography.

      • camfan

        If you are looking for smaller, then micro 4/3 could be a good option. If you are looking for quality as good as the D7000, with fast fps and good focusing, including AF-On button, for sports or wildlife, you aren’t going to get that in an E-M1. Also, if you are looking for reach for wildlife or sports, you won’t get that without a converter for lenses and then you sacrifice more speed. Why not buy a refurbished D300 or D300S? I’ve seen those on the big name camera sites.

        • Mr_Miyagi

          Actually, in head-to-head comparisons of the E-M1’s predecessor, the OM-D EM-5, against the D7000, the Olympus does extremely well in every metric, including AF accuracy and speed as well as IQ, DR, and noise. As for the reach of M43 cameras, I’ve done a lot of birding with my G3 and the Lumix 100-300mm. That lens is quite sharp even at the extreme telephoto end of its range, i.e., at a 35mm equivalent focal length of f=600mm. The Panny lens can be bought for less than $500. Can you buy a Nikkor telephoto of comparable focal length for that price? The last I looked, of Nikon’s extreme telephoto offerings, none of them cost less than $8K. And finally, like the EM-5, the E-M1has 5-axis in-body stabilization. The implementation is good enough that someone with a steady hand can take sharp 1-2 s handheld exposures. I think that’s pretty amazing.

    • koenshaku

      Ok say Nikon did release a D400 what do you expect it to have that is better than the D7100?

      • MacManX

        Faster FPS and bigger buffer to start with. A slightly larger body and maybe built in WiFi.
        Right now, Nikon doesn’t have a sports/action camera besides the very expensive D4. The D300s is too old.
        I am lookng at buying a used D3s, but that would mean going FX and losing the advantage of the crop factor and would require a new (expensive) longer lens like the Nikon 200-400/f4 VRII or Sigma 120-300/f2.8 (S) OS HSM.
        Why on Earth do Nikon leave such a huge gap in their current line up? It doesn’t make sense. At all.

        • camfan

          What about the D300S technology is too old? I see them holding their price pretty well even as refurbished. Have you used one? You could always rent one and see if it limits you for what you are looking for.

          • Sports

            Don’t know about the S, but the low light performance of the plain D300 is so bad that you can’t believe it’s a just 5 years old high-end camera. You need to find your IPhone if you want to compare it to something 🙂 Actually, the IPhone adds its auto-postprocessing and gets a better picture in some situations.

            • Yep I have s version and it is very poor in that regard, i use iso 800 only if this is only possibility to take a good picture, everything past that mark isn’t usable except if downsized to web proportions

        • koenshaku

          Point taken, probably has to do with them not wanting to use their D4 sensor for a lower end camera and for twice the MP as the D300S that buffer would have to be quite massive also. Canon really didn’t address anything beyond the 7D either, but the 7D was more up to date also. We’ll see hopefully they’re adding some advancements to make things worthwhile when they finally do like the phase focusing during video in the canon 70D.

        • Mike D

          I agree that Nikon does not currently have a 3rd generation sensor, DX sports/action camera. I was going to buy the new 80-400 but there is no DX body to put it on. For that reason I use a Sony A57 (10 FPS with continuous auto focus) with 70-400 for day time sports. I did shoot a night college football game last Saturday with a D700 and old Sigma 120-300. Reasonably effective.

        • Add better ISO performance, and you’re spot on!

      • d800 body built and controls/buttons layout, isn’t that enough?? compare d7xxx to d300 in terms of handling and controls and you’ll see HUGE difference!

    • Mr. Mamiya

      Don’t be stupid. Use a D800 in DX mode, if 6 fps is enough for you (and I’m sure it is). That is the D400. You’ll never seriously consider any DX or M4/3 camera.

      • patto01

        Well, as long as YOU’RE sure, that’s the solution! 😉 Seriously, though, how many continuous shots can the D800 hold in its buffer in DX mode?

        • Mr. Mamiya

          NEF, lossless compression, 14 bit = 29.

          NEF, lossy compression, 12 bit = 54.
          Any JPEG: 100.

          Well, I always found 6 fps very okay for any type of shooting, even sports. If not I choose my Nikon 1 with 60 fps. What is a D4 compared to that. 😉

        • zoetmb

          Gesus, how fast do you need to shoot? I’ve never understood people who are doing the equivalent of shooting movies when shooting stills, even for sports. I have a D800 and I almost never shoot at the highest fps. If you get the same eye-blink two shots in a row, you’re shooting too fast.
          I did want the D400 myself, but that was more about cost and weight than it was about speed.

          • patto01

            For birds in flight, 10-12 fps would be great. But equally, or more important, is the buffer.

      • artgriffo

        Mr. Mamiya… Yes you would… ‘cos of a large D800 lump you are carrying around – a M4/3 and compact system (OMD or Fuji X-series) cameras are producing quality images form their senors and lighter to carry…

        • Mr. Mamiya

          First everybody is crying for big, sturdy ‘pro’ DX bodies for their big hands, with ‘pro’ controls and ‘pro’ build quality, ‘pro’ AF-On button, no mode dial etc. etc., and Nikon “is not listening”, and now small M4/3 cameras are the solution to that. Interesting. 😉

    • apollo

      Same issue here except I’ve got D4. I’ve got a D300s as a secondary body and I wish I could get a D400. It would be a good addition to my gear. I need a crop factor, good ISO, good FPS, good AF and big big buffer! D7100 doesn’t give this.

      These rumours are just a kick to the face. “Do you want a D400? Oh!” *KICK* “too bad…”

      D600 and D5200 are pretty new cameras so…if Nikon updates them, I’ve lost all my hopes with them. Next they probably upgrade D7100…doesn’t that makes sense? 🙂

      I think I’ll buy a OM-D or something similar and Metabones adapter so I can use my Nikon lenses.

      If Nikon plans to scrap D400, why don’t they just shoot their legs off? It’s the dumbest move that they can make. No competition against 7D MK2…

      • Froilan

        Well… This is not happening for nothing:
        First preorder reaction: E-M1 most sold overall(!) camera at Amazon US!


      • Those stats are BS – every new camera makes it to the #1 spot because of the number of pre-orders in a very short period of time. I want to see the Amazon stats for the past 12 months in order to draw any logical conclusions.

        • artgriffo

          Froilan has a point though – where are you Nikon?
          You gotta keep an eye on the so called little guys they are making the earth move with their innovations. I don’t see Nikon doing that at the moment, or Canon for that matter.

    • Mr_Miyagi

      “I would just like to tell Nikon: Its exactly because you have no D400 that I am fully looking around at M43 cameras”

      Ditto. I’m a D800 owner and I enjoy that camera, but for overseas travel I prefer a lighter package, which is why I bought into M43. I just sold my Panasonic G3 and GX-1 cameras in anticipation of buying the newly released Olympus E-M1. The cost of the E-M1 will be about the same as a good Nikon DX DSLR, but will travel a lot lighter.

      • Captain Megaton

        While lighter than the D800, the Dxxx-class DX bodies like the D200, D300 are still huge cameras, most definitely not the kind of things you want to drag with you for travel photography.

        If Nikon can’t tempt you to buy a D5200 or something as a second body, or invest in Nikon 1, or the Coolpix A, it seems to me you will move to NEX or m43, whether Nikon makes a D400 or whether Nikon does not make a D400.

        In other words, despite what people are saying here, a D400 solves absolutely none of Nikon’s present difficulties.

    • Adam

      Absolutely agree.

  • John

    Nikon’s not going to increase profits/market share by producing slight upgrades to DX cameras or FX cameras. They need to innovate . . not something they’ve shown they are good at lately.

    • Conguero

      Innovate?!? LOL. We will be very happy if Nikon managed to deliver products that actually work as advertised after their latest debacles with the D800 and D600. Nikon is not losing money because of smart phones taking over the P&S market. Nikon is losing money because many of their own customers don’t trust them anymore!

      • Sandy Bartlett

        Nikon is not losing money, period. One of the few camera makers that can make that claim.

        • Northerntrumpeter

          That’s right. In fact their profits are up. They cut their operating profit forecasts for the year to $673 million / £428 million, but these aren’t bad figures and are up 27% on the same period last year. They also hail their DSLR division for continued strong sales (yet still keep us DSLR users waiting for certain models / updates…soon maybe?). I might be tempted by a D610 depending on the specs, or wait for the D7100 refresh / successor. My D300 is still good, but is showing it’s age now.

        • Plug

          Their profits are holding up quite well. But I think what Conguero may mean is that they are losing money that they could potentially earn over and above what they do actually earn. I want a D400 to be an ongoing part of the continuous upgrade process that I like to indulge in. But, until I have that central part to the system that I want to create, and am not sure that I shall be able to create, then I shall not purchase new lenses, flashguns or whatever. With a D400 at the heart of my spending I would purchase several thousands of pounds/dollars worth of miscellaneous equipment. As it stands I have bought hardly anything Nikon for the last couple of years. If I could trust that there was a D400 in the pipeline then I could proceed with other stuff.

  • Carl Koslowski

    Hard times to run a Nikon rumor site at the moment 🙂
    I decided to switch to OM D last december and every single day looking on nikonrumors I get the reconfirmation to having done the right thing. A pitty after more than 13 years being a Nikonian. I just will wait for the Sony FF in order to see whether I can use my expensive lenses furtheron or have to sell them.
    Meanwhile I got a strong impression that Tsunami and Thailand broke their spine and Nikon never really recovered.

  • toby reynolds

    Any news on the potential DX mirror-less that could have retro styling (I read somewhere about SP-2)?

  • If the D610 switched to the 51-point AF I’d consider it, but otherwise, coming from the D7xxx cameras, still not interested. Also: still not that enthused about paying $2000 for something that only has plastic backing the lens mount.

    They’ll probably swap in the top-mounted mic from the D7100 was well.

    • That won’t help much, because DX af points are more wide spread, no matter how much AF points you staff into FX camera they will always be more concentrated in the center of frame. So switching to any FX camera will be a suffering in this regard.

  • TaoTeJared

    D400 & the Canon 7D have not been updated – I don’t get why people tunnel vision on this fact. Maybe they think that the cheaper FX systems pulled all the high-end DX users?

    Nikon & Canon usually match each other and have gone to great lengths to do so about 5 years ago. Now they seem to be testing the waters to see what sticks or where they can piggy back on other companies (Sony, Fuji, Oly, Pani) and get some market share. It is quite a defensive business position both have taken.

    Rebel SL1 (small DSLR)- GAP
    EF-M – no Nikon DX system
    Nikon One series – No Canon Small sensor equiv
    COOLPIX A – No Canon single focal length camera

    Rebel T5i – D5300 equiv
    70D – D7100 equiv
    7D – D300 – Both are old

    • Sonikon

      But during the lifetime of the 7D Canon has updated the firmware to add features to the camera years after its original release.

    • Sports

      It’s actually double stupid that they watch one another so closely.
      When one of the two hesitated, then the other guy could have dominated this segment completely, if they had introduced a modern, high-end DX a year or 18 months ago.
      It’s like they’re just sitting there, waiting for Sony to catch up, and for m43 or whatever to also grab the buyers.
      (Sony – just wait 6 months – with a bunch of new Sigma lenses will look very attractive, if Canikon don’t get their a….s moving.)

      • TaoTeJared

        You have taken my comment out of context – I don’t think they are waiting for eachother – I think they are reacting to what they believe the market conditions are and evidently they must have the same conclusion – a pro DX body wouldn’t sell enough to justify releasing one. There are many vocal people that want one, but that doesn’t equate to real demand.

        It’s not realistic to think people jump ship so quickly. Most D300 & 7D shooters are advanced amateurs who have a lot invested in their systems and don’t jump companies when competitors come out with new models out due to the loss of value and the cost/time to rebuild their arsenal.

    • Froilan

      Cheaper? What about lenses? Those are not cheaper!!

  • koenshaku

    Hopefully the name of this D610 turns out to be the D700S and the D5300 I am not to sure about its place in the mart right now this rumor may turn out to be a D400 unless it is a D7100 with 39AF points and fewer continuous shooting fps.

  • yanqui67

    I have saved 5600 dollars waiting for this mythical D400 to come, to replace my trusty D300. I also want to replace my 80-400MM with the new G version. I cant pull the trigger yet cause i will more then likely buy the Canon 7D mkII if it comes out first. I will sell all my Nikon gear. I know other photogs in the same boat. That Canon body comes out first and good bye Nikon and all my money. Who runs that place??

  • Amit

    The Nikon D610 needs a better LCD screen on the back and in 3:2 ratio like the 5D Mark III. Even my OMD has better screen than Nikon D600 and D800.

  • Mike Hunt

    It sounds like people want everything they see in the D4, but in DX format and have it called a D400.

    It’s called “buy a D4 and crop your photos 1.5x”.

    • Plug

      16 divided by 2.25 is 7.1. Is that a suitable modern resolution. Do your sums.

    • Smudger

      Those of us that want a D400 fully understand why we need one (or two!). You and Nikon just don’t.

  • George

    I want a high end DX camera … I want a D400 now! 🙂

  • Can’t Believe It

    I just want a mirrorless Nikon that’s as light as my X-E1.

  • One More Thought

    Given the extra low price of the D600 on Digital Rev, and the dumping of all of those refurb D600’s through Adorama’s Ebay presence, it would indeed seem that a successor to the D600 is on the way.

    This is a smart move by Nikon; they need their more affordable FF to sell well, esp. in holiday season, and the current D600 is too tainted by the spots on sensor problem.

    If the D610 fixes the dust/oil problem, and adds the 51 point AF system, I will strongly consider getting one. Added bonus if it drops the AA filter.

  • Nate

    If I thought Nikon was listening, I would say that they are really not reaching me with their current line of products. Considering there current sales levels, I suspect they are missing alot of other customers as well. I want a modern version of the d700 or d300. I do not care about video, I want low-noise, high ISO with fast and accurate auto-focus. Make this camera affordable and I think NIkon wins back it’s market share.

  • tertius_decimus

    Nikon, gimme dat fast low-light D710 without video or imma charge mah laza!

    • jk

      I think that would be the D610.

  • felixkat

    Is there any launch date for D7200


    No high end DX? Not even a D7100 with a bigger RAW buffer?
    Nikon won’t be seeing any of my hard earned then.

    • jk

      I think no, because Nikon knows their stock holders do not want it materialized.

      • I AM LOST

        I’m convinced now that Nikon just does not want my money.
        There is nothing to replace my D300s the D4 does not make sense as an upgrade from my D3s. I will not buy new glass because I ain’t convinced that Nikon has a future as a serious maker of serious cameras.

        • Piton

          Sony want your money!!

  • tomherren

    What about Capture NX3? I think it’s time for Nikon to finally announce what future they see for their RAW-editing and post-processing software.

  • French Fries

    No D400?
    That saddens me. I don’t believe a D610 is imminent.
    Most of the shutter/oil problems have been resolved.
    Therewith I don’t see the need to update D600 already.

    • jk

      I think APS-C is dead , at least high end APS-C.
      look, where is the 7D2? where is the D400?
      where is the A79?
      all manufactures know it , after small FX bodies(D600/6D/A99v) materialized no one will buy a high end DX.

      • I will, and all wildlife shooter who need DX crop for reach

      • Sports

        Sony A79 is rumored to come early 2014, despite of the fact that its predecessor was announced just 2 years ago.
        7D and D300S are (much) older, and still NO rumors that goes beyond wishful thinking.

    • The issue may have been resolved but people will just not buy that camera because of all of the bad publicity.

      • PeterO

        The issue could have been solved by simply admitting there was a problem and offering a fix. Is it an ethnic thing that doesn’t allow them to admit to mistakes? Now they not only have a camera that people are afraid to buy, but are compounding the problem by producing a newer model when they could have been spending that time doing something innovative instead of producing things like the SB300. I wonder how that’s helping the bottom line?

        • We have to wait and see the D610 specs, but I don’t think they spent a lot of resources developing that camera.

          • One More Thought

            Agreed. Nikon doesn’t need to sink much into releasing a D610. It’s all about perception.

            All they need to do is add the 51 AF to the D610, along with the shutter fix of course.

            It won’t cost them much; they use the 51 point AF module in the much cheaper D7100.

            • Michael Sloan

              +1 on the 51 point AF module! Nikon really screwed up by not having this feature out the door in the D600. The D300’s had it, the D7100 had it, and now an entry level FF DSLR doesn’t!!! Add in their shutter problem and you end up with cameras that sit on the shelf until the fire-sales are forced upon customers. Those who were on the fence with FX vs. DX stayed on the fence. It was exactly these potential customers Nikon was trying to persuade to the other side and they botched it up! If Nikon does release the D610 as a kind of production hot-fix, similar to the SB-910 flagship flashgun, what kind of presedence will they be setting then? I for one, would be gun shy on pulling the trigger on any future Nikon purchases. Nothing worse for a manufacturer than to have their brand loyal customers waiting to see if there was going to be a Dx10 product launch after the bugs have been worked out of the original!

      • Smudger

        And the D800? So, that should have been relaunched as the D810 once the LHS focus issue was finally resolved?

        • One More Thought

          The D800 LHS issue was never seen as being as much a problem as the D600 dust/oil issue.

          Plus, the D800 had the wow factor of that 36mp sensor and the type of person buying the D800 generally was willing to put up with the LHS issue. Of course even then I am sure that Nikon lost some D800 sales.

          But the D600 is aimed at a more general consumer audience, and that audience is freaked out over spending so much money to get a camera that gives you a dirty sensor. That’s entirely understandable. Nikon needs to do something to clear the air. The D610 would do that.

          With the holiday season approaching, Nikon needs this entry level FF model to sell well. It will only sell if they if they do something like release a D610.

  • Anto de Chav

    I wonder if Nikon will add built in wifi to the D610..??

    • MyrddinWilt

      wifi, GPS and bluetooth chips can be had for a few bucks now. They make a huge difference to the usefulness of a body. They should be there in all new bodies.

      Add ons like EyeFi simply don’t work well enough to be useful. I have tried EyeFi and it is total garbage. Far too slow to be even slightly useful. I had a GPS gadget for the V1 but it was quickly lost.

      Nikon’s big challenge with the D610 is covering up the fact they are updating it to fix their shutter goof. So adding WiFi would be a good way to do that.

  • yayawhoatyahoo

    … just a short Q: ANY CHANCE on D700 successor … at last??? And do not come with that D800 (wrongly focusing!) non-sense … as it is abs. different world. Not last: what about d3s or d4 sensor in d800-like body, Nikon??? – you´ve tried it already & with huge huge success – isn´t SUCCESS on the market what you´ve been looking for for some months now???
    … AND regarding LENSES: any chance on 20 to 24mms of f/1,8 lense to come any time soon – I am slowly going tired of non-activity in this region … & it looked so bright with the 28mm f/1,8 after the 50 & 85 …

    • stoooopid

      Yeah, that is what I have been saying (D4 sensor in a hardened D800-like body, 10fps, deep buffer). Why don’t they do this. They seem to have everything they need already – no new developement! The D700 was a huge success. Some say it would eat into the sales of the D4. But I say any camera sale is better than no sale at all. Because if I could also see someone buying a 5Dmkiii instead of this camera. So it would not be just taking market from the D4, it would also take market from Canon. There are also many people who want a mini-D4, not a D800.

  • David Portass

    “they will concentrate on entry level models” isn’t that basically what Nikon have been doing for the last few years already?

  • marco

    a successor of of the d700?
    d600 – body and af failed.
    d800 – 38mp failed.
    i would like a d700 replacement with the same bodyquality, 16mp and video, and of course all this little new stuff.

    • Neopulse

      Why would it be fail the 36MP? I mean everything else you mentioned the D800 has. So? And also the D4 has a rugged body with 16MP and video. What’s the problem with these updates apart from the obvious price differences between one another.

    • robert

      polo! 🙂

  • Foolishcfo

    If the rumors are true, all the rehashes show Nikon is out of fresh ideas. D5300? Rehash. D610? Rehash. D400? That would require some thought which Nikon engineers appear short of these days. And, the D5300 won’t add any tangible profit to the bottom line as D5300 buyers would have purchased the D5200 anyway. Time for a leadership change at Nikon?

    • Neopulse

      It is a rumor… and the D5300 also is included in that.

  • sam

    Do you think the Under water camera going to take RAW picture??

    • Jason Brown

      I think you can take that as given – an underwater camera that doesn’t shoot in RAW format is next to useless. But then this is Nikon we’re talking about…

      Like many, I’m still shooting with a D300s in an underwater housing. Whilst I’d love a D400, clients are still buying my images so I’m happy to wait…

  • Froilan

    Nikon stay in the past… Meanwhile, in the present time:

    Oh, Nikon, you look so Blackberry!!

  • jk

    today , I brought my last copy of D600 to Nikon and had them clean the sensor.
    I was shocked they said they replaced the shutter unit to new version.
    I guess this means Nikon is secretly admitting the shutter was the real issue not the sesnor?

    • Yes, they have been replacing shutters for a while. They do have a solution and that’s why decided to release the D610 model.

      • Neopulse

        Hate to make a hipster remark, but do you think they’ll include something new in the D610 model like integrated Wi-Fi or aperture control during recording?

        • I really don’t know – they will start adding Wi-Fi to DSLR cameras, I just don’t know if they will do it with the D610.

          • Neopulse

            Got ya. Thanks for the quick reply. Wonder if they make it all metal for the sake of the D700 successor complaints.

            • I doubt that.

            • Neopulse

              Yeah, had a feeling. Just wanted to crack a joke there for the D700 crowd heh

    • dclivejazz

      Wow. Lucky you. Took them a month to replace my shutter mechanism. Getting much cleaner images now though, so it seems to have worked.

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