Nikon announcement tonight: new SB-300 flash, 18–140mm f/3.5-5.6G lens, Coolpix L620 and S6600 compact cameras

Nikon-SB-300-compact flash
In addition to the 18–140mm f/3.5-5.6G DX lens, in few hours Nikon will also announce a new SB-300 flash.

The 18–140mm f/3.5-5.6G lens will have 17 elements in 12 groups, 4 stops VR, weight: 490g.

The Nikon SB-300 flash will have tiltable head (120°) and guide number of 18.

You can see the details at

There will be also two new Coolpix cameras - L620 and S6600:


The Nikon Coolpix S6600 will have a swivel screen:


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  • Jcs

    Sound of crickets chirping……

    • FredBear

      Interspersed with snoring sounds from Nikon shooters.

  • Spy Black

    Wasn’t Nikon worrying about their future?…

    • alvintoro

      Yep. Nothing like leap frogging over the competition with cutting edge technology…

    • BillG

      That’s why they only announced two this time (instead of a dozen they usually do)

  • waterengineer

    Really? Another kit lens? NIKON please give us some of the pro DX lenses we have been clamoring for.

    • UnknownTransit

      Pro lens don’t sell as well as kit lens. $$$ is always first in this world.

      • n11

        And considering Sigmas is making some fairly find pro-leve lenses lately, Nikon might need to start paying attention more. My new 35mm f.4 by Sigma is pretty good thus far.

        • UnknownTransit

          Agree. That Sigma lens brought Nikon to shame. The 18-35mm was highly rated too.

    • D4ve

      LoL, pro DX.

      Why market a “pro” lens for a less-than-pro system?

      Even Nikon sees DX as a toy. Look at these silly zooms marketed for DX format. Made in China, cheep plastic, horribly redundant, plastic mounts, no weather sealing, disposable.

      • tobi

        in the mean time sigma is doing well and nikon is .. not so well

        • Calibrator

          Have you any numbers to back this up? Sources?

      • Dyun27

        If I were you, I wouldn’t laugh simply for the fact that plenty of pros still use DX cameras effectively to make a living. As for lenses made in China, I’ve got a couple of those and they’ve worked flawlessly for years. It’s not like the Japanese lenses have never had quality issues. Sigma makes all their lenses in Japan, yet some have serious issues. Place of manufacture is not always a reflection on its quality and doesn’t guarantee flawlessness or perfection.

      • E.J. Peiker

        Pro wildlife shooters really really want a D300 replacement. The D7100 ain’t it due primarily to the poor RAW buffer

        • Szteff

          why would wildlife shooters prefer a dx body over a fx one? the smaller sensor doesn`t make your lens opticaly longer you just see less of it. than again looking at the comments everybody here is a “pro wildlife shooter”

          • Carlos

            Yes but on dx the pixel density is higher so you DO get more “reach.” If you use a 500mm on a d7100 you get a 24mp image with the field of view of a 750mm, but on a comparable d600 you end up with closer to a 10 mp image if you crop to a 750mm FOV.

            • Kyle Farris

              I get your point, but, I’m inclined to say: “Only 10 MP?” And D300s is how many megapixels? 12? Not that big a difference… but much cleaner images… AND the option to shoot in FX if you choose to. Not seeing your point. With a D800, you get 15.4 MP in DX mode which is more than the D300s and of undeniably higher-quality. Price would be the pain point with the D800, I guess.

            • Szteff

              I agree, but honestly tell me- how many times have you printed your work and actualy used all those pixels? It`s all about dr iso and af performance, the rest is measurbation.

            • Kyle Farris

              Exactly, which is why a D600 or D800 would be better options. You essentially get two cameras for the price of one: a “D400″ and an FX body. It’s a great deal if you ask me.

              Granted, I know a real D400 would probably have the same sensor as the D7100 with the build of a D800… But, really, you can print a ~24″ x 16” photo at 15mp and not really be able to see any quality issues up close. You could easily print a road-side billboard with it because of the practical viewing distance. I’m not seeing why one would really need more than 15mp for anything other than scientific purposes (in which case get D800E).

            • Carlos

              24mp > 15mp and people for whatever reason will want or need it to get that extra edge. I also imagine that a D400 would have higher FPS than the D800. In the end, it is certainly reasonable for a non-trivial market to exist for DX.

            • Carlos

              Well what you’ve said is exactly why some people are upset there is no d400 (the original point). Currently, the d300s is indeed “lacking” at 12mp, and the d7100 is lacking in build quality and buffer size. Personally I haven’t had much need for 12mp+, but I’m sure there exist people who could really use all those extra pixels.

    • Mr. Mamiya

      The only “pro” DX-Nikkor ever was and will be the 17-55/2.8. FX is the format for the “pros”, or do you see any current “pro” DX camera?

      • waterengineer

        Yes, there is a current DX format pro body, the D300s. Unfortunately it is old.

        • Mr. Mamiya

          Nikon also has many Ai-S lenses still in production and you can buy them new today… 😉

          Even *if* they ever release a D400 I don’t believe there will be any new professional DX lenses for it.

          • Geditright

            No AIS lenses are currently being made. What’s on the shelves is old stock.

            • Mr. Mamiya

              I’m wondering whether the D300s is still being made, or do we see ‘old stock’ on the shelves also?

  • Dazed & Flashed

    will sb300 be better than sb600 ?

  • David B

    490 grams and what looks like metal mount? that is a heavy kit lens that weighs close to what 18-200VR did. Is it a replacement for 18-200/18-200 II?

  • Henry Osho

    Yawn. You can do better Nkon.

  • Deep_Lurker

    The devil will be in the details. What will the prices be for the SB300 and 18-140mm? What features will the SB300 have that the old SB400 lacks? How good will the 18-140mm be, optically?

    In particular, if the selling point of the 18-140mm is “sharper than the 18-105, and it has a metal mount, too!” then it might well be a winner. Otherwise, meh.

    • Destr

      Kit lenses don’t need to be sharp or be winners. Hell, certain brands don’t even come with a lens hood!

      • Pat Mann

        Like the Nikkor 18-140

    • My guess is that those new Nikon products will be cheap.

  • Hoosierdaddy2

    Still waiting for something like a very sharp 16-60 f/2.8 – 4…along with a D400.

  • Chin Fernandez

    What about an upgraded 300mm f/4 with VRII? or better yet a 400mm f/4 with VRII?

    • The 300mm f/4 should get refreshed first. I don’t think they will release a 400mm f/4 lens anytime soon.

      • Brian

        400 F/5.6 would be nice.

    • whisky

      i’d expect a 400mm f4 with a front element size of 100mm to cost somewhere in the neighborhood of 5K, and a 300mm f4 DO VR version somewhere north of $3K.

      considering the reception given the 80~400mm f4.5~5.6 at it’s price point … i’m guessing “what about” will be deferred until a later date.

  • Neopulse

    Seems like an upgrade/refresh to the 18-105mm lens. And I guess this might be aimed at video shooters on DX. It isn’t a bad move with Nikon. Although I am worried about the technology that Nikon has to compete with like the new 70D AF system. The D400 might be delayed at the light of such a release that chances are will be in the 7D successor. I damn hope Nikon will come out with something innovative other than just a possible 4K video on a V3, but something that will be implemented for generations to come. Maybe something along the lines as creating a new sensor that’s out of the ordinary for Nikon (3×2 or 44×33). …

  • Nikonnut

    About time the SB400 is replaced but i wish it had infrared to help focusing in the dark.

  • Aldo

    sb-300… want!

  • Aldo

    sb-300 or sb-400 ? Which would you recommend?

  • malchick743

    Honestly what’s the point of the 18-135 if the 18-200 VRII is still here? Would rather see Nikon refine the current 18-200 and release a 18-200 VRIII in the future

    SB300… again, redundant.

    • Sahaja

      18-135mm is probably a replacement for the 18-105mm kit lens and may portend the release of a new top DX Camera.

      Possibly the D400 kit lens?

    • Fred Brooks

      Right on… makes perfect sense both times. But really, the 300 replacement is the central topic, right?

  • Brian

    Yay more prosumer shit. Cmon Nikon get with it. Support the professionals that rely on your equipment daily…not the soccer moms that leave it in “green square mode”

    • E.J. Peiker

      This isn’t prosumer shit, this is consumer shit. Pros will make up less than 1% of the buyers of this cheap stuff.

      • Fred Brooks

        It’s really just like the voters – apparently 99% of lever-pullers have no clue what they’re doing by voting Obama rather than for candidates who actually can think and make coherent decisions.

  • affinityseattle

    I really hope that Nikon starts to build systems that piggyback on mobile phones (think Nikon cases)…. a 3x optical zoom with a nice sensor to give people a better option than the noise-fest, low DNR, inf-focus sensors on these phones. Consumer camera sales used to cary these big photo companies and mobile phones are gutting. WIthout consumer sales, pro lines will cease.

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