Technicolor to announce Nikon CineStyle profile

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I was told that Technicolor has developed a new CineStyle profile for Nikon cameras and will release it soon on their website. For more info on CineStyle profiles, visit this FAQ.

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  • apollo


  • JC

    I’m sure my D800 would love this.

  • Nicholas Lee

    I NEED IT ASAP for my D7000 😀 yay!

  • ronadair

    VERY exciting. As it stands, it appears Nikon is processing the RAW data BEFORE it gets sent through the picture profiles, so there is a fairly significant limitation on how much DR can be pulled. I’m really hoping they’re working with Nikon to achieve more dynamic range than the current profiles offer (especially with regards to detail in the shadows). That would make the D800 + Atomos Ninja an even more formidable combo for the price.

  • User

    Technicolor… You sold us Canon users out! We spend money to buy CineStyle picture style file & Color Assist software, but you sent us e-mail & tell us they will terminate anymore support in future.

    But, the truth is Technicolor just gave up Canon campaign, and switched to Nikon now?!

    • dnguyen

      Did you really buy it? As a Canon user, I never had to, and as a Canon user, I no longer use CineStyle. That was yesterday’s news.

  • Nate Crouch

    Don’t be too disappointed. If you follow the FAQ link all it talks about is Canon cameras. Didn’t mention Nikon at all.

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    Silly novice question. Can I use this profile when using an external HDMI recorder (i.e. Atomos Ninja) ? Or do these profiles only work for camera encoded H.264 streams?

    Also, am I the only person who wants different prfiles for video vs. photos? I shoot both at events, and I’m too paranoid that I’ll forget to switch back and forth, so I leave everything on a flat profile…

    • ronadair

      Yes, these work exactly the same on an external device such as the Ninja as they do to an SD/CF card. Also, if you’re shooting photos in RAW it doesn’t matter what profile you use. Picture profiles will have zero permanent effect on the image data of RAW files. So doing keeping everything on flat is the safe way to do things. If you shoot JPEG….nevermind. Don’t shoot JPEG. 🙂

  • sdsd


  • spontesua

    What happened to this? Google turns up nothing at all after July 1st 2013. Nothing on their FAQ either. I would very much like to see this profile coming.

  • ijansempoi

    U can download Flaat colour profile for Nikon

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