How to follow NikonRumors

With the termination of Google Reader, many of you are probably looking for alternative ways to follow NikonRumors. Here are your choices:

RSS Feed


Full text NikonRumors RSS feeds - just add the RSS feed(s) to your favorite reader and you will get the latest blog posts few minutes after they are published online.


You can also follow NikonRumors on Facebook - make sure you check the "Show in News Feed" and/or "Get Notifications" options in order to get the latest blog updates:


NikonRumors on Twitter - I often share additional Nikon related information on Facebook and Twitter that doesn't make it to the blog.


All NikonRumors posts are published also on Google+.

Email Subscription

Full text of the latest blog posts on NikonRumors can also be received via email.

Mac OS Dashboard Widget

If you are using an Apple computer, you can download for free the NikonRumors dashboard widget from

Google Currents


All NikonRumors articles are also available on Google Currents. A Flipboard edition is coming soon.

NikonRumors Forum


If you have a question or a looking for some specific Nikon related information, the NikonRumors Forum is a great place to start. Many of the blog posts are also discussed on the forum.

Other Social Media

Other NikonRumors social media accounts:


See also how to follow PhotoRumors and LeicaRumors.

Thanks for being a reader!

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  • So, what RSS reader are you guys using?

    • AM

      What’s a RSS reader?

      • Basically it tells you once website is updated with new content.

    • Matthew Fleisher

      On Facebook, also check “Get Notifications” to make sure you don’t miss any.

    • Delie

      I’m trying Feedly at the moment, but I really miss being able to use the “Reeder” IOS/OSX apps (even though Feedly do have their own IOS app). The Feedly web client is fantastic though.

      When you say Feedly doesn’t work for you, do you mean it’s broken or that you just don’t like it? Either way it’s a shame, because I’ve found Feedly to be one of the nicest alternatives to Google Reader so far.

      I still find it incredible that Google are just going to turn Reader off despite still having millions of users. Social media sharing is great, but it’s not the same thing and tends to be more diluted with lots of non interesting tidbits, or marketing spam, whereas RSS news feeds have traditionally been for, well, news (the interesting stuff!). I guess Google are just too obsessed with Google+

      I might have to try the Old Reader too.

      • Feedly for some reason doesn’t show all articles for me. Maybe because I have so many feeds. I also don’t like the flash interface (I think it’s Flash) – it’s too slow.

        • Ike

          You probably have it set to not show read articles.

          • I think I figure out what the problem is – I have only 99 feeds out of over 300. Feedly did not import all of my feeds, it seems it can import only 99.

            • DafOwen

              FOr me it seems to have imported all – but doesn’t show them if there are no new articles.
              Ha – or I assume this is the case!

          • here, I am experiencing several of the described issues:

  • n11

    Man, I must be way out of the loop, I use none of these services except email.
    I still don’t get the point of RSS. I like to go/refresh between pages manually.

    • I guess Google doesn’t see the point of RSS feed either because they are shutting down their reader. I follow over 300 websites and a RSS reader is a necessity.

      • n11

        I like to stay on top of stuff, but I simply don’t invest myself enough to care about everything that’s out there. There’s simply too much media to consume.

        • Most of the sites/people I follow have leaked Nikon info at one point in the past and I am hoping to catch them when they do it again 🙂

          • n11

            I figured as much haha.

      • Robert

        Especially when following lots of feeds I found fever ( to be a great solution that you can host yourself, so you are independent. Only downside: It has problems with feedburner URLs right now 🙁

        Is there an alternative RSS feed for nikonrumors?

        • The regular NR RSS redirects for Feedburner. I will have to change that because I expect Feedburner to be axed next..

          • Robert

            Being afraid of free online services going down was my motivation to switch to a self-hosted solution in the first place 🙂

  • Abul

    Ive been using for a few days . They brought back the social aspect that google killed from greader a few time ago and so far im liking a lot.
    its still in beta so if anyone wants to try here’s a key that i grabbed from their twitter: betkay: goodbyegreader

    • I will give it a try. So far I like Feedly doesn’t work for me for some reason. Digg, Newsvibe and AOL readers seems to be OK as well.

  • Most of the Google Reader alternatives are missing the “show unread items only” functionality. Is this so difficult to implement?

    • DafOwen

      Feedly seems to have that.
      However lacking in other areas e.g. Searching all feeds – past and present.

    • Mr. Mamiya

      In Feedly: when scrolling down the list of articles there is a big button “mark as read”. Read items won’t show up again. I’m also missing an automated “mark as read” like in Google Reader.

      I like Feedly, it’s working (for me, I don’t have 300+ feeds, though) and they seem to be commited to improve their product.

    • With the RSS in my bookmarks in Firefox, I see pages that I’ve visited marked with a different icon.

      • The problem is that I do not like Firefox.

        • A bit OT, but…why is that?

          • not available for iOS – with Safari and Chrome all my bookmarks are synced on all of my devices

            • …and there’s the mistake! Of course who am I to talk, my phone is still a phone.

  • gromit

    What is this for a lens on the new nikon rumors facebook page photo?
    And what camera is it? Does anybody know?

    • Mr. Mamiya

      Lens: obviously the AF-S 200/2 VR (I or II). Camera: D300/700/800? Peter will know.

  • I also noticed another issue with Feedly – it does not display embedded video from Vimeo in the feeds.

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