Weekly Nikon news flash #215


New silicone sleeve for the Nikon D5200 was announced in Japan. Similar Delkin products are sold in the US but not in bright yellow (only black).

Jobu Design L bracket for Nikon D600

New: Jobu Design L bracket for Nikon D600 (for use without battery grip).


New products also from ReallyRightStuff: plates for Coolpix A, D7100 and for D7100 + MB-D15 battery grip.

Nikon Coolpix A camera flash

Ricoh GR vs. Nikon Coolpix A comparison from DxOMark and The Camera Store (Coolpix A review can be found here).


The Nikon Coolpix P330 ($359) was also tested by DxOMark and it got pretty good score:

"The Coolpix P330 is a better performing camera than the P7700, and better than the Nikon 1 V2. And yet it is the cheapest. If you are looking for a good compact camera for everyday use then, unless you have a specific need for interchangeable lenses or are desperate for a longer zoom range, the Nikon Coolpix P330 is a really excellent way to spend your money."

Canon Rebel T5i vs. Nikon D5200 drop test video:

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  • lorenzo

    Has any one tried yet to drop a Hasselblad H5D-200MS? 🙁

    • Eman Akcip
      • That’s a good one, have not seen it before.

      • lorenzo

        it didn’t look like the H5D-200MS ($43K at B&H).
        They give 2 year drops & spills for only $4,000…

      • Spy Black

        Right. They put the Phase on soft ground and the Hassleblad on a rock, AND they roll it. Yeah, that’s fair…

  • For the drop test, the young lady asks which camera does she drop next? She could drop D4 and a 200-400 into my camera bag.

  • Jake

    LOL at that drop test. What the hell would they expect to happen with two entry level DSLR camera and lenses. Seriously, what did they expect to happen with plastic mount lenses.

    • Martin Brooks

      That’s not even the problem. The problem with the test is that when dropped from one’s hands or pulled off a table, it’s going to tend to drop differently each time. The damage that results is going to be different depending upon the position that the camera was in when it was dropped. Therefore, no single test proves much of anything.

      And the plastic mount lenses might have resulted in less damage to the body. A metal mount wouldn’t have broken away and could have pulled the receiving mounts off of the body.

      Also, better lenses would tend to be heavier and the increased mass would probably cause more damage, not less.

      So a stupid and wasteful test. It would have been a better use of that equipment to simply walk up to some student in the street and hand them a camera and lens.

  • Zaini el-Akhmad

    the most stupid test ever

    • Darkness

      Useless attempt to promote BH “Drops and Spills” protection, notice the not so subtle leaflets instore?

  • disqus_QlHYblaSnt

    Jobu Design ? These 2 words should not be used in the same sentence since Jobu do not design they copy. Look at the Jobu Design Gimbal, looks remarkably like the Wimberley Gimbal. Now they have started on Really Right Stuff. RRS make some really great products, Jobu just copy other peoples designs.

    • Jude

      Yep, total RRS rip off!

  • Spy Black

    What’s the point of that D600 bracket?

    • Neopulse

      Wish I knew my damn self.

    • Smudger

      To ask the question shows that you would not understand the answer!
      Think ball head……….

      • Spy Black

        You’re right, I don’t understand the answer.

  • Spy Black

    When the Coolpix A drops to $500, I’ll be interested…

  • nawab

    I want a new silicon sleeve for D400 in PINK!

  • That Yellow thing wrapped around the D5200 is beyond UGLY>.

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