Icons with a Nikon


Camiso Undag has a nice collection of images of famous people caught holding a Nikon camera - check the entire gallery called ICONS with a NIKON on Facebook:

Icons with a Nikon 2

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  • Kynikos

    Anyone awaiting a D400 has certainly been conned.

  • Rick DeNatale

    I’d love to be able to see the referenced page but it seems to have been removed.

    My eye immediately went to the one with George Harrison, which, with the way it’s cropped, seems to be featuring his Rollei. The original photo which can be found with a google search shows he actually has the Rollei, a Kodak Retina, AND a Nikon F.

    As someone who grew up with both cameras and the Beatles in the 1960s, (I’ve been a Nikon shooter since 1970 when I picked up a used F) I remember seeing all of the Beatles with Pentax cameras more often than anything else.

  • Eric Calabos

    We’re waiting for I AM Hollywood
    4k cinema camera, 60fps, 16 stop DR , raw

    • waterengineer

      You will be waiting a long, long time. Good luck.

      • Martin Brooks

        I think we may be surprised. Technology is evolving very quickly (even though we’ve been waiting forever for more DX lenses and a D400). The 6.1MP D70 was released a little over 9 years ago. The D2X, released in January of 2005, carried an initial price of $5000 (and actually went up to $5500 at one point.)

        Look at today’s bodies. We might see a 4K, 60fps, 16 stop DR camera within five years.

    • Pedro

      Good luck waiting for it

  • AlphaTed

    Nikon: “I Con”

  • fjfjjj

    Wow, seeing all these non-photographers with Nikons makes me want to be a non-photographer too! Too bad I will never be…

  • Az

    NIkon’s advertising makes me cringe sometimes. Who the hell will even want to buy a Nikon camera because Khloe Kardashian uses one?

  • DonD

    Why doesn’t Nikon show the photos that these folks produced?

  • Can’t Believe It

    The older photos are so evocative of their era, it was a time when all you needed to be cool was an S2 and a protest song on the radio.

    I have a couple of lens questions: What lenses are Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee using? And what about Serge Gainsbourg and Kristen Bell? I especially like the smallness of the one on Serge’s F2.

  • Neopulse

    +9000 for “The Dragon”

  • Devo

    Hey Nikon, Let me just run out and buy one of your COOLPIX cameras because I saw Chris Brown and Lindsey Lohan use one. Pathetic, at least Canon’s adverts are tasteful nowadays. Nikon just that same song over and over again. Sad.

  • LousyChoices

    Who the hell thinks Castro is an Icon!!!!

    Ask some Cubans in Miami what they think. Why not Hitler? Mao? Kim Jong Il?

    How about some mass murderers with Nikons? Dhamers “inside the prison before I was stabbed” ads will be a total hit. It will definitely encourage the youngsters to buy a Nikon!!

    • Martin Brooks

      icon: A person or thing regarded as a representative symbol of something.

      Love him or hate him, Castro certainly represents a stalwart Communist and someone who has resisted the power of the United States. That makes him an icon.

      Besides, I really don’t think that this is all official Nikon promotion. I think someone just used the Nikon branding and plastered it over photos of people using Nikons. Some are real (Kutcher), but many (most?) are not. The Beatles never officially endorsed Nikon. And I’m sure Castro didn’t either. I doubt very much that Nikon is promoting Castro as a Nikon user.

  • mikeswitz

    Who are these a**holes who complain that Nikon uses celebrities to sell cameras. These self-righteous dolts think that they the “real” photographers can pass judgement on a company whose sole objective (no pun intended) is to manufacture and sell optics. I guess they are the same a**sholes who complain that Nikon is not making the exact piece of equipment they want at the exact moment they want it. And oh, why don’t they behave just like Canon.

    • Eman

      Because it is in Nikon’s best interests to be associated with a woman-beating Chris Brown or a famous for being a dumb whore Khloe Kardashian, right? Makes me proud to be a Nikon shooter knowing that Nikon endorses thugs and criminals.


      • mikeswitz

        So buy a Canon and stfu you self-rightous a**hole.

        • Eman

          Don’t cry, mate. Go back to listening to your Chris Brown CDs and watching Keeping with the Kardashians.

  • Martin Brooks

    I think they should have distinguished between celebs who actually used Nikons and those who were paid to pose in an ad.

    As for those of you who don’t think that celebrity endorsements sell products, you’re extremely naive and don’t understand marketing. Everyone thinks that they are unaffected by advertising, but the reality is that everyone is. Of course, celeb marketing can backfire, if they’re featuring someone you don’t like.

    • mikeswitz


  • JD Velasco

    i am a photographer for almost 10 years now and a member of camera club in our community.i have both Canon(older) & Nikon camera.Most of the time when a friend of mine/relatives plans to buy
    a DLSR camera, they usually asked me which brand of camera is better.I just told them its not about the brand.Its all depends on you learning the basic of photography.
    This Icons with a nikon photos has been circulated in FB for months now.I shared
    this to my wall.Days after, 3 of my friends asked me what particular Nikon camera is better because they are going to switch to NIkon.
    Also i noticed that some of my friends/relatives who are new into photography & buying a DSLR asked me about what particular Nikon model is best for them.
    They dont bother anymore asked which brand of camera is better.It seems that Icons with a nikon photos affects them in choosing what brand of camera
    to buy.Its funny coz most of the celebrities holding that nikon camera is not actually endorsing Nikon camera..:-)

  • Niels Joelsen Heilmann

    Its pleasure (y) (y)

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