This new Nikon D600 two lens kit offer will save you $500 *UPDATED*



Nikon USA introduced a new D600 two lens kit savings offer which includes:

  • Nikon D600 body
  • AF-S NIKKOR 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5G ED VR
  • AF-S VR Zoom-Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G IF-ED
  • WU-1b Wireless Mobile Adapter
  • D-SLR Pro Messenger Bag
  • 32GB Class 10 SD Card
  • Nikon Guide to SLR Photography

After a $500 savings, the listed price is $2,846.95 with free shipping at B&H. On the same kit, Adorama offers also a 2% in rewards (the Nikon Store listing is priced higher and it doesn't offer free shipping). This offer will end on June 1st, 2013.

Another similar D600 two lens kit from Adorama offers $550 in savings:


Other Nikon D600 kit combos can be found herehere and here.


I just came across few other Memorial Day deals:



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  • michele perillo

    would not touch ’em with a barge pole

    • Mauro Schramm

      Why not?

      • Spy Black

        Because those lenses are junk. B&H is just trying to get rid of their junk stock.

        • Actually those offers come from Nikon directly. After Nikon started to enforce their MAP pricing, retailers are very limited in terms of offering special deals and discounts.

          • Spy Black

            My mistake. Nikon is trying to get rid of junk stock…

            • Jonathan Ingram

              Well, certainly not pro glass, but both lenses have a decent quality to price ratio that will please a lot of people such as hobbyists/amateurs who are in the market to buy the D600. Bundled with the D800 would make less sense..

            • Simon Wells

              How about this forum tries to get rid of idiots like you? That would have my vote, for sure.

        • patto01

          They’re certainly not professional lenses but I wouldn’t call them “junk.” I guess you only drive luxury cars, as well.

        • Carlos F

          “Because those lenses are junk”

          Long term photo gear addiction and reviews, as well as pixel peeping have clouded your logic and judgement.

          Borrow these and go out and shoot. Otherwise shut the out.

          • Roscoe Tanner

            Good response Carlos…just read some of his previous posts, what a jerk.

          • niknik

            70-300 VR: Excellent lens
            24-85 VR: Very good lens

            I have both (along with various other prime lenses).

            • Aldo

              idk about the 24-85… I used it and distortion was pretty bad. Usually lenses distort in one direction eg. outwards for wider focal rages. This lens seems to distort outwards and inwards in the same focal length.

            • niknik

              I agree in that distortion is the weak point of the 24-85 VR.
              Still, keeping in mind that is a consumer zoom, almost constant f/4, with a very, very, useful range, quite good VR implementation, very light weight and compact, and with very decent resolution, I’d say is a very good lens.
              But I fully agree with you in that its weakest point (by far) is distortion.

            • Micah Goldstein

              They’re pretty on a D700. Anything more is pushing it. They’re good if you fear moire on a D700 or a D800e. Otherwise I think they’re a bit underpowered for the current generation cameras.

              But for those that can’t tell the difference, they’re great!

              EDIT: I take that back, I forgot how good the 70-300VR is. It’s sleeper. Not fast, but pretty damned sharp. I’d take it over the new or old 80-400 any day. I’d buy one, but my 70-200VR +tc14e cover that range comfortably.

            • Guest

              Yeah, I just shot my old 70-300 yesterday and

            • Jonathan Ingram

              Yeah, I just shot my old 70-300 yesterday for some birds and was reminded how nice it is.. (of course it was mid-day with plenty of light).

  • Abhishek

    This deal is available at Costco for more than 3 months. ($2889). It was down to 2389 when huge rebates were going on.

  • Eric Calabos

    that girl included?

  • Bob

    only available in states though ;-(

  • Rick

    not quite as good as the $2000 deal a while ago…d600+lens…the 70-300mm vr has always been a discount lens when u buy camera package deals, for like $400 or less.

  • jobel2

    what a crappy package

  • zeum

    Wow. Those of us that took advantage of the xmas special at B&H really made out like bandits. I got everything in this kit AND an additional 32gb card, monopod, for $2375 (camera and kit lens was 1996.95). On top of that I got 4% BH bucks and used it to get a free big and small rocket blower, zeiss cleaning kit, lens pen, RF remote and wired remote (for locking shutter) and 2x b+w uv filters. 471.95 saved! or 971.95 without the deal above!! SWEET! Love my d600!!!

  • Dave Ingram

    This can only mean that the true D700 replacement is on its way. That’s sarcasm : )

    For the record, I got the D600 + kit lens deal at Christmas and I love the camera. Did have to send it off for a sensor clean/shutter replacement though. Hope these new kits have got the shutter figured out and they’re not moving old stock.

  • Daniel

    worthless winthout a 50mm.

    • Micah Goldstein

      Worthless? Nah. Incomplete? To most, yes.

  • Billy Gates

    well my 600 went back 3 times and the last time it went back for good and was replaced by the D800 at no extra cost and with a $900 discount on a 24-70 2.8, mine must have been a real Dud i guess, the 24-85 is a good lens though just not the kind you would buy but as a giveaway its fine

    • Paul Everitt

      My company sent back a D3 for repair (hung shutter) three times in three months and got back a D3s. The D3s has now been in for repair TWICE! Meanwhile my D2x keeps cranking right along. It was built back in the day when Nikon was not cheaping out on the manufacturing of their products. Sony A99 anyone>

  • ggweci

    I’d love to see Nikon bring back the per-Xmas $2k kit price and throw in the 50mm 1.8G to sweeten the deal. I think that’d be a really attractive offer for those looking to jump to FX, myself included. The kit in this post does little in that respect, IMO.

  • g.h.

    Better deal at B&H: D600+24-85mm with the free wu-1b wireless adapter, camera shoulder bag, 32GB SD card, monopod, battery +2% reward for $2396. Add a 70-300mm for $386 separately if you want. Total $2,783.90 That Nikon Guide can be found for $10 on ebay.

  • Larrry

    That is the same D600 kit that Nikon custom designed for Costco. It still shows up on their web site at the same price, however, I heard last week that Costco was pulling stock due to slow sales. Appears that B&H inherited (or more likely, bought at wholesale discount) the excess stock. I looked at it, but I already owned the 70-300.

  • Micah Goldstein

    Save $2846.95 instantly! Don’t buy it!

    Spending money is only “saving” in sales double speak.

  • ayumex

    For those looking for a D600 deal in Canada, today only (May 23) Futureshop has a $200 off any lens when purchasing a D600 body or kit.

    It’s not as good as getting a free 50mm/1.8G but it’s close.


  • slimysnot

    not sure what market nikon is trying to target with this package. mainstream entry level photographers won’t spend $2900 on a new camera. rich entry level photographers won’t want the “cheap” lenses. previous nikon owners likely already have the 70-300, the sd card, and a better camera bag. so we’re pretty much paying $800 for the extra 24-85mm lens and the ability to geotag your pics (with the right apps)… so sad.

    • Drazen B.

      For the amateur and enthusiast photogs who feel only half-worthy until they own a full-frame DSLR. That’s who.

  • Hoosyerdaddy

    The D600 deal is actually not that good, unless you happen to want exactly what is included. The free lens Xmas deal was better.

  • Neopulse

    Not a bad kit, although not a huge fan of the 70-300mm though unless it’s on a crop sensor.

  • Tornadogirl

    Can’t get that price in Canada…a similar package but with a 70-200mm lens and no wireless module, bag or cards is going for almost $3800 at Vistek…ouch! I think I’ll wait to upgrade for now…

    • Paul Everitt

      The 70-300 lens with VR is a Ford. The 70-200 VR II is a Bentley. Hence the price difference.

  • Paul Everitt

    Instead of “Sticking” us all with the lens of the day, why not just give us a credit? I would DEARLY love a D600 with a 70-200 2.8 VRII. Take the hint NIKON!
    Also we should ALL be watching pricing very carefully. In September of 2012 the YEN was 78 YEN to the DOLLAR. Friday it was 100 YEN to the DOLLAR (down from a recent high of 103!). This either makes Nikon stock a SCREAMING buy because the have raised their YEN prices without raising their prices in Dollars OR they have LOTS of room to change Dollar based pricing for cameras and bodies. We will see when June 2nd comes, what NIKON’s next round is. NIKON also JUST seated a new board of directors, so we will have to see what they do.

  • Don’t buy it!

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