Weekly Nikon news flash #210





Yongnuo trigger YN-622N for Nikon



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  • From the Flash Havoc site, on the YN-622N, full group flash remote control will be available as in the Canon version. Will have to wait and see how it works. Pretty interested in this one.

  • Glen78

    Hopefully you mean 100m and not 100mm for the flash trigger. 100mm would be pretty limiting.

  • AnthonyH

    100mm range? That’s less than 4″, or more than the next poster.

    • 100m

      • Guest

        Mind’s bigger. 😉

      • AnthonyH

        Mine’s bigger. 😉

  • Vello Grip looks good. Hope they come out for the D7100

    • chubbs

      I was just thinking the same! Some aftermarket grips for the D7100 would be great!

  • rich

    I will get the yy-622n asap. the nikon millet bag looks nice. Looks like one of the lowes pro, but I can’t see myself wearing a nikon bag. Don’t want to get mug.

    • Looks sharp indeed. Would always be a bit wary of traveling with a large bag that has a huge Nikon logo printed on it. To me, they might as well print “steal me for quick cash on CraigsList” on it but heh, not sure if its worse than a Lowepro. 🙂

  • If anyone is interested in the Yongnuo trigger (I am), be wary of the Yongnuo Store. Follow NR’s advice and check Ebay. Their official store is on Ebay and after many complaints, Yongnuo issued an official statement that the store named Yongnuostore.com isn’t affiliated with them in any way. Not saying they are a bad place to buy, but if you want to stick to the safest route, buy on Ebay.

    • Official Yongnuo press release.

      • TrP

        I’ve used the Yougnoustore. They had issues after the Chinese New Year getting products out, but I think they are a legit company and are tempting to fulfil their end. I did order something on Feb 14 and finally received it a week or two ago, due to them being out of stock, lol. Will I order from them again, maybe. They did apologize and tried to make it up, so I may give them another shot.

    • Marco Santa Cruz

      actually, i’d purchase from amzon, can’t beat there return policy. make sure it ships from here and not china…

  • Chris

    About the bags: ‘Look at me, I’m a Nikon bag filled with expensive gear, please steal me!’
    I rather have a less brandname screaming bag.

    • Neil

      It’s for people who get top end cameras and lenses for point and shoot situations.

  • D4ve

    How can Tokina call that lens PRO when it’s only DX format?

    • Mike

      How can Porsche claim to build sports cars when most of the time they are stuck in traffic with the rest of us?

      I’m sure somewhere a Hassleblad user is asking “how can you be a pro, you’re shooting only 35mm?”

      To suggest a DX user is none pro is silly.

    • Neil

      Same way that some people think that using a D800, D4, etc. makes them a pro.

    • iamlucky13

      Aside from the naive belief that professional status is dictated by the size of the image circle (in which case, any Hasselblad user would laugh at any Nikon user who called themself a “pro”) Tokina puts the “Pro” label on all their lenses with instant autofocus override.

      Which is redundant marketing, because they also label them FC (“focus clutch”), but most marketing drones in any company believe that confusing the customer with an overwhelming litany of acronyms and shorthand is somehow a good thing.

      Just look at the list of acronyms on the new 80-400 page:

      FX, AF-S, ED, SWM, IF, N, SIC, M/A, A/M (yes, they list both A/M and M/A side-by-side).

  • big suprise

    A case with a big Nikon logo on it. A very good idea to tell all the others: hey, I take a lot of expensiv stuff with me. Great invitation for criminals!

    • John

      I agree – the last thing I want is a bit Nikon logo on the side of anything I have. Although I don’t mind it on my lens and bodies, the first thing I do to my Nikon strap (which I happen to like so I keep them) is use a black magic marker to color over the yellow Nikon logo . . .

  • The Yongnuo trigger YN-622N website must be one of the shitest websites ever! I couldnt find the exact item on ebay… Does anyone know if you can control the power on each flash?

    • Well, not really defending Yongnuo because their website is pretty awful, but while the YN-622N was reported as released, it has yet to “officially” released. Yongnuo also does silent releases from time to time. Lets say they let their products and price do the marketing… My guess is it is not really out yet, but expect it within a few days / weeks. If you don’t want to get scammed, check the official Ebay store, hkyongnuophotoequipment.

      A Yongnuo engineer gave some information to Flash Havoc and according to him, it will do better than the YN-622C (Canon). It will do TTL + Modes + Manual power + FEC on three separate groups. Does HSS, Rear curtain sync, AF Assist Lamp… Not too shabby. Just not sure how Yongnuo did TTL + remote Group control. Other companies added an LCD because the Nikon In-Camera menus can’t seem to be able to do it through a RF trigger (like it can with a standard flash).

      Pixel is also coming up with an updated Pixel Kings (II) that will have an LCD for full power control and groups on Nikon. Wouldn’t hold my breath… Also likely twice the price as these.

  • AR22

    The english description is now online http://www.hkyongnuo.com/e-detail.php?ID=314

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