Google will not support Capture NX


When Goole acquired Nik Software, they did not purchase the Capture NX software and have no intentions of supporting it. This information was provided to a reader who contacted the Nik software division of Google. Capture NX ($135) was initially developed by Nik Software after Nikon invested in the company back in 2006. It remains to be seen who will take over the future development of Capture NX and when NX3 will be released.

After Google purchased Nik Software, they started selling the entire plugin collection for $149. Existing owners can download all plugins for free.

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  • Nik

    Well well, so it has begun!

    • Mauly

      what has begun exactly?

      • Nik

        Google first kicked CNX2 and then will everything else.

        • Calibrator

          And they even hired Brian Matiash from onOne Software (Perfect Photo Suite)!
          -> The world as we know it is coming to an end!

          • Fraucha

            Will there be Zombies? And monkeys running wild in the streets?

            • Calibrator

              The zombies are already here…

  • ralphdaily

    I think Nikon has been supporting Capture NX2 for the last couple of years out of its Tokyo (small) development group. For some reason Nikon & Nik fell out awhile ago.

    • IndyReader

      Since they refuse to answer or respond to my CNX2 bug report, I would guess that it would have to be Nikon handling the support, as you mention.

  • I can’t blame them for not supporting Capture NX, it is junk. It always has been. Good riddance to this crappy code.

    • Nik

      Yes, it is, if you can´t use it. But for many of us it´s a good sw., with best results.

      • alvin

        mmh… i’m a old fan of NX..BUT..tried ACR last version,..and must admit it gives better results as far as to retrieve shadow details from my D200 , with less pattern noise etc…sad but true; tried all possibile permutations…but ACR wins… as if knowing the weak points of my camera its working to hide them: with seems that nikon is forcing old users to upgrade to newer models because of old crappy sensors..but with newer software written in a decent way I can get by without buying the last cameras to speak..

        • Nik

          Can you show some samples? Thanks.

          • Fry

            Pushed shadow recovery to 100% in CNX, and the same thing for shadows and blacks in LR4.4, here you go:

            CNX JPG:

            LR4 JPG:

            original NEF:

            • Fry

              I just noticed I’m not running the latest (and greatest) version of CaptureNX, so I upgraded my 2.3.4 to the current 2.4.1 version – aaaaaaaaaaand – it made absolutely no difference 🙂
              Try for yourself, the original NEF is available above 🙂

            • Steve

              Not a good example. CNX picture is much brighter so ran out of shadow colors. So what?

            • Fry

              lol, what are you talking about ? See any detail on the “10” ? It’s dark with absolutely no information.
              You have the NEF available – please process it in CNX the “correct” way so it brings the same detail as the jpg from LR.
              And then please tell me exactly what you did, so I can replicate it – and learn something new about CNX in the process.

            • Nik

              The first try was pretty bad example, the second one is better.
              My best was +2/60% (exposure/light). Then took your LR image to CNX2 and set the recovery to 50%.
              There is not a huge difference, but still slightly more details from LR. Probably because a neutral profile with wrong (flat) colors.

              I will try to compare some images from my camera tomorrow.

            • Fry

              yep, I was too excited about that difference to give it a second thought 🙂

              But still, even with +2EV, contrast -20 and portrait profile in cnx, I could not get the “10” with shadow recovery to be as bright, as in LR without basically destroying the fine detail.

            • John Baxter

              If you need EX+2, or shadows=100, or blacks=100, then there are serious problems with your shooting, or you are the 0.00001% with special needs.

            • Fry

              The question was which RAW processor can bring out more details. The answer is Lightroom.

      • Goldeneye

        Having used both I think they each lead in different areas. CNX2 has a slightly better default colors and tone curves and can read/use the native camera profiles stored on Nikon cameras. ACR for both PS and LR has a better user interface, more powerful noise reduction options, better longitudinal chromatic aberration correction, and built in lens corrections for a wider range of popular lenses (CNX2 only supports Nikon lens).

    • gsum

      If you’d used Capture NX, you wouldn’t post such rubbish. Capture NX is worth the price for the Selection Tool alone which is far more effective than anything that Adobe has managed to produce. The RAW processor is THE best on the market for Nikon cameras and the D-lighting tool is far better than Photo$hop’s colour mangling shadow/highlight shambles. Give it a try – you might be pleasantly surprised.

      • AlainCl

        Capture NX is a bloated and buggy app. Its RAW conversion is ever-so-slightly better than Adobe’s but not worth the time, expense or grief. Nikon is a lousy software company and they know it

        • Nik

          Just another beginner 🙂

          • anon

            I love capture because it’s simple and fast to use. if you aren’t doing crazy retouching and special affects, it’s great. so anyone saying it’s crap is an idiot because it’s not. For people who just want to shoot and do some quick processing, PS is a giant PITA.

            but he’s not wrong about its inefficiencies and buggy-ness. Editing d800 lossless-compressed raw files is slow, but my computer hangs up on cropping every time. i’m talking between 45 seconds to 5 minutes. And my comp isn’t terrible. 4gb ram, Core 2 Quad 6600 overclocked. So nothing special, but capture shouldn’t freeze up the way it does. So far i haven’t seen anyone else with the issue, but it was doing that as soon as i got the d800 on a fresh install of win7

            • Fry

              PS is not a replacement for CNX – Lightroom is.

              I have been a LR oponent ever since I compared the trial versions of LR3 and CNX and ended buying CNX.

              I have used CNX for about 2 years, then I bought LR4. The first LR4 releases have not been really “true” to Nikon colors, but the accuracy improved greatly in LR 4.2. In fact it improved to the point that I stopped using CNX and switched to LR. It’s simply way faster than CNX and unlike CNX, it has never crashed. And now the results look great as soon as I import my pictures with the Nikon neutral profile.

            • Robert Ash

              How do do a Nikon neutral profile? is it built in to Lightroom 4?

            • Robert Ash

              How do you do a Nikon neutral profile? [sorry for the typos above, had to retype my question]

            • Fry
            • EricB

              4gb of RAM is not enough. You’ll have much better performance with 8gb of RAM. I’ve had no problems running the current versions of Capture NX2 with 64 bit Win 7 or Win 8. As with other comments, the control points and selection tools are excellent.

            • anon

              if this is the issue, i’ll likely just buy a new computer. I hate investing money in upgrading computers, especially since it seems last generation stuff (RAM especially) is more expensive than current gen. Probably because so few companies make the old stuff…..

              Perhaps this is part of my issue as well. I’m editing files with CaptureNX2 that are hosted on a NAS on a 1.0Gb network. Granted it’s a fast NAS (Synology ds710 with 7200RPM drives), which should hand about approximate 90MByte/s transfer on a single large file. BUT… That should only deal with load and save, not actually processing the edits. I actually have no issues loading/saving. That is very fast.

            • cristian

              I completely agree with you. I love capture because it’s easy and completely non-destructive for the original image: if you re-open a retouched photo you can change every single adjustment/mask/setting you made without the need to start again from scratch.

            • Spy Black

              What makes you think you can’t do that in Photoshop?

        • Fry

          Since when did Nikon develop Capture NX ?

          Nik in Nik Software does not stand for Nikon – it stands for “Nils Kokemohr”, the founder of Nik Multimedia, a Hamburg based company specialized on graphics/printing/image editing software, their first product was “Nils’ Type Efex!” – a collection of around 2 hundreds Photoshop Actions. In 2006 the company name changed to Nik Software.

          • Calibrator

            Mohamed Atta was based in Hamburg, too!

    • umeshrw

      Agreed that speed and gui is not good but what makes it worthwhile is that most of the corrections I do are saved in the original raw file itself and for critical jobs; that 10 percent extra accuracy (that’s 99 percent of the actual for me) in colour and exposure that capture gives is very important.

  • Paul K

    I guess Capture NX is going the route of the SnapSeed Desktop which Google already killed. I really wonder if Google is going to keep the Nik Software plugins around or just cannibalise what they need and put what want in Picassa.

    • I think they will soon axe Picassa as well.

      • Robert Ash

        What makes you think that? Interesting thought. I was thinking more along the lines of what Paul K is thinking.

        • For the same reason they killed Google reader and many other products. If they can’t make money from it, they will axe it. In addition, they are pushing g+ and want you to share your pictures there. Just my opinion.

          • St.

            Google bought Nik only to acquire SnapSeed – to compete with Apple’s Instagram. That’s all! Clear and simple.
            They will cut off all parts of Nik, which are not profitable (as Admin said). I uess they are keeping the plugins by now, but in a year or two if they on’t bring them any profits, they will send them in hell…
            Google – as much as I like you, as much I hate you!

            • Facebook purchased Instagram, not Apple.

            • Glooogles

              I guess the point is that they bought SnapSeed to attempt to compete with Facebook (through G+). G+ sucks by the way, and SnapSeed is poorly known. I don’t think that Google knows what’s its doing half the time. They have so much money from AdWords, they just buy stuff and see what sticks. If they ever made a more SIMPLE version of G+ (circles are the worst for older/low-attention span people to figure out), they might actually get a sufficient user mass.

  • ulswk

    I own the NIK Software package for lightroom. Does this mean, that I can download the Photoshop version aswell ? where ???

    • Yes, I received an email with a download link. Check your spam folder.

      • ulswk

        when did you receive this mail ? my spam folder is empty. if this mail was sent a while ago, maybe I deleted it by mistake.

        • The email I received was like 10 days ago and it was in my spam folder which is funny because I use gmail.

          • ulswk

            ok. thanks.. I will contact nik support

          • Classic! Gmail spam filters a Google company!

            • and this is not first time I had Google emails in the spam folder

        • Paul K

          I received my email on March 25, 2013 @ 9:35 AM PDT

  • RakSiam

    Nik said a long time ago that they were out of the CNX business. So this should surprise no one.

    • I have not heard that. Do you have any link/reference?

      • I was told this by a NIK representative last Sept. at Photoshop World 1 or 2 weeks before the Google acquisition.

      • RakSiam

        There are threads over at Nikonians talking about it from the summer of 2011. One refers to this thread on flickr
        from around the time of the release of CEP4 which was/is not compatible with CNX2. Questions were asked and Nik’s rep stated that they had no idea what Nikon’s plans were with regard to the future of CNX and that it was Nikon’s product, basically. While CEP3 was still CNX2 compatible, it was no longer sold by Nik and you could only get it via Nikon. Pretty sure I read other things since then which basically said there was no longer any relationship between Nik and Nikon with regard to this product or any other.

      • El Aura

        I cannot find any official reference but Thom Hogan, who knows a thing or two about Nikon, has been repeatedly been on record saying that Capture NX has been solely Nikon’s responsibility for quite some time.

        (1) Most recently here:

        (2) And that Nik Software never developed the main part of Capture NX, they just wrote some adjustment controls (U-point) and might have maintained that part for a few years but haven’t been involved with it for some time now:

        (3) Here a non-Thom Hogan post:

        (4) Here is a 2009 post by Thom Hogan which is most instructive:

  • goldaccess

    Nikon should concentrate on things they are good in (making camera hardware) and abandon things they are really bad in (software). They should work together with Adobe and put a copy of Lightroom into every camera box.

    • Neil

      Yes, and allow Adobe total access to the NEF to render it as NX would. That would make Lightroom perfect for me. Instead Lightroom is 90% perfect for me.

    • Fry

      I really doubt Nikon had anything other to do with Nik software, than giving them money to make ViewNX so they could give away a basic RAW processor for free.

      Capture NX was imho just a way for Nik to capitalize on the know-how they received from Nikon.

      Nik software has always been a 3rd party.

      • Neil

        No, it was a redo of Nikon Capture and View which predated the relationship with Nik Software. Nikon supplied the SDK and Nik provided the GUI wrapper and U-point.

        • Thom Hogan

          Correct. And with NX2, the code and maintenance of it was passed back to Nikon by Nik. The history of Capture is actually pretty interesting and reveals both insight and overconfidence on the part of different parts of Nikon.

          @martin: Be aware that Nikon has been actively licensing code from others since the mid-90’s, including some code that is in EXPEED. Thus “quite good at software development” has a slightly different meaning than I think you intended.

          • Thom, do you know if Nikon is working on the next version (NX3) or they will outsource it?

            • Thom Hogan

              I think Nikon is messed up. Both Mac and Windows are now basically going to be once-a-year OS updates. My guess is that they’ve found themselves in a corner. I mean, how will Capture work with touch screen interfaces, such as Windows 8? I’m sure they’re trying to do it themselves, but that’s a big mistake. Look how well they “improved” My Picturetown ;~).

            • Spy Black

              I don’t really know anything about Capture NX, but how critical is Capture NX really? What does it offer that you can’t do by processing and optimizing data in View NX and saving in, say, a 16-bit TIFF and finishing it off in Photoshop?

            • a4

              If I may – U-points themselves are argument big enough to use CNX2 over VNX2 (and Photoshop most of the time…)

            • Spy Black

              Again, I’m not familiar with the app, but I suppose if you’re experienced enough with Photoshop and take advantage of View NX raw prepping capability, chances are you’re not gonna miss it too much.

            • aaa

              Try control points and you will see.

            • pat

              Compared to Phase One Capture One raw converter, Capture NX2 is slow to use, tools hard to locate and workflow confusing to establish. However there are some things Nikon high end users need to do, that NX2 does better than other programs such as reducing moire, so there ain’t much choice! But compared to Phase One, you get what you pay for.

            • Allen_Wentz

              Windows 8 and touch screen remain tiny in the pro images content creation marketplace. And Win 8 desktop is largely DOA in the desktop market.

            • migs

              I think therein lies the heart of the matter. Google didn’t take Capture on, when they Bought Nik, and Nikon either appear to have put it in a drawer and forgotten about it or don’t have the skills/resources to make NX3 work properly.

              In software terms, NX2 is as old as the hills, and has long been surpassed by other RAW converters. We can all appreciate the benefits of colour accuracy, but when the rest of the application lags behind almost every competitor- as NX2 now clearly does – it’s difficult to defend.

              Frankly, just about the only feature which keeps it installed on my machine is U-Point. Given that I have after-RAW access to U-Ponit in the the Nik plugins in PS, even that isn’t the exclusive it was.

    • Steveio

      Nikon should just adopt DNG. I enjoy lightroom and use it everyday for my work, but subtle color differences drive me nuts sometimes.. particularly reds/oranges. Colors are 90%+ there in LR 4.x thankfully (compared to NX renders), but still a pain nonetheless. Can’t use NX for high volume work though.. I think Ryan Brenizer described it something like being dragged over broken glass in the hot sun, or something to that effect 😉 I have to agree…

      • Csaba Molnár

        Can’t agree with you more! But don’t have high hopes – Nikon (and many Japanese companies) suffer from the NIH syndrome :-/

    • yakker

      Exactly. Such an easy solution. I’d even be happy to buy a copy of LR if they would just show Adobe how to make it work right. The quality of NX without the disastrous speed and interface. Unfortunately, I’ve got full confidence Nikon won’t do this, there’s just no customer focus there.

    • umeshrw

      They wouldn’t bundle it even if they would tie up with adobe. They don’t bundle Capture nx2 ( Cheap ) even with D4. Let alone expensive LR.

    • NO! I like CNX, it gives me better images than adobe, and relying on just one software manufacture is BAD

    • Martin

      Actually, Nikon is quite good at software development. Sure the hardware is good but something has to control that hardware and that is good software. With the release of the D3 and D300, Nikon made huge strides in high ISO noise levels. Not only was that the result of hardware improvements but some pretty nifty software development as well.

  • Amit

    i think NikSoftware got SCROOGLED…their software used to be great but it doesn’t perform on Windows 8. I have been waiting for 5 1/2 months without any luck. i “think” the latest version google provides isnt a new version at all…but its just a rebranding of the same old version…here is what i got from customer support last week and now all i hear is “tumbling weeds”…


    Thank you for contacting Nik by Google. I’m sorry
    to hear that you’ve been having trouble using our plugins on your machine. You most definitely have enough processing power to perform these tasks. While Windows 8 wasn’t a supported platform earlier, it is supported as of our most recent release (this Monday). You’ve already performed all the steps that I would have recommended, at this time I will contact our engineering department for assistance. In the meantime, if you may have any additional questions, please reply to this email or visit to call our Customer Service Department Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm PST.

    Best Regards,



    Nik by Google, Inc. |
    Photography first®

    • I just sent a message to NIK letting them know that the software does not open in LR4 on my Windows 8 machine. It works perfectly on my Windows 7 laptop and both downloads were done within the same 24 hr. period.

      • Jason

        I downloaded the Nik by Google collection over the weekend and am using it just fine on Windows 8, LR4, and PS CS6. I didn’t have any problems with the installation or launching it from LR or PS. I didn’t have a version of the Nik Collection before this. This was a fresh install.

        • LarrC

          +1. I had the former version and it has been working fine on my WIn 8 PC and my Win 8 Lenovo Yoga. The upgrade continues to work fine.

  • Claude B.

    Competition on Nik name (Nikon & NIK) 🙂

  • Samizdat2003

    Forgive the stupid (and somewhat off-topic) question, but am I correct in believing that If I own Lightroom 4 I can use the $149 Nik Software plugin collection with it?

    I also own Capture NX 2 but I’ve been under the impression that the Nik collections haven’t been integrated with CNX2 for a while, which is to say if I want to use the Nik plugins I will have to do so from some other program such as Lightroom. Is that also correct?


    • EricB

      The Nik collection may be launched as stand alone applications. I’ve been using Silver Efex for years as a stand alone. Depending on the version, you may need to save your file as a TIF. You can also take the edited TIF back into Capture NX2 and make additional edits (although you can’t change edits from before creating a TIF). The additional edits are reversible in Capture NX2 if you save the file as a NEF.

    • JonasHaerter

      Only HDR Efex Pro 2 is stand alone, but a stack of photos has to be exportet to with Options to HDR Efex Pro 2 and processed there, the Result can be modifieed in LR 4.x.

      All other Plugins are opened from wihin LR and are opening in an smaler Window on top, you may chose if you want to work with the original Raw or with a copy (chose later), after finishing the raw-file is reopened in LR. LR can not take back changes of plugins, so work with a copy.

      I have got the German Version and can not tell you the corect English names and sorry for my bad English.

      and open Support + use in other applications

    • JimP

      These plugins work like a charm with CaptureNX2. Just use “Open With” (You’ll need to browse to the .exe file in the Google folder). Capture NX2 will send a TIFF file to the plugin.When you’re finished you’ll find the modified TIFF in ViewNX2. You can re-open in Capture NX2 and continue editing.

      • Samizdat2003

        Thanks, Jim, and everyone else for the info!

  • Eric

    Ouch! Please, tell me that we are not headed to a world where Adobe is the only player standing. Not that their products are not very good, but rather that the lack of competition at that level is already been felt with the amount of money Adobe is extracting for their products. Has Adobe killed the competition? It’s beginning to look like it unless someone steps up to the plate in a big way.

    • Spy Black

      From a professional standpoint, Adobe is a monopoly. I mean, have you ever seen a professional graphics job ad looking for somebody proficient in Corel Draw and Photopaint? How ’bout Gimp and Inkscape? The Microsoft of graphics, my friend.

    • Mansgame

      I honestly wouldn’t mind having a “standard” years’ worth of lightroom catalogs would be very useless if Adobe closed shop all of a sudden or there were incompatible competitors. That’s the Quickbooks model 😉

    • Allen_Wentz

      Adobe is not your friend. Ever since the Dreamweaver merger monopolist dominance and forcing developers to the fold have been strongly emphasized there.

      I am thrilled that a fast Aperture workflow on an i7 MBP has way reduced my reliance on PS.

      • joe_partinelli

        it was the Marcomedia merger, not Dreamweaver, Dreamweaver was one of Macromedia’s products.

  • Nickster

    I have been using View NX2 and Capture NX2 for years and I am very very happy with the image quality. And the software is innovative in other ways too.

    I use Nikon cameras with the ADR feature and no other software fully understands this ADR proprietary info.

    So Nikon have three options:

    1/ They ditch this ADR feature in their cameras. Not sensible since it works so well! And what about all those photographers who have existing NEFs with ADR info in them?

    2/ Or, they release information about this proprietary ADR info so that other apps like Lightroom, Aperture etc can process it properly and can produce comparable results to View/Capture NX2.

    3/ Or, Nikon buy the rights for View/Capture NX2 from Google and take it forward themselves.

    I vote for #3 as best possible outcome. Otherwise #2.

    My two penny/cents worth!

  • tobi

    I dont have potoshop lightroom or aperture, how can i use the Nik software? do they have standalone versions? Can I use the plugins from some other software like eg : Irfanview ?

    • FredBear

      Not sure with the latest release but one could convert the images to TIFF format and then drag the file onto Nik software desktop icons (i.e. you’d have to make shortcuts on your desktop).
      This will open the file and allow processing.
      Funny thing is one could also drag NEF files onto the NIK icons and they would open – but you can’t save them afterwards (as NEF and there’s no ‘save as’ to convert to TIFF).

  • Alan

    Just a heads up to anyone using Nik on Mac– it includes that stupid Google Software Update. I bought the plug-in pack, but junked it when I found Google already managed to get GSU integrated in.

    People may not care, but for me, I don’t like a root process always running that has the power to install any code it chooses onto my machine. I wish Google would just do what most companies do and put updaters in each application that can only update that application.

    Deleting GSU doesn’t kill it. It’ll get reinstalled automatically. You need to remove all Google software and then rip GSU out by the roots.

    • GreatGoogleyMoogley

      Paranoid much? And yet you love Steve Jobs’ locked-in system? iTunes is way more perverted than anything Google’s ever made.

      • Alan

        Sorry, what exactly qualifies as “paranoid”? Describing exactly what Google describes in their own documentation for GSU, believing that proper sandboxing and permissions control are essential to good security, or believing that there might be bad people on the internet?

        None of this has anything to do with Apple really, other than the fact that it’s the platform this piece of software runs on. As far as iTunes, I’m not a fan of the interface but iTunes doesn’t have the ability to update Safari, for example, or install kernel extensions or root processes without asking me.

        But then, none of that is going to matter here because your irrelevant comments and aggressive posture indicate that you are a) a troll, b) a Google shill, or c) all of the above.

  • “Existing owners can download all plugins for free.” More info or link please. I haven’t heard this. Just the $149.00 bundle.

    • There is no public link, I received an email from Google with the link.

      • Thanks for the info!! I was a little bummed because I had recently upgraded from silver efex to silver efex 2, basically because my new Mac wouldnt support the old version. The upgrade was around a 100.00, so I was shocked when all this happened. Anyway contacted support and the just sent me the link for the free bundle! All downloaded and good to go! Thanks again!

  • I have LR4 and NX but find the best image quality comes from Phase one’s capture one pro 7…

    • Just a photographer

      With Phase One it’s the same pain as with LR: colors just don’t fit. And LR is even better in highlight recovering.

      I use CNX2 for my professional work and I’m very satisfied with the results. Speed is superb (I7 950 12 GB RAM Win7 64 Bit), only highlight recovering should be better. U-Points are stunning. Hope there will be version 3 soon.

  • Kimaze

    Hi my current Niksoftware is for Lightroom only, if i download the new Niksoftware does it allow me to use in Photoshop? Can anyone help?

  • Kimaze

    Hi my current Niksoftware is for Lightroom only, if i download the new Niksoftware does it allow me to use in Photoshop? Can anyone help?

  • No mention of Phase One Capture One? You know, the software that kicks any of the aforementioned into touch, the one that actual pros use?

  • Personally after using CX2 for years I recently switched to DXO Elite.
    In the past CNX was superior to any software for color rendition with files produced by Nikon.
    Now DXO last release offer equal capability for colors but much more flexibility and filterers.
    Offering the posisblity to make lenses correction also if you use 3th part leneses
    I found DXO also more intuitive than LR and you get same results in less time or better result in same time.

    • Dave in NC

      I agree. My experiences with DxO Elite have been excellent. It works well and batch processes beautifully. Its processing engine is very powerful.

    • Mark Finney

      I use both DxO Pro and LR4, with DxO the clear preference. With LR4 I feel I’m always battling its idea of what my workflow should be. DxO is better for architecture and anything where distortion is an issue. LR4 is better for portraits and coping with mixed lighting.

  • regular

    Just one more reason to dislike Google.

  • What Nikon has to do, is publish the specs of his RAW format. That or use DNG (which is an open format).
    This way, any developer, could produce software for processing the RAW files. It’s a win/win, more software to choose from (with better capabilities and quality) and less work for Nikon.
    Oh and Nikon, by the way, Canon, Sony, Pentax,… they already know what’s inside your RAW files. It’s not so hard to decrypt one. 😉

  • scvbruce

    Advantages of Upgrading to Google NIK?

    I’ve heard several negative impacts about the new Google NIK plugins, but for a current NIK user, are there any advantages to upgrading?

  • jagigen

    I would love CNX2 raw corrections etc as plugin to Apples Aperture!

  • disiderio

    I can’t believe it. Please wait whilst I turn off my gas lamp, hop into my model t ford and go to the post office to send a telegraph to Nikon showing my displeasure.

    PS: Good riddance to the outdated junk, Nikon needs to play ball and start working with industry leaders a little more.

  • David Martin

    Help please! The information says existing can download all plugins for free.
    How does one do it? Thanks in advance.

  • David Martin

    Please help! The information states that previous/existing purchasers can download all plugins for free. How does one do it? Thanks in advance.

  • Jonathan Ingram

    That is too bad about capture NX. I use light-room for my workflow anyway, but NX does offer some advantages for those willing to go through the extra step. I’m not sure how I feel about the google aquisition of Nik though. Nik has put out some great products in the past, and while I’m grateful for the overall price drop, I hope they can still continue to provide photographers with intuitive and cutting-edge products.

  • KnightPhoto

    So in the past 18 months… whose been issuing all the NX2 updates we got?
    – 64 bit and stability which has been absolutely great since then;
    – Mac OS X updates;
    – all the new camera updates every month or two?

    If that was Nik Software and they are no longer going to do that, we are in trouble. But I’m guessing all of the above was not coming from Nik, in which case we are fine?

    I am really worried, Sure I could transition from a pure Capture NX2 guy into a Photoshop (or more prob for me a DxO and Aperture) guy. But what I CANNOT do is go back through 7 years of NEF shooting and redo my Capture NX2 NEF edits. I require continuous for-all-time access to my old NX2 edits. I.e. say I have a heavily processed NEF image from 2008 and I get a sale and need to go back and reproduce it. If I no longer have access to my NEF Edits, which given control points and the like can be very selective, I could have real trouble reproducing my old images 🙁

    • JC

      Jeeeeeeeeeesus, what about to convert them to TIFF?

      • KnightPhoto

        TIFF is for all you Togs that don’t use Capture NX2. TIFF is a locked in format, not flexible at all. Never use it, well except for HDR’s coming out of Photomatix. But aside from that I have a completely TIFF-free workflow.

  • whoami5423

    I can understand the reasoning but I really wish it wasn’t true. I love using NX2 personally (with Color Efex 3) and really like the results I get – not to mention I really like the editing workflow. I hope that Nikon still invests in a NX3 upgrade or at least continues to work on NX2.

  • Barzin Daragahi

    For people who use Nikon Cameras, especially DSLR and shoot raw,Capture NX is very valuable. I have to do 80% more work in LR to get the photos to the quality I want in Capture NX. Don’t believe me… Here’s an easy test… Download Capture NX2 Trail, take a raw photos in different lighting situations. Open photo’s in both LR/PhotoShop and NX2. There is no doubt you will be far more pleased with the NX2 photo’s. What’s even better is NX2 conversion from RAW to JPEG. For Nikon DSLR photographers who shoot in RAW… it’s a MUST OWN!!!

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