Nikon D7100 now shipping in Europe, new sample images available online


The Nikon D7100 is currently shipping in Europe. In the US the camera is expected to start shipping tomorrow (March 14th). If you have pre-ordered the D7100 kit, you may have to call your store to adjust the price after the new $100 instant rebate kicks in tonight. Here are some additional sample images from the D7100:

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  • Dorkus Maximus

    Holy smokes! I just might hold off jumping to full frame after seeing those high iso samples. Can’t wait to see more.

    • amien

      Full frame wont provide you any extra resolution – it just helps for wide angle prime lenses (241.4G, zeiss 15mm, 28mm 1.8G)

      • goutraa

        he said high iso, not hi-res

      • Dorkus Maximus

        As goutraa said, I said high ISO. Also, I know resolution won’t be better but detail will be. It always is on full frame. I’m getting tired of fuzzy pictures with a DX camera. The comparisons I’ve seen between DX and FX (even with sharp lenses) still shows the FF cam to catch those details I’m looking for – especially in landscape (trees on a hill looking like fuzz). With no low-pass filter and 24MP, the D7100 would bring it back to the D70 days where the filter was very light – resulting in extremely sharp photos…even for a 6MP camera. I still regret selling that camera.

        • dgm

          I know I’ll sound like a dinosaur … have you ever tried a D2Hs ? Subtle image quality despite a 4Mp sensor; loads of details great enlargements on paper …. I you long for the D70, have a look at that one (D2Hs not D2h)

          • Jonathan Ingram

            Haha…, what a refreshing post! Seriously. yes, you can make usable images at 4mp if you do it right. :0) I’m still getting a d800 though. The d7100 would have to be pretty spectacular for high iso, dr, low noise capabilities to sway me. Still, may make a nice back up camera. Can’t wait to see the detailed sensor reviews.

            • Multy

              I was going after a second D7000 (my main body is a Nikon FX), but my dealer could not find any without a
              lot of dust particles (he tried 4 – I asked him to examine because of the problems with D600), and then the new D7100 was very interesting (perhaps they had solved the dust problem ?), but the only complaint I had about the D7000 was the slow buffer, and this here is …..even slower

              Yes you can shoot in crop-mode, but then you loose some in the
              viewfinder, and as everybody knows the viewfinder in DX is not as fine
              and bright as in FX, so I do not want this even worse, and at the
              same time you loose the extra pixel for printing huge or for

              … one step forward and one step back, sorry to say.

      • dgm

        And don’t forget DOF / Bokeh, amonsgt other things

  • No longer Pablo Ricasso

    The images are better than I expected, particularly the landscapes. Many of the other images showed what is the best use for such a camera – sports and wildlife. Let the complaints begin…

  • scott800

    I’m really excited to see what the d7100 brings to the table in terms of video IQ. With recent reviews of the d5200 (toshiba sensor) on sites like this one … … where the quality of video is comparable to the 5dmkiii. It would be awesome if they have made any other video improvements.

    • Fran

      Stop spamming your website in every article.

      • Eric Calabos

        I dunno about spamming, but EOSHD’s owner name is Andrew, not Scot! and he doesnt need to promote his popular website in this way

        • Global

          Also, promoting an EOS (Canon) website on a Nikon forum wouldn’t really be efficient. And OP indicated D7100 quality is equal to a high-end Canon full-frame. +1 this was a useful link, not spam.

  • That’s looking great up to 12800, very usable!

    • jake

      maybe for you, but for my needs , I cannot use any higher ISO setting of it than ISO800, I can comfortably go as high as ISO1600 with my D600 and D800E, though.

      • Palombasso

        Curious: what are you needs where that amount of noise is not ok?
        Actual question, as I’m comparing to the entry level D5000 I own and of course find it much better.


  • Bob

    Amazon UK still lists release date as March 21 there could be supply problems for the UK. Also for Nikon to meet demand these units would have been made a few months back which if we all remember was the height of the dust/oil issue so these units could very well have those issues..,something to think about.

    • UK

      Ive had confirmation that my camera will be ready for collection tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

      • Bob

        Think you done the right thing getting it from an independent shop. On time and Better service 🙂

        • uk

          and they offered me a great part ex on my d300s!

          • Bob

            Nice 🙂 Glad to hear there’s still shops like that in the UK they are getting few and far between these days

    • CP

      The argument is flawed. To meet the demand for Nikon D600 they would have manufactured the D600 units long before D600 would have released.

      • DH

        It was not just the d600 but also almost current D800, D5200 etc which would be all made at the same time. Just wait and see there will be a lot of D7100 sensor spot complaints. And as the other Nikon forum has been talking about: shutter box problems as discovered on test models at the last trade show….

  • 120-300 os for Nikon

    On you tube is already unboxing at page 7 Hungary wins this time.

    • I searched earlier today and could not find an unboxing video. Do you have a link? Thanks.

      • jake

        I wish I could put it up but I could not open the box because mine was rented unit and I am not good at video , I also cannot have anyone to shoot me unboxing it in front of a tripod, anyway, it is available in many many cities in Asia , Euro.
        There are many lucky people already’ve got it and comparing it to their D7000 , D800, D600,etc.

      • 120-300 os for Nikon

        I tried to link it hours ago but no succes see now Admin you found it on you tube Peter many thanks for putting it when i looked back they moved it one page down.

  • 120-300 os for Nikon

    If the Buffer is little bigger i am in let´s wait for complete tests reviews.

  • 120-300 os for Nikon

    oOn you tube also D7100 connected to new 80-400 lens.

  • alvin

    mmh..this guy can really say “first” with a reason…. heheh…

  • Alvin Toro

    Wow. I’m flipping impressed. I was expecting some modest improvement in the ISO department but from the samples it seems like a country mile from the 7000. Now I’m really aching to see more. Did anyone check out the detail comparison between the 7000 & 7100 from the Japanese site?

  • jake

    I rented it and comparing it to my D600 and keep the one I like better with my D800E , my initial impression of it is quite positive but it seems not as versatile as my D600 because of poor high ISO and DR of the sensor.
    but it gives me the reach I always wanted with my D800 and D600.
    so it is D7100+ 70-200VR2 vs D600+ new 80-400 at 400mm vs D800E+ 70-200vr2 + TC2.0v3 for me.

    • Neopulse

      Nice setup (with a bit of an envious tone)

    • fred

      You must test these combinations for us!
      D7100 + 70-200 (at 80 and 200mm) vs D7100 + new 80-400 (at same 80 and 200mm) for comparison would be excellent read.

  • Bolla

    I got mine D7100 from Japanphoto in Norway yesterday (12.03.2013) but i didnt think of making a unnboxing video 🙁 I was outside and took pictures in heavy snow weather today, im impressed of the resolution and details on this camera. Have D700, D90 and J1 from before, but D7100 beats them all in moust of the fields! PS i bought 2 of them and got wu-1 for free on on them

    • is it better than a d700 at hi ISO?

      • Jon McGuffin

        Does anybody actually believe that the DX based D7100 would actually have better low light capabilities than a FX D700?

      • Bolla

        I havent had the time to do to mutch stuff for a comparison yet, all i can say is that im impressed. The performance whith AF-S 60 mm 2.8 is so close to perfect, that you should believe the lens was designed for D7100. Going to put some effort in comparing next week

  • Digitalex

    Has anyone been able to get hands on the PDF user manual of the D7100. When they start shipping the manual should be there as a download, should it not?

  • 120-300 os for Nikon.

    To NR Admin and the rest you tube and put Nikon D7100 and then go to page seven of the Search

  • 7100ontheway

    Anyone find a factory option for a LCD screen protector ? hear it does not come with the D7100 like it had the 7000 🙁

  • J
  • JZ

    As of 11:30AM EST, B&H does not have the cameras in-hand yet. Confirmed by their customer service dept. They are not sure yet if they will be able to ship them out today.

    • The last time Nikon shipped the D800 cameras directly from their warehouse to B&H customers.

      • JZ

        Thanks for the info. I placed my order on 2/21 and was asking when they will ship it. Presumably their response reflected the status at the warehouse too, but you raise a good point.

    • Jon McGuffin

      My camera shipped today (March 14th) and I have tracking number from B&H.

      • I mentioned this in another thread – maybe Nikon shipped directly the cameras to existing B&H pre-orders. This was the case with the D800.

  • Daniel Watson

    So much for a release…any evidence of shipping in the US from the major retailers?

  • dswatson83

    Previews for this camera look awesome. Can’t wait for mine…but I have no evidence of shipping yet. Guess I’ll just have to sit here and watch the previews till it arrives.

  • sunkenbranch

    The satisfying anticipation. Thanks to those who share early low light shots. For me it will be a treat to not have to swap lenses from my D7000. This site is great for serious and sometimes brutally clever feedback. Makes my day.

  • R!

    I would say Nikon is back on the top place with the sharpness of this new body and with his now known best of all the industry colors,this is simply the best quality you can get today for photography,Canon is just back to the cartoon and comics day right now !!!lol!!!

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