Nikon Coolpix A camera additional coverage


What you may have missed about the new Nikon Coolpix A compact camera:

  • the Coolpix A is compatible with the optional WU-1a wireless mobile adapter (see demo)
  • the camera does't not have an optical low-pass filter
  • the new Coolpix supports 14-bit compressed NEF (RAW) images
  • it seems that only the top plate is made from magnesium alloy
  • Nikon markets the Coolpix A as the smallest compact camera with a DX sized sensor
  • the 18.5mm f/2.8 lens has a manual focus ring


Nikon-Coolpix-A-with-SB-400-flash Nikon-Coolpix-A-optical-viewfinder

Nikon-UR-E24-HN-CP18-lens-hood-adapter-ring-set Nikon-DF-CP1-optical-viewfinder

The main accessories listed for the Coolpix A model are:

  • DF-CP1 optical viewfinder
  • UR-E24 adapter ring for attaching lens hoods and filters
  • HN-CP18 metal lens hood

The Nikon DF-CP1 optical viewfinder is priced at $449.96, the adapter ring and lens hood will be sold together as a set for $129.96. After adding the listed $1,096.95 price of the camera, the entire Coolpix A set comes to $1,676.87! I am not sure what Nikon is thinking, but I believe the Coolpix A will join the instant rebates program very soon.

Here is the complete charts of compatible accessories:


MTF Charts

MTF charts at f/2.8 and f/5.6:

Nikon Coolpix A MTF chart at f2.8 Nikon Coolpix A MTF chart at f5.6

Sample Images

Sample images from the new Coolpix A can be found on Nikon Imaging, Nikon Japan websites and on flickr:


Hands-on with the Nikon Coolpix A at Focus on Imaging:

Nikon Coolpix A quick menu walkthrough video:

Nikon Coolpix A AF test:




What others are saying:

"How do you get an APS-C senor into a point-and-shoot camera? You compromise on the lens [...] At $1100, it's a tad more expensive than what you imagine an audience of enthusiasts will be willing to pay." -Gizmodo

"There's a handful of DSLR-like features, such as a full-size hot shoe with i-TTL compatibility, a dedicated mode dial, an adapter ring that accepts a lens hood or 46mm filters, and WU-1a WiFi module compatibility. There's no optical viewfinder in the box, but no matter -- you can add one on for a mere $450." -Engadget

"Though we liked the build quality, we felt the camera's front grip could have been bigger for a more secure hold. The camera's On/Off lever--which some mistook to as a zoom lever--could be easily toggled and fared no worse than a conventional power button." -Cnet

"What we do know about the sensor is that there's no optical low-pass filter, so the usual softening caused by anti-aliasing is avoided and, therefore, shots should be sharper." -Pocket-Lint

"Our biggest concern, though, is one of specifications. While we're sure there are people who will be happy with a fixed 28mm equivalent lens, we're not sure how many of those will be happy to pay $1100/£1000 for a camera with a relatively modest F2.8 maximum aperture." -Dpreview

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  • a4

    “The Nikon DF-CP1 optical viewfinder is priced at $449.96, the adapter
    ring and lens hood will be sold together as a set for $129.96”
    Hahahaha! INSANE.


    • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

      Yes. INSANE. A lens hood? Seriously?

    • ScottnLaguna

      Maybe you could make a usable viewfinder with a pipecleaner? Save $450.

  • chubbs

    I’ve said it before, the inability of Nikon to put a simple wifi module inside the camera is ridiculous.

    And when I say “inability”, I mean “unwillingness”. They put one in the AW110. Yet they can’t seem to be bothered to put one in a DSLR or a 1200$ compact camera.

    Like it isn’t that big a deal, but it would be a great convenience.

    • LeadWrist

      In the grand scheme of things, there are better features to add then WiFi. As someone use has used Eye-Fi, I gave up, it’s such a PITA. When shooting RAW, image files are 25MBs. Poor WiFi’s just can’t keep up, in the end, WiFi is a gimmick.

      • chubbs

        To you maybe, I find it very useful.

        • phentex

          in what way then ?

          • chubbs

            I shoot in a lot of situations where the photos need to be reviewed when the shot is done and I don’t want to be tethered. Having them trickle over while I’m taking them is very useful to me. So they can be reviewed in the end.

            Like I get it, not many people need that. I even said in my original post that It’s not important, but it would be a huge convenience for me. I don’t like the dongle. I would prefer integration.

            • I just throw an iPad in my bag, send small JPEGS over from my D800. When I need to review lighting or show a model what works and what does’t.. it works WAY better than a 3-inch screen.

              Works great.

            • chubbs

              Yeah, that’s what I do. I don’t want a dongle to do it though. I’m going to try an EyeFi since everyone keeps mentioning it though.

      • I had basically given up, too. Fortunately they updated the Eye-Fi firmware for my D800 and it works MUCH better. I love being able to see and show 11 inch previews on-shoot.

      • Wifi done well is not a gimmick. Consider it lets you use your smartphone or tablet as a remote with live view and exposure adjustment (all the benefits of a flippy screen and then some without the bulk or fragility). And you can directly upload jpegs in a pinch. Of course nikon’s add-on wifi does almost none of this.

    • Starfires

      I’d agree, that module and the way they keep pushing it is ridiculous. Who wants something to stick out of a ‘weatherproof’ camera? But I would use WiFi for smaller jpegs to upload quickly and deal with RAWs at home, maybe processing some on the camera. The thing is, it’s great to upload iPhone images on the fly and this lets you do so with any camera.

    • I’m not overly bothered by the external WiFi module, what I’m more bothered about is the way Nikon expects WiFi to be done: through your mobile device app and their kludgey and often buggy software.

      To move to internal WiFi means having an antenna behind plastic somewhere on the body, and it means that the camera is set in stone in terms of its WiFi support. While we’re not currently in a fast move to new WiFi standards, I expect WiFi and its relatives to continue to undergo change. On an expensive camera body, I don’t want have to exchange it to get new standards support when I need it.

      But the workflow issue is the real problem. Why I can’t ingest directly and automatically and reliably into Aperture/Lightroom/Photo Mechanic when the camera comes in contact with my office (or even MacBook Pro) system is the real issue. The manner in which Nikon is handling WiFi is a bit cumbersome. In my office, I’ve found an EyeFi card to be a better solution than Nikon’s, and that’s the real issue here, not whether something is internal or external.

      • chubbs

        Those are all valid points and I agree. But for me, personally, I don’t enjoy having the dongle. It gets in the way.

        Though given the number of people who have suggested EyeFi, maybe I should get one of those and be done with it.

  • Eric Calabos

    I’m not fan of this camera.. but look how childish is Gizmodo in compare with others

  • AreTheyJoking?

    Nikon must be high on radioactive weed if they think they’re going to move a lot of product at these prices.

    • Funduro

      LOL “radioactive weed” !

    • Agree. Pentax MX-1 has F1.8/28 mm, ISO 12800, sensor-shift shake reduction system, and a 3.0-inch tilting high-definition LCD monitor. And costs $500.

      • denz

        The Pentax also has a tiny 1/1.7-Inch sensor.

        • Read one more time. One stop brighter optics + shake reduction adds one stop = two stops. So, while Nikon will set ISO 12800, Pentax will have at least ISO 3200. I think that Pentax will have less noise at the same amount of light. But even if it will have the same noise to signal ratio, it costs 50% less. I do not see ANY reason to buy Coolpix A.

          • Nikonrocks

            If it had an F mount it would *almost* be worth it. Or smaller changeable lenses.

            • Nikon is not able to make APS-C cameras with F mount because their lenses have to be installed at *huge distance* from the sensor. Of course, they made Nikon 1 with different lens mount… but you cannot intall it on APS-C camera. So, it is a marketing F* up. They will not make a new type of mount, it costs tooooo much. In other words, you will NEVER see Nikon DSLM.

    • Nikonrocks

      Isn’t that a good thing?

  • ActionJunky

    I love Nikon’s build quality, but I have to question this last move. I have the D800 and Nikon V1 as a backup. The V1 used the same storage card, same battery, and same lenses with an adapter. It is also $500 less. I will admit that it has a smaller sensor, but the same pixel resolution as the D800.
    I will admit this has better external controls. But, why not omit the lens and the aperture and allow photographers to use pro lenses. You could still charge $1,100, but manufacture less components and have a true backup camera. The Olympus OM-D is gaining momentum at a fast pace and from customers willing to purchase new lenses. NIkon has missed the boat.

    • anonymous coward

      Agreed. I’ve had a V1 for a few months now. I’m happy with it except that I’d be much more happy with it if it had a state-of-the-art hybrid CDAF/PDAF DX sensor. Something like the NEX 6 but a Nikon.

      • Recall the V1 launched at $900 or something like that and has a ridiculous mode dial that seems to turn randomly of its own accord, almost no hard controls for anything, and some really counterintuitive features (how the heck does manual focus work again?) I speak as a pretty happy V1 owner (who got one cheap late last year).

  • alvin

    RX1…we are almost there…

    • Everlast66

      … price-wise

    • Matt

      What? Where and how?

  • geoffcbassett

    Um and I would buy this over a Fuji X100s because?

    • Fred Flintstone

      Because of the brand loyalty that Nikon still thinks exists 🙂

      • anon

        My loyalty is thinning as they continue to try to compete with competitors’ products by making inferior toys. They need to stick to what they’ve been so good at for the last many years… DSLRs. The Nikon 1 series didn’t do well, at least i thought it was terribly poor design. This thing certainly will not do well (too expensive and too much a niche product), and the R&D wasted on both of these ventures could have been used in more updated lenses that countless people have been expecting for years. Yet, they keep coming out with these products that have questions marks popping up over everyone’s heads… I don’t get it.

        • I thought the Nikon 1 was selling quite well. Nikon make more money off Coolpix cameras then there top end gear, so why should they concentrate on SLRs?

          • It is called Halo effect. You should be number one in Pro market to sell consumer stuff better.
            Actually, I moved to GH3 because it is better than any Nikon for the price, but still read nikonrumors because I am loyal to the brand. Loyalty does not mean that Nikon will have good sales.

            • PhotoOp

              I am with you, I did the same thing. I was a huge Nikon fan for over 15 years, made the switch to Panasonic GH3 and the new Olympus OMD Mirror less cameras.

            • GH3 sells like hell. It is sold out in bhphotovideo and some other big retail stores. I do not think that Nikon D7100 or Coolpix A (with 3 y.o. sensor and 4 y.o. processor!) will be as popular as this small beast.

        • crimsonkeyan

          Nikon 1 is not designed as a pro camera. As an advanced P&S it’s working quite well. Although the initial price is a little steep. If you need a pro mirrorless you should look elsewhere. I’ve used both NEX and Nikon 1 and I find the metering and AWB on Nikon 1 is better(may I say professional?).

        • PhotoAl

          The Nikon 1 from what I’ve read, especially the J-series, has done quite well and is profitable for Nikon. I’m a fan and I realize it doesn’t suite everyone’s needs but if it’s profitable for them and it makes customers happy I don’t think it’s a waste.

      • I think nikon continues to do this kind of stupid thing because it still has a huge amount of brand loyalty/recognition. The problem is that Nikon has been abusing its brand with its entire coolpix range for over a decade.

        • Nikonrocks

          But to be fair, that’s almost every manufacturer, save for Canon with the S90 line. And the $750 ones.

          • I think Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, and to an extent Fuji have all outdone Nikon in compacts consistently. Certainly at the high end.

    • denz

      Um it may come down to the UI or AF,size etc. Always try it first before deciding. Both cams are a little over priced.

      • Funduro

        Yes, AF is/will be mightily better then my X100, I have no doubt.

        Why did Nikon decided to call it Coolpix A ? What’s up with that finger grip? Nikon is rewound for making great lenses, why the PnP quality on a breakthrough, $1,100 camera ?

        • Starfires

          Don’t forget the X100S it will be going up against, with it’s phase-detect AF sensor. Nikon does have some advantages with the size- this seems to be their strategy for making DSLR side-kicks. The problem is the compromises this brings along.

          Personally, I think it looks like a pretty high quality, metal design. The wide, relatively dark lens will be a hard sell to anyone who doesn’t mind going a bit bigger… I’m not sure I really understand their thinking.

          • Nikonrocks

            It is pretty week at 2.8. It’s a shame, this would be a great camera with interchangeable lenses or at f/2.

    • Nikonnut

      The Fuji is quite a bit larger. Doesnt fit in your pocket 😉

      • Size is the only advantage of the Coolpix A, it is very small.

        • kickars

          If you want to compare size, then you have to add a built in EVF into the current Coolpix A’s design. Would X100 still be ‘quite a bit larger’?

          No, Coolpix A doesn’t even have size advantage when compare to the X100s, IMO.

          • I was talking about the body size only.

          • PhotoAl

            Why do we have to add something to the design that isn’t there? It was clearly left out because of the priority of size. Nikon chose to leave out any viewfinder and use a wider and slower lens to achieve a smaller camera (25% smaller than the X100). Although the A and the X100/S may be the closest cameras to compare with each other, I think that they are still very different and aren’t alternatives to each other. Someone who wants the features of the X100/S will not be interested in the A and vice versa. Well, of course unless you are like me and you are interested in both.

        • denz

          I would also add besides size, the DX APS-C sensor also.

          The only cam I have right now thats fits in my pocket is the Ricoh GRD3. This is designed similar to the Nikon but it only has the small 1/1.7-Inch sensor.
          Great for street work. Been waiting for a Ricoh GRD with the large sensor but Nikon may have beat them to it. We will see.

          • Nikonrocks

            The fuji has a similarly sized sensor, bro.

      • Vin

        My X-E1 fits in my pocket of my fleece vest and jacket with the 18-55. When they come out with a smaller 40mm it will fit in more pockets. I guess it depends on how deep your pockets are.?

  • Jon

    well… too expenssive and less attractive than the FUJI X100S…let’s wait for test on the field and comparison.

  • Fry

    This camera is a joke.
    A fixed SLOW 18.5mm lens on DX ? What’s the f…ing point ??

  • NikonGuy

    Looks for me like Nikon wants to have a competitor to the Sigma DP-Series. But who is going to spend more than about 1000€ for such a camera?
    Compared to the D-SLR lineup you’ll get a Nikon D7000 with a used 20mm for under 1000€. And the Nikon A is just no camera for a typical compct camera user! This might be flop…

  • Digital Keen

    This is almost priced the same as the D7100… Dear Nikon, WTF? Which one do you think I’m gonna prefer for that much money? I have doubts about your future, Nikon.

    • desmo

      plus add the adapter/optical viewfinder ,
      you can have a nice lens for your D7100 as well

    • neversink

      Completely absurd. My message to Nikon: How stupid and cheap can you be.

      > I have to pay extra for an adaptor to attach lens filters and hoods on to. That is crazy. That should have been built right on to the lens.
      > I will never pay extra for a hood, which should be included.
      > Nor will I pay extra for an optical eyepiece that should be included.

      What “geniuses” are your company today. Nobody likes to be pick-pocketed or robbed, Why in the world are you doing this. You need to fire your CEO if he allows this and start servicing your customers.

      To tell you the truth, I am completely shocked at the price of this camera, given what it is. Just like the D3x was a gorgeous camera, but totally overpriced, this Coolpix A is totally overpriced. And by the way, Coolpix is a moronic name for a camera that you would like the photographer to take seriously. But the name is minor compared to the price.

      • neversink

        And the worst thing is that damn door. Why couldn’t they just give you a camera with a lens cap. No need to stick it inside some compartment that is going to get jammed and not open.

        • Jonas from Sweden

          The P7700 have it (filretring and lens cap) … why not the A?

  • AlphaTed

    The OVF is fugly … beyond known words. And you’re SOL if using a flash accessory.
    With it, the manual focus is useless I guess.

  • hhhhmmm

    doesnt look like anything special, price tag + access is outrageous!!!

  • Twaddler Belafonte

    For 1/3 of the asking price I would consider purchasing this.

  • Mike

    For $1600 I could get a Fuji X100s and a 50 1.8G (for a DSLR of course). It’s Crazy that the external viewfinder is more money that a DSLR lens. Wtf!

    • You can get Panasonic GH2 with 12-32 F2.8 PRIME lens

      • Joe

        What is a “12-32 Prime lens”?

        • You tried to use google, did you?

          Panasonic Lumix G X Vario 12-35mm f/2.8

          • VFA103

            A zoom is not a prime.

            • May be Pro would be better than Prime, but Prime could also be used as it is a number one GH3 videographer lens.

              Lens manufacturers such as ARRI Media,[5] ISCO Precision Optics,[6] Schneider,[7] Carl Zeiss AG,[8] Canon[9] and others still make variable focal length cine and video lenses regularly catalogued as variable prime lenses.

  • Tog_24

    Nikon definitely seem to be trying to claw back some of their recent losses. However, they do seem to be taking note of the recent successes of likes of Fuji and the direction they and Sony are taking with regards to pro quality “street” cameras. It’s a shame this didn’t come out six months ago as I would have given it consideration over the Xpro1 I bought. I’ve used Nikon gear all my working life, my D800 sees little day to day use now, the XPro1 has totally changed my photography for the better, but that is not due to any negativity on the part of my D800, far from it. There is a definite market for DX sensor compacts, even more so for full frame sensors, and its reassuring that Nikon have responded pretty quickly to this area of demand. I’m not sure about the price, but then we’ll soon see it shifting for £200 less than the RRP. To compare it in terms of similarity to DSLR products on price alone fails to make appreciation of the freedom that an APS-C sensor compact gives both creatively and practically.

  • Pat Mann

    This looks like a very attractive little camera – very nice form factor with direct controls for some key features. If it had a finder, I might consider it, even with the f/2.8 lens. After all, now that I’ve given it some thought, I rarely actually use a faster lens on my D300s, and this sensor is a generation ahead of that one.

  • phosgene

    I feel like the philosophy is all wrong here. Like many companies, Nikon is aiming at pros or enthusiasts that are used to lugging around a DSLR and want a quality small camera. Problem is, DSLR users (like myself) are reluctant to let go of interchangeable lenses. Nikon fell short of the competition with their mirrorless offerings, but I guess they serve a somewhat niche market of people that want a small, interchangeable lens camera with very simple controls.

    The thing that gets me is that it’s absolutely possible to make a good, affordable DX mirrorless camera. You can argue with me on this, but I think Sony was the most on it’s game in this arena. My NEX-6, 50mm 1.8 and 30mm 2.8 came to $1350. Now I have a light, interchangeable lens alternative to my D700. Is it larger than the Nikon A? Sure, a bit. But both the Nikon A and the NEX are pounds lighter than my D700, so I almost see them as equivalent in terms of convenience. But one of them doesn’t let me change lenses.

    Maybe I’m more or less rambling than commenting, but it’s a little frustrating that Nikon made this camera. I’m not hating on the product just because it doesn’t have all the little things I want. It was just a dumb camera to invest resources in. Did they determine their target audience? Yeah, it would be great for street photographers, but better than what’s out there by Sony/Olympus/Fuji when you can’t change the lens?

    • Starfires

      If Fuji is anything to go by, it is a precursor to an interchangeable DX series. They can learn from this what the market wants, how to best design lenses, etc. So it may not be a total waste of resources, even if it is such a bad deal (for many people) that it may not make so many sales.

      I’d agree that the Nikon 1 series doesn’t do it for enthusiasts, the V1/V2 seem to be a bit of a disaster, though J1/J3 may be doing pretty well. The thing for Nikon is a compact camera upgrader like a J1 buyer probably won’t buy many lenses… I myself went the 4/3 route, but miss a bigger sensor. The Nex 6 and lenses have become a very attractive option, as is Fuji’s system. Just as with this camera, when they finally release the inevitable DX mirrorless, they’ll be in a crowded market,

  • tertius_decimus

    Nikon, stop making “me too” products. Sigma is doing this because they have very special technology behind Merril cameras, so they can afford to release expensive point and shoot with all those quirks you’re aware of. Yes, DPs are dilettante-agressive and damn slow but instead you get astonishing image quality at lowest ISO, unsurpassed by anything in this world. And Fuji is doing this because they drive clever marketing campaign. They listen us. Is Nikon deaf? Sorry, I don’t see anyone who will buy $1000 P&S with slow fixed lens (f/2.8, really?) which isn’t sharper than 18-55 kit and why such a buyer will be tempted by optical viewfinder which has zero connection to focusing system.

  • John C

    I guess Nikon wants to crash and burn! I am so sad to think about that. Who in their right mind is going to plunk down $1000.00 + on this camera? Absolutely nuts I say.

  • Renato S.

    A relatively slow f/2.8, I would expect at least 1 f-stop better at f/2, just like the X100(s), no Hybrid AF, no Hybrid VF or even an EVF…

    • Small size is the only advantage of this camera.

      • Nikonnut

        Yeap thats exactly what I was thinking. Small size and weight which is very attractive to me, to back up my D600. But definitely not for that price. Will wait for it to hit rock bottom!

        • The $1,100 price would have been fine if they included the viewfinder and the lens hood. How much does it costs produce the lens hood? 2-3 dollars?

    • Oh wait, Sony was able to fit a full frame sensor in a similar sized body (RX1)

      • jefferylewis

        but the lens is much larger (although faster too)

        • Yes, the lens has to be bigger, but is also f/2, the body seems to be the same size, I have to check.

          • dgm

            Admin, is it just me or did you let a hint some time ago that could expect a Coolpîx A with interchangeable lens in a few months after this first one was launched ?

            • Yes, there is a chance that Nikon may introduce a DX based mirrorless camera. The problem is that I am not sure if the info I received was for the new Coolpix A or for a new interchangeable camera – sometimes the term “mirrorless” gets lost in translation.

            • tertius_decimus

              By the way, Peter, did you notice dust spot at those flickr samples? QC is damn bad these days.

        • Ok, here are the dimensions:

          Sony RX1: 4.5 x 2.6 x 2.8in. / 114 x 66 x 71 mm
          Nikon Coolpix A: 4.4 x 2.6 x 1.6 in. / 111.0 x 64.3 x 40.3 mm
          Almost identical body size – different thickness because of the lens (FX vs. DX)

          • RX1 also costs >2X as much. Everyone is being way too hard on this camera IMO — it may compare favorably to the X100S for those who don’t need/want a VF. It should be a couple hundred dollars cheaper, but that will probably come soon enough. It is in fact the smallest DX camera and will probably have great IQ. Just my $0.02!

            • I agree on the price, I was just talking about the technical achievement of the smallest DX compact camera.

            • Ah, good point! Sorry I missed what you were getting at originally

      • bjrichus

        “Nikon miss the target again” is what I hear you saying – and you are our admin here too (shakes head in disbelief at Nikon management)…

        • I could live with the AF issue on the D800 and the dust on the D600, but I don’t really get the timing and pricing of the Coolpix A.

  • One More Thought

    Well, at least we know now why Nikon didn’t announce this camera with the D7100.

    Note to Nikon: when planning a product, consider who your target market is and ask them what they want.

    The enthusiast market would have told you that they would like some wow factor….like retro styling, a breakthrough sensor, etc…something that would make it stand out from the competition and merit this high price.

    I predict that by the end of the year, during holiday season, this camera will be at fire sale prices, like the V1 was last holiday.

    The only conclusion when you see this camera at this price is best summed up by the guy who writes the Sound Image Plus blog…something like OK Nikon…we get it…you want us to keep buying your DSLRs.

  • preston

    I would love to get one of these (which is more than I can say for the 1 series), but $500 is the most I’d consider forking over for it. I might pick this up when it gets to that price as they try to clear out the inventory before it gets discontinued. Just like what happened to the overpriced V1 – released as a kit for $900 and then 1 year later they’re trying to give them away for $300.

    • jefferylewis

      haha – pretty much exactly what I said too! Weird!

      • exactly, the price of the Coolpix A will drop very soon

    • Nikonnut

      Haha! Shared sentiment!

      • Vin

        Yup! Even at that Nikon will still be making money when it is 75% off. I will wait for the 3rd generation DX mirrorless when it is 75% off. I like my Fuji vey much, Nikon has some steps to get to what Fuji and the O-MD is doing.

  • jefferylewis

    I would love one of these. If you’re shooting with a compact wouldn’t that sensor and lens be nice? f2.8 isn’t that bad – I had f2.8 28mm and 24mm lenses for my film cameras once any only shot up to 400 ISO. With this sensor 1600+ is fine when light is low. If I need a viewfinder, I’ll use my D600. If I need telephoto, ditto. So it’s simply a beautiful P&S. Just too expensive for me. Wait for 12 months and hopefully it will be closer to $600.

  • Disillusioned with Nikon

    Who is going to buy this? Hands up all the Nikon pros and enthusiasts…. after all Nikon must be listening to you? – Dear Nikon, please put a D7000 sensor in a p&s body with a fixed 28mm 2.8 equiv lens, I am prepared to pay $1,676.87 for the full kit (excluding spare battery and wifi) I can’t wait (!) for the for the full reviews and comparisons, lets hope there are no QC issues, Sony, Fuji and Sigma might have the last laugh…….

    • Igo

      Strange, many have for years wanted a small fixed lens digital camera like the Nikon Ti, Contax T3 etc. now Nikon have answered their pryer, and all they get is; We did not want thas camera! I got a GRD 3 and love it, but this will, if the AF is good, be a lot better. The price: The premium film compacts from Nikon,Minolta, Contax etc. did cost approx. the same in $ more than 10 years ago.

      • destroy2153

        Best comment I read so far…

        • I have no problem with the camera, the pricing and timing is what bothers me.

  • Ren

    What’s with the grip? It’s nothing more than a silly strip of plastic and fake leather. Might as well not be there at all. Fugly and downright useless!

  • pc

    who really says “personal computer” anymore?

  • for people complaining that this camera doesn’t have interchangeable lenses…get a v1…image quality is almost equal to my old d300s, it’s small, rugged, cheaper….if you need high iso then i guess you’ll just have to bite the bullet and break out the d4/d700/d3s/whatever…but for street photography it is more than adequate and the little lenses are pretty sharp….i got the adapter and like turning my 300 f4 into an ultra telephoto.

  • pc

    I bought my D300 brand new for $1600. This price is vomit inducing

  • Aldo

    This is truly aimed at people with moolah… As a photographer I would buy the d7100 instead… or another lens

  • Peter Nguyen

    I’m Nikon fan so I have no doubt about its picture quality, but what do I use it for? Not much! And for $1000? Forget it! At the same price Canon EOS-M, with the same size sensor, can take all Canon lenses, is definitely a better choice.

  • Nikonamuk

    The design concept of having all these separate bits of accessories is ridiculous. Everything should be able to fit and integrate cleanly in the body. That WIFI dongle thingy will surely be lost on the first hike with it. And at these outrageous prices in a recession, Nikon needs to wake up. I’m buying the next 3 generations of iPhone for prtability, Built-in GPS, WIFI, excellent photo quality.

    • dgm

      If you say ‘in a recession’ that’s a giveaway that you live in the US or Western Europe … the rest of the world enjoys a very nice growth rate, bless them and where did Nikon opened it’s last new branches ? So this (at that price) is probably not really meant for us…

  • This is a really stupid camera. $1,100? That’s almost as much as a used D700! Nikon, you’re coming out with some really lame products.

  • UnknownTransit

    Didn’t see this one coming. When Nikon released the tiny CX Nikon 1 V1 camera for $700, we thought Nikon have gone nuts. Now a $1.1k P&S with a 2.8 lens? This camera is worth a maximum of $400 IMHO.

  • dick ranez

    from the same company that brought you the Nikon 1…………

    • Maji

      Nikon 1 which has great IQ and sells reasonably well…

    • dgm

      Have you used the V1 ? apparently not and you should, really. Granted it was overpriced, now you can grab it for a steal and it is really a great camera, good IQ, fun to use, loads of features and possibilities, incredible AF speed & accuracy …

      IMHO there are a few non-DSLRs in the Nikon line up : P7700, V1 (at it’s current price) and A (once the price goes down) which are cameras you enjoy taking pictures with: always there, on the go, pretty good IQ (so worth taking the picture esp if like me you print a lot). These camera are worth having handy 24×7 as opposed to other coolpix when IQ is poor to non existent or DSLRs where size/weight is a concern if photography is not your day job.

  • anon

    if they wanted this to be more useful for more people they should have made it a 35mm equiv.. not a 28mm.. and at least an f2.0. but as i replied to another post.. I think a fixed lens DX COOLPIX(!!!!) is useless.

  • Starfires

    I like it, but not the price, which makes it pretty much dead on arrival. Especially the ridiculous accessories. Of course, the IQ may be excellent and pros may like it for that and it’s pocketability. If Nikon’s plan is to overprice it then offer rebates so people think they are getting a deal, I an’t say I like it too much. Yet again, Nikon makes their smaller cameras unattractive to so many of their natural buyers- those with Nikon DSLRs.

    But think positively about it, it is the foundation for DX mirrorless, which may itself come out overpriced and then plummet after a few months. This thought gives me hope.

    • I think you are correct, Nikon is probably looking very closely into a new mirrorless DX line.

      • Anonymous

        Mirrorless DX would require another new lens mount as it would be huge (defeating the main point of mirrorless) if it used F-mount lenses.

  • Nikonuser

    Anyone remember the 28Ti (or 35Ti) 35mm cameras?
    This Coolpix A is like the 28Ti; that’s why it’s so expensive.

  • crimsonkeyan

    the iq looks good. ill wait until the price drops to 500 ish…


    It’s like kin by microsoft. Product will be scraped soon by Nikon.

  • another boutique camera for Doctors and lawyers… Will someone in Japan or Korea PLEASE make me a full frame rangefinder with an M mount???? All I want is an alternative to an M9 that will take M mount Voigtlander glass!!!! Please!!!!

    • delayedflight

      Get a Voigtlander Bessa, Zeiss Ikon (if you can find one) or a second hand Leica M series.

  • BM

    Gee Wiz…I can’t wait until they come out with the one that does have interchangeable lenses. Better call my local hospital and place my left lung up for donation so that I can afford to buy it….or at least buy the viewfinder.

  • A lot of bitching and moaning here considering nobody here has even held this camera. It’s a couple hundred cheaper than the X100S that everyone is going wild about, and much smaller. Let’s see how this puppy performs before skewering it. I want to know how good the IQ is, how fast AF is, and how response the MF is. (I have an X100 and MF is basically unusable.)

  • Rock Kenwell

    Another J/V overpriced failure. Optical viewfinder attachment for $44.99? Yen to dollar conversion issue?

  • Drudger

    It’s clear that Nikon has no coherent strategy for the compact/mirrorless marketplace. This thing offers bizarre execution in a package that is WAAAY too expensive. Radioactive weed, indeed.

    I predict that Nikon will fold up within 5 years if the brainiacs that came up with this lameass idea aren’t unceremoniously drummed out of the company toot suite.

  • al

    a lot of you are criticizing Nikon for trying to compete with other companies and making non dslr products which are inferior but the bottom line is that Nikon sales on products like these are exceptionally profitable in non US markets. Who cares what you think, they have a bottom line.

  • One More Thought

    With the Coolpix A camera, Nikon has done the impossible: make the Canon M look good by comparison…

  • liuels

    I don’t know why people are angry with accessories price. Sony, olympus…all make their accessories extremely expensive. 450 for a optical viewfinder is ridiculous, but their will be third party selling at 50. The bottom line is you get a improved D7K sensor, a 18/2.8DX lens in a pocket sized body and selling at USD1100, you decide whether it’s worth. USD 1100, not 1675.

  • Bernard

    Nikon has obviously gone mad ! Who wants to buy this at that price ?… And no integrated OVF (Or EVF) either !?!?… A real bad joke !

  • Alan

    A number of different camera mfrs have come out with fixed
    lens 28mm (or equiv) compacts. Obviously you’ll never please everyone when you
    can’t change the lens, but if you have one lens only 28mm is what a
    considerable number of photographers would choose. I’m sure this will be a
    successful niche product. Fully agree with those who say it’s too expensive,
    but the small volumes, high quality mix always seems to come out this way.

    Personally, I prefer a better grip on cameras, but having
    briefly handled this at Focus, I could live with this. It’s actually easier to
    hold than it looks, even one handed. High on my list when the price levels at
    £700 or so!

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