Nikon Coolpix P330 and Coolpix A to be announced soon


The new Nikon compact camera with DX sensor will most likely be called Coolpix A and will be priced at ¥120,000 (around $1,200, US prices will be lower). Two different colors will be available: silver and black. In addition, Nikon will also announce the rumored Coolpix P310 replacement - the P330 will be priced around ¥45,000. Both models are scheduled to be released in March - I think the announcement could be as early as this week.

Via Digicame-info

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  • Eric Calabos

    may God help you Nikon with that price

    • chubbs

      Well, if they make something comparable in coolness to the Fuji X100, they might be ok.

      Emphasis on MIGHT.

  • cookie

    Coolpix 330: RAW ist a must.

  • R J

    I hope it won’t have a design as boring as Canon’s EOS-M.

    • Eric Calabos

      lets pray together

  • arow

    I hope the p330 has the sensor from the p7700 and not the sensor from the p520.

  • tertius_decimus

    Coolpix brand failed. Everyone knows that Coolpix is a synonym of a under-spec’d camera. Nikon has to enter with new name.

    • They should have called the DX camera something else, not a Coolpix.

      • Maybe “Nikon 2″…

      • I’ll have more to say about that later this week. But I both agree and disagree with you ;~).

        • It really depends on the camera’s design and features/performance. If they really want to create a new “high-end” DX compact line, they should call it something else, but if they just sticked a DX sensor in a Coolpix body, I guess it’s ok the keep the name.

        • jake

          what have you been doing , thom?

          your site’s never got updated since Feb 27 and many of us are worried about you .

          anyway , good to see you are fine and thanks for all your hard work provided at there.

          PS.I am a big fan of your sansmirror site , it is the best mirrorless review site out there , there is no really practical reviews on line on CSC or ILC cameras except yours.
          again , thanks for your great work, MR.Hogan.

          • Sansmirror had a new article today, and I’ll have a LOT more soon. Been working heads down for the past two weeks.

    • cookie

      I have no problem with the name coolpix. My CP 8400 is built like a tank

      and made in in Japan

      • My P7100 is a brick too. The Coolpix name is printed small and stylishly on the top of the camera, none of my friends have laughed so far 🙂

      • tertius_decimus

        You missed the point. Are you familiar with Volkswagen’s efforts to enter luxury market? No one looks at Phaeton despite the fact it’s a good car because… it’s a Volkswagen! Coolpix cameras were lagging behind Canon counterparts.

    • MabuyaQ

      The Nikon 1 should have been named Coolpix …. and this the Nikon A or Nikon 1.

    • Guest

      There have been a LOT of silly names for cameras over the years. I can live with my Coolpix P7100. It’s printed small and stylishly on the top of the camera, none of my friends have laughed at it so far 🙂

      • tertius_decimus

        I’m not saying Coolpix is silly name. I’m saying that Coolpix cameras were lagging behind their competitor’s counterparts for a long time. If I were in line to buy a P&S, it would be Canon and I’m Nikon guy.

        • grant torres

          If I’m not mistaken, tbe Coolpix line is more profitable than Sony’s p&s offerings, and Nikon’s latest P7xxx series can go head to head with Canon’s G flagship.

  • PeterO

    I know we’re only speculating here but calling it Coolpix A seems to put it below the Nikon 1 series which it clearly will not be.

    • chubbs

      It will be introduced by the Fonz. The Coolpix Eyyyyyyyyy….

  • duo

    please give a larger sensor than 1/2.3 in P330. And a wide angle wider than 24.

  • I’m usually not too hung up on branding and style – I have some butt ugly cameras, but I’ll be damned if I pay $1200 for something called a Coolpix.

  • duo

    Price may be high, but we haven’t seen spec yet, so calm down. It may have a foveon like sensor. who knows.

    • Is sigma licensing out it’s foveon patents now? I would love it if these sensors were more common than the standard bayer pattern.

  • henri108

    I want pictures!!
    And why doesn’t Nikon come out with camera’s styled like the FM2/FE and with the fullframe sensors? Minimal features, amazing focusing screen, no AF, just minimalistic.

    • Tapo

      Because there are very few customers apart from yourself for that type of camera.

      • rrroy

        There are many that will consider such a camera God’s blessing.

      • Last survey I did (8000 responses) said 20%+ would buy such a camera. It’s a highly popular request, actually.

        • AnTalk

          Me too, me too!

      • Mike

        Yes, Fuji and Olympus have been out back smoking crack while their retro styled digital cameras are lighting up the industry. I think more than a few people want this. If Nikon’s is CLS capable, I’m buying.

    • Ken Elliott

      Yes. Take an Olympus OM-D and put a F-mount on it. There’s your prototype. I’d suggest using a DX sensor. Pretty much package a D5200 or D7100 into a FM2 frame. Leave the film advance lever so we can use it as a fold-out grip. Needs focus peaking so we can use manual focus lenses. I’d buy one in a heartbeat.

    • jake

      maybe not many people love the retro look , I personally hate OM-D and Fuji XE1 , I love the RX1 , though.

    • tertius_decimus

      Take five, man! I’m with you.

  • rrroy

    A p&s for $1200 ????
    Come on Nikon, we are photographers, not gold-miners.

    • Again, this is the price for Japan. The US price will be lower – probably under $1000.

      • jake

        well actual street price here is always cheaper than that of the US price but if you are talking about Nikon suggested price then it woukd be higher than the US price.
        and the Japanese price already including all tax and shipping fee , so it is not very overpriced.
        the D600 supposed to be 212000yen at Nikon site but it actually is sold for about 154000yen here and you can find it actually even cheaper.
        I paid 142000yen for my second D600, so most of Nikon cameras are cheaper here in Japan than in the USA.
        But if you go HK , you can finder even better deals sometimes.

    • Coolpix
      The name doesn’t inspire confidence. US$ 1000 is kinda what I expected tho.

    • Coolpix
      The name doesn’t inspire confidence. US$ 1000 is kinda what I expected tho.

    • jake

      if it is a FF, would you still consider it overpriced?

      • rrroy

        My issue is non-interchangeable lens. ILMCs from other manufacturers are available in that price range, tho i have not used one i have heard many are good performers. EOS M comes for $750-800.
        Fuji does have the fixed lens x100, but that’s justified because Fuji doesn’t have a great lineup of lenses.
        FF in a compact body……not overpriced but not a good investment either.

        • Pat Mann

          Fuji in their roadmap has a better range of APS-C lenses in important focal lengths and apertures than Nikon does (most notably the 23mm f/1.4, 14mm f/2.8 and 56mm f/1.4). If they continue following through on that promise, the only thing I’ll be using my Nikons for is birds. My little Fuji will cover the rest of it.

  • PMD

    I doubt it is DX Mirrorless & fixed lens ? If it was FX with fixed lens we could say Nikon went Sony RX1 path.If so it would justify the price if they put an upgraded D3s12MP with a hybrid AF system. But IMHO what is the real money value of any Mirrorless camera which can’t take Nikon DX/FXlenses or 3rd party adapter !! They say ” high-end compact that employs a single focal length lens and a large sensor “.

    So “large sensor” means……. it could be a 20MP 1″ sensor with a 18.5mm 1.8 (roughly 50mm fov) fixed lens to compete with Sony RX-100 ?

    Wld like to kn how many are willing to buy a DX mirroless non-interchangeable lens ? I’mnt one of them especially at this price.

    • Pat Mann

      I would buy a compact jacket-pocketable APS-C mirrorless weatherproof camera with responsive AF, 4 FPS, 400-shot minimum battery, RAW output, low noise to 1600 ISO, switchable internal GPS, good direct manual controls similar to D300s (via touchscreen might work), with a fixed lens anywere between 18mm and 24mm, aperture f/2, up to $1200, provided it had a finder, either optical or EVF, built in. No finder = no sale for me. Prefer with articulated screen. This would be my DSLR backup and take-everywhere camera.

  • McPIX

    The only question I have: will there be a later version with interchangeable lenses? The “1” sytem is a joke!

  • jake

    many people here believe that the coolpix A might be Nikon’s answer to the Sony RX1.
    I rented the RX1 but I did not buy it yet , so if this one is the similar quality compact FX with the 36mp chip , then I might get this one instead.

  • Bud

    Another system that will be missing certain features and slowly built up over the years to give you sort of what you want. Then, when they finally get close, technology marches on and a new system comes out and repeats the cycle over and over and over again. It’s a fine way to make money as a company. They can’t possibly give you it all. They wouldn’t make any money off of the consumers that buy the newest versions every year.

  • One More Thought

    Nikon needs to do 3 things with this camera:

    1) make it retro style

    2) make sure it has very fast and snappy AF

    3) make sure it ships with no QC issues.

    We know the DX sensor will be a good one.

    If they do those 23 things they will have a winner on their hands.

    • One More Thought

      Correx above; if they do those “3” things…

      not “23”…Michael Jordan’s old number…

  • CRB

    Is it really 28mm EQ? the aps-c camera? coolpix A?

  • Syco
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