New: Prime Circle XT-F cine-style lenses with Nikon F-Mount by LockCircle

Prime Circle XT-F cine-style lenses with Nikon F-Mount by LockCircle 5
Prime Circle XT-F cine-style lenses with Nikon F-Mount by LockCircle 2
Prime Circle XT-F cine-style lenses with Nikon F-Mount by LockCircle 4

LockCircle announced a new set of Prime Circle XT-F cine-style lenses with Nikon F-mount based on the Zeiss ZF.2 product line. Here are the Prime-Circle XT-F lens highlights:

  • Still photography high-end lenses meet professional cine-style features.
  • Superb Carl Zeiss ZF.2 optical performances for true cinematic images.
  • Ultra Lightweight design, engineering and precision grade CINE-MOD manufacturing.
  • Ergo-Gear, innovative follow-focus gear featuring also handheld ergonomics grip (photo/video ergonomics)
  • Front Mount with 95mm size mount for professional cinematographers matte-boxes and accessories
  • Nikon F-Mount stainless steel heavy-duty bayonet.
  • Exclusive SIDE INDEX VIEW for easy to read focus/aperture settings! Focus and Aperture scales on the side like cinematic lenses.
  • Innovative X-Circle Cine-Lock stainless steel heavy-duty bayonet with improved (positive) locking mount for cine-style focus work.
  • X-Circle Side Index View and Cine-Lock features for Nikon F-Mount available (no aperture simulator interference with Nikon camera bodies with de-clicked aperture gear)
  • Front Mount with circular engraved micro-lines matching each different ZF.2 front mount for superior flare and reflection control.
  • Full coverage Full-Frame 24x36 with ZF.2 18mm f/3,5 and 15mm f/2,8
  • Side Code Barrel with engraved lens size - immediate lens coding for production crew reports
  • PRIME-CIRCLE XT-F is designed by a cinematographer on the field to improve shooting quality!
  • Aperture ring de-clicked and dampened with special grease desgined to work Nikon camera bodies.
  • Dedicated matte-box with sliding compensating base (MAT-BOX) available.
  • Custom Flight - Cases in several solutions.

Prime Circle XT-F cine-style lenses with Nikon F-Mount by LockCircle 1
Prime Circle XT-F cine-style lenses with Nikon F-Mount by LockCircle 3

Press release:

In the last years the HDSLR revolution opened a new choice for the beloved and worldwide diffused Nikon F- Mount! Nikon is facing seriously to the HDSLR movie quality opening the "sensor race"......such a great time for Nikon users looking into movie productions! The PRIME CIRCLE XT-F project took off into the vision of shooting movies with the latest Nikon HDSLR cameras! Real cost effective lenses was missing in this new wave of filmmaking or digital storytellers: before still-photography lenses, not performing mechanically for filmmaking or real expensive cinematography exotic primes lenses.

PRIME CIRCLE XT-F is combining the two concepts: great still-photography lenses with the technical vision of cinematography primes to offer a new dimension in shooting moving images.

PRIME CIRCLE XT-F starts from cine-modding ZF.2 world class optics by Carl Zeiss, built by the most advanced technology and manufacturing for still photography and tuned-up to reach improved functionality and cine-style shooting ergonomics. The optics offer incredible sharpness, contrast and color matching between all lens sizes plus a magical "bokeh" to design the "emotional" drive into the story: incredible optics to design emotions on the screen! Digital sensors feel more cinematic with this wonderful set of lenses.

PRIME CIRCLE XT-F lenses series design has an ultra-lightweight Ergo-Focus gear for follow-focus, featuring also an extra-grip ergonomic ring when using the camera on the run in hand-held focus mode (or still photo mode), a Front Mount 95mm standard (all the lens sizes) ring-mount for matte-boxes and cine-style accessories, plus an aluminum cap with clear graphics displaying the lens size and f/aperture.

The PRIME-CIRCLE XT-F Front Mount is designed to match exactly the ZF.2 lenses and the circular grooves offers the best solution to prevent internal reflections and flares when using large flat surface optical filters in matte-boxes: a solution used in expensive cinematography primes lenses.

The PRIME-CIRCLE XT-F Front-Mount is designed to offer full-frame 24X36mm coverage with ZF.2 18mm f/3,5. and 15mm f/2,8! The X-Circle F-Mount stainless steel heavy-duty bayonet features "Side Index View" for focus and aperture scales on the side (cine-style) of the lens barrel and the sophisticated F-Mount Cine-Lock Bayonet for cine-style locking of the lens on the camera. A real important step ahead to cinematographers demanding for precise follow-focus work with F-Mount cameras. The PRIME-CIRCLE XT-F are custom mounted ZF.2 lenses offering "in-house" assembling by professional and passionate technicians. The XT-F Custom Series also offers a "Side Code Barrel" displaying with clear graphics the lens size for immediate coding of the lens mounted on the camera! Another solution inspired by cinematography primes! On movie production sets the lens size has always to be reported into the "camera shooting log form", that's why the lens size is displayed clearly on the side of the PRIME-CIRCLE XT-F lens barrel. Aperture ring de-click and dampening for a wonderful "shift on the fly" manual exposure control! Also aperture simulator ring on the camera has "no interference" innovative design. An aluminum custom cap with enhanced graphics for front lens size coding and rear professional lens cap is supplyed with the lens. PRIME CIRCLE XT-F Custom Lens focal lengths: 2,8/15mm 3,5/18mm, 2,8/21mm, 2,0/25mm, 2.0/28mm, 1,4/35mm, 1,4/50mm, 1,4/85mm, 2,0/100mm Makro, 2,0 50mm Makro...and really soon the APOchromatic 2,0/135mm. Several different XT-F PRO Kits will be available with PRIME-CIRCLE custom flight-cases (also hand baggage size) for tough protection during transportation. An innovative matte-box (MAT-BOX), that covers the 18mm/3,5 angle of view on Full Frame 24X36, featuring Sliding Compensation of ZF.2 lenses was designed to match perfectly the PRIME CIRCLE XT lenses. PRIME-CIRCLE XT-F Custom Lens can be ordered now, delivered worldwide after 3 to 4 weeks.

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  • LOVE IT, but 30% more than Zeiss primes? Based off Zeiss photo lenses? Is that what I am getting from this?

    • Tommy

      It’s not just for the looks. These lenses are designed for pro videographers and for the movie industry (TV and some limited cinema use, since RED cams won’t fit in any hole, I guess), these are not a photographers’ equipment as we know it. What LC added to the housings allows the cameramen to use more complex rigs and equipment, like for fast and acurate focusing between planes and such (e.g. gear-ish focusing rings). Any photographer would be better off with those cheaper, lighter and smaller traditional Zeiss masterpieces.

  • TSY87

    so are these just zeiss lenses with add ons for cinema use? (and modified aperture rings I guess)

  • rhlpetrus

    Sexy stuff …

  • Are there any plans for Nikon to bring out an equivalent to The Canon 1DC ?

    • Marko

      Are there any plans for Canon to bring out an equivalent to The Red Epic-M?

  • vinceGortho

    How is this new?
    Their sites been ip for a year now.

    • Marko

      It’s new to me. Thank you NR

    • The company has been around for a while, those product are new.

    • Alan

      Sigh… I never understand these kinds of comments. How is it new? It’s new to NR if it hasn’t been posted to NR before.

      I think these questions are more often meant as statements of superiority along the lines of “first!”. First to discover, first to comment… People *love* the world to know they were first…

      There is a lot of information out there that I haven’t yet discovered. NR is a great aggregation resource for me, and I would hate it if the site stopped posting useful information out of concern they’ll be criticized that it’s past some expiration date.


    OK, They cost about 30% more than the ZF2’s… Good video too

    • Marko

      30% more is nothing for the work they did on them. Good company.

      I like how they have the beer bottle hidden amongst the lenses in that video lol. Cheers Mat Miller 😉

  • Hessephoto


  • what’s the point, nikon has lost the dslr video competition

    see the films from sundance, the cameras used?

    tons of canons, aris of course … and not a single nikon

    • Wow, not a single Nikon!

    • Marko

      WOW! big deal. Now for the rest of Nikon users this is a great product.

    • stormwatch

      Yes, and what is you point? You will see that in a year or two the Nikon would be the leader in the Cinema industry.

      • Seems doubtful given silly flaws in Nikon’s video implementation (e.g. Subsampling rather than area averaging pixels so you get moire too easily). My guess is that DSLRs will be eclipsed by dedicated large sensor (m43+) video cameras, such as those offered by Canon. Sony, Panasonic, Red, and Black Magic.

  • DeathK

    Price: You can’t afford it.

  • nothing new. These are the guys who made the baby primes but had to quit and start over with a new name over this:

  • KnightPhoto

    Nice looking stuff. Is even the mounting mechanism modified (see photo of the lens body cap (or mount)?

  • lovely stuff! like it

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