Nikon D800/D800E $200 price drop is back


The Nikon D800/D800E instant rebates are back. Adorama and Amazon (via J&R) already have their websites updated with the new pricing. B&H currently offers several different packages that includes also some additional freebies:

Nikon D800 photography package

  • Lowepro Rezo 170 AW camera shoulder bag
  • SanDisk Extreme Pro 32 GB SDHC memory card
  • Pearstone EN-EL15 Lithium-Ion battery pack
  • Free shipping
  • 2% in rewards
  • $250 mail-in rebate with the purchase of an Epson R2880 printer
  • Eligible for the Nikon buy together & save rebates

Nikon D800 videography package

  • Includes Rode VideoMic Pro compact shotgun microphone
  • Free shipping
  • 2% in rewards
  • Free copy of PluralEyes 3 with purchase
  • $250 mail-in rebate with the purchase of an Epson R2880 printer
  • Eligible for the Nikon buy together & save rebates

See all available Nikon D800/D800E packages.

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  • ScottD800

    I just bought a d800 on Wednesday! Got in time for wedding today, and i had a wonderful time with it. Over 200 shots taken (beyond bH limit to return) Does anyone think BH will honor $$200 off still, even though I unknowingly missed it by 3 days? It would be a nice to offset the next day air fee and start saving for my sigma 35 1.4. I think I’m outta luck?

    • Aldo

      Always worth a shot. Enjoy your new D800 brotha

    • Madrass

      I have called them before when this has happened. Hardest part was digging up the order and dialing. But they did it quick and easy no hassles.

    • ScottD800

      Thanks! NR community is my favorite as-obsessed-as-me group of photo people, period. Even the trolls.

    • rich

      all you can do is ask! perhaps ask for $200 voucher. meet them half way!

    • Mansgame

      Try it. BH has great customer reps.

    • ScottD800

      Ok, I guess they changed the “bundle” that was available (by removing the vello remote shutter and changing which memory card you get). They gave us $155 or something to make up difference in bundle. Nice of them, even though I didn’t really want the bundled items in the first place, and the price was the same. I’m happy.

  • Aldo

    completely off topic… Does anyone else think the build in mic on the D800 is absolutely amazing for what it is?

    • ScottD800

      So far, mostly it’s ability to isolate lens and focusing sound. I’m not sure how they do it?!? Notice cancellation software? It’s crazy!

      • Aldo

        yes… and the quality of sound seems very good imo

        • Adrifter

          I’m guess the D4 and D800 have the same mics, and yes, they are quite good for internal mics. I shot some concert footage with my D4 and only the internal mic and it sounded great. The footage even aired on TV with the sound straight from my camera.

  • xebone

    So D800 and D800E (both?!) will get cheaper, everywhere or just at Amazon?

    Wondering for switzerland….

    • I am aware only of the US rebates for now.

      • xebone

        Thnx, lets hope.

        • Amac

          Is this a Nikon price drop that is passed on to the dealers or an effort from the dealers to move product? Would be nice if was a Nikon price drop then Nikon Canada may follow.

  • xebone2

    Will it only be for the US?

  • would have bought d600 before christmas if my clients had paid up on time! Any chance of that offer again?

  • Anonymous Maximus

    D800 is worth every penny paid. I used to own a Mamiya 7. My D800 nef files are superior than the 6×7 drum scans in every aspect.

    The only disappointing thing is the rattle sound coming from built-in flash unit. Nikon should have mastered its mechanics better.

  • Bryan

    glad the deals are back although I got a refurb D800E from Adorama last week for $2649.99. No focus issues, no green LCD, and only 8 shutter actuations. Plus I got a 1 year warranty from Adorama for $8.

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