Weekly Nikon news flash #198



  • New lens from Lomography: MC Zenitar-N 2.8/16 fisheye for Nikon mount, here are  the specs:
    • Focal length: 16mm
    • Field of view: 180 degrees diagonal
    • Composition: eleven elements in seven groups
    • Available apertures: f/2.8, f/4, f/5.6, f/8, f/11, f/16, f/22
    • Focusing from 0.3m (1') to infinity
    • Rubberized focus grip
    • Size: 2.5” x 2.4” (6.35cm x 6cm)
    • Weight: 0.6lb (0.25kg)
    • Price: US$ 199.00

Second place is a time-lapse movie showing sperm from two different males competing within the female reproductive tract of the fruit fly:

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  • Old Yeller!

  • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

    Hmm I might as well buy my own can of yellow spray pain than those yellow lens caps lol

    • Calibrator

      So you don’t mind rubbing and scratching off paint particles when using it (which then fall into the mirror box…)?

  • Dufus

    That Drosophila melanogaster is quite the $lut. Can I film $perm with my D600? Oh the possibilities…

  • St.

    Hey Admin – that Russian fisheye lens – is it for full frame?

  • gewalt-achim

    dear customer: don’t buy the zenitar 16 f/2.8. my experience with this lens: absolutely not recommended! save your money to buy one with AF.

    • Fraucha

      Don’t buy because you can’t focus yourself? Perhaps you need to give a little more information.

      • MyrddinWilt

        erm? focus? on a fish eye?

        It is pretty close to being superfluous as the hyperfocal distance is pretty much everything from a few feet away…

        • Fraucha

          Duh!! I was being sarcastic. Look for $200. you have a lens that does one thing and does it well enough for the few times you need it. It is a “fun” lens, not an Ansel Adams tool.

    • Doctor_EVIL (Russia)

      You aren’t right!
      AF Nikkor is more expensive by 5 times.
      Zenitar gives high quality, and for the cost – quality excellent!

  • pechspilz

    Why would someone buy yellow caps?

    • coz im sick and tired from loosing my black ones all the time…and it makes easy to differentiate between lenses (i wouldn’t mind to have 3-4 colors actually)

  • samthedog

    Are those lens caps made by the same company that makes Cheeseheads?

  • Leighten

    I have done some shoots with the Zenitar fish eye. It’s actually not bad for the price. Just try to keep the Aperture at about F11 (images look best on this lense from F11-F16) if you can. it starts to get pretty fuzzy the wider aperture you use. It’s not horrible at 5.6 but f4 and 2.8 are not really usable for anything other than fun.

    • BdV

      Mine started to have aperture problems, I fixed it on somewhere around f11 permanently, which was my most used setting anyway.

      Indeed, fun for 199. No idea what’s new about this one. Looks the same, I’ve had it for over 10 years.

  • Doctor_EVIL (Russia)

    “New lens from Lomography: MC Zenitar-N 2.8/16 fisheye for Nikon mount”

    the new!
    are you kidding!
    this lens is issued long ago and is the copy of Fisheye-Nikkor of 16 mm / 2,8 (non-AF)

    • iSmith

      This is not exactly “old” 16/2,8. Same optical scheme, but much better control of assembly quality.

  • Doctor_EVIL (Russia)

    “New lens from Lomography: MC Zenitar-N 2.8/16 fisheye for Nikon mount”

    the new!
    are you kidding!
    this lens is issued long ago and is the copy of Fisheye-Nikkor of 16 mm / 2,8 (non-AF)

    • It’s new at Lomography.

      • Doctor_EVIL (Russia)

        All manual focus – It’s new at Lomography…
        this delusion

        • Spy Black

          For 200 bucks you can’t go wrong for niche optic like that.

      • Enomis

        Actually, it isn’t that new as I have seen it (and purchased one) on their site several years ago.

  • Doctor_EVIL (Russia)

    and given Zenitar does not making sense Nikkor AF 16 mm F/2.8 D Fisheye purchase

  • Daniel

    I’ve had the Zenitar for over 10 years now. It’s a good lens. It’s built out of metal, so it’s heavier than modern plastic lenses.

    To my knowledge it is not a copy of a Nikon lens. It’s been made in Russia with M42 bajonet for decades.

  • Photoexposition.fr

    Uggliest caps I’ve ever seen.

    • It’s not a fashion statement, it’s utility. I have lost more lens and body caps than I care to count because they are black.

  • DrSCSI

    Last September at the Photokina trade show in Cologne, I met with one of the founders of BlackRapid. Back then, I told him that their LensBling lens caps needed to be “Glow-In-The-Dark” to really add value to a niche product. I have yet to see any manufacturer add this feature. If anyone knows of such a product, please drop me a reply. Thanks.

    • BernhardAS

      There will be no glow in the dark lens-caps. There are two effects technically available. The safe one fades pretty quickly and would be useless. The steady glow in the dark like in alarm-clocks from 50 years ago worked with small doses of radioactivity. Nobody in his right mind would use that today, because he might be sued from people having cancer.

      • gsum

        Radiumluminescent paint is still used and is perfectly safe provided that it is handled properly and is used in an enclosure e.g. a watch case.

        Nobody would be successful in suing for cancer for such minute amounts of radiation. We’re surrounded by dioxins, solvents, plastics and junk food which is infinitely more carcinogenic.

        Whether Ra paint would be economically viable in a plastic cap is doubtful though.

        • MyrddinWilt

          It would totally suck if you tried using the lenscap on a film camera…

      • iamlucky13

        The old radium-based paint caused problems because it wasn’t contained, and most notably, some of the factory workers applying it unwittingly ingested significant amounts of it in the 1920’s, because no precautions were taken with it, not even something as simple as wearing gloves.

        Currently, radioluminescent paint for items like watch dials, gunsights, and emergency signs is made with tritium, which has much less tendency to bioaccumulate. It is also bound up in the materials it is used in, more or less completely eliminating the threat of ingestion. Tritium is a beta emitter, but a low energy one that in the quantities it is used in consumer products is as trivial as the radioactive Americium almost every smoke detector contains. You can buy various consumer glow-in-the-dark products and paints with no restrictions from places like Amazon (or if you want to feel like a mad scientist, from lab supply companies like United Nuclear).

  • sterudo

    I like the Zenitar. Bought it about 6 month ago for 140 GBP. Here are my first shots with my D700:

    I don’t miss AF at all. I really like the build quality (metal) and the very small size. So far the cheapest option for a full frame diagonal fisheye I can find.

    • D750

      Also one of the worst.

    • Spy Black

      For the price you can’t go wrong. Do you remember what Fs you were using?

    • iamlucky13

      I’m sure the Nikon easily beats it, but those samples are really hard to complain about for anybody with only $200 to spend on a fisheye. Looks like mild to moderate CA on the edges, and sharpness that ranges from good in the center to mediocre on the edges. As long as you’re not viewing at 100% or printing poster size and expecting anyone to look close, it looks like a good deal.

  • benjamin

    i use those bulb flashes on my d700 ^^ yet to use it off camera though, none of radio triggers i have work with it. strangely, neither canon nor leica cameras from friends were able to trigger it either.

    • AnthonyH

      Seems to me that those bulb flashes need a minimum voltage to actually ignite. I suspect a radio trigger does not provide enough voltage to do that.

  • AnthonyH

    Too bad the bulb flash video doesn’t explain where to solder the connections or where to cut the triad in half.

  • Shawn

    Lomo link doesn’t work for me.
    Not very nice!

  • I’ve had one of those Zenitar fisheyes for a long time more than a decade I’m sure. I’ve never really had any issues with it. It’s a great lens to bring to places you wouldn’t want to bring a more expensive lens such as sailing or the beach.

    It’s not perfect, but I definitely made my $150 investment back in spades.

  • nicky

    listing on ebay end. but i found it at dslrcolorcap.com

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