Nikon D5200 currently in stock in the US


Nikon D5200 DSLR camera that was introduced in the US last week is currently in stock at B&H and Amazon. The new WR-10 wireless remote controller is now available for pre-order. I am curious to see how the 24MP sensor inside the D5200 (made by Toshiba) will compare to the 24MP sensor in the D3200 (made by Nikon). DxOMark test results should be out soon.

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  • alvix it compares to the D3200 ? from the nef I opened in NX2 the results seem very promising…I’d say 1 stop better , and I put my 1/8 cent here at stake.. 😀

  • Technician

    Sample images, anyone?

  • alvix

    ephotozine posted a preview with nef files from 100 to 25600 , maybe not super consistent ..but way better then other stuff out there..

  • vlphoto

    Also in stock in montreal, quebec at Simon’s camera

  • Daniel

    This is just insane… spending $800 or so every other year. Save up and move to full frame or stick with the DX ones you have. Never upgrade from aps-c to another aps-c

    • Graham

      Please do no feed the FX troll!

      • RamesesThe2nd

        He is partially correct. Spend $800 on a camera that is almost identical to the camera it replaced. At least get a D7000 or D90 so you have better ergonomics and controls.

        • AR22

          D5200’s display can be flipped out and rotated to any angle, I miss that feature on my D600. (Upgraded from a D5000)

          • thomasv99

            you do? I never use that 🙂

        • I prefer the ergonomics of my old D5000 to the D7000, except for the viewfinder and shooting and drive mode dials. I think the front dial on the D7000 is largely wasted (if it could be customized or mapped to ISO or exposure compensation in A, S, and P modes then I would be happier, but the D5000 is still smaller, lighter, and has the flip out LCD.

    • Sahaja

      If you move to FX then your biannual upgrades will just become more expensive.

      • Aldo

        if you move to fx there will be no more need to upgrade unless you are one of those who must have the latest camera. if you don’t believe me go look up how the d700 is still selling like hot cakes…

      • AM

        Well, if the trend continues, FX should upgrade every four years. So, if you want to keep up with the latest body, it’s the same and in some cases even cheaper with FX, and it makes more sense to upgrade every four years than every one or two years.

    • Fraucha

      I am still baffled by the reasoning that you have to upgrade your camera at every reiteration at all. If you suck at $800 you are gonna suck at $1000 two years later right?

      • Joe

        I keep my digital bodies in service for approximately three years. I keep the earlier ones after upgrading since having an extra body can be useful sometimes. I am still using a D90 (skipped the D7000) and while I was expecting to change it last fall I have been waiting for the Expeed 3 lineup to stabilize. I will probably get a D5200, with the most appealing feature being the articulated screen.

    • Mike

      It’s not about side grading to the ‘same but newer’ model for existing users. It’s about Nikon offering a competitive model amongst its peers. Imagine a D5000 still on the shelf as new. They’d be gathering dust quickly compared to what the consumer can buy now from competitors. The Dxxxx line changes quickly to stay relevant. My brother has a D5000 and I tell him what’s new. He can’t be bothered to keep up. But a p&s user looking at the D5xxxx line (from across all brands) has a compelling option from Nikon.

    • rico

      what a dumb suggestion by the OP! What exactly will all DX users do with their DX lenses? sure it will work on FX but you are limited.

  • Spy Black

    Only the kit, body only is unavailable.

  • Sahaja

    How did Nikon “make” the sensor in the D3200? They don’t have any sensor manufacturing of their own. They might have given the same basic design to two different manufacturers.

  • SB52

    This article is partially correct. The D5200 with the standard kit lens is available. It’s not available in body-only or with the 18-105mm lens.

  • Mansgame

    Soccer-moms rejoice!

    • george

      You equipment snobs are knuckle-heads. It’s also a tell tale amateur move to gripe or brag about equipment

      I shot all this stuff with a D-3000. Look here

      The majority of people with pro-sumer and even full frame cameras under-utilize them majorly.
      This camera is supposed to have good iso integrity.

      btw sample photos guy- The 72dpi standard screen and internet resolution allow just about anything to look good on here. There are any number of combinations of aperture, shutter speed, and lighting situations that will allow for good photos. More or less sample photos don’t prove anything.

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