Two new underwater housings for Nikon D600 from Ikelite and Sea&Sea


In addition to the Nauticam NA-D600 ($3,300), there are two new underwater housings for the Nikon D600 camera:

Ikelite 6812.6

Ikelite 6812.6 specifications ($1,599.95):

All important camera functions are accessible
Controls are not provided for Diopter Adjustment Control
9.6in (244mm) including controls
6.9in (175mm) including controls
6.5in (165mm) including controls
6.0lb (2.5kg) without tray & handles
Slightly negative in freshwater
Depth Rating
200ft (60m)
Built-in Flash
Strobe Connection
Ikelite digital TTL electrical bulkhead
Tray Mounting
12-24 thread with 3in spacing (76mm)
Main O-Ring
Port O-Ring
Spare Parts
5020 Silicone lubricant in 4 1cc tubes
5512.69 O-Ring kit
0200.91 Housing body cap
9104.5 Electrical bulkhead cap

Sea&Sea MDX-D600

SeaandSea MDX-D600 backSeaandSea MDX-D600

Sea&Sea MDX-D600 features:

  • Controls most essential functions of the Nikon D600 camera underwater. (Bracketing button, Preview button and Function button are not operable from the housing).
  • The camera's built-in flash can be activated or disabled from the housing.
  • Equipped with an accessory port for HDMI output
  • The housing buttons are angled for ease of use and enhanced functionality.
  • Equipped with a tripod socket in the center of the bottom of the main body.
  • Comes with an optical viewfinder 0.5x as standard. Other interchangeable viewfinders are also available (optional).
  • The quick shoe makes the camera easy to install and remove from the housing.
  • A built-in leak sensor immediately alerts you to any water leakage.
  • Depth rating of 100m/330ft makes the housing ideal for tech diving.
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  • Mexican

    With this casa can be solved, the dust in the sensor PROBLEM?

    • :):):) yes! It is a fix for dust and oil problem:)

    • frippz

      Are you for real…?

  • matfar

    Sea & Sea make some beautiful housings. Have a look at some of my images on

  • ola

    Why would anyone buy a D600 for underwater photos? When including the housing, the price difference to the D800 is small.

  • jule

    Why the hell do those housings price so high ? I mean, even if the materials are great, they are just assembled plastic & rubber parts ! If the housing cost about 1/3 of the camera price, loads of people would buy them.

    • Guest

      because they must withstand a lot of pressure. on 100m, the pressure is 11bar (11x the surface pressure). those housings have a lot of knobs and buttons routed to the outside – and each of them has to be fully sealed in addition to the main seal (for the opening through which you insert/remove the camera). also, with DSLR housing you attach another housing for the lens (a so called ‘port’) which also needs to be fully sealed.

      then, the housing needs to be light enough to be transported easily but hard enough to withstand quite some bashing (think cave diving with a lot of current and zero visibility (silt out)). oh… and then you also need to be able to see the display and also through the viewfinder.

      and the 100m rating is the ‘safe’ rating. crush-depth will be a lot deeper (as they don’t want to get sued) – i guess it’ll be more like 150-200m. I’ve been to 60m w/ a housing rated to 40m (actually i forgot to leave the camera on the boat for that dive and on 60m i was like ‘oh shit, my camera!’… but it was alright).

      are they worth a lot of money? i don’t know. but i do know, that if i put a DSLR in such a situation i would prefer to pay i little more upfront and then have peace of mind on the dive and can actually take my time to look around and not check the housing for leaks every 30sec.

      disclaimer: i do not own a DSLR housing but ‘just’ a housing for a P&S (Canon S95 if anyone wants to know…), but it’s about the same (the housing cost about the same as the camera).

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