Weekly Nikon news flash #197

Nikon D5200 book


  • The Nikon version of the new Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM lens ($899) will be released on January 18, 2013. DxOMark tested the Canon version of this lens: "It is clear that Sigma has done something very special with the 35mm f1.4 DG HSM A, they have produced a lens that performs better than Canon’s own 35mm lenses and better than a Carl Zeiss 35mm f1.4." Few sample images with the Canon version of the lens can be found here.


  • BCNrating released their January-December 2012 sales rankings: Nikon got the #2 spot for DSLR cameras and lenses and #3 spot for compact cameras.

Nikon version Yongnuo YN-622N i-TTL flash trigger

"It seems we've stumbled upon an issue with our particular D5200 sample: a closer inspection of shots reveals they're just not as sharp as they ought to be. Could this be the previously reported autofocus issue some D7000 users experienced when that DSLR first launched? Both cameras share the same 39-point autofocus system, so it would appear plausible, even though we've never experienced the talked-about issue first hand before now."

  • The photo equipment chain Jessops (UK) is now in administration (bankruptcy) and all of their stores are now closed (join the forum discussion). Nikon UK issued a statement concerning all returns and repairs of Nikon equipment purchase from Jessops:

"Nikon UK would like to assure Jessops customers that we are actively working with the administrators and plan to undertake all outstanding repairs as quickly as possible. Nikon UK will be contacting customers directly regarding their repairs, however for any queries please call 0330 123 0928. To help us update you on the status of your repair, we ask customers to have a product serial number to hand. Nikon UK can confirm that we will also be honouring any repairs under Jessops’ Photo + extended warranty scheme."

  • Check out all the Nikon gear at the ISS (about 18:00 min. into the video):


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  • Nikon’s still strong in DSLRs, but it looks like m4/3 (combined) is dominating the mirrorless space. The N1 has too small a sensor for many enthusiasts, so I expect a DX mirrorless soon. But it’ll be years behind and really have to miniaturize it’s native lenses to do better than NEX, which seems to be going that way with it’s new zooms.

  • Son of FE

    Interesting to see if Sigma has refocused 😉 their approach to marketing and QC. It looks like they really want to be a true alternative to O.E.M.

    • timon_comment

      do not believe DxOmark Lens Scores and Camera Sensor Scores.
      In Lens Scores, DxOmark has much more pseudoscience juggling,

      Lens mounted on Nikon d3x, DxOmark has a given Sigma Score 28, but Nikkor 50mm f1.4G is merely Score 27.
      Ok, we can see more measurements in between Nikkor 50mm f1.4G and Sigma 50mm f.14 EX DG.

      In Photozone, all PZ (measured MTF) sample images are taken as RAW files and converted via Photoshop ACR (default settings without automatic image correction and contrast set to 0).

      Nikkor 50mm f1.4G mounted on Nikon d3x (24MP)
      MTF50 LW/PH #f1.4, #f2.0, #f2.8, #f4.0, #f5.6, #f8.0
      Center ——— 3262, 3432, 3730, 3926, 3849, 3686
      Border ——— 2980, 3032, 3203, 3447, 3575, 3501
      Extreme ——- 2861, 2980, 3097, 3341, 3523, 3421

      Sigma 50mm f.14 EX DG mounted on Nikon d3x (24MP)
      MTF50 LW/PH #f1.4, #f2.0, #f2.8, #f4.0, #f5.6, #f8.0
      Center ——— 3002, 3425, 3727, 3874, 3837, 3751
      Border ——— 1569, 1811, 2049, 2366, 2767, 3023
      Extreme ——–1460, 1675, 1930, 2127, 2573, 2867
      (Very bad Border and Extreme, you seen)

      Sigma 50mm f.14 EX DG mounted on Canon Eos 5d2 (21MP)
      MTF50 LW/PH #f1.4, #f2.0, #f2.8, #f4.0, #f5.6, #f8.0
      Center ——— 2805, 3242, 3672, 3748, 3629, 3402
      Border ——— 1484, 1808, 2120, 2298, 2524, 2669,
      Extreme ——- 1324, 1485, 1839, 2071, 2323, 2597
      (Very bad Border and Extreme, you seen)

      Read more about the lens performance, going through from Photozone.

      Also, you can browse through other website both Slrgear and Dpreview, and likewise seen problems with Sigma 50mm f.14 EX DG.

      In website Slrgear, Sigma 50mm f.14 EX DG mounted on Canon Eos 5d (13MP), but Sigma 50mm lens merely in 8μm 35mm sensor is already much worse border and corners, also a swollen price and big-sized of puffiness.
      In website Dpreview, Sigma 50mm f.14 mounted on Canon Eos 1Ds3 (21MP), but Sigma 50mm lens is much worse border and corners.

      All of these measured results are obviously Sigma 50mm much worse than for Nikkor 50mm f1.4G.
      However, DxOmark has a given Simag Score 28 (@Nikon d3x), but Nikkor 50mm f1.4G is merely Score 27 (@Nikon d3x).

      If people who blind worshipped DxOmark’s Scores, it must be you caught with chaff.
      If people who wanted to hit Canon, DxOmark Scores must be enough bad with yourself, and not Canon.

      In NiKon AF-mount, I am a chosen from Nikkor lenses as well as Tamron lenses (if third party AF lens needed), like Tamron AF 70-300mm SP Di VC USD and Tamron AF 24-70mm f2.8 SP Di USD VC, but avoided of Sigma.
      In B&H, the Sigma 50mm lens is US $449 – 499, but Nikon 50mm f1.4G is US $399 – 439, and Nikon 50mm f1.8G is a very well lens with price 217 USD, in future we will see FX 35mm f1.8G.(So, here is needless to say relating the QC and IQ in Sigma’s history).

      • They might have tested a bad copy of that 50mm 1.4 of Sigma.

        • timon_comment

          Photozone have tested 2 Sigma 50mm 1.4 lenses. (same as the bad results. Both d3x and eos5d2)
          Slrgear published a tested Sigma 50mm f1.4. (Eos 5d)
          Dpreview published a tested Sigma 50mm 1.4. (Eos 1ds3)

          Three famous websites all the 4 Sigma 50mm 1.4 EX DG lenses have same as the bad results.

          Could it be saying DxOmark has a unique Fifth Column Sigma lens? Do you believe the DxOmark stories?

          • I don’t believe in their sh*t. LOL My Sigma 50mm is tact sharp.

            • timon_comment

              DxOmark offered sh*t,
              you believed in and enjoyed scent.

      • Bret M

        Wait.. this was about the *new* Sigma 35mm. That 50mm f/1.4 is several years old now and has nothing to do with Sigma’s new “refocusing” of marketing and QC as the poster you replied to said.

        Not sure how this information on the 50mm is relevant here.

        • Bret M

          Also, DXO’s scores aren’t based only on sharpness, but contrast, light falloff, rendition, etc… while I agree Nikon’s 50mm is better than Sigma’s, you have no idea if the new 35mm will be better or worse than Nikon’s.

          • timon_comment

            Lens performance not only based on sharpness, but the sharpness is the most important and basic thing.

            DxOmark “Lens Metric Scores” listed the top line “Sharpness”,
            But, DxOmark “Lens Metric Scores” did not say about the Border and Corners.

            In DxOmark “Lens Metric Scores”, Sigma 50mm is also worse CAs.
            Also, you ought to read DxOmark “Lens Metric Scores”, and seek ask for what more Scores “contrast, light falloff, rendition, etc… ”

            quoted: “Not sure how this information on the 50mm is relevant here”?
            Well then, not relevant DxOmark Scores? not relevant Sigma lens?

            do a comparison on other measured results, I have to say DxOmark Score has much more pseudoscience juggling.

  • Eric Duminil

    For the holster : if you’re a wedding photographer, you have 2 bodies on you, with lenses pointing downward, not outside. This setup seems slow, unconfortable and dangerous with anything bigger than kit lenses…

    • Mike

      No way in hell I’d use that for wedding photography. Sorry. Even when I get bumped with lenses in padded pouches I cringe a little. If there was a hinge at the bottom and the attached lens swung down, then maybe.

    • Mansgame

      Well said. MAYBE if someone was a prime shooter in a safe environment he could put his 24, 35, 50, 85 around him and walk around like a Rottweiler who just had puppies but I don’t see this ever taking off.

  • jake

    I can’t wait to actually put the Sigma 35mm on my D800 and D600 cameras.

    I was waiting this lens for a couple of months already , I was seriously considering getting a Canon EOS6D just for this lens.

    Thanks Sigma for actually releasing this one in Nikon F mount , I thought they’d never actually release it for us.

    • I don’t understand “will be released” unless they’re talking about the DXOMark result. I have the Nikon one, as do many people and its awesome. Tons of samples on Flickr.

      • Fiatlux

        It is indeed available and in stock on Amazon

        • Supplies in Asia are still not met for the Nikon mount mind you.

        • jake

          which Amazon?

        • I was talking about the new version which still not available: http://bit.ly/W3J5Ir

          • Jon McGuffin

            This is nuts, I own this “artist” lens and have for quite some time now. Yes, the “new” lens in F-mount is available (and it kicks ass).

      • The reason why they said that it will be released on that date is because they prioritized the Canon mount. They’re still way behind. There were too many orders for the Nikon and they can’t keep up w/ it. Lucky for those who pre-ordered it in advance. they got their units first.

      • jake

        in my area , it is not released in F mount yet.

        if it will be out on 18th of this month , I feel really relieved

    • Well there are too many unhappy 35m 1.4g owners out there. Now that there’s a cheaper and better alternative to that overpriced piece of glass. I guess they’re full of regrets 🙂 It would be stupid of them to sell it then buy the Sigma 35mm 1.4. They’ll lose a lot of money.

      • jake

        not really, as you can sell your Zeiss or Nikkor G for about 1.3k and then get this Sigma , you will still have about 500 USD left in your hand.

        • And a lot shooters are already aware of the Sigma 35mm 1.4’s presence in the market. It would be hard to sell the 1.4g now that the latter is getting very positive reviews.

  • Martin

    If nikon won’t announce the D 300 s successor any Time soon, they will quickly dropp at Spot 3

    • preston

      That’s pretty funny. Sony has already had a full year to take market share away from Nikon in that segment (Sony A77 came out at the end of 2011, so 2012 was it’s first full year on the market). How much of Sony’s 7.1% of market share came about because Nikon doesn’t have a current competitor for the A77? Nikon must be shaking in their boots being so close to them at 35.1%.

      I don’t think Canon or Nikon have anything to worry about from Sony in the dslr race because Sony’s options aren’t significantly better. Where Nikon should be worried is with it’s mirrorless options.

    • Juergen

      How do you come to that conclusion`?

  • Alwyn Smit

    And again Canon kicks Nikon’s but. Why? Because Nikon thinks it can turn a blind eye to issues and act as if they don’t exist. Dust, oil, shavings on sensors and focusing issues come to mind. But hey, according to Nikon there is no problem. Well, keep telling yourselves that whilst people are dumping you for Canon

    • Laurent Proulx

      Just because Canon sell more rebel ….. high end slr are negligible.

      • Alwyn Smit

        And why is that? Nikon has a 5 year warranty on the entry level cameras right up to the D7000 here in SA. With Nikon lenses you get a lens hood included in the sale. Yet you still see more ‘rebels’ being sold here. As far as higher end? How many Nikons do you see when you watch the news at night? How many Nikons do you see at sporting events? How many Nikons do you see at fashion shoots? Most of the time it’s Canon as I don’t think Nikon has white lenses. I used to be a staunch Nikon supporter, until Nikon turned it’s back on us, the paying customers. I want what I pay for without being used as Nikon’s personal quality controller. If they can’t provide that I’ll take my money elsewhere

        • gsum

          Maybe I’ve been lucky but I haven’t had a single QC problem with my D2x, D700 or D800, or any Nikon lens. The only problem I have with Nikon is that they persist in not making the camera that I want – a digital FM – no face recognition, no rear display screen – just a lightweight photographic tool.that will fit in an ever-ready case. But I have the same problem with Canon too.

          As for Canon outselling Nikon’s professional cameras – yes that was true a few years ago thanks to the DX chip in the D2x but, in the UK, things started to change with the D3. Canon might still outsell Nikon but not by much, indicating a move in the opposite direction to that which you claim.

    • Juergen

      To quote Thom Hogan: “BCN reports retail sales of most consumer items in Japan based upon a large (but not complete) percentage of the retail establishments there.”

      • My understanding is that they have data from around 2/3 of Japanese retailers.

        • Alwyn Smit

          Whether 2/3 or 3/3 it will still show that Canon is kicking butt and Nikon is losing customers due to their current QC. Sad though because I really prefer Nikon’s ergonomics

          • Juergen

            From two figures – 52.7 percent and 35.1 percent – you “conclude” all sorts of things – but obviously you are wrong!

            Do you have any data to backup your wild claims?

            • Alwyn Smit

              Yeah tell yourself everything is rosy in Nikon land.

            • Alwyn Smit

              I “conclude” what I see with my own eyes. I’m not a fanboy blind to reality

        • jake

          actually less than that and BCN does not include data from Yodobashi , Bic and Kitamura ,which are the 3 larges camera electronics retailers in Japan.

    • Juergen

      … interesting what you conclude from Japanese 2012 BCN figures

  • Del-Uks

    The Nikon version of the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM has been available in Europe since december 2012.

    • You are probably talking about the old version. I have not seen any signs of the Nikon version of the new Sigma 35mm lens.

      • ZuckeR
      • Mine came in today. Its sitting at the post office ready for delivery, Vancouver BC Canada…I was wondering why it took so long to get a nikon version though.

      • Jacob Abrams

        I’ve called a couple of local shops and one said they had 3 in stock right after Christmas, but they only lasted one day.

      • Jon McGuffin

        I too have had the US version of this lens now for nearly a month! Bought if off Amazon.com, fulfilled by Amazon. 🙂

    • Juergen

      … but not in Germany.

  • Alan

    Re:The Kickstarter Holster project:
    While there could be advantages for some, there are also disadvantages:
    1. You can now have up to 3 lenses swinging around exposed to knocks.
    2. You are more exposed to the grifters’ lens stealing scam. Typically it works like this. You are targeted usually in busy urban settings with some tourist attractions nearby: your SLR over the shoulder or hanging from your neck is the attraction. You are approached for directions by two people – grafter 1 who bears a map and is asking for directions. The map obscures your view of the camera, you are distracted by the discussion, and grifter 2 deftly removes your lens at this time. By the time you realize what has happened they’re well away. This holster would give them a choice of lenses!

    Incidentally, when I first heard of this scam (BBC programme a year ago) a few of us got together and experimented a little. We all agreed (both Nikon and Canon users) that Canon lenses would be slightly easier to remove and steal in this way. Probably the left handed bayonet and slightly tighter fit of the Nikons.

  • AM

    “…the same autofocus issues as some D7000 models:”
    As far as I know there’s only one D7000 model, isn’t it?

    • iamlucky13

      Obviously they mean some examples of the D7000, not different models.

      But their conclusion doesn’t seem fully justified. If the phase detect system missed focus *something* should still be in focus, but the crop they shared doesn’t cover enough area to be sure, and their words claim otherwise.

      That indicates some other issue. Maybe mirror slap? At 18-55 focal lengths, you wouldn’t expect to see it, but we’re talking about a 100% crop from a camera with a 25% higher pixel density than even the D800…so on a lightweight tripod with a lightweight camera and a slow shutter speed???

      In comparison, on Live View, the mirror is already up.

      They also didn’t confirm they shot both at the same apertures. That would be a rookie mistake, but it happens. And did they check the EXIF data to see what was reported for subject distance?

      But even if their conclusion is correct, and there is a focus issue, it’s not necessarily unexpected. Phase detect has somewhat limited precision (especially with slow lenses), while contrast detect is theoretically only limited in precision by the same output we use to assess it – the image sensor itself.

  • D800 refurbished kit with refurbished 24-70 2.8 looks tempting. It’s almost 400 price difference from the d600 24-85 and 24-70 kit that i picked up on sale last month. Tempting but those file sizes are scary. I have the latest MPB 2012 non retina and it handled the d600 files with out a problem. I added 16gb total RAM and added a 2nd hard drive along with the high end i7 processor. I could put those 400 towards a 85 1.8 or 105mm macro. With 300 shots and a 1 minute video at 1080p 30fps it was 11 gigs.

  • PeterO

    Any truth to the rumours over at New Camera, Admin?

    • I published the same info few months ago, and they are wrong – here will be new products announced at the CP+ show. If there something worth publishing, I would post it online.

      • PeterO

        We can always count on you Admin for the real goods.

  • Renee

    Hi- my local camera shop (Edmonton, AB, Canada tells me they have the new lens in for my nikon:/. Could they have it if its not released yet?! Thanks for any information you can shed on the subject. How can I be sure it’s the newest one?!

  • Spy Black

    Looking at the DxO figures, the Samyang holds up admirably. It may be manual focus, but it’s also $550.

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