How Nikkor lenses are made (video)


The video I posted few days ago was on how Nikon produces the glass used in their lenses. There is another video from Nikon Imaging Japan that actually shows how Nikkor lenses are assembled:

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  • PRC

    Crikey they don’t give much away in these video’s do they !

    • Nikon Boss

      You’re just lucky let cameras in at al.. er.. um.. ha.

    • MyrddinWilt

      On the contrary. They are showing that the manufacture of the professional lenses is still an essentially hand built affair.

      No robots, the people have small work areas.

      Lens manufacture still consists of making glass, grinding, polishing and checking and checking and checking.

      Its definitely not a just in time operation.

      The manufacture of the DX lenses is probably more interesting film wise.

  • rich

    number 2!

  • rich

    they put all that love care and attention into making that glass and they finish with a guy taking pictures of planes on a cloudy day!

    • Paul

      and then he chimps the screen haha. loved the video, just not the end.

  • PeterO

    That was fantastic. Now I know everything there is to know about how Nikon makes lenses – NOT. As a very famous old commercial once said: “Where’s the beef?”

    • Mike Rowe

      This is art, offering a glimpse of the birth of a lens, its not a documentary on the TV franchise show “How its Made.”

      • PeterO

        In fact Mike, I did see a “How it’s made” video about making lenses and it was very informative. And it didn’t take much more time. I am also a professional musician and this is not art. It is equivalent to the froth on a capuccino.

    • Eric Duminil

      Those videos are much more informative :

      They’re from Canon, but I suspect the production processes are very similar.

      • PeterO

        Thank you Eric. And in response to Zoetmb, these Canon videos don’t “give away” any secrets.

      • PeterO

        Thank you Eric. And in response to Zoetmb, these Canon videos don’t “give away” any secrets.

  • js200022

    It is an amazing work. Very nice.

  • matjprat

    Where’s the part where they add just enough dust to the lens to make me exchange itfor another copy?

    • n11

      Oh they left you out of the video?

  • Coil

    Nikon… keep making lenses but please, for the love of God, stop making videos. STOP!!!

    • Yes! focus on lenses and cameras and forget videos!

  • Coil

    Nikon… keep making lenses but please, for the love of God, stop making videos. STOP!!!

  • Peter

    Thanks for putting up the video. The cynicism in people is just pathetic and shows a lack of maturity.

    • Steven Bodo

      Maybe just a bit more open minded than you.
      If you thought these videos were beautiful, that’s good for you. I don’t want to ruin your joy. To me they were way too cheesy, and had absolutely no information value. The only thing I liked was the music.

      • Better

        It’s an advertising, not a documentary! sigh*

  • peteee363

    the main reason i purchase nikon, is because they make the entire camera, from the glass, to the shutter. sometimes they even make the sensor. my large format camera even had nikkor lenses.

  • texasjoe

    A magical wonderland.

  • I’m beginning to think that Nikon has ZERO imagination! They better stop making videos that are pointless and uninforming and stick to making cameras and lenses. Although I own and love/like my D700 and pro lenses, I don’t see much creativity in their products either, only product evolution forced by what the competition is doing!!

  • As the other video this week, we see nothing… only unconnected images that shows nothing.

  • upuaut

    The video was commissioned by Canon

  • Benry hartier cresson

    Nikon instead of Videos, please New 80-400, 300/4 vr III, 50/1.2, pce 17/4 and D 400

  • zoetmb

    I really don’t know what you expect. Nikon is not going to “give away” their manufacturing processes. This purpose of these videos is to sell the idea, accurate or not, that lens making is a complex, time-consuming, largely non-automated process, which is why decent lenses are so expensive.

    I believe most people think they have machines that make lenses and someone pushes a button and the lens comes out the other side and since it’s all just sand (for the glass) and some plastic and metal (plus a motor), lenses should be far less expensive.

    This wasn’t a documentary. A documentary would have interviews and explanations, like how long the curing process takes, how many steps there are in assembling a lens, how many lenses are manufactured a day, how big the factory is, etc.

    Also, people who think that the making of such a video consumes resources that could be used to release a new lens model instead are complete idiots and have no idea how companies work.

  • sean sylvan

    oh well if the making of lenses today is still so much of a manual labor process i can’t help but wonder how they achieve precision and uniformaty in the lenses with all the aspherical shapes. no wonder so many coomplain about lens to lens variation…

  • Vlad

    Canon had a much better video

  • Whats the background song being played?

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