You can now buy Nikon parts online


Last year in January, Nikon stopped selling camera parts to independent repair shops. Many Nikon shooters and small store owners complained, several petitions were started, but nothing changed. The good news is that now Nikon started selling selected DSLR and lens parts online at their new Nikon Parts Store.

Some Nikon parts are also available from third party resellers on eBay.

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  • rdunnell

    If you need rubber covers or battery doors anyway… I don’t see any shutters or image processors there yet. 🙂

  • What a pathetic selection they need to do better that this.

  • dan

    need the dust bag refill for my D600

  • Dyun27

    Very lame selection. So far nothing of great value is being offered for either the D7000 or the D600. Plastic cover for the rear LCD? That’s it??? Lol. I’m trying to stay positive here, but at this moment it is disappointing to say the least.

    • iamlucky13

      Be serious though…how much do you expect to work on yourself? The average, or even fairly advanced user isn’t going to be replacing an AF-S motor or soldering in a new EXPEED chip.

      There really aren’t many parts on DSLR’s and lenses that can be user-serviced.

  • Compatiable?

  • Micah Goldstein

    This had me excited for the five seconds it took to click through and see that they aren’t offering shit.

    Poor selection of both models covered and parts for the models they do cover.

    • iamlucky13

      Don’t expect Nikon to ever offer anything that requires the the user to open the body up to service. Doing so would be taken by too many as an implicit endorsement of the skill level appropriate for doing so, leading to people bricking their cameras and getting pissed at Nikon. It’s not a washing machine that can be fixed with a screwdriver and a wrench.

      However, this is more significant than you might realize. After they ended dealer ordering, if you broke your battery door, for example, the only way Nikon offered to fix it was to ship your camera in for service…which means you pay the usual labor and overhead rates for what it looks like they now sell on the D700 for $4.34 (plus the high shipping and handling rates that all companies charge for spare parts, I’m sure).

      So $10 for the part and doing the work myself vs probably $75 and being without the camera for several weeks? Easy decision.

      This isn’t party in the streets news, but it’s worth knowing that you have to option to fix at least a few of the simple pieces of the camera yourself.

      • Micah Goldstein

        @iamlucky13:disqus Nikon did actually offer to sell parts at one point. I need a couple aperture rings for old lenses, which they certainly have, but I now can’t order them directly. That was not the case until last year. I used to order parts directly. They made it tough, because you needed to know the real part number for a couple of the more obscure things, but you could still get them.

        If you look at what they’re actually offering today, no, this does not look useful at all. It looks like they’re just trying to shut people up by saying they’re complying, but they effectively have nothing to offer.

    • Larry Gray

      Not only don’t expect Nikon to provide parts for the end user that requires opening the camera, denying the same parts to skilled independent camera repair companies is part of their larger strategy against grey market. Nikon already will repair “authorized dealer” models and has the parts to do it, while deying any repairs at any cost to gray market models presented to them. The loophole was that gray market was being sold with 3rd party warranties and repaired by independents. By denying critical parts to independents, they close that loophole. You can buy grey market and (foolishly) buy a 3rd party warranty…but where are you going to get it repaired as the parts are not available. Unfortunately, the small repair shops with the skill to repair Nikons, irrespective of how originally sold, are the ones that are hurt by Nikon’s scorched earth policy to eliminate gray market.

      What they are offering online are not the major repair parts, but basic maintenance wear-n-tear part.

      • Micah Goldstein

        You’ve got it 100% right. And it’s disgusting. It’s disgusting because this is not something that is being done by the parent company, this is being done by their poorly managed subsidiary.

        Sadly, I think the poor economy will be the only thing that will fix this. The local swindling sub needs to go under so we can deal directly with the real Nikon.

  • Relax. it’s just the beginning. Imagine getting to a point where the Nikons become like personal computers? Just buy and customize what you want.

  • ronadair

    More like the Nikon Prophylactic Store. All I saw was a bunch of rubber.

  • Orestor

    I hope they ship international soon

  • paparotz

    I am not really disappointed, and this web page seems lacking but I think they are offering the correct parts for end user serviceability. but seriously, what are you expecting? are you thinking they would have the SWM motors, VR units or complete magnesium housings? there is a reason Nikon has certified service centers. These people have years of training in their products. one little slip up in a disassembling or reassembling can result in catastrophic functionality issues or additional damage of an item or possible ruin the item. I’m saying this being an audio repair service technician for many years. there just comes a point where you are better off letting someone who has a specific understanding of a product do the service because they have done it so many times on that particular item. just my two cents.

  • mikeyb

    I got excited to buy a new zoom ring for my 24-70, since it’s stretching a little bit.

    Then I saw the $12.50 shipping on a $3 item.

    • delayedflight

      That’s why you buy a heap of them, save them for later.

    • iamlucky13

      Unfortunately, all spare parts departments (automobiles, home appliances, lawn mowers, etc) do this, because the volumes they sell are so low that the cost of storing and tracking inventory over the decade or more they might support a product are not divided among very many parts.

  • Eric Calabos

    We are currently unable to perform the selected action. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience. We have been notified and are already working to correct this issue as quickly as possible. Please click your browser’s back button and try this action at a later time, or take a different action.
    Error Number: SYS_000001

    Thank you Nikon

    • ShaoLynx

      No, no. There is nothing wrong.
      This website will focus accurately every time… 😉

  • RXG

    Well, at least the one part I want appears to be available …the rubber grip for my D300s

  • j0elc

    I have a D3s top for sale 🙂 Not available on the Nikon website…

  • G0nzo

    need a new (original) focus screen ..would be usefull 🙁

  • Alan

    After following your link to view the site I was “selected”
    to take part in their survey. One strange question in this –

    How likely are you to discourage others from doing business
    with this company?

  • Bruce Press

    Weird. No D3s parts? The focus band, but not the zoom band for the 70-200 VRII? Makes it almost more irritating than useful.

  • Nothing new. I called Nikon Toronto last year and got the new rubber rings for my 70-200VR and 17-55f2.8 for the same price. Replaced them in 3 minutes and they look like new. For the same parts and labour Nikon Vancouver wanted to charge me $300… lady on the phone had to be drunk when she pulled the number on me 🙂 .

  • o_joe

    Um… So I need to send my D300 in to a Nikon service center to replace a $20.00 grip? Really??? I’ve replaced the grip on my D200 and another D300 that I own but now I need to spend $100.00 (probably a VERY conservative guess) to replace a front rubber grip?!?!?!? And for a part/issue that is a frequent repair.

  • chris

    I don’t see any 400mm 2.8 stuff.. The retaining screws to tighten the lens hood screw into PLASTIC blocks that always strip.. cmon NIKON:

  • birch006

    Nikon is under the impression that once they sell us a camera that they somehow still own it. By that I mean they now dictate who can repair their cameras if they require parts – as if they own the camera.

    Guess what Nikon? I OWN THE CAMERA – not you!!!! Nikon dictates where I can get parts / service from and I therefore decline to buy Nikon again.

    This all started when I damaged my D200 tripod socket. All I need is the socket plate. This requires removing / replacing 8 screws and 20 minutes to repair. Based upon experience, the part should run around $8 plus shipping. Nikon won’t sell me that part and tells me I have to send it in to them.

    I am quoted $304 for impact damage – even there is no other damage to the camera and no other problems on the quote.

    I declined the $304 repair and have gotten nothing accomplished with Nikon USA

    Done with Nikon. Perhaps when they lose more shooters to the likes of Canon they might wake up
    ……. or not

  • JohnD

    Lost the af – mode button for my Nikon D7000. Anybody know where I can buy a replacement?

    Thank you

  • bob

    Con merchants
    the lot of them, now the car companies are selling cars with cheap coil
    springs (suspension) made in china which break easy, then they sell and
    fit the same parts, same goes for one of the big tumble dryer manufactures,
    someone (thought they would impress the boss on the savings) ordered
    50,000 or more cheap oil bearings from china, now they only last a year before you have to call the repair man.

  • dude where’s my parts?

    Yeah, I have to wait 60-90 days for a rubber grip for my D700…awesome nikon!

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