“Broken Night” short film shot entirely on the Nikon D800 now available online


In November 2012 Nikon USA issued a press release about a new upcoming "beautiful horror movie” shot entirelly on the Nikon D800 camera. The short film "Broken Night" is now available online at brokennightmovie.com:

"Guillermo Arriaga, the award-winning writer of Babel, 21 Grams and Amores Perros and two-time Academy award-winning cinematographer, Janusz Kaminski, the DP on Schindler’s List, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and Lincoln, have joined forces to create a story as  frightening as it is drop dead beautiful. The result: Broken Night, a short film shot entirely on the Nikon D800."

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  • Eli

    Gosh, that was disturbingly dull.

    • Yawn. Mildly pretty but disinteresting.

  • Mike

    I didn’t quite get the story.
    Perhaps they spent too much focusing on the camera, they forgot about the plot!

  • Galena

    I am Third!!

  • Yeah, that was…ummm…interesting?

  • James

    Was the girl actually dead? Only thing that could make some sense since the boys never talked and after the crash she never talked…

    • Scott M

      Thanks for saying that. I was completely confused before. Now it makes sense.

    • artemuscal

      Yes she was killed in the roll over, but mom had a seat belt that saved her. Too bad little Angelina’s safety [sic] seat didn’t hold her safely. Badly installed by mom or was it that Angeline out grew that seat and should of been in a booster seat. Well what ever. Fact 6 out of 10 children who are killed in auto accidents in the US die of improper safety seat use. That is like 500 per year. The horror…..

  • Well that may well be one of the most boring short films, I think I have seen. I am glad Nikon changed their minds about using Albino children as the 2 protagonists for the film.

  • Dyun27

    Oh my God…. that was really boring. I turned it off after 5 minutes, then forced myself to watch it to the end. Just as I suspected, nothing of interest happened. I feel bad tearing into anyone’s work, but they really could have made it a lot better.

  • KB

    “Gosh, that was disturbingly dull.”
    Yes, but you forgot to add that it was also meaningless unimaginative drivel. Kaminski brings the touch of Spielberg: safe, corrupt, out of touch and commercial.

  • Man, what a tough crowd! I thought it was terrifying and gripping, helped along by the Philip Glass score. Those two boys were right out of Deliverance.

  • Hendog

    This annoys me. I don’t know how such highly regarded, talented and established crew can put together something so bland. All the shots (and lighting) were painfully conventional, hardly beautiful. There were some pretty shots, but nothing I’d call beautiful, visually or otherwise. Some of the shots were clearly out of focus too. “Beauty has never been so terrifying?” rubbish. 21 Grams was one of my favorite films ever, so I know Arriaga is talented, but this story was very meh. Nikon may be to blame here…

  • thats was really disturbing, How you could one be bored. Maybe the modern show it all was missing but glad it did not. Imagination is better. You can have as many endings as you want.

  • That was soooooooo disappointing! like what was the point. You really just wasted 10mins of my life. This was sanctioned by Nikon? Seriously?


  • aekn

    Bad, bad, bad. Just bad.

  • kevin

    There were a company invested in a horror movie and showed their product in it. People’s feelings were linked from the horror feeling to the product and the company bankrupted soon later. Nikon needs to understand basically psychology operating condition and feeling association. They need to stop making this kind nasty movies!!!!! I was going to show my 5 years old to start using the camera and i almost showed him this video. i’m glad i did some proof view before i showed it to him.

  • same focus and sharpness problems i have, in the inside the car shots … didn’t watch past the crash

  • Pablo

    I was waiting for this movie… So disappointed. Bad BAD Bad movie… gee who came up with this ???

  • Jack

    Whats wrong with this people?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! where is the beauty on this??????

  • Eric Calabos

    Nikon: make a film that shows D800 is capable
    Amores: but I have no idea right now
    Nikon: shut up and make the film
    Amores: but …
    Nikon: we need your name, you just make the shit
    Amores: ok

    • Joven

      Amores apparently thought Nikon said “make it shit” instead of “make the shit”

  • stormwatch

    Is this guy a professional Director or so!?!?!? How could anyone in their clear mind approve those so much CMOS stressed in-car shots? When I saw the setup for the car interior scene I knew that it’s gonna be a bumpy ride, no no, that is not a way to do it properly with the CMOS machine. And it really concerns me how did they managed to get that chunks of noise in the telephoto shot of the bird? Come on Nikon, give a serious job to the serious people. Otherwise you would be regarded as a trash underground Indie filmmakers choice.

  • omfg

    Thank you guys!!! I thought that something is wrong with me when I though many times during the movie “wtf is this?!?”.

    Marketing crap. And looking at the other two movies, the pure sense of American self admiration… “oh, the beautiful work we’ve done here, we’re so good and cool, Oscar material from us, the talented people”… piece of PR crap.

    • mark

      yup… full of retards… the woman was retarded, the girl was retarded, and definetely the 2 boys were retarded… basically, a retarded movie

  • Jaby

    I think Canon financed the movie.

    • PABLO

      haha, i think you are right.

  • Pablo

    Nikon should ask this people to have their brand removed from this movie.

  • Mike

    With the exception of a few focusing issues, I thought the film was generally done well.

  • Amien

    that’s the main problem with film crews today : too many people on a set for a lame result. Being a film maker and director should also mean grabbing the camera and being imaginative but they very often forget to think before(script),during(camera motion) and after shooting(editing)

  • Tibor

    This short was filmed and edited in 48H00 for a Film marathon festival, it was entirely shot with a Nikon D600. It is a 0$ budjet film, I did the make up,costumes, camera work, editing and effects. The sound is a bit off sorry :


  • Erin

    Best part of that short was the camera.

  • 48 hour film fest?

    Was that made for the 48 hour film fest? Just awful! All the elements of the film making were extremely disappointing to say the least and it looked like crap visually.

  • FrenchGuy

    Next time please invest in something very useful for a movie, a scenario!

  • neversink

    A great movie can be three hours long and yet you feel like you have only been watching it for ten minutes. This ten minute movie felt like I was watching it for three hours. I couldn’t wait for it to end.
    Boring, no plot, poor acting (if you call that acting,) and meaningless….
    What a complete waste….
    Back to the drawing board…

  • Chuck D

    I know a director who swallowed a camera.

    Imagined that he swallowed a movie.

  • Tom

    Never see this movie again…felt very negative..didnt even show to my daughter. I am a D800 owner. It gives me wonderful Video and stills.
    I dont know why Nikon choose these type of story for movie.

  • What a creepy little film. Can’t believe it was shot on an HD SLR! Impressive stuff.

  • What a creepy little film. Can’t believe it was shot on an HD SLR! Impressive stuff.

  • LG

    Man, really? It SUCKED!!!

  • Steve M.

    From two heavyweights in the filmmaking industry, and that’s what you come up with. The short is terrifyingly pointless.

  • I watched the flim and then to my complete shock thought the credit were a joke. Extremely disappointing and bizarrely awful!

  • Martinrock

    There are many things to correct here. People judge quickly here … The raw truth is not unfounded but exaggerated. The plot of this film is mediocre and poor. There is nothing to complain about the above except the first 4 minutes which are exciting and recalls some memories like the early episodes of House MD. The film could have turned to The Hills Have Eyes. Except the artistic aspect, the technical aspect is relatively good. The “out of focus” are for the most deliberate and not unattractive. This film highlights the potential of this camera in low light and at different point of view. The film would certainly have been better with more appropriate angles and apertures as the scene in the car, but overall it is good.

  • jdf

    WTF? creepy and dull…they were dead?..?

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