New Nikon D600 for $1,685.99


Big Value Inc currently sells new Nikon D600 cameras for $1,685.99 on eBay with free shipping. The camera doesn't come with manufacturer warranty, but you still get 1 years parts and 90 days labor:

"Our products are covered by a warranty of 1 years parts and 90 days for labor. Due to our very low low prices, we are prevented from listing our items with manufacturer warranty. Rest assured, our products are the same as if you bought in stores."

They also sell Nikon D800 cameras for $2,677.82.

You can check Big Value Inc ratings at Resellerratings and Better Business Bureau.

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  • Bill

    Watch out for the allegedly good Reseller Ratings. Most of the good reviews are from “first time” Reseller Ratings users who have posted a total of one review. Lots of fake reviews pumping them up.

  • Ryan McBride

    I cannot seem to view this link.

  • Shawn

    I do not know this co.
    Anybody ever bought anything from them?

  • WH Mitty

    At this rate the D600/D800 will become impulse items at Target checkouts. I paid full retail for my D600 body only and although I would like to have saved $400 had I waited I would have gotten a lot less for my D7000 so no regrets here.

  • Palapapuzi

    Sounds very suspicious to me. Every camera should have the manufacture warranty, the price that the store choose to sell it is not relevant.

  • Bob


  • Dave Ingram

    If it’s too good to be true …. I’m pretty satisfied with the legitimate body + 24-85mm lens for $2000 deal bought from a local dealer. And the full warrantee is probably worth the extra $315.

  • Guest

    Cameta Camera has it now for $1699. There is a minimum shipping fee of $15, but the camera comes with manufacturer warranty!

  • Twaddler Belefonte

    You can get a refurbished d600 from Cameta for about the same price with about the same warranty. I got 3.5 years of solid usage out of the refurb d300 I got from them before I sold it.

  • SD

    Cameta Camera you say? But with a Small Caviat which they clearly say.

    Nikon D600 Digital SLR Camera Body – Factory Refurbished

    So this could be a real price. Its “New” to them at least and “New” to you.

  • Steve

    This camera is GRAY MARKET.

    With that said, is the deal legit? Yes.

    Is it worth it though to save an extra 100 bucks and forgo a real Nikon USA warranty? Given the history and current issues with this camera, most likely No.

    • Ed

      Can you show me where it says Gray Market? cuz I am thinking about getting one.

      • Bills

        Big value is not an official Nikon USA dealer — check the Nikon USA dealer list. That makes what they sell gray market.

  • You can buy refurbs with a 90 day warranty from Adorama at this price. Likewise you can get similar deals on refurb d800s. Why gamble with a dubious dealer?

  • Benjamin JD

    Seller feedback is at 98.2%. That’s not good in the least. Then when you delve into the negative feedback comments you quickly find recurring themes of Item unavailable Seller didn’t contact me regarding out of stock, multiple broken high end camera bodies being delivered, wrong stuff in the box, and horrid customer service. I wouldn’t considering buying a rock from this company much less a $1700 camera body.

    • Steve

      Seller is legit. I have friends that bought from them before on ebay, they do not do the bait and switch stuff. The only thing as mentioned by everyone is that it is gray market.

  • cheapo

    If you are going to buy grey market then at least get it from a better seller.

    • I could not find any grey market D600 at B&H. I was curious what their price would be.

  • It’s too good to be true

    BEWARE! Big Value’s feedback is atrocious, and many complain of being sent Grey Market goods. This is not a good deal and buying a US model camera, with warranty, is worth the extra $$ IMHO. Best of Luck buying from these guys. Don’t know why NR would be promoting these guys with an article. Kind of disappointing.

    • Steve

      Yes, it is definitely better to get a legit Nikon USA camera w/ the warranty. However, to be fair to them, they obviously state that it’s grey market on their eBay page and the price reflects that. There is no bait and switch here; they’ve done many deals on ebay before and I’ve had friends purchase them knowing it was grey market.

    • I am not promoting, I am reporting.

      • this really isnt a sale and you shouldnt post it. cheap is expensive at the end.

        • js200022

          It is still an interesting event about Nikon cameras and I think we should know about it. I don’t see any problem with this post.

  • Mac Rockwell

    Is this coming because of Sensor DUST issues? I think Nikon has produced lot of D600 and that also Defective with lot of dust in the sensor.

    • Guest

      If you keep repeating something, eventually it might become true!

  • Mac Rockwell

    Is this coming because of the Sensor DUST issues? I think Nikon has produced lot of D600.

    • MyrddinWilt

      Its completely normal and most likely due to excess or bankrupt stock that someone needs to dump.

      I find it pretty interesting the way that everyone here yatters on about how they really want X and then when Nikon delivers X they find some way to turn their noses up at it.

      Actually no, I find it pretty tedious when I think about it.

      The D600 looks like it is exactly the camera people were asking for. Its a full frame D7000 at a D300s price point. So you swap the all magnesium body for the hybrid body and that gets you the full frame sensor.

      Price on the D600 is likely to drop as the cost of the sensor drops. The price premium over the DX sensor is always going to be at least double the cost. But minor process improvements can have a huge impact on yield and reduce the cost differential from the 10x it was when the D3 launched to 3x or so.

      Every other new model has some sort of problem which is why I usually wait six months or so before I buy. I plan to get a D800 sometime but I am not in a hurry. I might wait till they integrate the WiFi sender (which is a no brainer upgrade).

      • Not so, the flash sync speed is slower, as well as the top shutter speed, so clearly this isn’t the camera people were looking for. Discerning pros not just looking for a new toy knows this was a severely handicapped camera from the start. A good camera, but made to fill a niche of people who just wanted FX and nothing more.

        • MyrddinWilt

          So? You want a camera with all the features pay the money for the D800.

          Just don’t whine about the fact that the D800 is ever so slightly better.

          The first Nikon I used had a top shutter speed of 1/500th. And that was the flagship body in its day.

    • just shut up about the sensor dust issue already. way overhyped.

      • js200022

        Don’t attack the person, attack the argument. The issue of dust/oil on the sensor of the D600 was real. There is a lot of people that have returned their D600s because of that, myself included.

      • Alwyn Smit

        You sound like a Nikon employee with that kind of attitude. We, the buying public WILL NOT SHUT UP ABOUT THIS ISSUE! WE REFUSE TO SHUT UP ABOUT THE LACK OF QUALITY CONTROL AT NIKON! WE REFUSE TO ACCEPT THE QUIET DIPLOMACY FROM NIKON ABOUT THIS ISSUE AS IF IT DOESN’T EXIST! You walk into a Nikon center and get told “This is the first unit we’ve seen this problem with. No one else is having the same issue.” Later you’ll get the “there was a problem with the earlier units, but that has been resolved.” Nothing but the usual Nikon PR BS. I’m paying! I don’t want dust, oil, plastic shavings in a new camera body. Maybe you are ok with low standards, but there are some who are not

  • D600 is just a D7000 with full frame, why any Nikon / DSLR followers would pay more for this product?

    • RxGus

      It may have the layout/auto-focus of the d7000, but the d600 is not “just” a full frame d7000. It is a huge step forward in image quality

  • Nikon did attempt to provide a cost effective D7000 with full frame D600. Being a Nikon follower I still find it difficult to pay $1999 for D600 when it is worth $1400.

    • js200022


    • RxGus

      How is it worth $1400? If the IQ was consistent with that of the d7000 then I think you might be right. However, since the IQ is nearly identical to the d800 the extra cost is justified.

      It may have the layout/auto-focus of the d7000, but the d600 is not “just” a full frame d7000. It is a huge step forward in image quality

    • well run along with your D7000. If you can’t understand the difference between the two different cameras, you are not a power user and so you don’t need to upgrade

  • RB

    That’s about the price we pay for the D600 incl. warranty here in Switzerland. For once that it’s cheaper here than in the US, it’s not the camera I’d like to buy =(

    • thomasverbeke

      where? Can I buy from outside Switzerland to say france?

  • EnticingHavoc

    The constant devaluation of the D600 makes it look really poor. Why would I buy one now if it’s price will lower even further ?
    Nikons V1 lost almost 70% !!!

    • umeshrw

      To click photos with it maybe?

    • babola

      These discounts are only temporary. While the D600 sells a lot lower than its retail price, the savings will not be as great as with the current temporary offer.
      Just give it a week or so and the price will creap up again to just under $2,000 mark.

  • eths

    FWIW – I’m picking up my new D600 body with full Nikon European warranty for 1599.00 Euros, VAT included.

    • Zivko Spuzva

      That’s $2,120 my friend, even higher than a full blown D600 retail price in the States.
      You europeans have been heavily shafted when it comes to cameras and photo gear, indeed.

      • eths

        Don’t forget that the above price includes 19% sales tax (VAT).

    • thomasverbeke

      that’s actually a good deal in Europe 🙂

  • Mansgame

    For many people who got the kit lens at $1999 can sell the lens and get the same price as this WITH a warranty. Let’s face it, us D600 owners who spent the money early on, even those who waited for the price drop got screwed out of $500 when Nikon sold the kit and the body at the same price.

    It would have been cheaper for them and better for their reputation if they just admitted the dust issue and offered a solution.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      D600 + kit lens for $1,999?
      You’re either dreaming…or smoking some dodgy weed over there.

      • This D600 deal was on for 2 weeks in December and is now gone.

      • Mansgame

        As the esteemed NR Admin mentioned that deal was around for a couple of weeks.
        At first there was no discount, price for the camera was $2100ish and the kit was like $2600ish. Then came the dust issues.

        Next, dealers like BH who I assume weren’t allowed to cut the price unilaterally started giving a free bag, memory card, extra battery etc. For some like me, that was the time to get in because Nikon normally doesn’t drop prices on their FX cameras for years.

        Then for Black Friday, Nikon dropped the price of the body to $1999 and dealers still offered the goody bags.

        Last around Christmas the whole kit was $1999 as was the body. I saw Adorama have refurbs on the body for $1680 as well.

    • RxGus

      Its called being an early adapter. You pay a price for wanting to be first… In your case, it was $500 and some oil on your sensor.

  • By the Chesapeake

    Disappointing to see implied endorsement of this seller by NR. How much faith can one have in this seller’s “warranty”? Of course some people may believe the trade offs of dealing with an outfit like this are justified by the savings. Personally I think there is better value to be had elsewhere – the best price is not always the best value. I’m an avid reader of NR and welcome news of price cuts, deals etc. but this is definitely not in the same category as the Nikon/Amazon/Adorama/B&H/Cameta offers and there should at least be a “caveat emptor” for the unwary.

  • nbmz

    Well, don’t worry about it, as it looks like the price jumped to $1,789.99

    Heck, just 2 weeks ago there were D600 and kit lens being sold for $1999.99 everywhere in canada…

    Wallet is safe for now. 🙂

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