Dpreview confirms the dust spots issue on the Nikon D600 sensor

Sensor residue on the Nikon D600 (source: dpreview)

In their just published review of the Nikon D600, dpreview did mention the sensor residue issue that was reported also by many [NR] readers:

"An issue that has been reported widely on the web concerns the unusual frequency with which the D600 attracts dust and/or residue on its sensor, particularly in the upper left area of an image, which of course corresponds to the bottom right portion of the actual sensor. And sure enough, shortly after we received our review sample and began our studio testing we found we had to conduct a rudimentary non-invasive sensor cleaning.

We can only speculate at this point as to the cause of the issue. What we can say is that simply blowing air did not remove all of the debris; a wet clean was required, suggesting that some contaminant may have found its way onto the sensor. We are of course, pursuing this issue with Nikon directly, and will update this review as more information comes to light."

Do not expect Nikon to make an official statement on this issue . The first D800 cameras also had an unusually high amount of oil/dust spots on the sensor and the problem was resolved with later shipments.

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  • Bob G

    I just (1/23/13) asked Nikon Tech Support at “Nikon Inc. Technical Support” and they said,

    “Nikon has address (sic) the issue and moving forward their (sic) will be know (sic) issues
    with the D600 camera body. Sincerely, Crystal Nikon
    Technical customer service”

  • Rusty

    Had some spots on my d600 (nothing major but slightly annoying). Did a dry sensor brush clean thinking it was stubborn dust (when the blower wouldn’t shift it). Sure enough the dust smudged so must have been oil. Visible dust sensor swab put sensor back as good as new. I’m now 2700 shots in and sensor dirt seems to have stopped accumulating. It’s basically the price you pay for having a high quality shutter mechanism that is lubed to last for a high number of actuations. Even a Porsche 911 needs windscreen wipers 🙂

    My advice would be: buy the camera it produces fantastic images. It’s a high end dslr and as such, may require maintenance, but you can do it yourself – sensor swab is straight forward. Once your a few thousand images in, ‘problem’ goes away.

  • cameralou

    My D600 became unusable after multiple dry cleanings and I wasn’t about to mess with a wet cleaning myself, not on a new camera. Nikon has yet to admit that there is a hardware problem with the D600 but I found this to be curious. I went to their site to find a service center in my area. They told me there are no authorized service centers for the D600 and it needed to be sent to them only, I wonder if it’s because it’s a new model and they didn’t train on it yet or it’s because they wanted it back. I only expected the camera to be gone a few days, they would wet clean it and send it right back to me. To my surprise, the repair CAT was B1: Moderate Repair, Minor Parts Replaced and now it’s on “Parts Hold”. Hm, nothing wrong?

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