Pimp your Nikon lens with those new camouflage designs

After the the Nikon D4 and Nikon 1pimpyourcam.com now offers three new camouflage designs for DSLR lenses. Here are the details:

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  • TL;DR

    Almost as ugly as Canon’s “pro” white lenses…

    • bossa

      The reason those lenses are white is to reduce heat issues within the lens (black absorbs light and heat) and thus get more consistent results.

      • 123

        nikon offers white too

        • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

          Really? I’ve never seen a white nikon.

          • You need to look around more. They’re rare, but they’re there.

            • Mick

              Nikon was the originators with whit lenses in the 1970s, some longer focal length lenses had white. The idea was to reflect the heat from the sun. Ofcourse, Canon just copied the idea from Nikon. Nikon made a White D3 body for wedding photography.

      • Druschka

        That is only true for older lenses. Newer lenses wont suffer from heat.

  • apollo

    Horrible looking, looks very cheap. And camouflage and gloss surface…pffft!

    • Druschka

      Jup, looks cheap. The Canon 70-200 on their website is great though.

  • Ronald

    Shame it is shiny… it would be of more use when it wasn’t.

    • THOR

      That you get in matt

    • THOR

      One can also get in matt

  • I wonder why people still talk about them..

    • bjrichus

      I think it is a slow rumor day so NR admin is publishing this kind of stuff…

  • Aldo

    I rather scare the wild life and take pictures of trees

  • JB

    450 euros….that is $573 US dollars….WOW!!!

    • OMG for Camo Lens

      yeah stuff that…. prefer to spend that on a hooker !!

  • this news is old and you should feel bad …

    • Aldo

      not as old as your bitter ass attitude

    • AlphaTed

      The Nov 14-Dec 20 promo is old news ???? Like March or April? Tell me since when?

      • THOR

        This is a new offer, x-mas offer

      • last year nikonrumors, photorumors, petapixel, and a lot of other photography blog talk about this website. And everybody laugh about this website. Just stop to talk about it

        • THOR

          why people laugh about the website?

        • THOR

          why people laugh about the website?

  • Carsten Saager

    How to look like a complete dork – only €450

  • Like I just love sending expensive glass through the mail system for THAT!!

  • Mike

    If you drop it in the forest or desert or cow pasture, will you find it? That is the existential question.

    • John

      mmhh.. you not.

    • John

      you not

  • TheAlchemist44

    Now I am going to make an assumption (it it may be a bad one) that the only people who may want this design on their lens would be those who would use it for practical purposes (like wild life photographers). With that said, why would you pay more to have them ruin the resale value of your lens when you could just pick up a removeable Lens Coat for $80-$90 a piece which comes numerous designs and offers some lens protection as well? Sorry, was that too logical of a thought process?

    • SleeperSmith

      It’s making too much sense. So it won’t work in real world.

    • Well that’s just crazy thinking. One has to make a commitment to this stuff, and ruining a $5000 lens is true commitment. On the other hand, one could be “commited” by the spouse who argued against buying that bloody thing in the first place.

  • MJr

    Too glossy, too saturated, too bright, too contrasty, too much fail. Not even if they gave me the money.

    • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

      Too Ken Rockwell in other words?

  • And this is better than the lens coats which are matte, protect against bumps and have a more convincing cammo pattern?

  • quickfix

    does it come with confederate flag?

    • THOR

      Yes, no problem..

  • UGLY!!!!!!!

  • There is a guy in Singapore who will paint your camera pink, he might do lenses.

  • AlphaTed

    Without the promo, it will take €600 to pimp my 15-55mm ? Wow.

  • joe Nikon

    Why is the lens hood on side ways?

  • Bob2

    I can also destroy the resale value of your camera and/or lens and void the warranty, all for only $200 US, and in half the time, to boot. There, isn’t that a bargain!

  • mateiphoto

    Absolutely awful. Reminds me of that old lady that drives a pink Lamborghini in Beverly Hills.

  • nawab

    with colors so bright you will definitely stand out in the crowd………………. and in the jungle too!! A perfect way to waste your money

  • Sebastian

    THis one just looks awful. I’m asking myself why they did such a crappy job with that 70-200 (like many others said it, would it be matte aand with a good camourflage-job such as the one in the offering-picture (between dust and snow) it would be way better.

    But if you take a look on the nikon1s they painted, there are many that are really nice and good-looking. should have planned that 70-20 a tad better 😀

  • THOR- Airbrush Designer


    Look here…………..

  • mike

    fortunately, it is only your opinion and not the center of the earth.

  • ben johnson

    they want me to pay 450 EUROS for this? If this was 50 Euros it would be a terrible idea…. for 450 EUROS you are the King of the Dunces if you do this to a lens,

    • bernd

      you’ve got nothing!

  • nawab

    thank God the rubber is not camouflaged, else we would have been searching for it for zooming/ manual focussing

  • oh its done by thor-god of the ripoff

    • THOR

      you have no idea what you’re talking

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