Upcoming firmware updates for Nikon D600 and D800

Nikon is currently working on new firmware updates for the D600 and D800 cameras. The D600 update will contain a fix for the Live View aperture bug (currently you cannot change the aperture in Live View during video). The D800 update will fix the focus priority bug (with AF-ON in Live View changing the aperture causes the screen to turn dark).

I have no information on the release date or what other fixes may be included in those firmware updates.

Update: Nikon is also working on a fix for the D600 cropped HDMI output issue.

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  • Lumenatic

    Let’s hope they will fix the CLS issue on the D800. Still annoying as hell.

  • TrP

    there you go! A firmware update. Someone said that Nikon never updates existing cameras

    • MJr2

      More of a fix than a update. Adding features still won’t happen.

  • As a film student who is using the D600 for school, this is extremely exciting news. It’s frustrating to have to exit LV in order to change aperture while in the middle of a shoot.

    • Dacian Groza

      I have the same problem but I discovered that you don’t have to exit live view, just change it to photo mode.

      • Mansgame

        That’s just as bad. You have to stop shooting, click over, then come back.

  • ayeye

    CLS issue is present on ALL nikon camera. Not only the d800. A firmware update is required for both speedlights and cameras.

    I wish they will introduce an AF fine tuning at various focal length like Canon did on the mark3 and, definitely, I wish they could fix somehow outer focus point reliability.

    • Lumenatic

      If by “CLS issue” you mean the problem that the slave flashes are not triggered every time I have to disagree.

      I have worked with the Nikon D70s, D80, D90, D300s and D800. And only with the D800 the problem occured. With all other cameras I have used so far there were no problems triggering the slave flashes.

  • Koseng

    How about the issue of the raw hdmi video output of only 95% on d600?

    • desmo

      my d600 support 1080p at 100% on my plasma flat panel
      see D600 teardown would be interesting to compare chip to one on D800 teardown if same or different chip for HDMI out
      I suspect if different D600 supports 1080p (displays correctly on consumer TV’s) it’s a consumer body.
      D800 a pro body supports overscan used by editing devices . Your external device is looking for overscan thus the “95%” you see is actually full 1080p
      if chip used is same its just a firmware change,
      if chip is different it aint gonna happen, for editing or pro work you need to buy a pro body

      • It is your plasma panel resizes the video

  • Chimphappyhour

    Please, please, please Nikon, please give us 100% zoom option for the OK button instead of TWO buttons that get us to the retouch menu!!!

    • Kevin

      I agree 100%

    • I’ve mapped my centre dpad button for 100% zoom during image review for this very reason. Quite a simple thing to do, but Nikon probably shouldnt make users discover this on their own.

      • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

        How did you do that??

        • pmallwood

          f2 multi selector center button > playback mode > zoom on/off > high magnification. Job done.

          • Chimphappyhour

            Care to actually try that again? I select playback mode and there certainly is NOT an option for zoom on/off.

            • pmallwood

              I guess for clarity i should have said “on a D800, select f2…”

            • krr

              everybody knows this is possible on a d800 … we are talking about the d600 … thx for nothing

            • d600 is not a pro body . can’t do much customisation. luckily i choose d800 over it 😀

      • Chimphappyhour

        I would also like to know how you did this? I see no option in the menu.

      • Sorry D600 owners. It looks like the playback zoom is an option on the D800 only.

  • Kolcovs

    This is the best news for the Nikon D600! Thanks Nikon!!!

  • If they can improve the White balance on D600, I will be happy ! And also put the fps at 6/7 instead of 5.5 fps…But i’m not sure that’s possible with a firmware…

    • desmo

      fps is most probably a sensor limit

      • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

        And possibly also a battery limit or mirror limit as well.

      • Connor Ross

        it’s not.

    • you shold probably buy a different camera

  • n11

    I always welcome updates for my D800, but its almost a letdown when I realize I don’t really understand what the update is for :/
    Something like “improved ISO performance”, faster reviewing, additional menu options, slow-mo playback, etc.. would be more up my alley.

    • krr

      I think a new sensor and a 400mm f/4 lens should be in the fimware update too! Everything else would be ridiculous!

      • Lcky

        Canon is releasing mkIII firmware for clean hdmi out and updated the 7D recently with a whole slew of updates to the codecs and camera functions. why can’t we hope Nikon will do the same? oh they just wouldn’t do something like that unless they were Canon I guess.

  • LeadWrist

    If they are putting out a firmware I doubt it will be just to fix LV Aperture and left focus, chances are they will roll in other fixes as well.

    • HD10

      Firmware update will likely also fix other hidden problems that Nikon discovered but will not admit. This has been very typical of Nikon over the years.

  • Mansgame

    Now fix the issue with the oil/dust/paint on the sensor and you’ve got a good camera.

  • foo bar

    I thought the live view aperture change had something to do with hardware. Requires a special motor that D600 lacks. Isn’t that so?

    • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

      No. The D600 already has an aperture change motor lever, just like every other F mount camera in existance.

      • Steve

        Well, if it is so easy to fix, why not update the D7000?

        • 800mm f/2.8 DX VR

          Didn’t say it was easy to fix, but that it isn’t a motor problem.

          • thomasverbeke

            I also heard that on the D5100/D7000/D600 this could not be implemented because of a missing motor 🙂 good news

        • because they want you to buy a new camera

  • Canwell

    And the update will disable the left focus sensor…

  • HD10

    Nikon should fix the Live View of the D800 which is atrocious. Live View on the lower-priced D600 is much better.

    Nikon should also allow the shutter button to operate on the D600 as well as on the D7000 even if release mode is on IR remote. The D90 can do this but not the D7000 and now even the D600 has this bug!

  • Pat

    My suspicion is D600 is not selling as well as Nikon wanted. So they decided to list the “change aperture during video/LV” a BUG instead of a DEFEATURE. it was an intentional crippling of camera, same as the “one touch OK to 100% zoom” issue.

    While they are at it, why don’t Nikon add the “focus+release” option back to the AF-C mode as well?

    • Yeah, missing Focus+Release is a huge annoyance for me.

    • Mansgame

      I suspect you are correct. I held out for a while because I felt the price was too high for the lack of features but jumped in after I got some nice bundled deals. Then I discovered the oil spot/dust issues and Nikon not helping and expecting people to pay for shipping. I’d imagine they have had many returns from their vendors – even more than the D800.

  • Neil

    I’m really curious what they’ll sneak in without telling us. I haven’t had any real issues with my D800 except for the mirror locking halfway during a exposure using a wireless remote.

    • Mike

      When the D300 was new-ish, they released a firmware that improved AF speed. Acquisition was pretty accurate already, they just sped it up bit was subtle but noticeable. AF-S is very good in the D800, AF-C is…. nervous.

  • Vin


  • And when will Nikon fix D600’s dust problem?

    • AlphaTed

      Probably waiting for the dusts to settle down.

  • Chews

    If they are going to release a firmware to let the D600 change aperture in live view mode, I wonder if they will finally do the same for the D7000! Such a pain to switch back and forth just the change aperture 🙁

  • Michael Choong

    And please fix for serious back focus causing by sb700/ sb900 af assist beam.

  • Steve

    I don’t understand why they call the aperture/live view issue a “bug.” Is it also a bug in the D7000 then, that can be resolved with an update?

    • henry

      “They”, who are they, I think Nikon consider this as “by design” and not a bug. And Then there many complains about the missing feature that Nikon simply decided to enable that feature 🙂 Anyways, I have no serious issues with my two D800’s. I would like to be able to make more that 999 images in a timelapse though.

      • Number goes up to 9999 if you use it with Camera Control Pro 2.

      • Mansgame

        If Nikon wants to be serious about video, they need to fix this. Canon’s lineup in all price ranges doesn’t have this “feature”. Many people have a D800 and a D600 as a backup for shooting a different angle and this would be a deal breaker.

  • irina

    Will it fix the left focus problem with d800?

    • ageha


  • radneuerfinder

    > The D600 update will contain a fix for the Live View aperture bug (currently you cannot change the aperture in Live View during video).

    Nikon, please fix this on other cameras – like D5100 – as well!

  • full hdmi out on d600 would be nice .. i don’t like the black borders

  • heres hoping for different size NEF in the d800 just like it has in JPG…. It would be great with a exposure meter in live view during filming – AS IT HAS during Photo mode…. Quiet mode burst???? atleast more quiet….

  • BaZa

    Sound bars and histogram while on LV/rec for D600, would be very nice two. I don’t think so, but I can still dream with it 🙂

    • there are sound bars in LV, but audio level control (both for recording and headphone level) during recording would be very welcome.

  • Neopulse

    It’s amazing thanks to Disqus there isn’t so many damn troll posts. (Not affiliated with the admins in any way) But surprised that there isn’t 300+ comments already which more than half would be garbage. -Big J

    • I mentioned that before – the quantity of the comments will go down, but the quality will go up. Now Readers can also comment on old posts, before I had to lock them down because of the massive amount of spam.

      • BTW, the comments count on the front page is not correct

  • ronadair

    Nikon Support has responded multiple times telling me to hang tight after my original inquiry regarding the D600 black border/95% output issue. This tells me they are likely serious when they tell me they are working on a fix, (and that my continued patience is actually warranted), and I get the impression that I can also savor the added excitement of having aperture control added to the D800’s little brother (I use Vari-ND filters when filming, so it’s less of an issue for me but still 100% welcome).

    Here’s to hoping this rumor is legit, and that this happens soon!

  • Henry

    Maybe this firmware update is just a distraction from larger issues that are more difficult & more costly for Nikon resolve (i.e. focus or dust issues)? “Throwing us a bone” so to speak? Thoughts? I am happy about the D600 aperture liveview video update though. Now if the dust issue is dealt with I just might buy one!

  • quintana1982

    Does not sound like Nikon will give us 1:1 pixels in 100% live view mode of the D800/E. I hate the interpolation!

  • I love the image quality of these cameras but Live View sucks compared to Canon. Shoot side by side with a Mark iii and you’ll get very very jealous. In fact shoot next to a T2i and get just as jealous if not incredulous . Do this at night and you’ll want to switch that evening. Please improve Live View – Nikon. Remember the old term WYSIWYG – make it so. And, yes on both Movie and Still Live Views…

    • thomasverbeke

      That’s just not possible. I don’t think you own this camera? How can a camera with a full frame be less than a T2i? You are dreaming my friend 🙂

  • Any word of the hissing issuing when connecting external microphones to the both the D800 and D600.

    • Kyle Farris

      I’ve never heard of that problem and don’t experience it myself (at least not with my Rode VideoMic).

  • Andrea

    Hoping in better WB…

  • lorenzo

    I was almost ready to order my D800E at B&H (no longer in stock today) when I thought that if a new firmware update is coming I must spend an additional $150 for that crazy D7K PS and adapter – don’t know why they couldn’t make a single component, did they forget the PS socket? So, I am waiting for another month, hoping the new arrivals will have the new firmware – will it fix the LT AF issue too?

  • Marcin Klaban
  • Ric

    Please Nikon expand bracketing in D600 is possible? I want upgrade from D700 to D600.

  • The_Badger

    Please Nikon, give us a histogram for the D600!!

    • There is. You have to turn it on.

      • The_Badger

        Real time histogram in Live View mode?

        • ronadair

          Yes, this definitely needs to be added. It’s a shame Nikon believes crippling is an acceptable way to differentiate their bodies.

        • Oh, not as far as I know. That woud be really cool though. Do other cameras do this?

  • So where is this Firmware update at? Along with the one mentioned earlier in june/july? I’m still getting hourglass lockups on mine using the best Sandisk 64GB SD cards. Thinking of selling them off for CF cards and taking a loss!


  • ageha

    Where id the D800/E firmware update?

  • Lcky

    Dear Nikon,

    1080/60 fps, 720/120 fps, 4k/30fps.


    – ‘}

  • nana
  • BigD

    So yeah, where’s this firmware update?
    It’s funny that when you guess right you crow all about it, but when you post BS like this you try to let it fade into obscurity. Just more proof that this website is about as full of shit as Ken Rockwell.

  • Azovie

    FIX THE BRACKETING on the D800 please Nikon! HDR enthusiasts are pained by having to take 1 EV Brackets when even the D90 supports up to 2 EV. With the added 2 bits of depth on the D800 I could even see 2.5EV working with hardly any lost information.

  • Otto

    I would LOVE it if Nikon introduces small RAW and 100% magnification on the D600. I don’t need 2hMP RAW files (I shoot weddings) – a 12MP or 14MP RAW file would be awesome! Thanks.

    • ronadair

      That’s the D700, my friend. 😉

  • Any updates?

    • ronadair

      Yes, Admin — any updates on the firmware front?

      • Sorry, I have no updates.

        • ronadair

          Thanks. I’ll see if I can press them some.

  • mrik

    Any news on this topic? D600 firmware update?

  • LeadWrist

    Still waiting…

  • Misho

    You can change aperture in live view on nikon D600. Just watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXwN0g2Vnek

  • did this ever happen?

  • did this ever happen?

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