Upcoming firmware updates for Nikon D600 and D800

Nikon is currently working on new firmware updates for the D600 and D800 cameras. The D600 update will contain a fix for the Live View aperture bug (currently you cannot change the aperture in Live View during video). The D800 update will fix the focus priority bug (with AF-ON in Live View changing the aperture causes the screen to turn dark).

I have no information on the release date or what other fixes may be included in those firmware updates.

Update: Nikon is also working on a fix for the D600 cropped HDMI output issue.

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  • Please supply support for all CF cards and not just Sandisk and Lexar.

  • Lukas

    Any news from this update?

    • No other updates, Nikon is working on the new firmware, no idea when they will release it.

  • Richard H

    The firmware updates I would like to see are:
    OK button 100% in review mode and
    RECORD button ISO adjust in standard shooting mode

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