Nikon D5200 announcement tomorrow

This week Nikon will announce the new D5200 DSLR camera. I believe that for all US readers the news will come online at midnight (EST) today or tomorrow - because of the different time zones, I am not sure if the official announcement will be on November 6th or 7th. Here again are the expected D5200 specs:

  • It will use the same 24MP DX-format CMOS sensor
  • EXPEED 3 processor (same as in the D3200)
  • ISO range: 100-6,400 (expandable up to 25,600, D3200 could go only up to 12,800)
  • 2,016 pixel RGB metering sensor (same as the D600, the D3200 had a 420 pixel RGB sensor)
  • Continuous shooting speed: 5fps (the D3200 could do only 4 fps)
  • Vari-angle LCD screen (3", 921k dots)
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  • Impatient user

    Any news on the new DX lenses?

    • I hope they make a wide angle 18mm prime G lens. THAT I WOULD buy.

      • or wider 🙂

        • wide is wide


          • Plug

            +1 Primes, please.

      • Angelus

        I’d go for a wider one. 12 or 14 mm would be great for architecture, scenery, etc.

        • That’s why I’m looking forward to the samyang 10mm f/2.8
          @admin: any news on that one?

  • Dmytryy

    It’s my camera!!!

  • that is all that is changing? It is almost identical. Metering is improved, great, but… there is nothing wrong with the current metering. 24 mg instead of 16, no difference. Expeed 3, useful and a good addition. 5fps instead of 4… now that is worth at least $500 🙂
    I was hoping for a D motor or commander flash, but it looks like it will have neither. I hope these specs are wrong (sorry admin), they just are not impressive enough to make an upgrade. I really was hoping for a good camera, but it looks like I need to spend $2,000 on the D600, if I ever have that much.

    • St.

      … or wait for D7000/ D300s replacement

      • steve

        Been waiting too long for Nikon to cater for pros invested in the DX system. Been selling off my gear, will migrate to another vendor who has what I need.

        • desmo

          why not migrate to FX?

    • Edward

      As the metering and AF module is very tightly connected I’d expect that the 1016 point metering also implies the 39 point AF. And that would make a large step into d7000 territiory!

      • Pablo Ricasso

        That and a few other things would make the plastic fantastic.

      • Josh

        I was thinking the seam thing. The D5100 had the same AF and the same 420 pixel metering as the D3100/D3200. The more advanced metering is a strong indication the camera will get the same AF as the D600 and move into to the D7000s slot with the D7000 successor become the high end DX camera. The higher max ISO is also a sign of this. I would not be surprised if it Turns out to be more like the D7000 than D5100.

    • zoetmb

      Why do people think that every camera released is intended as an upgrade? Do you buy a new computer every year (or every six months)? Do you buy a new car every year? People think the same thing when Apple releases something new and it’s ridiculous. This is intended as a model for first time DSLR buyers.

      This camera is being released for two reasons:
      – to increase the price without it looking like a price increase
      – so dealers can tell customers, “this is brand new and just came out”.

      • enesunkie

        A LOT of people buy a new car every three years. Everybody has there own priorities on what they want to spend their money on. For the thousands out there still shooting with a D40 or such, this might be all the upgrade they need or want.

    • bob bobbit

      You should wait at least two generations between upgrades. Unless you like spending money needlessly

      • iamlucky13

        With digital SLR’s no longer advancing by major leaps with each generation, and especially at the entry level end of the market, where updates are more frequent, I generally wouldn’t even bother upgrading every other generation.

        The D5000 is still a really nice basic camera. If you’re hurting for high ISO, by all means, grab a D5200 when it comes out. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a full stop practical gain (based on viewing size) and one stop per pixel gain to be had. Otherwise, the way I see it:

        Unless you have high end lenses, the resolution difference is of marginal value. If FPS is a holdback, you probably need a bigger leap than going from 4 to 5 FPS, and if you’re serious about SLR video, the D5200 probably still isn’t going to give you enough controls to really suffice.

  • phr3dly

    Thinking of selling my D600 for this one. Has K.R. posted the review yet?

    • Roberto

      Are you crazy?

      • MJr

        If you mean crazy sarcastic, then yes ! Personally, would definitely wait for the K.R. specs copy paste first, to be sure.

  • omy

    WOW… there’re more entry level nikon that photographers in the world.. -___-

    some lens less expensive… in this time it’ll be better….

    • trudy

      R.I.P. – English language
      Mid-5th Century – Nov 5, 2012.

      • zoetmb

        The English language died on this site (and many others) a long, long time ago.

        I’ve always hesitated to call anyone on it because they might not be a native English speaker, but many people who write here sound to me like Andy Kaufman’s Latka Gravas or Boris Badenov.

      • Stop it Please

        Ok, you two geniuses, try speaking *their* native languages. Any of them.

        And when you can speak those languages well enough to write legible comments on a website (not likely) you’ll be a lot more humble and respectful, and find there’s not nearly as much room for such immature criticisms of others who are much more accomplished speaking your language than you’ll ever be at speaking theirs.

  • Basti

    Any ideas for prices? ~1000€?

    • dx

      I can buy D5100 with 450€
      ~ 1000€ is reserved for D7100, should be out in January or perhaps sooner?
      I expect something new and awesome in D7100, otherwise nikon is fucked up

      • MJr

        New product premium is nothing new, even if older higher-end ones are better still. Market doesn’t care.

  • Carlos

    1 or 2 days from launch and not a single leaked photo of the D5200 available ?
    Nikon (and Canon also) became very good at hiding things or having everyone’s mouth shut … 😉

  • Zapper 5

    Yawn another cut down Nikon body with a 24mp sensor that few will ever use.
    Bad handling, diddy viewfinder, crippled flash..come on this is so 90’s budget 35mm SLR it’s scary

    • Shark

      Few? FEW!? The d5xxx is one of the more popular dslr range among consumers (which btw, make up the majority of buyers). nikon wont sell ‘few’ of these, they will sell it by the thousands! (and get more money than selling d4’s)

      • Big J

        Yep, very true. It’ll sell like hotcakes and that range in particular has for a awhile now.

      • preston

        @ Shark, I think Zapper 5 meant “with a 24mp sensor that few will ever utilize.” In other words I don’t think they meant that the camera won’t sell well, but rather that 24mp is overkill for the level of photographer that this camera is marketed to and otherwise designed for (hence the comments about handling, viewfinder coverage, crippled flash).

        • Actually, that’s true of any camera. For any megapixel count. No matter what equipment people own, most people never take full advantage of it. It was true in film days, too. But the beauty of the market is that people can buy what they like. At a price point that’s comfortable for them. Nothing wrong with that at all. It helps all of us in the end.

  • baxter

    Where the hell is my D7100/D7200????
    This wait is being long long long…..

    • dx

      I just hope it will not be just some minor upgrade to D7000
      We need beter focus in video, push the envelope on ISO performance for DX sensors, or other new features not just repacked D7000 with D3200 sensor.

  • mukalai

    Still no images of the camera before announcement? Looking forward to seeing what Nikon comes up with tomorrow.

  • VR

    So D7200 will have same sensor just 6FPS. And D400 will have same sensor just 8fps…

    • dx

      fuck that. nikon is crazy. they would profit more if they start releasing some real body upgrades.

    • iamlucky13

      Right. Forget the beefier bodies, larger viewfinders, better autofocus systems, much more easily accessible controls, CLS-compatibility, built-in focus motors, etc.

      All that stuff is worthless.

      Which is why back in the film days, all the pros used N65’s. Only suckers shelled out $2000 for an F5. The N65 had the same sensor as the F5, and that was all that mattered.

      Why does every thread about a new camera need to have several posts obsessed with differentiating sensors?

  • FrenchGuy


    As a marketing person, I would say Nikon has done a great thing by putting a 24Mpix sensor in entry and mid range bodies. People are looking for that kind of huge numbers. My guess that this camera will sell very well!

    As a photographer I would say it’s silly, now it’s going to be very difficult for them to go backward with 16-18Mpix sensors with better ISO performance. I hope they will work hard to release something very good in low lights conditions for the D7100/D400.

    • AlphaOne

      Which makes me believe they already figured it out, and started right by rolling the release from the D3200.
      Every model will have an improvement from the previous ones.
      The next few months will be exciting once again, but this means longer wait times for better bodies.

      Anyway, I hope there will be more lens releases.

  • Shawn


    • MJr

      Well then you’re in the right place.

  • D400 M.I.A.

    Ok … Get the low end done.

    Now where is something a little bit more capable?

  • DX Upgrader

    D400 announcement is tomorrow, wouldn’t that knock your socks off!

    • D800S

      Not much, but a D800S with 8fps will.

  • James

    I really want to know from the true pro’s if all these enhancements result in better IQ? It still is the shooter. I have a D300s and have seen nothing in the D7000 or D600 that has convinced me to pend more money on higher MP . I know the FX and DX issue but I thing better DX glass and knowing you body better and developing real skill will do more for better IQ than chasing every new body that hits the market. .?? Dropping the D300 body and functionality for a 24 mp flimsy body and DX lenses that can’t handle the high mp make no financial and photographic sense

    • Mike

      Yes. There is a difference, a feel, a look that FX has over DX. But. Just as an inexperienced driver will have a harder time driving a Ferrari, an inexperienced shooter will have a harder time a pro camera. And yes, a pro shooter can get stunning shots with a D3200 or whatever, but while they are menu diving to change ISO or burst mode, the pro camera is already writing to card and smoking a cigarette.

  • cookie

    I am afraid the D5200 will not have a built in AF-motor. So I can’t use my older primes
    which would have been intersting in regard to the 24 MP sensor.

    • Joven

      It’s the newer glass that’s going to give you the best results with a sensor with that much resolution anyway.

  • Merge

    My ideal camera would be a merge between the D3X and the D4.
    All the same specs and size of the D4 but with a 24 Mp sensor.
    If that would be possible should this camera be called D5?

    • Big J

      I’d call it a D4x that

    • preston

      sounds like what you really want is a D4 with a D600 sensor. D3x sensor is outdated (a couple full stops worse at high ISO than D600 sensor).

  • Igor BR D5100 owner

    D400 or d7200 plzzz…. for my next upgrade…i don’t have money for FX Bodyes and Lenses

  • Slewey

    IMO, the D5200 needs a new AF system instead of the same one the D3200 uses to justify the upgrade, personally it should be a 11-pt AF with all crosstypes to match the 650D by Canon. Though, I don’t know how that would affect the D7100.

    • Edward

      I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets the improved 39 point AF from the D600, that would fit well with the 1016 point metering


    Think it will have new touch screen to compete with canon ?? No,,swivel at best…but soccer moms luv that…It is a good camera to walk around with instead of lugging my D800e or D7000 for that matter…I may get one ,,(if there is a body only)

  • Mark H

    I admit, I’m interested. A D600 and associated glass is out of my price range and the D7000 isn’t all that much better than a D5100 for what I’m looking at (personally, I dislike the feel of the D7000’s shutter button). But I’m looking for something even cheaper. Like the D5x00.

    The increased number of metering points is nice, but I probably won’t be able to tell the difference myself. And I’m not that concerned about the 24MP especially when it comes to a slight loss of high ISO.

    No, what I’m looking at on the D5200 vs. buying a D5100 for much cheaper ($430 refurbished, even before the D5200 comes out) is simple stuff like easy ISO and white balance control, and possibly better button layout. Yeah, the D5100 has one function button, but I’d like two. Even then, would it really be worth the difference in price between a D5100?

    So, I guess I’m just waiting for the D5200 so it’ll bring down the price of the D5100- either new or used.

    • Joven

      I wish people would stop acting like high MP counts = crippled images at high ISOs. It’s like they completely neglect that it’s new technology and are just spitting out things they’ve heard. Push the D3000 and the D5100 to ISO 1600 and see which images look better.

      The D600 has 24 MP and picture after picture has proven that the D700 doesn’t trump it. Not to mention these newer sensors are going to give you more detail at higher ISOs, which is great when you consider how much softer images get as ISO increase.

      Plus the D7000 is going to give you better RAW files, a better body and more controls.

      • Mark H

        I was lazy and just compared the DxO of the D5100 and the D3200 and the D5100 had very marginal better high ISO. Admittedly, probably nothing that I’d ever notice.

        All else being equal, the extra MP are probably worth the ISO hit, but given that the older model will be cheaper, I’m leaning that way.

        Okay, 5x more metering pixels- how is that quantifiably better? In $.

        Any other compelling reasons to get the latest and greatest? What’s Expeed 3 get you?

        I’m just going to have to wait and see if the D5200 is worth it.

  • James

    I would like to see the upgrade on the D300s, moving to FX for me with all the glass changes Ito prime, landscape, telephoto ( to cover my 100-400mm = 150-600mm) and portrait lenses would cost me $ 7000. Don’t know? Maybe stick with the D300s for another upgrade cycle to see if Nikon is clear on where they going with DX vs FX

    • burgerman

      Its already decided by technology and physics. Now that FX cameras have the pixel pitch of DX cameras, and they can do DX too, theres no point making a “pro” DX. Its now a contradition in terms.

      DX has only one real advantage now. Price. So why make a PRO cheap camera.

      24mp on DX already exceeds almost all lenses – even good primes – so no extra detail is added above what the D800 already does. Esp the E version. You just get softer images at 100 percent on screen. Pro DX now pointless.


  • Shy

    MPix pump up to get more entry level market share.

  • MacManX


    A really fast semi-pro camera for sports, with at least 9 fps and great ISO range is all we need.
    Please, Nikon, scrap the D5200 and release the D400 – NOW!

    • 120-300 os for Nikon


  • Erik

    24MP on a DX is ridiculous!
    This one has approx 50% higher pixel pitch than the D800!
    Exrapolating the amount of Pixels to a FX would be 24*2.2=52.8MP

    • preston

      It was fascinating when the Sony NEX-7 and Sony A-77 were released with a 24mp DX sensor over a year ago. It was interesting when Nikon put this sensor in the update to their entry level dslr over 6 months ago. It is entirely expected that Nikon use this sensor in the D5200, otherwise they wouldn’t get any upsales from people looking at the D3200. So I’d say this doesn’t really qualify as fascinating anymore.

  • Martin

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this ends-up being the new flag ship DX camera for Nikon. I’m not saying it’s the right thing to do but I wouldn’t put it passed Nikon.

    How’bout a surprise 16-85 f/4 announcement….that can render 24mp. Now that would make this an interesting evening. When was the last time Nikon introduced a descent DX zoom? The 18-300, 55-300? Yikes!

  • Lajaca

    Call me silly, but I don’t quite get WHO will purchase this. Very entry level will gravitate to the D3200 on price. Upper level DX (D7000 or 300s) are patiently waiting. So that leaves…who?…to buy this? D5000 owners? Why would they “upgrade” to this? Or, D30xx owners? It’s practically the same camera, from the vantage point of an entry level user. There’s a lot of talk about Nikon aiming to sell many of these during the holiday season. I remain skeptical this camera will find a large enough niche to occupy between the 30xx and 70xx series.

    ONE caveat to my opinion: if the anticipated D7200 ends up being a monumental release (we can hope), THEN perhaps the 5200 has a place after all. I guess we’ll see….

    • SNRatio

      Speaking for myself: FX users looking for a handy DX body, for example. That was why I bought the D5100 – IQ-wise, it’s very good, but the handling is nothing to rave about. The D5200 will also have a lot more appeal to some kinds of enthusiasts than the D3200.

    • znsel

      Who? Hard to believe, I know, but some people on this planet still don’t own a digital camera with a flapping mirror. That kind of demographic.

    • Mark H


      I’ve got a D60 that I’d like to upgrade from, but I realize that I don’t need a D7000, but I’d like to think that a D3200 isn’t quite enough for me (I’d like exposure bracketing, better control, etc.) Yeah, there’s a lot of trickle down, but still, why go from a 4 year old mid-range to a new entry level camera.

      But I realize I might be a special case. Always have been.

  • SNRatio

    If the D5200 is more – in the functional sense – of what the D5100 could have been, it will surely have its niche. We’ll see what Nikon chooses to place in the upper end of the range – a long-lived semi-pro model, the real successor to the D300 would make sense in a lot of ways. It would make a nice companion to just every body you can imagine, in addition to being an excellent tool in its own right.

    And the higher the D5200 is specified, the less sense a plain D7000 upgrade makes. Introducing a D400 and keeping the D7000 in the lineup is surely an option for Nikon. Personally, I would use a D400 with a sharp 16-85/4 and, probably, the 70-200/4 a lot.

  • Killroy

    Please, oh please let it have an internal focus motor. A cheap small body with internal focus motor would be my dream body right now.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Strongly agreed!

  • raizee

    Nikon should really make a 14mm or 16mm DX prime lens!!

  • softondemand

    Oooo Yipeee Yay!! Now can we have the D400?

  • CCP

    if d5200 use the same sensor as d3200 with certain relaxation on max iso (dont forget it is stil the same sensor, dont expect better iso performance) and higher fps rate….it is just the Vari-angle LCD screen can differentiate it from d3200 substantially.

    perhaps it is the end of pro-dx, would you accept d400/d7100 using the same sensor (same high iso performance…pixels is not my focus), image processor(expeed 3), same metering system? unless sony announce new dx sensor, the future d400/d7100 will use the same sensor and can only differentiate it from d5200 and d3200 with some more buttons, control wheels and and full magnesium body….it is not that attractive at least to me as a d7000 owner

    from the track record, it is very likely that nikon will apply the same sensor for all DX machines. it can help to keep the cost down. for FX, each line will have its own sensor. i cannot see d400 and d7100 will have any improvement in terms of body and control (given that d600 could be a bar for spec of high end dx)….nikon will only change the sensor and image processor and sell it as a new product

  • Tony

    Since it lack of buttons, I wish Nikon make it touchscreenable.


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