Nikon D5200 announcement on November 6th

The Nikon D5200 is rumored to be announced next week - on November 6th, 2012 (±1 day based on your location). The new DSLR camera will be on display during the Salon de la Photo show in Paris (November 8-12, 2012).

Nikon (and many other companies) still like to introduce new products before a major photography show - this was the case with Photokina, PDN Photo Plus and now with Salon de la Photo. The next two major shows are CES in Las Vegas (January 2013) and CP+ in Japan (February 2013) and I am almost certain that Nikon will announce new products in the January/February 2013 time frame.

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  • LeGO

    No thanks Nikon.

    • why not? The d5100 was an incredible camera, and a series that should be continued. If they were smart they would combine it with the D7000 and make d6000 or d9000. then you had D3—- entry level, D6—-/d9— semi pro, and the d400 pro DX cameras

    • Wrong Nikon

      Wrong Again,



      D4 DX?


      Oh, alright we’ll make do with a D400

  • wublili

    So, no D7100 nor D400 this year.

    • Andrius

      Damn, I was waiting too 🙁


        Please Grow up. Nikon D600 is perfect for you. IT is ok to make that big leap to FX….Many have…do it…don’t be so scared…Man Up! lol

        • Big Eddie

          D600 is ‘man up’ ?? What?, you just take off your training wheels?
          My grandmother used 35mm; she wasn’t ‘manly’….although she did
          beat the crap outa grampa that one time.

        • MWMcL

          I was waiting for the next DX camera (D7000/D300 replacement), until the D600 was announced, now I don’t know… Sure, the D600 isn’t much more than the next DX will be, but don’t forget about replacing glass… My 35 1.8 can easily be replaced with a 50 1.8 or 1.4 at a cost, and my 10.5 can be replaced by a 16 at another cost, but what about my Tokina 11-16??? The 14 or 14-24 are both WAY out of my price range at 3 to 4 times what I could get for the 11-16… I was looking at the older 20mm, but I don’t know how it would compare… So as you can see, the problem isn’t always just about upgrading to FX, its about replacing half your glass too! What to do, what to do…

          • Mike


            10.5mm f/2.8 -> keep using it in crop mode
            11-16mm f/2.8 -> 16-35 f/4 VR
            17-55mm f/2.8 -> 24-120 f/4 VR
            50-135mm f/2.8 -> 70-200 f/4 VR

            The question is, is this marginal increase in quality worth it? Especially considering that the DX lenses do their job *very* well.

            • St.

              get the 14mm Rokinon/Samyang
              it has version with and without motor.
              Excellent and very sharp lens!

          • anon

            get the tokina 16-28. tests show it’s a great alternative to the 14-24 if you don’t necessarily need 14… of course there is not alternative to the 14-24 in that regard unless you buy the 14 prime which might as well be just as much money, i’m trying to decide the 16-28 or the nikon 28mm 1.8 first for the d800.

            • Royl

              Tokina 16-28mm is excellent, and so is the Nikon 14-24. The 16-28 is a great value at the current price.

          • Keep it

            I went to FX, but I kept my Tokina 11-16 and use it proudly in DX mode. Still a great way to go super-wide on either system.

            • anon

              i also use it on d800 right now, while there is no noticeable vignetting there is noticeable softness in around the edges in FX mode at 16mm. However that is the nature of wide angle lenses, plus being that it’s a dx lens and that it works on FX at all makes it a very good alternative if it’s something you already have from DX camera. At 16 in fx mode, it’s even a little bit wider than 11 in dx mode. you can get away with it at even 14.5 and 15, but only if your corners are already blurred or dark due to your scene.

            • anon

              yeah, i edited my reply without re-reading after i originally wrote it and it now doesn’t grammatically make any sense.. oh well.

          • NoMeConoces

            I upgraded from D7000 to D600 as soon as it was available in Germany. The lenses weren’t a big issue for me because most of my lenses were FX already. I only had to replace the Tokina 12-24/4 II with the Nikkor 16-35/4 VR.

            For anyone who is considering the d600 as upgrade to the d7000, the d600 is a very good camera, but there are few things you have to be aware of:

            – First of all the d600 is basically a d7000 with FF sensor and much better IQ and low light capabilities and some few changes here and there, no more no less. The look, feel, weight and size are basically the same. If that’s what you want, cool. For me this was a disappointment because I was expecting a bigger, heavier body and some of the nice features you usually get with a FF body and ended up with a d7100 renamed to d600.

            – These, maybe small, but very useful features I was expecting in an FX body are things like getting to 100% view with only one push of a button when reviewing the pictures in the display, integrated cover for the viewfinder in the body for long exposure shots with tripod and so on. All that is missing in the d600/d7000.

            – The big and heavy high quality FX lenses that don’t balance well on the d7000 won’t balance well on the d600 neither. Don’t even think of using something like a 12-24/2.8 or a 70-200/2.8 hand-held on that. It won’t be fun. These pro lenses balance much better on a d700/d800 because those bodies are bigger and can be hold better/ more securely. With the d600/d7000 my small finger is always half-hanging in the air because those bodies are not so tall and the grip is smaller. Even when using my 24-120/4 VR which weighs only ~700g on the d600/d7000 it doesn’t feel very comfortable because of my big hands and the smaller bodies.

            – When you move from DX to FX of course you’ll loose that 1.5x “gratis tele-converter”. While both the d600 and the d800 offer a DX mode, it is more useful on the d800 where you’ll get 15MP than on the d600 (10MP), especially if you are used to the 16MP of the d7000.

            – All focus points of the d600 are placed in the very center of the sensor. For me this isn’t a big issue because I focus and re-frame most of the time anyway. But for some this could be a deal breaker.

            – BTW I had no issues at all with dust in the sensor or any other things.

            All in all the d600 is an excellent camera and 24mp just feel right, not too much, not too few. But in my case, I’m now convinced that the d800 is better suited for me and because of the small price difference, I kind of regret not getting it instead of the d600.
            I’ll enjoy my d600 for sometime and then upgrade to the d800 when I can be sure that all AF-issues have been sorted out by Nikon. But I think I’ll keep the d600 as a second body.

            Hope this helps someone with their decision.

            • Worminator


              I don’t think enough people realize just how close the D600 is to the D7000. It’s just slightly “sized up”.

            • desmo

              When placed next to each other the D600 is same size and weight as D300s

              which makes it bigger heavier than D7000,
              but slightly smaller and lighter than D8oo

              the 24 mp sensor provides performance on a level D700o good as it is, can’t touch

            • Andrew


            • zupa

              “When you move from DX to FX of course you’ll loose that 1.5x “gratis tele-converter”. ”

              Did anyone tried to put a 1.4 TC on a DX lens and shoot it in FX mode? What was the result?

          • SnowPic74

            Hi. I have the D600 and the tokina 11-16mm, at 14mm you can use it without corner shading, i am using ist at 16mm for Landscapes and it performs verry well. So keep yooUr tokina.

          • Rhys

            Tokina 16-28 2.8 practically as good as the Nikon 14-24.

            • Michael Leong Qi Jin

              *Almost. It’s almost as good as Nikon, but price wise, it’s much better. You’re paying more for Nikon’s wider angle and the ‘Nikon commission’.

          • Dan

            couldn’t you still use the tokina on the D600 on the crop mode? or that wouldn’t work?

        • Shawn

          OK, so we used to have just Canon trolls. Now we have FX trolls.

          I wish I came from such a wealthy background OR got paid enough to take pictures that I could afford not just a D600 but also the very expensive FX lens collection. FX sounds great, especially for the portrait work I want to do, but the barrier to entry is more than just a “cheap” body.

          Also size and weight are considerations too, sure the D600 isn’t all that big, but decent lenses are.

          It’s DX for me for now, maybe some day FX – but that’s only because I want to achieve a specific look.

          • iamlucky13

            I was trying to decide if he is seriously trolling, or, given that his handle referenced trolls, if he is trying to mock trolling, but failing because the actual post is exactly the sort of thing real trolls say seriously.

            • Fraucha

              A true Toll would tell you to just get a job, or get a better one if you can’t afford your toys. I think he is trying to Troll so I give him a 3/10. Everybody starts somewhere.

          • PHB

            We have had FX trolls here for years. They spend their time bragging about how all their gear is FX and how ‘professional’ it all is.

            Like if you want to get into a dick size measuring contest tell me about your private jet. No seriously, bragging about expensive camera hardware is really small bore when it comes to conspicuous consumption. I really don’t think very much of the people who play those games and I certainly don’t feel the need to compete with them.

            I think it is pretty obvious that the D7100 and D400 are going to be replaced and that there probably isn’t room in the Nikon lineup for two upper end DX models. But that is probably the best news DX shooters can hope for. The new camera will almost certainly be called the D400 and sell for more like a D7000 price.

        • Josh

          The D7000/D300 replacement camera will be $600-$900 cheaper than the D600. choosing not to go FX isn’t a case of fear or “manning up.” It is purely cost driven. Not every one can afford to spend $2100 on a camera body. The $1200-$1500 range is a huge market and there is nothing wrong with the people in it wanting their new camera as well.

          • Petia

            I fully agree. FX (body+ new lenses) is still too expensive for quite a number of amateur photographers. Not everybody is a pro, a dentist, or willing to eat chinese noodles for a year.

            • GPL

              Or their CFO won’t allow said expensive body + lenses.

            • Michael Leong Qi Jin

              FX actually isn’t that expensive. It’s much more expensive if you look directly at it. But if you compare, FX’s performance:price is better than DX.

              Let’s see here – 17-55mm 2.8 vs 24-70mm 2.8 vs 24-85mm 3.5-4.5

              DX crop factor = 1.55x (sensors became even smaller again…)

              So – in terms of performance, we are getting an FX equivalent 26-85mm 4.3 when we are buying the 17-55mm 2.8 – which is worse than the cheap 24-85mm 3.5-4.5. Of course, you might argue build quality, sharpness, chromatic aberration, vignetting, fringing etc isn’t counted yet.

              So let’s compare the prices 17-55mm 2.8 (26-85mm 4.3) with 24-70mm 2.8.

              17-55mm 2.8 – $1400
              24-70mm 2.8 – $1900

              You’re paying $500 (less than 40% price increase) for more than 1 stop of light (more than twice the performance).

              35% price for 120% performance. Worth it?

              Remember, low light performance isn’t actually depended on sensor size, but your lens (and how you crop your end picture). Using a DX lens on FX sensor will still give you DX quality.

          • Worminator

            D600 is $2000, and will fall $200 or so over the next 12 months.
            $600-900 less than that is $1400~900. The D7100 will surely debut in that range. The D7000 did. Why expect otherwise for the D7100?

            For a D400 to be a “real” D400, i.e. for it to have the D300 feature set + all the latest tech, it would have to retail at D600 price, and this is not commecially viable.

            No D400. Deal with it.

            • Josh

              The D600 is 2096.95 not which is for practical purposes $2100. There is no way the price is going to go down $200 over the year, especially with the anemic offering Canon is putting out with the 6D. My numbers are right and are based on not having a D400 which as I have said before is extremely unlikely.

              The D300s still has an MSRP of 1699.95. The a true successor would be around $2000. At that price people will just by a D600.

              The replacement camera will most likely be a D7000 type body but have features closer to a D300 It will be in the $1200-$1500 range depending on how much the D5200 is and how many features it inherits from the D7000.

            • Michael Leong Qi Jin

              I’m guessing that we’ll see a D7000 successor with D300 FPS at around $1300. Also, I expect the body and software to be better than D600, slightly. It would kinda take care of the D400 gap, except you don’t get ‘pro controls’ and ‘pro body size’.

              The gap between D5200 and D7100 will be big. Nikon need something to fill the gap between it.

              Also Nikon should sell a cheaper body than D3200 (excl D3100). They could make use of D3100 parts [or any old parts] (and add some software improvements – FOC for them), but consumers will definitely prefer a new product more. If they can make it cheaper than D3100, then they would kinda own a market. I know a lot of newbs (most are noobs too) who are despo to get a DSLR (why?), but can’t afford it. There is some kind of DSLR rush in my country. Any family without a DSLR kinda feel left out. Even the ones that are kinda poor must buy one. This is a sad thing.

          • knightPhoto

            D7200 will fit nicely in cost progression between D5200 to D600.

            However, if the D400 MUST fit in between D7200 and D600 in price, those of us who want the all-in D400 may be out of luck, they’d have to feature cap it to keep it below D600 in price.

            On the other hand, if Nikon is not worried about keeping the D400 price below the D600, then they can toss the D4/D800E kitchen sink into the D400.

        • I’ve already “manned up” to FX. Years ago.

          With a slower frame rate and no CAM3500, the the D600 and D7000 do NOT adequately replace the D300 or D700. But I guess if you’re dumb enough to use phrases like “man-up”, you probably just don’t get it.

        • PC Police

          Your parents keep asking when you’re going to “Man Up” and move out of the house!

      • Pablo Ricasso

        Probably another couple months.

    • smileblog

      Not just this year.

      Sorry but I don’t think D400 is coming.

      • Roberto

        must be yes, at the beginning of the next (d400)

        Later, so sales of the D800 fall, a new camera designed to admirers style d700.

        • smileblog

          if D7000 successor will have D300s-like AF system and 8fps (up to 9 fps with the grip), who gonna buy D400?

          Maybe some. but not so popular in the market, for sure.

          D400 sounds good. However we can’t expect so super APS-C camera because of D4, which we all know obviously.

          • Josh

            This is what the people clamoring for a D400 dont’ understand. For the D7000 successor to have the necessary improvements to justify a new model it will be basically D300 in a D7000 body. Even if they stick with the same af and only give it 7 fps, a D400 still wouldn’t offer enough of an upgrade to be worth the extra money for the vast majority of people. Plus a D400 would be basically at the same price as the D600. So on one end the D7100 would steal it’s market and on the other end the D600 would. There is simply no room for the D400 in the line up.

            • DouxBokeh

              There is a 1000 $ (minimum) gap between the D7000 and the D600. So there is a large space for the introduction of two new models : D7100 AND D400.

              The D400 will be introduced first at around 1700 $ (as D4 before D800, and D800 before D600). Just think : how many D800 would have been sold if the D600 had been introduced first !). The D7100 should be priced around 1200$…

            • Michael Leong Qi Jin

              I’m predicting D7000 to be $1300. So not so much gap. D7000 wasn’t so cheap when it was announced.

        • smileblog

          Why are you so sure?

          If D7000 successor will have D300s-like AF system and 8fps (up to 9fps with the grip), who gonna buy D400?

          Maybe some. but it would not so popular in the market, I think.

    • Daniel

      Yeah, a real shame… I was wating for a D400 as well. I’ll have to keep with my good ol’ D300 and my D800 meanwhile. Hope they get to announce that soon!

  • MB

    Will be interesting to see where the sensor is heading tho

    • Michael Leong Qi Jin

      Most likely no improvements. They are the best in the market. No competition = no improvements. Sad thing in the consumer market. They also know that Canon don’t have the capabilities to outdo them. Most likely they’ll just increase the megapixels (again) for some hype. Camera noobs only know about megapixels, just like how computer noobs think that RAM is the only thing affecting their computer performances.

  • ThomasH

    I do not care.
    The 3xxx and 5xxx bodies are samo-samo to me, I am not interested in any body without the focusing coupling. I think its meanwhile some sort of an industrial contra-record, how Nikon treats D300 users, or the forced exilees into D7000.

    • astroholic

      Does Nikon *have* to omit a focus motor simply because it is a 5*** series? If there really isn’t to be a D400, and instead a D7100, perhaps it will be the “pro” DX, and the D5200 will be a non-weather sealed body with AF motor.

      That way they can omit some of the hardware buttons, so you have to upgrade tothe pro version –>D7100 if you want them.

      • Ads

        They obviously don’t *have* to do anything, they have the technology so to speak.

        For people new to photography like me the lack of focus motor isn’t such a big deal – I don’t have a bag full of old Nikon glass. I started about 18 months ago, and all the lenses I wanted to buy already had focus motors. So it wont be a factor for me when I decide whether I upgrade my 5100.

        But if I had a bag full of older Nikon glass it would definitely make a difference, and wouldn’t be happy that I had to pay hundreds of dollars more to get a part that costs probably $20 to add to the camera (I realise the 7000 gains a lot more than just a focus motor, but not everyone needs those extra features).

        Not much we can do about it though…

    • Andrew

      It is called divide and conquer or the brute force algorithm. The D800 has stolen a lot of the D300 users. The D600 has stolen yet a lot more. And the D4 has stolen a few. The grand strategy has been to move as many DX users to FX bodies. When the D400 comes out – if at all, there may be only about a handful (maybe 15 to 20%) D300 holdouts left. Mission accomplished!

      • Michael Leong Qi Jin

        And the leftover DX stuff (that is starting to get outdated) will be bought by consumers who don’t know.

        I ain’t buying any DX stuff anymore.

  • asd

    I’m sad and nikon should feel bad

    • Rob

      Yes we should all have a good cry over e fact that Nikon is releasing the D5200. Meanwhile….

      I wonder what sensor it will carry, what its video capabilities will be and what autofocus system it uses. The 5000 and 5100 are great cameras and real bargains for image quality if you don’t need the screw drive for legacy lenses. Any new tech implemented in the design will see it’s way into the D400 when it is released next year.

      I have totally given up on bagging any Japanese company for performance since the earthquake I’m glad they are still trying and succeeding in releasing new products. In the meantime we are stuck with some older gear that is still being sold and supported. Gear that worked fine when it came out and still serves us well and is getting cheaper to buy.

  • FrenchGuy

    Nice, so I will be one of the first to take it in hand. I would have prefered to see the D7100 or D400 there but I think it will be for the people in Las Vegas or Japan.

  • Steve

    Soccer moms of the world rejoyce!

    • Mihai_C

      +1 on this.

      I am a D80 user and feel cheated by Nikon. I did not upgrade to D90 because I wanted a more serious upgrade. I waited and D7000 came out just to hear a few months after the launch about focus problems, then about oil spots, dust on sensor etc. Now I really want to upgrade and feel I have close to no options. D7000 is disappointing, D300s is gone, D600 is more expensive and less qualitative than a lot were hoping for.

      And now the great company name NIKON launches D5200.

      Let’s be realistic Nikon, is this your main target? Are the D5xxx users the ones who put money in your pocket by buying 5-6 expensive lenses or who spend thousand of euros on accessories for their bodies…????

      • Caveman

        Well instead of complaining about a very tiny fraction of D7000’s get it together and upgrade to something. My D7000 two plus years no issues ever! My used D3 no issues ever! My Nikon D800 no issues ever! Please dont create another excuse when Nikon has plenty of cameras in their line to upgrade from a D80.

        And Nikon does make their money off these cameras for every D800 that is sold they will sell 20 D5200’s do the numbers.

        • Mihai_C

          Caveman, sorry but I tested 4 Nikon D7000, all with problems. My friend got one a few months ago and it’s the third time now he sent it to service with oil stains on the sensor. Maybe at your salary it doesn’t matter so much, for some us we work months and months to put aside only a few hundred euros so we expect to get quality in return for our money.
          I am just an amateur and not making money out of photography, but I do want to be respected and to be sold a good product when I pay 1000euros for it. If many of the people out there settle for less it means this world is heading in a very wrong direction.

          • Caveman

            I am quite sure that you make more money then I do we just have different priorities. Sending your camera to be serviced because of an oil stain is just pure laziness, learn how to clean your sensor. Either way be happy or spend that money.

            • Caveman – I’m sure you’re making more money than Mihai_C if you’ve got a D7000, D3s and a D800 + whatever lenses you’ve got in your kit. : )

              I see Mihai’s point though about wanting a “decent” upgrade from Nikon. I’m using a D80 right now as well and was hoping for a D800/D700 build in the D600 – didn’t get that so now I think that I’m going to wait until the D7000 and D300 updates are announced. Used D700 prices are still pretty high in my neck of the woods so going that route doesn’t make much sense as an alternative to the D600. If Nikon doesn’t combine the D7000 and D300 into one model and the D400 is built more like the D800 I’ve got a tough decision. I can go either way since I gradually invested in good FX glass. If the price was close, that would make it harder as well.

              Some of us who aren’t pros still would prefer to get some good quality gear. I’m more than willing to wait a couple more months to see what the new year brings – the weather is pretty crappy for photography so no rush to get a new body. Plus that gives me time to save a bit more money and boxing day sales.

        • jason

          Caveman –

          You are too rich to be a cavemen!

          All them nikon bodies = not caveman, its trump.

          • Caveman

            Rich ha.

      • Really !!

        So you have bought 5-6 expensive lenses and spend thousands of euros on accessories for your D80 but can not afford the D600 ?

        You are really doing something completely wrong !!

        • Mihai_C

          I have Tokina 11-16/2.8 (sorry Nikon but your DX wides do not exist), Nikon 17-55, Nikon 35mm, Nikon 50mm, Nikon 85mm, Nikon 80-200. So yeah, REALLY! Why should I buy D600 when they couldn’t even include a FX focus system to cover the frame correctly?

          • Pablo Ricasso

            I think the D90 was a big upgrade in every way imaginable from your D80. If you don’t like the 7000 then you might look for a used 300 and save a bunch of money or just wait a little longer. If you’ve been waiting since the D80, a couple more months shouldn’t hurt.
            Also, you might rent a 600 and find you like the focus system…

          • anon

            50mm, 85mm, 80-200mm are all fine. 35mm?? which one? f2 or f 1.8dx, either way the 1.8 will vignette slightly wide open and a ton stopped down andthe f2 is not very superb. sell the 17-55, sell the 11-16 and buy a tokina 16-28. forget a zoom between 28 and 80. Right now i shoot all primes 1.8s with d800 and i’m not missing zooms. although i’d like to pickup the 16-28 only for the 16 end since there is no super wide prime except the 14mm which is too much for what it is.

          • Alex Foto

            Salut Mihai,

            I upgraded from D80 to D90. Then this year to the D800.
            I have recently used the D600 whyle my D800 was fixed due to focusing isues.(i’m not convinced they fixed it)
            The 600 is a great camera, verry responsive, fast enough for what i used it for and excelent image quality.
            I also worked with the 7000, wich is a very good camera, good iso range, fast fps, good autofocus.
            Forget about the small problems you hear and upgrade. You will pass the problems when u see the big differece in image quality, speed etc….
            There will always be problems…..

            • RC


            • Andrew

              Alex – your comment: “I am not convinced they fixed it” got me laughing. I think Mihai is making a good decision. Obviously the reason he has waited all of these years to upgrade his D80 is because it is an excellent camera and is meeting his needs. Anyone that can wait for years deserves to get the camera he desires. I am sure he will upgrade within the next year by which time we will know for certain what Nikon’s intentions are with regards to the D400 and D72oo. The only thing that concerns me is that Nikon might limit these cameras capabilities for purely marketing reasons. That will be sad indeed!

            • Alex Foto

              True that!
              I waited a year and a half for the D800, I paied big bucks just to discover it has issues. Either i’m f*in stupid or it just won’t focus right…. anyway i did not test it properly after recivinging it back, but i think the problem persists…
              The D600 took verry sharp pictures, razor sharp. The D800 should be better but for now it will remaine undetirmened… in my case at least
              D80 – great camera, absolutly no issues
              D90 – even greater, served me well. more than 200K shots and is still going – some back focusing issues…
              IDK what nikon is doing latley but htey shoud test the cameras properly prior release…

            • Joven


              I don’t know if it’s b/c I’m still new to the photography world, or if it’s b/c I’m coming from a D5100, but I’m more than happy with my D600.

              I only bought FX glass, b/c I was expecting to make the jump (just didn’t expect it to be so soon), so I can’t comment too much about DX mode (used it once or twice with the kit lens from the D5100). To be honest, I can’t imagine it being that much of a issue. I’ve made crops in photos that I’ve complete botch with framing (in FX) and the amount of detail and sharpness still in the image is amazing.

              If you’re not using the last generation of DX cameras, how can you be mad about having only \10MP in DX mode? Even if you are coming from D5100/7000, you’re getting BIGGER pixels.

              I was ready to curse this camera b/c of the gimping that Nikon did to this camera, but I have to admit that image quality, and usable ISO 3200 files keep me silent.

              I don’t even have a [big] problem with the AF system. Is it pro? No, but neither is the camera’s market. Does it cover the frame? No, but no FX camera does, the D600 is just stingier about it. My biggest gripe about the AF system is more Nikon thing – ALL of the cross-type points are in the center column!

          • desmo

            ever hear of AFs10-24 and afs 12- 24 both more capable and competent than the Tokina,
            unless your ego demands f2.8

        • HAHA


          • Mihai_C

            Thanks for all the support and pertinent comments. I would like to go the FX way, maybe a used D700, in case not a D7000, hopefully I’ll have more luck with another batch.

            Ms Alex de raspuns.

      • Some Random Guy

        Actually, it seems that Nikon makes all their money from the low end DSLR bodies and Coolpix p&s. The margins are probably much, much higher for the high-end gear, but they sell no where near much in monetary terms. You can see this in their financial reports.

        So, to answer you question…yes, this is their main target. It just makes business sense if they are trying to be the #1 camera manufacturer. Besides, the high-end gear is something most people don’t even know exists, and if they do, they disregard it because its either financially unobtainable or completely unneeded.

        Do they care about professionals, then? Of course they do. That’s where they get their credibility, and that’s why there were refreshes of the high-end gear earlier this year.

        Do they care about enthusiasts? Do they really have to, since the enthusiasts have much more invested than the average consumer and are expected to buy Nikon gear anyway?

      • Mark

        Looks like we have a pixel peeper/equipment measurabator here.

      • You shouldn’t believe everything the Internets say – or at least try to use reputable sources. The so called focus “problems” of the d7k more often than not came down to sloppy shooting discipline. There are no official figures of reported problems, but there are two informal surveys from the mansurovs ( and Thom Hogan ( that shows that the d7000 had no more problems than it’s predecessor, the d90, putting the number of faulty units to around 5% which is basically the average.

        The d7000 is a brilliant camera, a worthy successor of the d90, and it’s focus system is comparable in performance to the Canon 7D according to most reviews that compare the two cameras. My own d7k words flawlessly – it’s fast and accurate in good light, and it’s performance in low light is quite respectable for a $1000 camera (I’d say it’s best in class).

      • Rob

        Pick up D300s. It is a few light years ahead of a D80. If that doesn’t do it get a D600. If that doesn’t do it you are probably satisfied with the D80, which is not all wrong as the D80 is a great camera. One day Nikon will make a camera that you will go “I got to have”, problem solved. Unless you have a collection of screw drive lenses the D5200 might be your camera…

        And I’m sure there are serviceable D7000’s out there.

        • Those light years don’t have much to do with the flash sync speed on the D80 compared to anything in Nikon’s lineup. I still use my D80 because I don’t need to buy any $400 flashes to get a high sync speed. Choose the right tool for the job and we’ll all be happy. There’s stuff I can do with my D80 that my D3 can only dream about, flash wise. I just wish Nikon would start making excellent products without skimping on features just to fill their pockets all of the time. It is business, however, and if you can’t find something good with Nikon, go elsewhere. Be loyal to people, not products! I may switch depending on how good the Canon 6D is. For me the D600 is pitiful on all fronts, only for those chomping at the bit to say they finally have a full frame camera. Not for discerning photographers I’m afraid to say.

          • FF


          • Edubya

            If you think the D600 is pitiful, what attracts you to the Canon 6D? It loses the spec race, at least on paper, to the D600 in almost every way. And it’s an entry-level full-frame camera, just like the D600, which means it’s targeting the same “chomping at the bit” market.

            And if you think Canon’s quality control is any better than Nikon’s, you will be sorely disappointed.

            • Joven

              Everyone knows that real, discerning photographers care about GPS and the WiFis.

      • Timothy

        Dude… You suggest Nikon should have only Noobs and Pros segments? And what about others, who know how to shoot and want a better quality, but dont want to spend thousands on FX cameras and accessories, huh? Hell no! I want D5200 badly. I hope they release it and it wont be JUST a rumour :).

  • Rock me Amadeus

    Thanks Nikon!

    Been waiting for this one for months- thought they gonna drop it. Best little hobbyist/consumer camera I could think of. Perfect carry around size and perfect for family vacation videos.
    One super happy “will order as soon as this comes out” customer.

    • Royl

      Agree 100% about the D5100. Thanks to Nikon for selling it so cheap. It is a jewel, and a perfect camera also for teaching young people the basics.

  • Brainel


  • Mirror

    Sorry Nikon, I’m switching wo 4/3 or nex…

    • Jiri

      It´s your fault. D5100 is OK, 5200 will be better. Magnesium DX body with 24 mega will come next year. Mirrorless is not for action, street, sport, wildlife. It only OK for static photography. Nex has unfortunatelly poor lenses, but NEX 6 looks promissing.

      • PHB

        Absolutely, DX still has plenty of advantages over CX!

        But it is horses for courses. I would really, really like to see a macro or better a micro lens for the CX format. Imagine what can be done with a sensor site that is approaching the wavelength of light limit and a good lens.

        If that lens had a sweep focus mode, well it would completely revolutionize micro photography…

    • nikonhead

      4//3 or Sony nex don’t come close to Nikon dslr. Sony is great on paper but in real life not so much. Remember you are buying into a system, not just a camera body. Just look at the amount of lenses and accesories Nikon has compared to most other companies.

      • Michael Leong Qi Jin

        They are actually coming close. Olympus and Sony are starting to get better. Not joking. Nikon guy here, but I have to admit. Olympus took a great step forward by using Sony’s sensor. And Sony is starting to prepare more lenses for its line up.

        Olympus is already almost there, but it needs to diversify it’s stuff.
        Sony on the other hand is a bit further than Olympus, but Sony’s system holds more potential. And Sony also has great design team that miraculously minituarises cameras. (maybe from the phone departments? XD)

        Don’t even think of Panasonic though.

    • Michael Leong Qi Jin

      Troll. Nothing to see.

  • Pom

    Just keep it back Nikon. Where is D7100 or D400, many people waiting to see.

  • Dj Alex

    Thanks Nikon!

  • mikils

    I’m sure it will be an excellent camera, for what it will cost and for the market it’s targeted for. Oh well… D800e here I come

  • Dybbuk

    I think that nothing will be really interesting if the manual control over video will not be added in this model (as in D5100)

    Is there any information about technical spec?

    PS: For those who don’t like this update, I suggest to avoid the useless comment, and look for something else.

  • Wakaranai

    Nikon needs to release three-four DX DSLRs in the year between June 2012-June2013 (I don’t mean to over-hype Thom Hogan, but the logic he puts for four cameras from a Nikon sales target perspective is IMO inescapable).

    It makes perfect sense for the D5200 to be released now – the D3x00 and D5x00 are their big volume sellers, and November begins the Christmas season (= big time consumer bucks for the latest and greatest in the US and Europe. And the Christmastime shopping craze in urban Japan is even bigger IMO than in the US or Europe). In fact, Nikon would be stupid to *not* release the D5200 now, when consumer checkbooks are most open.

    If I were Nikon I would release the D300 successor next, before the D7100, for the same reasons they released the D800 before the D600 (i.e. maximize the number of people buying into the “great new camera” craze before dropping the more economical camera- I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s also a months long list for the D300 successor). Dare we hope January? And though a simple D300 with a D3200 sensor would be welcome, I don’t think that’s the kind of splash Nikon’s looking for – it needs to be really good to justify a huge pseudo-D800 style hype.

    The only question in my mind is do they price the D300 successor between the D600 and D7100 (to cover all price points) or as/more expensive than the D600 (to maximize the money they get out of the big-money sports/wildlife folks, give those same people what they really want, and minimize the people who buy the D300 successor over the D600).

    • Lex Author


      Well spoken Wakaranai 🙂

    • Michael Leong Qi Jin

      But it doesn’t work this way any more, if D7100 can be equivalent to D300 at a lower price, D400 don’t have its place anymore. Unless you expect it to be a D4 without grip and with a smaller sensor. That will basically makes its price point at around $2500. It’s almost impossible for D400 to exist if it were to be cheaper than D600.

      And for those who likes D400, there’s still lotsa new and used D300(s), but don’t buy them yet. If you need CAM3500, the ‘pro controls’ and ‘pro body’, wait till D7100 comes out (it will be around the performance of D300, therefore bringing D300(s)’s price down to around $1200. And you might actually like D7100, or else, you still can buy the D300(s). There’s sadly no better pro non-FX body. 7D is more in line with D7000, maybe just slightly better. Olympus OM-D is bullcrap, and not suitable for most pro’s use. You want something better? You have to go FX. DX is losing its future.

  • hardbonemac

    BUT i am a Photographer+FILMMAKER in first!

    So i do not care about CHRISTMASS i want a Camera.
    5200 yes but whrer will you go?
    THE PRICE …. if you set a PRICE up lets say 1000.. hm.

    new PRO CAm SONY F-55 19.000 $ ( body)

    understand it? only 18.000 away to close for next

    i am no marketing-shhep-ohmygood-ipadisoutnewcarimustbuy.


    • Michael Leong Qi Jin

      WTF are you talking about?
      Are you talking bout the A55?

  • Mojo

    Go for d600 instead complain’ on lack of D7100 or D400. They’d be worse, so what’s the point? D7100 probablly 1500$? Thanks, but I take d600

    • D400, I hope

      I agree about the complaining but I think they, like I, should wait patiently. As for worse, that depends on what you’re looking for in a camera. Since they haven’t come out yet, the D7100 and D400 sensors would have to be as good, or better than the D600, aside from the fact they would be smaller. In terms of other features (there’s more to a camera than its sensor) I wouldn’t bet the ranch on them being worse. Quite the contrary, I should think. If you are/would be happy with the D600, good. I’m glad for you. Honestly. I hope you can be glad for me when I get my D400! If not, that’s okay too.

  • Mike

    I don’t understand what everyone is so upset about. Obviously Nikon was going to update this entry-level camera before the D7000, and hopefully this means that the D7000 replacement will have a superior sensor! I’m very excited.

    I don’t see any reason to complain. My D7000 with 10.5mm, 11-16mm, 17-55mm, 35mm, 50mm, 50-135mm and 85mm setup is doing great. I’m looking forward to buying the 70-200 f/4 when it comes out, and am also eyeballing the 24-120 f/4 and 28mm f/1.8.

    In a year or so, I will be able to pick between a D600 that will be cheaper by then, and the D7000 replacement that will have been out and tested for a few months. I’ll also be able to decide based on what DX primes Nikon came out with by then.

    Sounds like a great plan for the future and in the meantime I can enjoy my excellent D7000 a bit more. Nikon rocks.

    • Michael Leong Qi Jin

      Yeah, what’s wrong? This is how Nikon earns money.

  • Another good choice for Nikon potential users and hope we see the D7100 sometime in 2013 – not sure about a D400 ? – what features would differentiate between a D7100 & D400 apart from body & fps ?

    • D400, I hope

      Autofocus system for sure. Maybe better bracketing. A larger buffer would make sense, given the higher fps.

  • doo¥wop

    Viva las vegas for D400!!

    • I hope so! (But I have doubts…)

  • Nekko

    Pufffff 5200,I want D4000!!!!!!!

  • Vin

    Looks like the more rugged DSLR upgrades may fall into the every four-year replacement. Unless we see other minor marketing improvements that will cause new model shift. Although there is still the keep up with the Jones’s mentality.

  • Andrea

    Regarding D400 – D7100: I think that the 7100 number might be skipped – to keep it consistent with 3xxx and 5xxx numbering, it should be called the D7200. Also, it is possible that the D400, or (hopefully) both cameras will feature a 36+ megapixel sensor. Canon is rumored to be working on a high megapixel count DX sensor too, and Nikon should not risk losing its (slight) sensor/IQ advantage. (not that D3200’s 24mp sensor wouldn’t be welcome, BTW!)

  • Josh

    The full specs of the D5200 will be very interesting. I have a feeling they will be more than people are expecting. Especially if the D7000 and D300 are being merged into one camera which is most likely the case.

    • Nadia

      +1, full specs will be very interesting !

    • Lex Author

      Yes.. it could be a surprise this 5200. In few days we will see 😉

    • Worminator

      Alright, I’ll grant to the possibility that Nikon might rip a page from Pentax and do a “K-30”:

      Turn the D5000 series into a plastic D7000, keep the prism, the framerate, all the internals of the high-end DX dSLR, but in a plastic body with some controls left off. But then it wouldn’t be called a D5200, would it?

      And the D7000 is not being merged with the D300. The D300 was split into the D600 and D7000. It’s that simple.

      • Josh

        The D7000 replacement will be a D300 in a D7000 body for all intents and purposes. Whether you want to say it was “merged” or not is just semantics. For all intents an purposes the D7000 successor will be a blend of D300 level features and a D7000 type body. The D7000 is already so high spec there is no other place for it to go really.

        There is no reason the D5200 can’t keep it’s name and inherit some of the more advanced features from the D7000 like the pentaprisim or a front control wheel for example. I think the D5200 will become the mid range DX and the D7000 successor which might even have a completely different name like D9000 will be the high end DX.

        One thing is sure. There is no room price wise for the D300 successor the hardcore D300 fans want. It would be in the $1800-$2000 range and at that price people will just buy the D600 or the D7100 which would be just as good for practical purposes.

  • Daniel

    Admin; is the D5200 likely to have a Pentaprism or Pentamirror viewfinder?

    • enesunkie

      I think most likey still a Pentamirror viewfinder if that’s worth anything to you.

      • Daniel

        Dealbreaker if so…

  • T.I.M

    Nikon you’re not perfect and when you make a mistake (or what we think is a mistake) there is thousands of us bitching about you instantly.

    Well, I want to thank you for my great D800, my fantastic 200mm f/2, my powerfull SB-900 and others nikon products I have.

    Nobody is perfect, but you are close to perfection.

  • Jake

    It would be nice if Nikon put the D5200 sensor in a D90 body and add articulated screen. Use the new D7000 battery (more battery power for video).

    That would be a nice litter D5200 camera!

  • KnightPhoto

    We can’t get full manual control of Aperture while filming video on this class of bodies. This was well explained on a dpreview thread that was quite complicated, but ultimately quite clear. There are some engineering issues about several physical components of the cameras that intereact is the constraint. This was all discussed at the time the D600 came out and reasons were presented why.

    So if you need full manual control of Aperture while filming video, you need to get a D800 and up, and most likely this will be a distinguishing feature of the D400 as well.

    Otherwise you got to pop out of live view, change the aperture, and pop back into LiveView.

    • KnightPhoto

      … or other option is get yourself some lenses with aperture rings. Anyhow this is the deal.

      Kwanon doesn’t have this restriction in this class of bodies because they don’t use a physical lever to set Aperture. Still, don’t buy a Kwanon, their sensors are way behind Nikon’s.

    • Dybbuk

      I hope at least having the manual control over shutter speed and iso.

      Changing apperture while recording should be a secondary feature as it’s not a commonly used technic on DSLRs flim.

      • KnightPhoto

        I’m finding a few things when shooting video in manual mode on D4/D800E – I don’t want to vary the SS off of the 1/60 because that is the 1080p/30 optimum SS yes? Is that correct or am I missing something?

        Power aperture doesn’t work during filming. I have to stop recording first. Is that correct or am I missing something?

        And when I twiddle with ISO to adjust brightness, even though the cam is on a locked down tripod, I still noticably jostle the video output (you can see some vibration in the video while I adjust ISO).

        I would appreciate any pointers. Should I go off of manual instead, but then it seems like I can’t control any of the parameters, the camera decides. Tips and techniques needed please…

  • Jake

    It would be nice if Nikon put the D5200 sensor in a D90 body and add articulated screen. Use the new D7000 battery (more battery power for video).

    That would be a nice little D5200 camera!

    oh yeah…i’m hoping and waiting for d7000/d400 replacement also.

  • burgerman

    Finally canon have a camera with a sensor thats on the first page in 10th place!

    Just thought you might like to know that. It scores 1 point better than the entry level cheapo DX D3200… And a mile behind the D800, D800E, D4, etc. Not that I find this remotely fun, (OK I do!) but it shows that we really are doing OK with nikons cheap entry levex DX offerings compared to the competition.

    • burgerman

      More noise than a D800E
      2.5 stops less dynamic range too. They need to move on a bit. Great cameras, but stuck in a sensor time warp. I dont like to see this really because competition is great for all. No competition? Nikons will get stuck and not move forwards either.

      If you want a laugh:

      • KnightPhoto

        Thanks I enjoyed the comic relief over at CanonRumors 😉

        Having said that, the 1D X still looks like a good camera, but yes the Canon fab is behind the times and it shows in their sensors reduced DR and shadow banding if you ever have to push the exposure (even at base ISO). These latter two problems are a real-world issues when comparing sensors. My guess is, you have to avoid under-exposure better and watch your blown highlights closer with the Canon sensors or else you are in more trouble than the equivalent Nikon.

  • MB

    It seems it will be huge seller, great 24Mpix sensor, better mettering, probably better AF, most likely better OLED display, and my personal favorite hopefully better viewfinder.
    If most of this is true I kind of fail to understand what’s not to like?

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Um… They didn’t like the camera it’s replacing. Some people won’t like it because it has no AF motor or won’t meter with AI lenses. Some won’t like it because it isn’t magnesium. Some want one that shoots faster. Some are still convinced that adding pixels takes away performance.
      But most won’t like it because it means that the hockey/soccer mom or “joe six pack” (how could someone run for office while calling people that?) has it. Or because it has the same sensor that they are still waiting for to replace the one that they insist has a sufficient number of pixels. They don’t want anything that would spoil the value of THEIR investment that YOU could afford.
      Myself… I just hope for the best camera that can be, for whoever buys it.

      • enesunkie

        Very well said.

        “I just hope for the best camera that can be”

        Yes. It could only mean that a D400/D7100 will be even better.

      • Worminator

        The D5100 is a frumpy little camera. Does the job, but then so does the D3100… or whatever occupies the top spot down there these days.

  • RxGus

    I am not sure that I really understand this camera…

    The old 5100 was an upsell from the 3100 due to the improved IQ and the same sensor as d7000. There was a clear and tangible benefit to upgrading- a “better than intro” sensor with consumer aimed layout. The step up to the 7000 was an easy sell for the am/enthusiast who has outgrown the “basic” functions and want the better AF, better sealing, and nicer controls.

    Now we have a D32oo which has a big sensor, average performance, and low price tag. A great value for the cost. BUT… now the d5200 has lost its big upsell, IQ.

    The only upsell now is a swivel screen. Few people are going to upgrade to the mid-camera purely for a swivel screen and a different button layout.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      We know that it shoots more pictures in the same amount of time. You know about the screen. I will guess that it has a better viewfinder, as that is an area that seems to have been getting some incremental improvement over the years. I seem to remember something about the autofocus. Rearranging the controls on top of that would be like icing on a cake. And then there’s the video features that I don’t care about…

      • RxGus

        +1 FPS is technically a difference, though my experience with the 5100 is that the shooting speed is more limited by autofocus than anything else.

        I haven’t used the 3200 yet (or ever?), so I am unsure about the autofocus system being different and offering a big improvement.

        I guess my point was this:
        Some people are going to buy any DSLR you put out there (D3200) and not care about IQ, FPS, Buffer, etc.
        Then there is another group that is going to care more about IQ, and will only appreciate the FPS, buffer, etc as they become more “into” photography.

        That second group is me:
        I got the 5100 almost 2 years ago based on the sensor… 50,000 photos later I want a faster FPS, improved AF, and a top LCD. I am looking for the d7100/d400 OR making the jump to d600 (though that doesn’t fix my FPS or my autofocus lust).

        The new entry level hierarchy doesn’t make sense for consumer bases like me

    • Pablo Ricasso

      And you can buy it without a lens. VERY important feature.

  • Thomas

    My wife is looking for a new camera, but she dont know which is a better one, the d7000 or the new d5200. She takes all sort of pictures, nature, sports…anybody some good advice?

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Wait until it’s announced? Wait until it comes out?
      Without that, this camera is likely to have a small edge for nature and the other for sports. This camera likely won’t take well to nearly the range of old lenses as the other. The other camera can be had used and is likely to hold it’s value more. And… you don’t have to wait.

    • Pablo Ricasso

      * hold it’s value more… (over a long period of time)

      When the 7100/7200/whatever they call it comes, the value WILL take a quick “adjustment”. Some of that is already priced in…

  • F…ck you Nikon

    D600, D3100, V1

    Where is the D400 or the D7100????

    • Gaston

      I am Waiting my turn (For 4 YEARS)

      • Vin

        Yup, 3 1/5-4 1/2 years is about right for a new top end DSLR. That is about the time we waited for the D800, we just passed 3 years from the D300S. July 30, 09. So maybe anytime in 2013, unless they don’t go DX, but then they would be doing almost the same thing they did with the D3/D700, situation, FX would be $2400+ and be pulling a lot of sales from D4 & D800,. It would be nice if they could bring in a solid action sports shooter for under $1750. I think that the people who buy a D600, will wounder what they are missing, should I have bought a D800. Same with D7000 shooters, should I go D600, or D800,? Or wait for next years announcements. If you prescribe to these thoughts this is the fun and excitement. If you take your photography, or yo ur equipment this serious then learn to love the wait. Embrace the excitement. One day the thrills might not be there.

    • Lex Author

      A 10 year old boy wants that sort of camera? Gaston, you behave like a 10 year old boy with that comment.

  • peter2

    Of course people are going to come here and bitching about where “their” D400 is.
    What they don’t realize is that there’s a huge consumer market out there, and Nikon just doesn’t make the cameras for the “pro” market alone.

    I’d say patient, be patient.

    • PHB

      Moreover a consumer market that tends to buy right around the pagan festival of Saturnalia where we celebrate the birth of Mithras albeit under a different name.

      Nikon has to get the consumer camera on the shelves for Xmas. They only need to announce the D400 at most. People will wait.

      Now what I would like to see is either the 80-400 replacement being launched or a definitive statement that it isn’t happening and people should buy the 70-200 plus the 2x teleconverter. At this point that is the only serious gap I see in their F-mount lineup. There is lots that they could do that would be fun (50 mm f/1.2, some fast DX wide primes…) but that is the only hole.

      On the CX side there are lots of holes. But the only one I see as being a real oversight is the lack of a good micro lens.


  • Rob

    I’m just hoping they don’t “trickle up” this sensor any further. By the time they get to the D400, it’ll be over a year old tech. The release order of the D4, D800, and D600 made more sense to me than their DX release order so far. If they have a newer sensor developed for the D7100 and D400, then I will understand. If they end up using this one in the D400, who’s gonna pay a $1000 premium to get some features that might add up to $100 on Nikon’s end (af motor, buffer, body materials)?

    • PHB

      But what would be the alternative?

      36MP DX? The CX 10MP sensor would translate to that if extended to a DX sensor size.

      And there is likely a 48MP D4x on its way at some point to compliment the D4…

      If the D400 was a MP monster they could keep the D7000 sensor in the lineup as a fast shooter alternative. Update the processor, memory etc and give it the D300s AF array…

      That would be more like a D400 / D400x pairing thought.

  • Since that is election day in the US, I don’t think the D5200 will be headline news.

    • BartyL

      No, that’s right. We’ll all be focussed on the Melbourne Cup.


    • D400 M.I.A.

      Indeed it is election day! Damn stupid political adverts filling TV and radio airwaves here. They should limit political ads to just one in each ad break from each party and only air them in the 14 days before the election… Just thank your God you don’t live in Florida … is there anything else on TV right now in between the shows? Oh man!!! Just saw a car dealer advert… About as interesting as waiting for the D400 to be released.

  • RenoRaines

    The reported specs for the new 5200 are fairly close to those of the 3200; I wonder what the price difference will be: one hundred fifty dollars? Two hundred dollars?
    Maybe Nikon will surprise us all and they will release a D7100 and a pro body D400 early next year. Throw in the release at the same time of two or three crucial missing DX lenses and everybody will be happy! Can you just imagine? Oh, the joy!

  • Foolishcfo

    What if Nikon held a product announcement and no one came? This may be close.

    • Ben

      in the US no one will see this announcement. but people in other countries will.

  • luxlynx

    Hey guys, can I have some unbiased not brand-affected opinions what camera to buy for my first DSLR? I know with a Nikon I would have a better choice of lenses than with a Pentax, true? Is the choice of lenses for Pentax that bad? Are similar lenses more expensive? Are there other reasons why I should prefer buying a 5xxx/7xxx over the K-30/K-5(II). I want a DX DSLR with some kind of 300mm lense (affordable) to shoot wildlife and a maybe a 50mm 1.x for other stuff…

    • KnightPhoto

      The Pentax K-5(II) model without the AA filter would be a great wildlife tool IMO and is something unique in the market that CaNikon don’t offer.

      And you’ve got the sensor-based vibration reduction built into the Pentax body and the DA Pentax primes.

      I’d give it serious consideration.

      I really want the D400 to have no AA filter, but I doubt it…

      • Rainer

        Sensor-based vibration reduction is a cheap solution. It lacks the viewfinder stabilisation compared to a real VR.


        • KnightPhoto

          I agree in-lens viewfinder stabilized VR is better.

          Too bad Nikon doesn’t have a 300 f/4 VR though.

  • LeistenSepp

    So no one really needs a D5200!
    They should take a D3200 and Nikon will finally bring a D7100 or D400 ….

  • Waiting for sensor detail

  • Abhi

    Please provied full specification of D5200 and aprox price.

  • DX

    when can we see a phase detection autofocus in nikon camera? i want a real autofocus in video and liveview. d400, d7100?

  • Vin

    I can appreciate the D5200 and what it might be especially for doing casual video and some candid photography, or even studio work. I still would like another water proofed, magnesium or carbon constructed camera with 51 point focus that can shoot at 8-9fps. In DX I think this could come in at just under $1500

  • Noora

    I wish it’s d7000 replacement

  • xtt

    Why do people complaint so much? Why can’t Nikon give family users a D5200? Do you know Nikon makes more money in such entry level DSLRs?

    If you don’t want a D5200, just don’t buy it; if you want a D400, just wait or switch to a 7D and tolerate its poor image quality.

  • timon

    In newly rumored another disquieting Nikon d5200 is the pixel pitch 3.8μm, meanwhile increased a faster 5 fps, a how lighter weight camera body, fearful.

    Nikon d5100 is 4 fps, pixel pitch 4.8μm, the camera’s internal vibrations is lesser than the d7000, despite the d5100 has a too small hellish OVF.

    Looks like it is with higher several mega pixels, but is actually the vibrational image-blurring increased and sharpness drops, well then what did helpful to consumer?

  • dybbuk

    Too many peoples are crying HERE about this news as if they don’t know what the D5100 can do for video with its price. It’s the best Nikon entry level camera to shoot videos !

    The D5200 should be the concurrent of the last similar Canon the 650D

  • How to know this is a fake rumor ? : Le Salon de La Photo have never did any announcement in his history.
    Its just a big warehouse where trademarks and company show their stuff wich you can already see in stores.
    I use to go there sometimes, cause i from Paris, and its always a bad show.

    • You are wrong – there was a new Nikon product announced before the show 2-3 years ago.

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