Nikon D5200 announcement on November 6th

The Nikon D5200 is rumored to be announced next week - on November 6th, 2012 (±1 day based on your location). The new DSLR camera will be on display during the Salon de la Photo show in Paris (November 8-12, 2012).

Nikon (and many other companies) still like to introduce new products before a major photography show - this was the case with Photokina, PDN Photo Plus and now with Salon de la Photo. The next two major shows are CES in Las Vegas (January 2013) and CP+ in Japan (February 2013) and I am almost certain that Nikon will announce new products in the January/February 2013 time frame.

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    I for one am very interested in the 5200. I will likely wait for the 7100 to be released before buying, but if the specs are good enough on the 5100, well I prefer the higher res articulated screen it has vs the 7000. I like the lighter weight and don’t ever need the screw drive motor so why pay extra for it and lug around the extra weight? I don’t have an interest in fx at any price (well maybe only as a second body). I care about image quality, low light performance, and autofocus. Make these good enough in the 5200 and I’m sold. Pro controls such as a dedicated bracketing button are nice but I know how to bracket if I need to, and I’d rather put the money towards lenses. 7100 is still an option for me if it comes out soon but I eagerly await the 5200. You pixel peepers and fx trolls represent the minority of photographers. A good photographer can take great photos with even a 3100. Although I do need better low light performance than my d40x offers. Camera is just a light box! Bring on 5200, 7100, and some new Dx lenses! (and please refresh noisy slow 80-400)

  • zerostasas

    Awesome. I Hope it’s true. And by summer it will be available in local stocks. And let’s hope it will have a nice Fully manual Video control like 650D has. Then it will be no brainer to buy 650D (or even Sony mid level cameras) instead of D5200 :D. Cause D5200 ROCKS in image quality all the way to pro FX level. And with rumoured 24MP it will be king of the Midlevel. Then i will be sold. No more HARD decisions. YEAH, baby, YEAH! Dreams ma finnaly come true. Oh, price shouldnt be as high as FX D600 :). Can’t wait for November 6!!!!!

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