Refurbished Nikon D800 cameras now available for $2499.95

Adorama now has a limited number of refurbished Nikon D800 DSLR cameras for sale at $2,499.95 ($500 less than the original price of $2,999). Refurbished products include 90 days Nikon warranty. Additional two years extended warranty can be purchased for $79.95.

Update: Cameta Camera also has refurbished Nikon D800 cameras for $2,549.95.

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  • Bruno

    Refurbished ?

    • Oh Yes, Nikon sez so

      Well they will probably power up.

      Your chance to discover why the original owners sent them back!

      • Ted

        Probably back focus issues that Nikon can’t/won’t fix. I had to retailer replace one that Nikon wouldn’t fix after 3 trips, with back focus using AF tune at -20. It was about -25 compared to my other bodies.

    • T.I.M

      You can’t say “refurbished” anymore, you have to say “pre-owned as new”

      • Everlast66

        on ebay that would be:

        Condition: New*
        the star is very important

  • shivaswrath

    along with a left sensor misalignment too!!

  • DM

    I guess these are all the cameras that people returned for the focus issue. If these cameras did go through sensor realignment, this is a great way to save $500.

  • Geoff_K

    I am with those that think these are the ones sent back due to focus issues. Unless they did a focus calibration/repair, I am not interested in one of these.

    • John

      Well obvious they did, no way would they sell a “defective” product for $2499…. lol.

      • Geoff_K

        I do not think they “obviously” did do any repair to focus issues. I’m better $500 they did not. /shrugs

        • Geoff_K

          *betting not better

      • yes

        “Obviously”, they did sell a “defective” product for $2999 in the first place…

        • +1

          (they obviously did!)

    • KT

      This is what happened, lots of early adopters who bought the early D800 production went ballistic on Nikon and sent their cameras back, these were checked by Nikon service and since only 10-20% of these bodies had the left AF issue, there were plenty of perfectly functioning D800 bodies returned to Nikon. They are now being released to the wild again with a clean bill of health. It’s a case of NOT throwing the baby with the bath water. I think it’s a perfectly good deal now that, one assumes, Nikon techs have checked each camera top-to-bottom before re-sell.

      • LoL

        Not a chance.

        Nikon will only send them to the techs if the new owners send them back.

        Gee……..there was a problem with it. Who’d have thought it. Duh.

      • Nikpaid

        How would you even know that?

        There should be a law that “Refurbished” technology has to come with a certificate indicating exactly what repairs were made and what is the total assessed damaged.

        A flat $500 reduction for a $3000 camera with some issue that you have no idea what is was or if they even repaired it (or noticed it!!) at all?

        PASS. People don’t spend $3000 to guess. Nikon should be specific what was fixed, otherwise they can keep their flawed gear.

    • Smudger

      Nikon are happy to let early adopters pay for the privilege of doing the final stages of product development.

      So it will be with the refurbs. Purchasers get to do the triage.

  • Eric Wester

    Wow, and I just picked up a used D700 with 3000 actuations for $1800. I guess I should have waited and picked up a refurbished D800 for $700 more. Oh darn. My other D700 has been a great camera and I know my new one will be a great second body. Maybe a D800 will be in my future around tax time….then I can sell one of my other D700’s.

    Seems like a good deal…as long as the kinks are worked out.

    • Aldo

      I think you over paid for the d700 but still you made the right choice. No one should be buying d800 over d700 unless you really need the pixel count and video.

      • Aldo

        When I’m done balancing the pictures I took with my d800 I don’t know if the sky is blue or green.

        • Love Color

          Did you at least figure out if the skin is peach or orange?

          • jason

            brides’ face look orange… blame their makeup or sensor? WB in auto

            • RC

              No professional should be using auto WB for indoor pictures unless he or she knows what he’s/she’s doing!

            • Well that doesn’t stop some people!


        • gsum

          It’s usually blue if no clouds and has not gone dark.

        • Geoff_K

          I am going to say you are color blind then.

          • anon

            agreed… not being able to tell blue from green is a color blindness problem, not a camera problem. My d800 gets color pretty much spot on every time in auto WB mode. doesn’t matter if it didn’t anyway because i tweak white balance in post.

          • Ron Perlman

            No, he isn’t color blind, he’s just a troll. Probably from a Canon camp…refering to green cast some of the early prod D800s came with.

            • Elle

              Like the sickly magenta cast that all Canons have?

      • Having shot with both and now possessing two D800 bodies I can assure you that your assessment is incorrect.

      • Aldo

        I’m a fan of outdoor soft natural light photography over my subjects. The soft shadows cast over have a green tint… I don’t care how much you want to deny it… ITS THERE! … having said that.. I still love my d800

        • Ken Mockwell

          Go troll somewhere else…

          • Aldo

            Oh how I wish it was… a troll

            • Josh

              If you are not a troll then your camera is defective and needs to be sent in for repair. If every D800 was as bad as yous say there would be a sh*t storm about it all over the internet and you are the first and only person I have seen complaining about this.

  • Aldo

    Sometimes “refurbished” means make sure it powers on when you plug it in. LOL.

  • Mike M

    Wow, the used market value of these was dropping fast as it was, this is sure to put further pain on that.

    • Geoff_K

      I would not go near a used D800 with the focus problems some/too many have. I can understand why the price for used is falling.

  • Jay

    I think I may go for this…I have never had a problem with refurbs from Nikon, and as long as it comes with a warranty do you really think because it says refurb that it automatically has an issue, or has a greater chance of having an issue???? Seriously??? I can think of a few people that bought new ones and had a tiny little issue arise, if not a couple.
    You have just as good a chance of having an issue come up with a brand new camera as you do a refurb, I honestly believe in the case of the D800s, I think this route may be better than new. New ones still have the chance of having the left focus issue, where the refurbs at least were looked over and fixed if issues were found.
    Just something to think about….
    I have a D800 and love it. I also have a D700 that I refuse to part with. So…Im either picking up a D600 for a 3rd, or a refurbed D800. Which would you guys choose as a 3rd body?

    • Nikon Shooter

      Nikon 1 V2 with the F-mount adapter.


      • Jay


      • Big J

        Hope they come out with a newer FT-1 adapter that has AF-C (don’t own one, but read that it doesn’t have it). Because I dig the V2 as a street photo camera (because I’m a perv like that lol).

      • FF

        @Nikon Shooter


        That is exactly what I was thinking.

    • Geoff_K

      With the problems the D800 series has, I would bet they did NOT do a focus recalibration on them and figure people will send them in if they detect one.

      I am unwilling to take that chance. For those that do, I hope you get a good one.

      • Alan Fajardo

        What does refurbished then means?

        • Geoff_K

          refurbished likely means .. powers on .. snaps a photo .. no obvious external damage that will cause a problem. Sell it and wait to see if the buyer notices any other problems.

          That is my guess. /shrugs

  • Fishguy

    I’d pull the trigger on one of these in a second, if I was POSITIVE that a D400 won’t be release in arly 2013…..

    • Ivor Biggun

      If Nikon did release a D400 in early 2013 would you buy one?

      With Nikon’s current record of failures, I wouldn’t touch one for 6-8 months post release.

      Thus my decision to buy another D300s

      • Indecline

        Golly gee, I surely screwed up. I bought one of those fucked up D800e’s. The only thing that has gone wrong, is the 10 pin has gone south. BTW, I’d love to sell my D3s to all the haters here, so I can buy another D800d. The sucker rocks.

  • Fabian

    If these have been fixed for left AF issue, it’s a great deal. As it saves you the headache and hassles of having to fight with Nikon service for months to get your camera fixed.

  • whmitty

    As another poster said I would not assume that Nikon has done anything more than to fire these up. After all, they’re lopping off $500. If the customer wants to specify a problem later then that is when they’ll likely address a problem. Having said that I might have fallen for this had it happened last month. But I really didn’t require the 36MP and opted for the D600 with which I am very pleased. Well, I did have to clean the sensor first.

    • desmo

      whether they re-aligned left focus problem or not most likely depends upon when these particular unit came out of rehab. the fix is easy now that nikon nows what is required.
      Odds are its been done,
      but as others have said can’t assume it.
      maybe call adorama and ask.
      like , above I would be interested if I hadn’t went with the D600,
      love it,
      haven,t seen the dust issue,
      but I don’t usually set it to F22 and shoot straight up at the sky.
      don’t need 36mp, but,
      miss the 51 point AF of my D300s

  • YC

    Thx for the news. And I finally buy my d800 to replace my d3 or d700.

  • burgerman

    What left focus issue is that then? Have two perfect ones here. Including one of the first delivered in the UK. And an e version a few months later. As perfect as can be.

    Same with this green (yellow?) or whatever colour cast issue. Its an over exa.d internet wannabe issue mostly seen on cameras that people dont own…

    All my other pre d800 nikons are now long gone because these two make them look old…

    • whmitty

      The people experiencing grief over the D800’s uneven focusing just need to send it in for calibration, return it for another or just get another camera altogether. I had to send my D7000 in to Nikon to fix the back-focus and they did it to perfection. Annoying? Yes but not the end of the world. Thankfully my D600 focuses without issue.

      It is no surprise that such sophisticated electro-mechanical devices require tweaking from time to time although it sure would be nice not to have to perform these tweaks on brand new equipment.

      For me anyway the quality of output from these devices is worth the trouble.

    • Geoff_K

      I have returned 4 D800E’s for the left focus issue. I spent days reshooting, trying to prove myself wrong as I did NOT want to return the camera. On 2 of them I actually unboxed them and tried again to get “decent” focus from the left point.

      The center point images were stunning and I REALLY wanted to keep the camera. If I could have proved I made an error in testing, I would have kept the camera.

      Maybe I goofed on all 4 cameras, testing over 2 – 3 days (on all but 1 that arrived with ~9200 clicks), resetting up the test target/using different test targets, but I could not convince myself it was my error.

      I plan to try again around the middle of November. I want the camera and would love to keep it this time. ;- )

  • Big J

    Kinda odd how the extreme sides of the DSLRs did well. The D4 and the D3200 were produced without a hitch and the ones in between had problems.

  • Peter

    Pulled the lever… Was thinking about D600 but rather get used D800 to be honest – better AF, Shutter lag, Metering module, handling & I’ll be bringing it to check/adjust focus immediately after receiving it.

    • desmo

      great enjoy your new camera

  • peter2

    Wha… what? the 1V2 just got introduced and people already unloaded their D800… ?


  • Mike

    Mmmm, that’s pretty enticing, I’d definitely get it if I had the funds right now.

  • Geoff

    When I pull the trigger on FF I’ll definitely go for a refurb D800 instead of 600, $500 is worth it for the AF

  • Jacks

    Guys seriously……… HELP!!!!!!

    i am confused , i was planning to buy D600 now i am thinking for this D800 deal…. i am not a pro however want to move to full frame what do you guys think….
    Should i get refub. D800 which might have left focus issue or a new D600 which might have a dirt on sensor issue? Please suggest….

    there is no doubt that i can get better stuff by paying $400 extra…. but is it worth it?

    or should i wait for black friday 😛 WHAT THE HELL Life is complicated

    • whmitty

      If you must have it and can pony up the $2500 go for it because the camera will one way or another be made good by Nikon. However, anecdotal reports say that you need absolutely top grade lenses for getting the most out of this remarkable camera. According to all reports I’ve seen the D800 at least calls for lenses along the lines of the Nikon “Holy Trinity” which includes the Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8G ED, Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 and Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 which will set you back an absolute minimum of $5000 if you purchase all on Ebay used. If you must own the cutting edge perfection and can afford it that’s one thing but from what I’ve been reading if you’re not prepared to do what’s necessary to get the most out of the equipment you’ll likely not notice a whole lot of difference between the D800 and a D700 or a D600. In fact I’ve seen a few suggestions that due to it’s 24MP sensor size this also applies to the D600 but I have financial limits as does my wife’s patience with my amateur (as in NOT PAID) photography adventures.

      • Peter

        Exactly – the only reason I pulled the lever is that I always bought FF top notch lenses. D800 will do just perfect with 28-70 2.8 and 80-200 2.8.

        • anon

          i still don’t understand why people say the d800 requires such great lenses due to the high resolution (pixel density) of the camera, but no ever says anyhting about the dx cameras with 24 mpx being bad with cheaper lenses. the higher mpx dx cameras have a higher resolution than dx mode of the d800, by quite a bit actually. so that being said, shouldn’t the d3200 be horrible with say the 70-300 at 300??? I understand maybe the corners on FX can get worse than DX, but i can’t imagine any lens, unless it’s top notch, will turn to junk on that d800, but not on the d3200.

  • This kind of sets the top used price for a D800 at $2500 until the supply is gone.

    • fishguy

      – actually, quite a bit less as with a private party, used D800, there is no good way to know if it has condition problems, and no warranty if it does. I personally wouldn’t take a risk on a used D800 for more than $2000, with a refurb selling for $2500 (unless the used one had return privaleges).


  • Dweeb

    hahahaha all for the price of a few Gypsy women. But you do get a 90 day warranty. What were Nikon’s comfort women going for again?

    • Michel


  • BB

    D800 never had any problems (according to Nikon)… Why would they fix anything before reselling the returns??

  • BB

    BEWARE these are RETURN TO MANUFACTURER ONLY… Good luck with handling Nikon service

  • Doughboy

    Not every D800 was defective got mine in April one of the first in Winnipeg have no focus problem and no dust problem maybe I am just lucky .SO I would not hesitate to buy refurbished if worried buy the extended warranty

  • Wren

    I wouldn’t touch one of these with a bargepole. They’re the ones with AF problems that Nikon were unable to fix.

    • Troll hunter

      Trolling and you know it!

      • Wren

        One of these refurbs used to be mine. Very soft left AF points. Nikon Service had it for 5 weeks. Their idea of a repair was to adjust the overall focus so the left AF points were sharp, but all other AF points were soft. These guys are clowns – don’t buy a refurb for them. Heaven knows how many Nikon techs have had their grubby fingers inside them, attempting to fix their own botched repair attempts. If you want a D800 buy a new one, test it, and keep on returning for a refund until you get lucky and get a good one. I’ve been a loyal Nikon user for 25 years, but the release of the D800 has been a total fiasco.

  • BB

    I have a D800 which i received on the first day and absolutely have no focus issues… At the same time I know people personally first hand who have…

    I am not at all happy with the way Nikon handles the issue when you contact them. They do not accept there are manufacturing defects. They do not pay shipping. For most part they could not fix these in one trip to service center.

    I would think most (not saying all) of these are returns due to focus issues… Returning to Nikon will be no FUN…. I would stay as far as possible from these if I were looking.

  • G

    In the US you can buy D800 for 2999 USD (refurbished for 2499 USD), in the EUR zone it costs 2499 EUR = 3234 USD, in Hungary 820k HUF = 3761 USD. I’d love salaries to follow a similar pattern 🙂

  • I bought a refurbished one from another vendor hoping that Nikon would have addressed the focus problem during the “refurbish”. Regrettably, it had the problem. I’ve seen several D800s and they all exhibit the problem. I’m sure there are some good ones out there. But I’m not willing to play roulette and waste my money shipping these things back to Nikon. Here are examples from the refurb I bought.

  • Schnatterinchen

    “90 days Nikon warranty” what a great deal! I promisse you after 90 days you will have a lots of more fun.
    In this case “Refurbished” means only “polished”. For this are 90 days warranty sensational.

  • Torben

    The D800 absolutely rocks!, one of the best FF cameras ever made, some NR readers are so negative, but I bet some of you never had a D800…

    36.6mpx is tooo much, NO F#¤&EP* way, it a pleasure to see your pictures come alive this way.

    • anon

      it’s interesting.. i just went to Maine and took a lot of landscapes with both a d300 and d800 both using a tokina 11-16… YES DX LENS. Not the sharpest around the edges on the d800 but works fairly nicely at 16mm, no dark image circle. At any rate. back to mpx. I have a triple monitor setup at my job 2 vertical 5:4s and one horizontal 16:10 in the center. And when cropping out the d300 image to span all three correctly the image looked like garbage, very pixelated, but the d800 images looked phenomenal. I used to be a firm believer than mpx didn’t really matter, but this proves that they do in real world use on computer screens… not just pixel peeping test at 10000% view.

  • VivaLasVegas

    Nikon DID NOT fix their customer’s original left AF problem, what makes these potential D800 refurb buyers think these are good deal. Trust me on this, THESE are repackage damage goods, Im 10000000000000000000000009.999999% about it!

  • test pattern

    We just need someone trustworthy to purchase the refurb d800 and tell us what they got. Also post a response on Adorama’s website too. Turn rumor into fact….

    • Big J

      Going to purchase one soon. But will take awhile for it to get brought overseas though :S also I regret missing out on the $200 dollars off with bundled kit yesterday. They removed that option this morning with the refurbished D800 darn it. Would’ve saved $1000+ in total (including taxes for both camera and lens). I wonder if the people who ordered it on the day of the post were able to get a bundle with the $200 off or if Adorama sent them an email apologizing and jacking it back up to normal pricing.

  • Peter

    I ordered one on Friday & it should show up @ my door next week sometimes… Next Friday or Monday after maybe? My game is to bring it to the local San Diego shop that does handle Nikon warranty work and have ’em adjust focus points from the get go immediately. Will def. let everyone know how this will work out.

    • jacks

      Cool, please let us know Peter, hoping it will not sell out till then 😛

  • Elle

    This is a stupid argument from the trolls. Comes with a warranty. Left AF issue? Send it in. How is this even a discussion?

    • JohnT

      The price at Adorama went $100 higher overnight – it’s now $2599.99.

  • Ajit

    I ordered one over the weekend. Will post updates when it arrives.

    • Ajit

      I had the camera for few days now. It has the left focus issue. I guess all the refurb units are the ones with this issue.

  • lhowhang

    My unit was sent to Melville service center three times for the AF issues . They were unable to fix it. My dealer is going to replace it and they will be sending this defective unit to Nikon. Good luck to whoever gets my unit with 3000 plus actuations and unresolved AF issues.

  • Stanley

    NotKon has two d800 bodies available. The d800AF body and the d800-nonAF body. I bought two of the NAF models by mistake and since I’m legally blind, I had to returned them back to POP in exchange for two with the AF assessory-mode but…. those 2 didn’t either. So I returned those to POP also for a refund. So I’m 0h crap for four!! Yo Nikon….. it’s time for a name change to NotKon, as in, your Not going to Kon me out of anymore money for any of your crap equipment… crap!!! How many crap times can you crap say carp in one crap conversation crap about NotKon crap……………. CRAP!!

    • Pablo Ricasso

      Stanley, we want to help you do things right!

      • Stanley

        Then buy all my notkon crap so I can buy some Canon carp. And thank you for your help in advance :~B PR………..

  • Peter

    Ok NY is/was closed for business for obvious reasons yesterday & today so I don’t believe I’ll be getting my D800 this week for sure:(

    • Stanley

      I hope you get it before the warranty runs out, and the AF-mode expires !!! When you do get it you better check the born on date so you can calculate the AR-mode’s expiration date…. by subtracting the day you first take it out of the box from the born on date and then subtract that number from itself and you now know how many seconds after you first power it up that the AF-mode will last before it expires like a carton of milk!!!

  • kon thol

    cameta’s price is $2500 including 90-day nikon usa warranty + extended cameta warranty to 1-yr from date of purchase.

    • kon thol

      got my d800 refurb from cameta. the shutter count was 940-ish when i got it. i am no expert but i think the left focus issue on mine is fixed. i followed ming thien and thom hogan’s instructions to check the left focus. good luck to anyone who wishes to get the refurb model.

  • Wsilvio

    Received mine yesterday. It has the left focus issue! Guess its going back to Adorama.

    I’m so disappointed in Nikon!

    • kon thol

      well, just rotate the camera 180 degrees and the pics are in focus now

  • Neopulse

    Just purchased a D800 refurbished and gonna be receiving it in a couple of weeks when it gets sent down to where I live. Gonna check it out and see if it has any issues. Also got a 3-Year Mack Warranty on it for $64.95 (compared to the 2-Year for $80 that made no sense) which helps give some comfort especially since I live in S. America and all. When I receive it I will post it’s shutter count and see if I can check (properly) if it has the minor left-focus issue. The guy who attended said there were only 5 left and I grabbed one. So we’ll wait and see.

  • Peter

    Sent mine to LA for a focus adjustment. I will request AF point measurement output after it’s done to make sure everything is ok

  • fishguy

    Nikon USA has the D800 refurb today (11/16) for $2430, free shipping, no tax (in my state). I just ordered one……

    • fishguy

      It arrived today- focus is fine and shutter had twelve acuations!

  • Neopulse

    Question, how does one properly look for the left AF issue? Been reading comments online, but not really steps. Help?

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