Nikon Coolpix P7700 now shipping

The Nikon Coolpix P7700 started shipping in the US and is currently in stock at B&H. Specifications comparison between the P7700 and P7100 cameras:

Nikon Coolpix P7700 Nikon Coolpix P7100
Storage Media SD memory card/SDHC memory card/SDXC memory card  SD memory card/SDHC memory card/SDXC memory card
Top Continuous Shooting Speed at full resolution Up to 6 shots at approx. 8 frames per second Up to 90 shots at approx. 1.2 frames per second
ISO Sensitivity ISO 80 - 1600
ISO 3200
Hi 1 (equivalent to 6400)
ISO100 - 3200
Auto (auto gain ISO 100-800)
Fixed range auto (ISO 100-200, 100-400)
Approx. Dimensions Height: 2.9in. (72.5mm)
Width: 4.7 in. (118.5mm)
Depth: 2.0 in. (50.4mm)
Height: 3.1in. (76.9mm)
Width: 4.6in. (116.3mm)
Depth: 1.9in. (48mm)
Approx. Weight 13.9oz. (392g)
With battery and SD memory card.
14oz. (395g)
With battery and SD memory card.
Effective Pixels 12.2million 10.1million
Image Sensor CMOS CCD
Sensor Size 1/1.7 in. 1/1.7 in.
Lens Zoom 7.1x 7.1x
Vibration Reduction Lens-shift VR Lens-shift VR
Focus Range [W]: Approx. 1 ft. 8 in. (50 cm.) to infinity
[T]: Approx. 2 ft. 8 in. (80 cm.) to infinity.
Macro close-up mode: Approx. 0.8 in. (2 cm.) to infinity
[W]: Approx. 1 ft. 8 in. (50 cm.) to infinity
[T]: Approx. 2 ft. 8 in. (80 cm.) to infinity
Macro close-up mode: Approx. 0.8 in (2 cm.) to infinity
Monitor Size 3.0in. diagonal 3.0in. diagonal
Monitor Type Vari-Angle TFT-LCD with Anti-reflection coating Vari-Angle TFT-LCD with Anti-reflection coating
Monitor Resolution 921,000-dots 921,000-dots
Movie Audio file format: AAC stereoFull HD: 1920x1080p / 30fps
HD: 1280x720p / 30fps
HS (high speed) movie: 120 fps (640×480), HS 60 fps (1280×720) or HS 15 fps (1920×1080)
Movie file format: MPEG-4 AVC H.264
Standard TV: 640x480 / 30fps
Audio file format: AAC stereoHD: 1280x720p / 24fps
Movie file format: MPEG-4 AVC H.264
Small Size: 320x240 / 30fps
Standard TV: 640x480 / 30fps
HDMI Output Can be selected from:Auto
Can be selected from:Auto
Battery Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL14 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery EN-EL14
Price  $499  $399

Note that the Nikon P7700 has a 40.5mm filter thread, but if you purchase the optional HN-CP17 lens hood, you can also use 58mm filters.

Some Coolpix P7700 sample images from Nikon:

More samples, inlcuding RAW images, can be found here.

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  • Again

    Great TOY but not for me.
    I still wait for a D800E that doesn’t have the unmentionable bug.

    • Geoff_K

      I would prefer a larger sensor. I do not need FPS from a camera like this. Higher ISO would be preferred.

      inre Again: me too ;- )

  • Pablo Ricasso
    • NotAGood Link

      Pablo, are you sure on that? What was it?

      • Pablo Ricasso


        I GOT MAIL
        I GOT MAIL
        I GOT MAIL


        • Congrats!

          You’re also retarded.

  • Crab Cakes

    Boring … D400 is going to be when?

    • Forget it

      You read what Nikon said at Photokina interview: they made the D600 for that. Sorry, I am afraid there won’t be a D400, I wanted it too to replace my D300s.

      • RC

        It depends on why you have the D300/D300s. If you’re like me and have the D300 because FX was too expensive, then yes, I guess the D600 could be considered its replacement, but if you need professional level features, the D600 may not suit some.

        If Nikon doesn’t come out with a D300/D300s replacement, it could signal the end of pro-level DX, which makes sense to me but I do wish that the D600 was more built-like a D300. I like a deeper grip. I wish for 8 fps or higher. I like all-metal internals. I like a locking memory card door. But who knows…maybe my wrist will thank me later that the D600 is lighter.

      • D400, I hope

        What are you referring to? In an interview with Dirk Jesper (Product Manager for Professional Products and Product Planning – Nikon Europe), he was asked if the D600 is replacing the D300S. He said… well, you can read it for yourself.

        • Rob

          We can interpret Nikon’s actions over the last year anyway we like. Nothing changes the fact that DX is not dead and Nikon will continue making a range of DX bodies with an F-mount.

          • D400 sceptic

            No, DX isn’t dead – it’s been transformed into a consumer-only affair. “Consumers” as in “slap-a-single-lens-on-it-and-be-contempt consumers”.
            Enthusiasts, semi-pros and pros please look elsewhere (D600, D800, D4).
            Nikon: “You are not happy with FX because of the reach? Slap a TC on it, our new FX bodies support an aperture of 8.0!”

            • D400, I hope

              Did you guys not read the interview? A Product Manager would choose his words very carefully. By describing the D600 as an “enthusiast” FX and the D300S as a “professional” DX, he’s clearly stating that the line which includes the D300S is superior (with the obvious exception of sensor size) to the new enthusiast FX line starting with the D600. He would never say something like that if they were intending to discontinue the professional DX line. It would have been more like, ‘one’s an FX, the other’s a DX.’
              Am I the only one paying attention here??

            • Rob

              Cameras will continue to shrink as time progresses. FX is the hold out for professionals today, tomorrow it will be DX.
              As I said a RANGE of cameras will be produced with DX sensors for a while yet. We might not get fifty years like the FF F mount, though another five years for DX F mount is not unrealistic. What the top of the DX range will be capable of by then that FX does now is hard to imagine. Seeing as there is less and less money available for Nikon to make large frame professionals cameras pressure will always force technology to reduce size and cost. Think of what CX will be capable of 10 years from now.

      • Big J

        No they didn’t.

    • Nikon Hotline

      Congratulations, dear Nikon fan!

      Your post has been noted at Nikon HQ and three engineers and a marketing specialist have already read it. One person cried but I can’t disclose her name.

      You don’t have to write a separate letter because Nikon, as you know, is monitoring each and every forum post in every forum on the planet. This is why we only launch three cameras and four compacts in a year. Would we read less and develop more we could surely double that number, but you know, listening to our most loyal customers is very important to us.

      Rest assured, that the D400 is coming soon, like the D4 followed up on the D3s even if it’s only a minor upgrade.

      You don’t have a write another post, we have recorded your name, Steve Dingleberry in Watteflack, Kentucky, and will inform you by mail when the D400 hits a store near you.

      In the meantime, to satisfy your Nikon Needs ™, please buy one of our patented lenscups in our online-store *.

      Have a good day!
      Nikon Hotline

      (*: Availability is country-specific. Some restrictions may apply!)

      • Funduro

        LOL Love it !

  • St.

    I had both P7000 and P7100 and those are one of the cameras I had most fun and enjoying using them.
    I do agree with the guys above, that we all need (or at least want) bigger sensors these days.
    Especially after Sony raised the bar so high.
    I have a D800 and NEX-7, but I still find P7700 very interesting camera. It’s a total improvement over the previous two models – in fact it is what P7000 was supposed to be at first place.
    The only think I’m concerned is that they changed the CCD with CMOS sensor. I know how many advantages COMS sensor has, especially in low light and for high fps, but there is nothing like CCD color rendition.
    If I’m going to get the P7700 – probably yes, at least to find if I will like the colors, as I did in the previous two models.
    Despite the small sensor P series always produced excellent pictures, with vibrant colors and not much noise.
    And if you’re a manual control freak like me, you will appreciate all those buttons on top of P7700.
    I was thinking a lot for RX100 – but P7700 has the same battery as my D800, can use the same flash sppedlights, uses TTL and have a commander mode. The lens is 2.0-4.0 and goes all the way to 200mm.
    Quite too many + for this relatively small package.

    • The P7700, P7100 and P7000 use the same battery as Nikon D3100, D3200 and D5100, not the battery as the D800, D600, D7000.

      BTW I love my P7100. Great for when I don’t want to carry my D700. Unfortunately it doesn’t share much with the D700 apart from the speedlights. I use both the SB400 and SB600 with the P7100, they work together fantastically.

  • I want this SOOOOOOOO BADLY. I am planning on upgrading to this from my D800. More resolution, more dynamic range, better to crop with, sharper, better ISO performance, better AF, pro body, scene modes. Oh my. Can’t wait.

    • Stanley

      And Ron Scubadriver, I’d like to add that you can buy 6 d7700 for the price of 1 d800 too. I WOULD NOT BUY ANYTHING WITH THE WORD NIKON ON IT !!!!! I’ll be switching to brand-x. nikons quality control, customer service, and pride of manufacturing a quality product is in the toilet. This will be a major set back. My brother inlaw bought a s9100 what a piece of crap!! He returned and exchanged it twice and finally got his money back because none out of 3 could shoot ANYTHING IN FOCUS!! Had I not been out of town when he bought it he’d a gotten a Sony! I guess nikon can’t make an auto focus camera that can anymore … change of their brand-name to “the camera’s that can’t” or “blind fate cameras”. Maybe they need to get an AF tech that can see so they can manufacturer a camera that can……

      • Just because you are incompetent and can’t properly use a camera doesn’t mean you need to spew your lies and bologna all over the place.

        • John Richardson

          No, it was mortadella not bologna.

        • Stanley

          Yo diverdan you typing to me???? If so I can swallow a sd-card stick a usb cord up my a## and s%$& better pictures then you ever have taken or ever will take it’s easy to take a picture of a and if you are not addressing me then forget I said that but if you are then you better check the oxygen level in your tank because you must be running low or you wouldn’t be spewing such filth and johnny … its prosciutto Ahhhh

          • Troll Prozac

            +1 trolling is certainly fun and exciting!

        • *

          i regret to inform you, that you’ve just been trolled.

          • &

            *’s been TT’d … tee he he *

  • CRB

    Does anyone know if the zoom memory function still exists with the P7700

    • David Hume

      Yes it does

  • MuttonPuncher

    For God sakes when will the D800E ever start shipping. I sure wish that Nikon was as prepared with the D4 and D800/E announcements as they were for the D600. I guess they learned a great lesson from it though.

    • Stanley

      MuttonPuncher … learning is one thing but implementing is another. It only takes a child once to touch a hot-stove to learn NOT TO TOUCH IT AGAIN. But nikon keeps burning their consumers over and over and over again. That is why when I look around while on a news even at the shooters around me most of them are now shooting Brand-X. I’m going to start switching over too.

      • Troll Prozac

        Trolling all day got you down?

        Try Brand X! It’s like an erection for your fingers!

        • *

          oooooooo yaaaaaaa you like sitting on those erection fingers don’t you TP! Are they yummy Clarice? Fly on now little starling …… fly fly fly

    • Tiger1050Rider

      I walked into a UK retailer a few weeks ago and had the option to buy a D4 or a D800 or a D800E. No problems with supply here.

      I bought a D800 and no there are left focussing problems.

    • KnightPhoto

      My local dealer’s got a dozen “E’s” in stock. The damn has broken 😉

      And to answer another poster higher up, we all know the D400 is coming based on D600 pricing (plus the obvious crying need regardless of the D600/D400 relative pricing). D400 Spring 2013 and by the way, might was well make them all D400E since at 24mp DX pixel density, we won’t have to worry about Moire ever again!

      • D400 sceptic

        > since at 24mp DX pixel density, we won’t have to worry about Moire ever again!

        (X) You haven’t understood moiré at all. Stay away from cameras without AA-filters!

        • KnightPhoto

          Hello D400E Sceptic.

          Moire is an issue with real-life scene detail that occurs at higher frequencies than that at which your sensor/lens combo is resolving. The more your lens/sensor combo resolves (AKA 24mp DX sensor or FX 54mp equivalent), the tinier becomes the possible size of the Moire and/or the less likely there is going to be any in visible the first place. What’s not to get about this?

          Projecting forward, there will only be a D900E (no D900 model needed) for the same reason…

    • John

      Who knows, who cares, this is about the P7700.

  • Richard

    It’s horses for courses with cameras.

    The P7100 is a really good all round camera with a 28-200mm (efl) zoom and has all the control any photographer would wish for. It shoots in raw and the raw files can be processed in-camera (which is an excellent facility) or on your computer.

    The main difference with the P7700 is that it gains a stop at each end of the zoom, a good development. As a consequence though it loses the optical viewfinder the P7100 has.

    I’m sure the P7700 is a very good camera like the P7100 is. Those seriously considering buying one shouldn’t be put off by some of the above comments which appear to be made out of ignorance and arrogance.

    • KnightPhoto

      The ability to shoot RAW and fit into one’s current Nikon workflow can be invaluable. I know for me, that is a big thing that holds me off from Oly/FujiFilm much as I like their offerings.

  • Ren Kockwell

    There is simply no compelling reason to purchase this camera with the RX100 now out there. Nikon needs to do what I’ve been recommending since the 1 series came out—stick that sensor in a serious compact body with a fast, fixed lens and enthusiast controls. This camera is big and bulky and once again, 3 years behind the curve.

    • A. Lurker

      “Ren Kockwell”!!!

      Aaahahahaha! Best post here!

      Thanks for that, I had a bad Friday. But it’s better now.


  • Phil

    Is there a typo in the specs above or has the buffer really gone down from 90 shots down to 6? This is less than a second at 8fps!

  • Another Coolpix… Compact cameras with small sensors are so 2005.

  • OMR

    BS Camera.

    • Really?lol

      This camera have the same sensor of RX100, V1, and this is a compact camera with better functions than RX100 and V1, are you comprate this one with a D600, 600, 4?
      Maybe this one is the best compact camera out there at this moment.

      • Pedro

        This camera DOESN’T have the same sensor that the RX100 or V1, but a paltry 1/1.7″ sensor. Despite the good manual controls, this camera is far from the best compact cameras out there.

        • OMR

          I Agree with Mr. Pedro, The sensor is not the same like RX100 or V1, And I am simple comparing with the P7100, We cannot speak about a serious camera without viewfinder. This P7700 model is like a simple point and shot, only that.

  • ben

    nikon needs to put the N1 mount on this, that would make it a lot more competitive. And i would help the N1 system grow.

    • MB

      What would be the point? Killing V1 sales (I am not sure if there is something to kill though)?
      No, very small sensor “serous” camera must be very small (pocket-able) to make sense otherwise it is outdated.
      I am sure P7700 is nice but does not enough to draw attention on the market.

  • redDot

    Nice, anyone with one now? I will buy 7700, after the tests and reviews, anyone with pics from this little great camera?
    I need upgrade a compact camera, and this one is perfect for me.
    Please pics from this 7700!

    • David Hume

      Yes, I posted some – the link’s up above – under the Nikon video.

      • Richard

        Thanks David, I had a look, interesting and helpful, hopefully others will also look, some of them preferably before making their comments.

    • redDot

      thanks David!

  • D

    Oh please hear me, give me the P series with 1″ sensor or bigger than that… sony, fuji and canon already proved they can… why dont u….

    • Richard

      Frankly, I’d rather keep a zoom that reaches 200mm (efl) and fully retracts into the camera than have a little larger sensor that would improve image quality at ISO 800 and above.

      Anyone who shoots within 100-400 ISO with the P7000, P7100 and P7700 won’t have any image quality issues printing up to 20″ x 16″. How often, if ever, do you need to go larger?

  • jojotheclementine

    May be is not the Top Top Best best compact in IQ. BUT, by Function, functionality, compatibility (Nikon stuff, like SB flash, etc…), Zoom, Manual controls, this is a winer.
    Sensor size is important, but not the must important on cameras.

  • ThomasH

    How to bring it “gently” to Nikon? Maybe so, brief and simple:

    No Viewfinder, no interest, no buy.
    No RAW, no interest, no buy.

    P7100 was thus a possible buy, the P7700 is a clear and obvious “no buy.” No deal. Now, how about that D300 successor, please, before I will enter retirement age, preferably.

    • This camera have RAW

      Have RAW.

  • Steve

    What is the P7700’s longest shutter speed? I may use it on a autoguide mount for some astrophotography.

    • Richard

      The same as with the P7100, 60 seconds when in manual mode.

      • Steve

        Ok, thanks. Quite like the specs. I may sell my Canon G12 and get one. The G12 only has a 15 sec long shutter speed.

  • Peluche

    It’s just a high-end snappy camera with a hot-shoe/that I could use to replace using my SLR shooting party-pix at an event. These little midgets are getting close to being able to use to grab shots roaming around while working a socal-event. If it doesn’t have any of the problems that seem to be ravaging nikon’s products lately. Buying nikon has me wondering where their quality control has gone? Do we dare chance it?

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