First Nikon D600 book

The first Nikon D600 book is already listed on Amazon: Nikon D600 Digital Field Guide (Wiley publisher). The books has 320 pages and is expected to start shipping on December 25th, 2012.

Book description:

The Nikon D600 Digital Field Guide is filled with everything you want and need to know in order to take amazing photographs using your new DSLR. This full-color portable guide to the Nikon D600 walks you through the essential controls, features, and functions using step-by-step instructions and providing full-color images of each menu screen. This robust guide not only teaches you how to adjust white balance, autofocus, exposure, and choose lenses. It also teaches you when and why you should adjust each of these key settings. The Nikon D600 Digital Field Guide goes beyond camera settings to offer readers a refresher guide to the principles of digital photography, covering the essentials of lighting, composition, and exposure. Filled with amazing examples, this book also presents readers with a variety of tips and tricks to capturing portraits, candids, sports, travel, macro photography, and much more. Also included with this book is a bonus gray and color checker card that allows new DSLR owners to capture perfect color in any environment.

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  • Aldo

    First yay

    • just unsuccessful photographers trying to make moneys on amateurs lazy to read manuals. nothing to see here, move along

      • PC Police

        Wake up on the wrong side of the bed this monring?

      • samer R.

        so all other photographers who offer workshops must be unsuccessful too?

        • The big name photographers already have a proven track record – the McNally and Arias types; however, I would argue that many more photographers who hold workshops haven’t yet paid their dues and many are not all that good and are just in it for a quick bucks.

          I’m even seeing people who have been shooting for 2 years start to have workshops. Give me a break.

        • not in general, but yes. It is easier to find somebody trying to be good at photography trusting you can teach him anything then customer for sucky photos.

      • LeadWrist

        Yes, because manuals are sooooo clear and cover everything. I’m still trying to find the blurb for “AF-On” in the D600 manual. Apparently there is no well described section covering what “AF-On” does. Books like this expand on what is lacking in manuals.

        • R8R

          You won’t find a well described section covering the “AF-ON” in the D600 manual, because the D600 has no such button. It has an “AE-L/AF-L” button, which like the D7000 can be assigned as “AF-ON”.

          You can read all about it on page 244 of the D600 manual.

          Hey maybe I should write a book?

          • asdf


          • shadowfoto

            a book about how to read a book about your camera.

            • GLY



            • Red Fez

              I never quite got how these books are written by these no-name photographers at third party publishing outfits before the camera is ever released to the public, unless Nikon gives per-production models out to the publishers to allow whoever the staff writer is to write them.

              Personally, Nikon should just knock it off, and release their own over-priced books like this with the Nikon profit margin in there and just get a bigger share.

            • Dyun27

              The guy who wrote this Digital Field Guide also wrote a book about concert photography:


              I’ve seen his work and he’s pretty damned good at concert photography. He’s been doing it for years and from what I can see, seems like he knows what he’s talking about.

            • DonRukT

              well done, man +999

            • There is google and flickr for that.

          • LeadWrist

            @R8R, I opened to page 244 as you suggested, which only tells me how to assign the AE/AF button AF-On. Doesn’t tell me what AF-On does really, does it now smart guy, got any more useless pointers?

            What IS AF-On, lets see, well it depends, it can be used for trap focus, but only in AF-S more and AF-C behaves differently. Wish I had a manual that tells me WTF AF-On is so I don’t have to buy other peoples books.

            • umesh

              I miss the times when people used to do trial and error and learn instead of just learning through books and doing it . It’s as if one has bought the camera just before a major assignment and so doesn’t have enough time to understand it.

            • Arkasai

              Was AF-ON really that difficult to figure out? The label kind of sums up its whole function.

            • LeadWrist

              @Arkasai, AF-ON at face value is pretty straight forward. However the function changes depending on AF-C and AF-S and is used for Trap Focus photography. So no, it’s not self explanatory.

          • Rudi

            That prooves that some neat a book on how to read a book about their camera!

            • LeadWrist

              By that statement, why bother publishing a manual? Just sell the damn thing and tell the customer to go figure it out. If you need to provide a manual to use the product, atleast cover the features to some degree. This is the reason Thom and company make books, because manuals suck. I don’t I would have every figured out Trap Focus is linked to AF-On with trial and error.

          • Carsten


            Just this morning I browsed through 3 D800 books (the comic book I came for was not on stock). It took me less than 5′ to find a factual error in each of them (though minor).

            All of those have in common that the authors wrote already “many successful camera guides” and I compared a bit the D90/D7000/D300/D700 guides of one editor. Content is 90% the same, bla bla about DoF, freezing motion etc. to fill hundreds of pages. These books should be sold at bus-stations.

            I have to say the D800 manual looks rather unimpressive and its “pocket guide” guide is as useful as instruction on a milk box, but I took the time to go through it and understand the functions and how they differ from the D90. 10h playing with the camera, not too much to learn a $3000 piece of equipment, but I learned more from it than by putting a $30 book into my bookshelf.

            If I ever would write a book on photography, it would start with: “Explore all functions described in the manual of your camera(s) and try to figure what you might achieve with them. When done, turn to page 2 of this book”

      • So true, and what’s the point of these books when the camera comes with a manual?

        • babola

          You’d be surprised how many out there buy these cameras and are ‘user guide challenged’.

          The book about how to use and understand a camera basic user guide is basically meant for those types.

          Sad but true.

      • Andrew

        I would rather you had said “not for me”. But you are simply knocking something someone has spent a lot of time creating and using their years of experience to impart their knowledge to others. If you think the manual is all you need to learn this amazing new camera, then more power to you.

        • right. book written 3 months before release, full of insider use and praxis.

          it is just copy of D90, d700 and milion other books, just replaced name everywhere

          • Andrew

            Harold, please let us reason a little more on this issue. Here is an extract of an Amazon review of another book for the D800 written by the same author. This will give us an idea of his competency (or at least his approach) as an author.

            “The field guides provide the information your manual left out. This explains the various menus and options available on your Nikon D800 in a methodical manner. Your manual explains what each selection does but leaves it to you [to] determine when and how to use it. This provides the when and how.”

            If you are an experienced photographer, you may get by reading the manual only. But most manuals are simply lacking, they read… well, like manuals! Many of the people buying the D600 are casual photographers who want to step-up to something more sophisticated and they need simple and visually descriptive explanations to guide them with using their new camera.

            You have formed your opinion based upon absolutely “no” factual information on the book. You are absolutely clueless on how long the author has had a working model of the D600. It is likely that Nikon has been producing the D600 for a few months which should account for the wide availability of the camera at launch. In addition, the author may have had a working model a few months earlier than the mass manufacturing of the D600.

            Let me conclude by saying that there are people who apply intellectual rigor in their work, and do not behave in the manner you have implied!

            • cheesy strider

              ReAnyone who reads the posts here knows that Harold likes to be condescending at every opportunity. He can afford this behavior because when you go to see his photos for proof of his superior prowess, he shows his preeminence by sending you to your own email. Where I presume you are meant to do something to yourself??

              These guides are for anyone who enjoys reading about the features of their new toy. In a pleasant friendly structure that your their brain might enjoy.

              Sometimes it seems that 90% of the comments on this forum are aimed at hurting others.

        • Pablo Ricaso

          “If you think the manual is all you need to learn this amazing new camera..”

          Yes I think so.

          The rest of it is left to your imagination and personal camera technique.

          If you really believe you need a book about the “book” that covers the camera features in detail already, than “more power to you”.

  • max

    Isn’t the manual enough?

    • T.I.M

      When I have nothing to do at home, I read the D800’s manual.

      I’m already at the page 17 (on that page Nikon explain why you shoud not use a hammer to put the battery in the camera)

      • EAJ

        Dang, I knew I should have read the manual…page 17, eh?

        • Z

          I love reading my D800 manual. Or any manual for that matter. It really helps me fall asleep fast. Sometimes it works better than Ambien …

      • Patch

        Make sure you don’t skip the section that tells you not to stick your finger in your eye. This is very important – it is already too late for me.

        • PeterO

          I loved that part. I read it over and over again and even read it to my friends.

          • Andrew

            Yeah, that is what you get when you send your documents to the legal department before publishing.

          • Rudi

            Yeah, but I’ve heard that in the US people will put their cat into the microwave just to get some money out of it because the manual didn’t warn the user!

            • Patch

              Uh huh, I get an average of three checks a week for microwaving cats. Unfortunately the local shelter is running low on stock.

      • Michel

        Admin, can a humour page be set up with a list of these howlers from Nikon, perhaps with an image of the text , or the direct quote. I guess there must be dozens

  • Jim

    “Our book’s the first D600 book on Amazon, yay!!”

    [ships December 25, 2012]


  • Zoot

    May I give advance notice that I have written the First Nikon D400 book. It will be published a fortnight after the appearance of the D400. That will give me time to cut and paste a few odds and ends out of the D400 manual into my text, and spend a week using the camera on the off chance that I might discover a couple of additional handy hints for work in the field.

    Get ready to place your orders on Amazon.

  • baked bananas

    Maybe it has a section on video?

    Move along. Nothing to see here.

    Happy birthday Google!!!

  • mark

    The book ships DECEMBER 25th!!!!

    1. I guess that have to find someone to write the book first
    2. I don’t think there are any shippers in the US that are open on December 25th.

    That might as well have announced that the D650 book going to be shipped on December 25th 2014. Place your orders now!

  • sugarbabe

    I thing the same boring book like all the others about cameras.

  • Dan

    Loving the D600. Great addition to my camera collection, and that is coming from a Canon shooter. In the process of reviewing it now on my youtube channel if you have any questions.

  • Dan

    Can’t seem to keep the freaking back LCD screen from turning off every time I touch the shutter button. Hold back the reasons why I shouldn’t care…The other screens are hard for me to view on the fly because the font is small and everything is jumbled together. I’d love to use this awesome 3.2″ screen for seeing my settings. A quick glance on that screen and I can take in everything while the top lcd and viewfinder are difficult to see. Canon lets me keep the screen on. With the Nikon I have to hit ‘info’ all the time. Frustrating. Picture quality is freaking amazing though.

    • Anonymous Coward

      If you aren’t looking through the viewfinder, why not use live view?

    • Calibrator

      The LCD gets switched off when not taking pictures (or video) in live view to conserve battery capacity. The LCD and its backlight are two of the biggest power consumers in the camera.
      I suspect, Nikon also never expected their customers wanting to keep the info screen activated all the time.

  • MB

    Most of the so called guides about cameras (especially those first ones) are made by the people who never actually used the camera in question.
    The hard thing was making the first one and it is usually done by interpreting parts of the user manual after that every next one is made by simple search and replace.
    Of course not all guides are made this way but most are useless garbage.

  • Anonymous Maximus

    Sorry, but enough of D600. It could be an exciting camera only if D800 did not exist.

    Any fresh D400 rumors?

    • T.I.M

      @Anonymous Maximus

      Any fresh D400 rumors?
      Give up, there will be no D400

      • Anonymous Maximus

        Why not… D300 is a proven beast, which does the job even today among the others.

        I can’t see any reason why Nikon won’t improve it. Certainly, there is an audience for a D400. And D7000 line is not a substitute.

        • Calibrator

          > I can’t see any reason why Nikon won’t improve it.

          That’s right: It’s about “won’t” and not “can’t”…

          > Certainly, there is an audience for a D400. And D7000 line is not a substitute.

          There’s an audience for everything. The only question Nikon needs to ask themselves is: Is the audience large enough to make a new model?

          What do you believe why Nikon launched the D600? By accident?

          Do you really believe Nikon’s product planning schedule is affected by a few “powerusers” repeatedly pestering each and every post on NR with “Give muh my D400, bubba!”?

          • JS

            – [“Do you really believe Nikon’s product planning schedule is affected by a few “powerusers” repeatedly pestering each and every post on NR with “Give muh my D400, bubba!”?”]

            I think you are right. Nikon is not listening to their users any more. They had successful cameras in the past (D700 and D300) and they become very arrogant.

            They gave us only two options for cameras:

            1. The D800 – which apparently they can’t produce without any bug yet.

            2. The D600 – A state of the art SONY sensor in a subpar camera.

            • LeadWrist

              I have a D600 now, care to explain subpar? For the short amount of time I have used it, it’s AWESOME. Beats my D7000 hands down. Do I do video, nope, careless about video. Do I shoot f/1.4 while pointing at the sun, nope don’t do that either. This camera is amazing little beast that produces amazing results.

    • Jabs

      I believe that Nikon will indeed launch at least three more cameras but are perhaps watching what Canon and Sony both do.

      1. D400 or a proper D300s replacement.
      2. D7100 or a replacement for the D7000 plus the D5100 replacement.
      3. D4X as soon as Canon tries to run over the D800 in resolution.

      Nikon is shipping more and better bodies now than everyone, so no need to rush things out and eat up needed Manufacturing capacity – my opinion!

  • burgerman

    DX is dead/pointless/amateur now, so there wont be one. Buy a D800 and be done with it. Or a D4 if you need a machine gun to get a photo.

    • Robtoz

      DX is Dead????

      My D300 shoots 8 frames per second for sports…. the D600 is 5.5fps. Plus, the DX provides for longer reach on lenses. Now if Nikon came out with a full frame at 16MP that shot 8-10 fps, then that would be a dream. You have to go to the D4 to get respectable fps for sports (too much $$ for me). So I still see a segment open for a replacement on the Nikon d300s at this point. Perhaps they can increase the fps for an upcoming D7100 to 8fps.

      • decisive moment dude, if you need 8fps to get a shot, then they can as well put camera on auto mode on tripod and send you home

        • Casey

          It’s sports photography. People to sit around and pose and you can’t know when the decisive moment will happen, or IF it will happen. 4-5 FPS is more than enough for me most of the time, but if I’m shooting a young band whose members are in constant motion and the show isn’t well lit (the norm), I wouldn’t mind having 8 or 9 FPS and a huge buffer. With digital, I take shots super low percentage shots that I never would have tried with film, but part of that is taking bursts of frames, because most of them are not going to freeze action (even at 1/200) and 1/1000 is not an option.

          Most of the time you take one or 2 shots and move on, but some it’s nice to have that option when you need it. Honestly, if it’s not needed by good photographers, then it wouldn’t be in on $6,000 body, it’d be on the cheaper ones.

          Go look at the Cricket world cup pictures from a year or 2 back. They’re stunning and you can be certain that the photographer took a ton of shots in series and picked the best one to put on his/her maybe list.

        • Jabs

          Have you ever shot with a fast Nikon camera that does 8fps?
          I have shot with at least four:
          F3HP with MD-4, F3HP-T and F3-AF all with MD-4 and MN-2 Nicads in film times.
          D700 with MD.

          When shooting the identical scene with slower framing cameras, all the peak action is lost and even when shooting things like fireworks then 8fps is a MUST. I have shot for several years the annual fireworks under the Gateway Arch with four cameras then.
          All the F3’s had 1/2000 sec top speed and the FA had 1/4000 sec top speed YET all the F3’s got what the FA could not, even though I was using the fast MD-15.

          Moral – There is NO substitute for fast framing rates even if you catch the deciding moment from anticipation. That is why Sports photographers like a D3S , a D700 or a D4 above other Nikon bodies. Same in the film Era as I had an F4S which did 5.7 fps versus the F3 doing 8fps and it was no contest as to which camera I used on fast action. The F4S had AF while the F3 did not except of course the F3AF, but with anticipation, I shot faster with the F3’s than the F4S and thus from experience I can say this.

          Fast cameras increase your reaction time as the camera sprints while slower cameras wait. When we have small cameras as fast as a Nikon 1 in reaction time, then maybe we can talk. Give me more fps over shutter speed any day!

          • Jabs

            Sorry – F3A = F3AF

      • T.I.M

        Use a camcorder, you get 30 f.p.s !

        • Jabs

          And how many stills from those 30 fps Video of 60 frames?

        • LeadWrist

          You do understand the Video FPS != Still Photo FPS, riiiight?

          • Jabs

            @LeadWrist – Perhaps you do a little more studying before commenting all over this place.

            Video is made up of two fields per frame while still photography is ‘basically’ made up of ONE field per frame = why I made those comments.

            • umesh

              @ jabs. Not poking my nose in your earlier discussion. But we get progressive scan cameras nowadays . What quality they give is another matter though.

  • John Richardson

    I don’t like manuals, but for the D800 I actually bought

    Totally worth the $30. If I had a D600 and needed a book, I would wait for Thom to put one out. At least he has a camera in hand and works it before he puts it to paper.

    • Casey

      Agreed. Though I believe that Dennis had the d800 before that field guide was out. He was on some forums fairly early saying it wasn’t a good camera for Concert photography. That said, the amazon user reviews for that field guide are awful. His book on concert photography is well regarded.

  • Nikos Canotorakis

    What should I say: A hardcover manual.

  • FDF

    That’s a bit late. They sold books for some of the previous Nikon cameras months before they were even announced.

  • UPS is so slow, I finally got my D600 today!

    But it was worth the wait because it’s magnificent! My contours of my D90’s grip feels better, but the quality of the D600’s images are unbelievable! And I love that bigger and brighter viewfinder!

  • JonMcG

    Thom Hogan will likely have a guide sooner than this and I can pretty much guarantee you it will be a much much better value…

    • Rudi

      I doubt that! At least I wouldn’t buy one again from him as he even was very unkindly while I wanted an update of a file from him as it doesn’t work! He regrets it as he couldn’t sent it my mail (camera setup file of some small Kb).

  • Jchen

    Does any one knows when is the best time to buy this camera? Or is there any coupon or promotion code for place like amazon or best buy etc.

    • BartyL

      The best time to purchase this camera is at 3:17pm.

    • Anonymous Maximus

      It’s now or never.

    • BunnyHoney

      Don´t believe it! The best time to purchase is at 5:28:03am.

    • David Attenborough

      In the cool of the morning the cameras graze in small scattered bands, feeding on the few scraps of coarse dried grasses and spiny shrubs they can locate. As the day advances and the desert begins to heat up, the cameras seek out shade. In the blazing middle of the day and through the oven-like afternoons, the cameras rest beneath isolated stands of thorny acacias, conserving energy and precious moisture. During these times of day the cameras are quite difficult to buy.

      However, sources of water are few and far between in the dry expanses of the Namib and in the evening the cameras congregate around the waterholes, where they compete nervously with the herds of other consumer electrical items, jostling for space at the water’s edge. It is at this time of the day the cameras are at their least expensive and this is the best time to buy them.

      • Pablo Ricasso

        And if they aren’t cheap enough, throw them in the lake.

      • Mischiefmaker

        That is only if you seek free-range D600s. Factory raised D600s
        are available any time, due to the economy of production.

  • Nitpicker

    I’m a self-taught, now full-time professional photographer and I’ve read about 15 pages of maybe two manual that came with two of my many cameras over the years. Never understood why there seems to be such a large market for these camera model specific(?) books? By all means, if it helps one to get better photos, buy it, read it! I’ll never spend a single dime on those useless things.

  • If they can write a book about how to use your camera, maybe I could write a book about how to use the remote control for your TV. After all, everyone has a TV and it seems like half of people who have one don’t understand how to use it correctly… Then again, if they are too lazy to read the manual, why would they take the time to read a book about the same thing? (And spend money on it for that matter.)

    Lets be honest, people will write books about anything they can write a book about, regardless if people will buy it or not. Stores like Amazon will just bundle it with the camera for a few bucks more and someone will make money.

  • Pablo Ricasso

    I think I’ll write one that tells you how to sit on your ass and watch sports on TV…
    OOPS. (I’m too late!)

  • D400

    The half-plastic body of the D600 makes it look a bit toyish. It is difficult to take the camera very seriously.

    When are we getting the D400 again?

    • Big J

      A plastic polymer doesn’t make something look like toy-ish. There are handguns that use the same polymer and they are definitely NOT toy-ish. Including many, many medical items that use plastic polymers and they aren’t flimsy at all.

    • Anonymous Maximus

      Maybe not just the plastics, something is missing with D600 & D7000 cameras. It’s the inferior design compared to D800, D700 & D300.

      Nikon can’t leave the serious DX photographers in the cold by simply asking to either buy a D7000 or D800 for its DX crop. D400 is a must. They may then merge the D7000 & D5100 into one new model.

      DX is not only for amateurs. It has a professional use in wildlife, sports & photojournalism. You can’t expect every photographer to own the holy trinity of FX lenses. They are expensive & bulky compared to DX counterparts.

      I doubt anyone may distinguish a proper D3200 image from D600, but you can’t expect them to use these toyish cameras to attain IQ, ergonomics is equally important. D400 will be a successful mainstream model.

      My personal choice will be a D800 for its versatility, yet I’d buy a pro DX rather than an iffy FX if had to make a choice between two.

      • D400 sceptic

        > D400 will be a successful mainstream model.

        Because your crystal ball said so?

  • check out the samples here of the d600 vs the D800 vs Mark III

  • Anonymous Maximus

    D600 is somewhat ok, but if a 18mp D400 exists tomorrow for around $1800 with the high iso characteristics on par with D700 (which sounds plausible with the advances in sensor tech), can you show any reason not to use it?

    * DX version of D800, similar shape & functions, 7-8 fps
    * 1.5X DX crop (could be an advantage or disadvantage depending on lenses & situation)
    * DoF (it’s an advantage for landscapes, though earlier diffraction is a limiting factor)
    * Smaller viewfinder (not a big deal, D300 was good enough)
    * Less bulky & more affordable DX lenses (e.g. 10-24mm DX vs 14-24mm FX, or 16-85mm DX vs 24-120mm FX, or tele primes)
    * Better corner performance of any FX lens than if used on FX body

    • D400 sceptic

      Get a 7D (or the upcoming 7D Mark II) if you buy lenses, too.
      You even get a crop factor of 1.6…

      • Anonymous Maximus

        D400 sceptic, it’s rather spelled “skeptic”.

        And you are not skeptic, but obviously against D400. Why? If released tomorrow, will a D400 harm you? You better change your nick to “Anti D400”.

        PS: I have used both 35mm film, MF film, Canon & Nikon DX + FX. Currently using D700, I’ll probably buy a D800 for myself, but I support the idea that the legendary D300 should be updated to D400 with better low light abilities and become a part of Nikon’s palette.

    • JS

      I think Nikon is not respecting their users any more. They started treating every one, professionals, amateurs, advanced-enthusiasts and consumers as just one low end group: end users.

      Sadly, I don’t believe we will have a D400 or D700S camera anymore. The priority is consumer subpar cameras for the “masses”.

      I am looking for other brands that use the same SONY sensor. That is the best option now.

      • burgerman

        >>>Sadly, I don’t believe we will have a D400 or D700S camera anymore. The priority is consumer subpar cameras for the “masses”.

        Finally! DX is amateur only. Proper full frame cams now have adequate pixel density to make DX pointless. You may as well just put the rest of the sensor in in case you want to use the better lenses…

        DX now has one advantage. The SENSOR is cheaper. So to build a pro camera around a worse sensor makes no sense. Its amateur format for those that cant afford pro format cameras and lenses.

        • Medium format

          35mm FX is for amateurs. FX has advantage, the SENSOR is cheaper than MF. To build a ‘pro’ camera around a worse sensor makes no sense. FX is amateur format for those that can’t afford pro format
          cameras and lenses.

          Buggerman…you are so000 pretentious.

      • Jabs

        @JS – Care to elaborate and back up your false claims here?

        Here is Nikon’s current DSLR lineup:
        D3X – $8000 US
        D4 – $6000 US
        D800E – $3200 US
        D800 – $3000 US
        D700 – $2700 US
        D600 – $2100 US
        D300S – $1700 US
        D7000 – $1200 US
        D90 – $900 US
        D5100 – $850 US
        D3200 – $700 US
        D3100 – $650 US

        Now show us where they have forgotten who and what? They need some models replaced but they DO have models to cover almost everyone plus all excellent cameras delivering mostly 14bit output unlike Sony’s bodies which are all crippled by 12bit output even when they use a similar sensor – see

        And YES – the new Nikon D600 is already a top seller in a short time since release = Nikon gets it and you apparently do not.

        • JS

          Hey, Jabs. Thank you for your reply. I understand the point you are trying to make.

          Just clarifying, the comment was really about the current Nikon FF lineup.

          The analysis is:

          D3X – (Discontinued)
          D4 – Flagship
          D800/E – Amazing camera but with significant number of users complaining about focus issues.
          D700 – (Discontinued)
          D600 – Consumer camera.

          I have friends who want to buy the D800 but are waiting to see how Nikon addresses the focus issues (or at least clarify if it is an issue or not).

          The new D600 was classified as consumer camera by Nikon. It is marketed at enthusiast hobbyist and not really at professionals who use digital cameras on daily basis.

          As it was mentioned earlier, there is an article by Thom that talks about Nikon’s current strategy and his impressions from Photokina. I think it summarizes pretty well Nikon’s relationship with their customers. The article is called: Impressions and Depressions.

          I agree with you that there are some comments on NR that should be deleted as soon as are entered. Nevertheless, the website should always be open to constructive criticism and not only for singing the praises of Nikon.

          • Jabs

            @JS – Thanks for your response but neither the D3X or the D700 has been discontinued here in America.
            About Thom – I can also make my own analysis as I have been using Nikon gear since about 1984. Thom is NOT a Nikon employee nor even an insider but seems bent on analyzing Nikon and the camera Industry as a whole in his head, as I have read his articles from BEFORE the Internet in many old magazines back in the day.
            Some people try and be gurus to foolish or gullible people, but I have no need for them and their analysis as I use Nikon gear myself plus have bought and used many other Manufacturer’s equipment.
            Thom reminds me of one trying to be everything to everyone via artificial controversies and failing at it = useless of you to point me to his web site.
            I am an independent thinker with an Engineering background and might understand the concepts better than Thom and thus I don’t care.
            The D600 is better than anything from Canon, Sony and the Micro 4/3rd’s “cartel” and results are what speaks to me. Not interested in the politics of the matter as only the image results speak for me. Look at the DXO results for a clue!
            I prefer to deal with people like Joe McNally and others who demonstrate their actual ability to properly photograph instead of trying to be the equivalent of Siskel and Ebert of Movie Reviews infamy and thus not interested.
            Sorry to be so terse, but that is how I feel as I don’t need someone to spoon-feed me their opinion, NOR do I expect to do this to anyone.
            Nikon is on a roll and I don’t care to be caught between two diametrically opposed opinions or camps on equipment while trying to be friends of both sides. I don’t have a web site like theirs and I don’t care what they do with it. I leave alone things that don’t interest me or are of no or little value to me lest the bigger and more important things evade or run away from me = common sense to me.

          • Jabs

            You said – “I agree with you that there are some comments on NR that should be deleted as soon as are entered” – sorry but I NEVER posted that, as that is not my stance. People can post whatever they want here as that is the Administrator’s job and not mine.

            I see that too many people over analyze things with no basis in knowledge or experience to back up their claims and thus I respond or keep quiet. If anyone is dumb enough to expect any Manufacturer to not make a mistake, then they are too foolish to perhaps be responded to. Some people see themselves as some balance between Nikon and Canon or other competitors while I see it differently as currently, Nikon is on another plateau from its competitors and no amount of analysis will fix that or bring some equivalence – JUST look at the DXO results.
            I am a realist and do not expect anyone to have my opinion nor exact same needs as it is a big world of different people, so don’t care to push myself.

            • JS

              @Jabs. Nice reply. Good point.

            • Jabs

              @JS – I try to stay on point when dealing with technology, as too many try and become your brain or some repository for human thinking like how Google or Wikipedia have become.

              We are slowly becoming ‘talking heads’ with quick draw searching skills and not much real thought or knowledge in our own heads.

              Sheeple indeed – where is Maxx Headroom when you need him – LOL???

  • Jabs

    This place has sunk to dimwits, Internet trolls, shills and wanna-be eggheads/know-it-alls basically turning from badmouthing Nikon as stuck at 12 megapixels (which was NOT true) as there was the D3X with the highest megapixels before the D800 and D800E eclipsed it and only Sony equaled that (not Canon at 21 megapixels and still behind even the D3X in resolution PLUS performance and dynamic range).

    The ‘haters’ or actually jealous people (IMHO) have turned up the heat to try and magnify every Nikon foible or misstep and then act like Nikon is out of touch with reality when the reality is Nikon has left them all in its dust by at least two generations in Technology. NO one has a digital pipeline in their camera besides Nikon which is Expeed 3 and it is multi-processor, 16 bit and also multi-channel in readout.

    Nikon has basically ‘blown them out’ in megapixels, dynamic range, top and low ISO performance plus AF and tracking, so they moan and complain here like we are all idiots unable to read and cipher clearly for ourselves. Every Company is now behind Nikon technically and that is a current fact – deal with it or leave us alone here as this is utter nonsense on your part.

    Yeah, you beat them and they complain like you are behind – GET real will ya!!!

  • Jabs

    A Challenge here for the naysayers and ‘fakers’:

    Name one camera better than Nikon’s last generation’s top bodies – the D3X and D3s – do NOT include the newer Nikon’s like the D4, D800E, D800 or D600. Let us see for ourselves here with PROOF why the other Manufacturers have not been able to equal the LAST generation of top Nikon bodies much less touch the new ones.

    Show us your proof here of any current DSLR by anyone other than Nikon – beating a D3X and D3S!

    • Anonymous Maximus

      I’m not a Canon user or fan, but 5D mk III may overtake or become on par with both D3x & D3s in their strongest departments.

      D3s – if downsampled to 12mp high iso noise characteristics of mk III may be better

      D3x – 22mp vs 24mp is almost equivalent

      5D mk III seems an overall success from Canon, which should be appreciated imo.

      • Jabs

        @Anonymous – The Canon 5d MK3 is a great body for Canon users who have suffered in the last few years from ‘bad’ sensors and old fashioned AF (what was Canon thinking when they made the same mistake in their new 6D as they did in the previous 5D MK2 with that outdated AF module???).
        I would never equate Canon’s 5D MK3 with a D3X or a D3s as both those bodies set the bar so high that only Nikon has topped themselves. The 5D MK3 has improved the lousy color quality of the previous Canon bodies like the 5D MK2 and the 1D MK4 due to their Red channel bad response, but they still do not have the type of dynamic range or ISO response as the older Nikon’s, so just look at the DXO results.

        Canon more than any Pro Manufacturer now needs a ‘modern’ DSLR with a digital pipeline plus 16bit output, clean HDMI output and a larger RAW and jpeg buffer to compete with Nikon’s newest bodies as the D600 (Nikon’s lower end FF body) beats even the top Canon bodies at 1/3rd their cost and that tells me much. Canon now has framing rate (fps) advantages at their high end BUT not color purity, ISO response nor dynamic range and that is sad.

  • Anonymous Maximus

    Most anticipated Nikon bodies:

    * D750: D4 sensor on D800-like body, high fps (like D3 & D700 relation)
    * D400: D300s update, better low light ability, high fps
    * D6000: D7000 & D5100 merging into one new model, sensor from D3200, flip-out LCD

    Most anticipated lenses:

    * 100-400mm VR FX
    * 70-200mm f4 VR FX (like Canon offers)
    * 16mm f/2.8 rectilinear FX, taking 77mm filter
    * 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 VR FX, compact quality walkaround for D800 & D600, offering longer reach than the 24-85mm VR
    * 300mm f/5.6 VR, relatively compact tele, better IQ than 300mm of 70-300mm VR
    * 10mm f/2.8 rectilinear DX, taking 72mm filter

    What we definitely don’t need:

    * A 48mp D4x, because no lens would benefit from the total sensor density, either hitting corner softness, diffraction or D0F issues in practice. Only around focus area, in the center portion, under f/4 and with a stellar lens. Therefore D4x does not sound sensible. 36mp D800 is already a stretch. Beyond 24mp on FX & 16mp on DX has little gain.

    * Any updates of already successful lenses, e.g. 16-85mm VR DX

    * Any update of small sensor mirrorless and any new lenses for that system. I meanV1 etc, which would be a waste of R&D resources.

    • Jabs


      I would expect a mini-D4 with the same sensor but in the form of a D700. Not sure that this would make sense looking at the new D600 though???

      I would expect also a continuation of the D5100 and D7000 to be updated to D5200 with swivel screen + 24megapixels and a D7100 without the swivel screen and 24 megapixels plus both the Video capabilities of the D600.

      I also expect a D400 and a D4X when Canon drops their 7D MK2 and the new rumored high megapixel wonder camera to compete with and take the crown from the D800E/D800.

      I also expect a V2 and maybe another model using the 20 megapixel sensor of the Sony RX1, as I see lots of merit in the Nikon 1 System and it is not going anywhere soon, to me. Great system that just needs more lenses now.

      I expect new lenses in 2013 and do not expect a 100 to 400 F4, as that would be too big. I expect things like a 300 F4.0 ED-IF AF-S VR2, a 24 F2.8, 28 F2.8, 35 F1.8 FX, maybe a 50 F1.2 and some 105mm goodness. Maybe even an updated 135mm FX lens.

      With the introduction of the D400 I expect lots of new DX pro glass and thus 2013 will probably be the year of DX as 2012 was certainly the year of FX. Who knows though???

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